Kittens often get adopted so quickly that we cannot keep up with posting their information online! Even if there are no kittens listed as available for adoption, we often have ones that have not made it to the website yet. We have quite a few from 6 to 16 weeks old that are currently either ready for or soon-to-be-ready for adoption.

Please fill out an application indicating that you are interested in adopting a kitten, and a foster coordinator will be in contact to discuss current options and best fit.


We're still getting to know him, but we know that Manicotti is a sweet, playful, curious kitten who would love nothing more than to find a home of his own. And honestly, just look at him, he's so cute you could eat him right up!

DOB 1/1/2021


If you’re looking for a fast, energetic kitten, look no further than Blossom. Blossom gets the “zoomies” rather often, and can often be seen racing around the floor and up the cat tree with the other kittens. Having been bottlefed as a kitten, Blossom is also quite comfortable and friendly with people, and loves to be snuggled. She is a happy-go-lucky kitten who loves life! Blossom can’t wait to continue her adventures with you and your family. (*)

DOB 2/19/2021


Harper came to Pet Refuge with her five siblings from a local humane society who was inundated with cats from a hoarding case. Harper does best with other kittens and cats, and hasn’t met an enemy yet. She is a tad shy around people, but is getting more comfortable with everyone as time goes on. She loves to run and play, and would like a home with ample space to do so. Harper can really race around quickly! This darling little girl can’t wait to meet her forever family. (*)

DOB 2/24/2021


Casey was the runt of her litter, but that doesn’t stop her! Casey is both talkative and expressive with her facial features. She is especially cuddly and would love to sit on your lap all day, every day. Casey can also get in the groove with playtime, and is best friends with all of the other kittens. She was bottlefed in a Pet Refuge foster home so she is well acquainted with people, in addition to other cats and dogs. Casey is quite petite, so she will need a couple of extra weeks to meet the weight requirement for her spay before being adopted. (*)

DOB 3/4/2021


Violetta is another of Mama Vida’s six kittens. Violetta is sweet, gentle, and loving. She purrs instantly and enjoys cuddle time with her favorite volunteers. The dash of white on her forehead sets her apart from her siblings. Violetta is wonderful with cats, children, and dogs, so she would be a snazzy fit for any family. (*)

DOB 3/5/2021


Valentina is just as loving as her name suggests. Valentina is one of six kittens born to Mama Vida in a Pet Refuge foster home. She is playful, goofy, and whip smart. Valentina is also quite loving and docile, and can be held any which way. She would be an especially good choice for a family with children (as would any of her siblings). Valentina’s curtain bangs are the envy of all of the volunteers, as she is the picture of beauty! Valentina is excited to meet you and your family, and wouldn’t mind sharing a home with a friendly dog or cat. (*)

DOB 3/5/2021

VANILLA - **Pending Adoption**

Vanilla was born to Mama Vida in a Pet Refuge foster home. She is one of the more reserved kittens of the litter, and is quite docile. However, if you tempt Vanilla into partaking in playtime, she comes out of her shell completely! Vanilla especially loves stuffed toy mice or toys that dangle from a stick. Vanilla is great with other cats, gentle kids, and dogs, and is patiently waiting for that purr-fect home. Could it be yours? (*)

DOB 3/5/2021


Carmel is a butterball boy who came to Pet Refuge with his brother Cameron and sister Cora. They are quite the affectionate trio, but Carmel in particular is a social, people-oriented cat. He loves to follow around visitors and volunteers alike, and is quick to purr once picked up. Carmel is a champion snuggle-bug, but can be down to play when the moment calls. This cute, squishy guy does great with other cats, kids, and dogs alike, so he is prepared for whatever (or whomever) his new home might throw his way! (*)

