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We have kittens...

…just not always the time to upload all of their profiles!

Submit a cat adoption application to meet them in person.



This dapper fellow is Victor. Victor took some time to become comfortable in his foster home, but he has settled in well. Victor has gorgeous, bold tiger stripes and beautiful almost-golden eyes. He isn’t the youngest, most eye catching, or the most affectionate kitten, but he hopes you’ll consider him just the same. Victor’s plus-side is that he is mellow and goes with the flow. He is unlikely to give you any troubles, as he has grown out of the busy kitten phase. Victor does well with other friendly cats and dogs. (*)

DOB 4/13/2022



Hazeleigh is a long and lanky young lady who loves to play. She is affectionate and talkative. Poor Hazeleigh was adopted into a seemingly wonderful home but quickly returned when her family’s living situation changed suddenly. Now, Hazeleigh is back at Pet Refuge and ready for her second chance. She is great with friendly dogs, cats, and kids. (*)

DOB 4/15/2022



Lex is a very special guy, and a volunteer favorite. He has been with Pet Refuge since he was about a month old, found abandoned and alone. Lex quietly grew up right before our eyes, and now he is a dignified young adult kitty. Lex is a bit nervous around new people but enjoys snuggles. He is excellent with other cats and kittens, and would love if you have another furry friend at home for him to look up to. Lex hopes you’ll give him a chance; he’s worth it. (*)

DOB 3/30/2022



A striking yet scared little girl, Roadrash just needs someone to give her the one-on-one love she deserves. Roadrash is pretty shy here