DOB 3/15/2021


Cameron is Carmel’s sleepy brother. Well, that isn’t always true, because he is also quite a playful boy. Cameron is the loudmouth of the family and isn’t afraid to tell you exactly what’s on his mind (which, honestly speaking, is usually food). Cameron likes to cuddle and loves people. He also really enjoys the cat tree, canned kitten food, sunny lounging spots, and noisy toys… which is nearly everything in a spoiled cat’s life! Cameron rolls with the punches and is great with other cats (especially other kittens), dogs, and children. He hopes you’ll check him out in person sometime! (*)

DOB 3/15/2021


Peyton was born to Mama Patty in a Pet Refuge foster home. He is the jock of his litter, and is a beefy boy who loves to play. Peyton is also quite the model, and loves to pose for the camera. All of the volunteers love the triangle of orange on his nose, as it really sets him apart from the other kittens. Peyton does well with other cats, kids, and dogs, and can’t wait to meet you and your family! (*)

DOB 3/5/2021


Vito is a dashing little boy who is one of our more chunky kittens. He is another one of Mama Vida’s kittens (she had six!). Vito loves playtime and is quite affectionate with people, just like many of our other kittens. He is smart and cuddly, and smooth with the ladies. Vito is awesome with other cats, kids, and dogs, and really hopes that you can picture him in your family! (*)

DOB 3/5/2021


Oh boy, this little guy is as handsome as handsome comes! Frisco is a lanky boy with lots of love to give. He is more reserved than many of the other kittens, and is quite content chilling on top of the cat tree. But if you say the word, Frisco can be down to party, he just needs some encouragement to get his lazy bones moving. Frisco is quite friendly with people, other cats, and dogs alike. He is stoked to meet you! (*)

DOB 2/2/2021


Aren’t his markings just mesmerizing? Cooper is a classic tabby, so he has swirls instead of stripes. Cooper and his sister Izzy are the last kittens left from Mama Zola’s litter. Just like his sister, Cooper is playful and outgoing. He has big paws and ears, so we think he will be a big cat! Cooper is also a gentleman, and loves to sit near any visitors. He plays well with the other kittens and is acquainted with the resident dog. He is hoping to find a home just as great as those of his siblings! (*)

DOB 2/24/2021


Izzy is just the most dashing little kitten. She was born in her foster home to Mama Zola. Izzy is like a ragdoll; she will flop on her back and let you do anything with her! She particularly likes to have her ears rubbed while she’s on her back in your arms. However, Izzy’s favorite spot is cuddled up right under your chin, like a scarf. She is also quite the social butterfly and gets along with all of the other kittens. In fact, when her foster introduced a couple of new kittens, Izzy was the first to run up and begin playing with the newcomers. Izzy is also wonderful with dogs and children. You can’t score any better than Izzy! (*)

DOB 2/24/2021

JUSTICE - **Pending Adoption**

Justice is the most talkative kitten we have ever seen. Both she and her sister are quick to tell you exactly what’s up. Justice’s monologue can be quieted by cuddles with her favorite people, but know that the lull in the conversation won’t last for long. If you’re looking for a rambling, sassy young kitten, look no further than Justice. Bonus: she’s great with kids, dogs, and other cats, too! (*)

DOB 3/13/2021


Jolt is a cuddly little boy who reminds us of those fluffy little Soot Sprites from Spirited Away, or maybe Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon. Jolt is more of a reserved kitten who is much quieter than his two sisters. He would much prefer to snuggle up with you and take a long nap. Jolt was quick to make friends in his foster home and adores all of the other little kittens his age. Jolt would do great in any type of home, especially if naps are on the daily agenda! (*)

DOB 3/13/2021


Jinx and Justice are both quite chatty. They won’t hesitate to tell you what is on their minds! Jinx is a sweetheart with a beautiful face and long, luxurious fur. She is tiny but mighty, and her voice packs a punch! Jinx isn’t all talk, though; she also likes to cuddle with both people and other kittens alike, and can be caught playing with the other youngsters. Jinx can’t wait to find her fur-ever home, and does well with dogs and kids. If you’re more of a “double Jinx” type of person, take a look at her sister Justice, too! (*)

DOB 3/13/2021


Vinnie is another handsome boy from Mama Vida’s litter. He has some pretty unique facial markings that set him apart from the loads of other orange and white kittens. Vinnie is always ready to play, but has a tendency to look sleepy. Don’t get him wrong, Vinnie would be down for snuggles and nap time, too! Vinnie is great with other cats, dogs, and people of all ages. He is raring for that forever home: could it be with you? (*)

DOB 3/5/2021


It’s hard to pick favorites at Pet Refuge, but Smudge is yet another kitten that has stollen our hearts. Smudge was aptly named for the dashes of tabby markings on his body. We especially love his faint little half-mustache! Smudge is a very active boy who is always engaged in play with the other kittens. However, when Smudge takes a rest, he sleeps hard! Smudge is one of our friendliest kittens with people and will immediately purr when given affection. This big love bug is well-suited to a home with children, dogs, and/or other felines. Will you just fill out an application for him already? (*)

DOB 2/26/2021


LaRocco was found in Buchanan at the RedBud MX Racetrack with his brother Redbud and sister Rylan. LaRocco loves to wrestle non-stop with his brother and race through the house.  His favorite toy is a big red ball that he will carry around and growl if anyone tries to take it! When LaRocco gets tired out after a long day of exhausting play, he will fall asleep on the couch pillows, making himself right at home. LaRocco also enjoys snuggles with people, as long as its his idea. This wild-child turned sweetheart can’t wait to find his fur-ever home! (*)

DOB 3/20/2021


Redbud was one of three kittens found at the RedBud MX Racetrack in Buchanan, Michigan. He’s the sweetest of the bunch and has turned out to be quite the cuddly boy. Redbud has been dubbed a “nose nuzzler” by his foster mom because he will snuggle and headbutt her with his nose. If he is not getting enough of your attention, Redbud will meow at you with a voice described best as a squeaky cry. He also loves bellyrubs and soaks up any and all attention, purring all the while. Overall, Redbud is a very happy boy who loves life and will love you, too! (*)

DOB 3/20/2021


Toulouse was the runt of the Aristocats litter and had a pretty rough start to life. He was slow to gain weight and was quite tiny. However, Toulouse caught up quickly and he’s now the picture of health. Toulouse is friends with everyone in his foster home, even the grumbling older resident cats. He has tons of energy and loves to play. His favorite move is bouncing around with his spine arched and fur up to make him seem menacing (which he most certainly is not). When Toulouse takes a break from his playful antics, he enjoys cuddling with his human family and will instantly purr when you pick him up. Toulouse hopes you’ll consider adopting him! (*)

DOB 2/1/2021


Marie was described as a docile, loving sweetheart by her foster mom. She is gentle and polite, and more likely to cuddle than her rambunctious brother Toulouse. She can often be found snuggled up next to one of the human children in her foster home, purring loudly. If not, Marie will be on the cat tower with the resident adult cats. Marie is hoping for a relaxed home with lots of loving family members to cuddle with. She wouldn’t mind some friendly feline companionship, though! (*)

DOB 2/1/2021


Cody is yet another one of our dapper boys. He is quite a talkative guy and has a lot to say! Cody loves to cuddle and would be the perfect snuggle buddy if you can tolerate his loud purrs. Like the other kittens, Cody likes to play and prefers toys that jingle, such as a toy mouse with a bell. Cody is awesome with other kittens, dogs, and children, so there should be nothing holding you back from submitting your application today! (*)

DOB 3/4/2021


Ricky is more of a cuddle bug than anything. This stoic boy loves attention and snuggles. He has the softest fur and a few volunteers have commented on him potentially being a Russian Blue. Of course, Ricky is not a purebred kitty, but he sure fits the profile! Ricky does enjoy playtime when he is fully awake and comfortable with the other cats/kittens. He is excellent around kids, cats, and dogs alike. (*)

DOB 3/10/2021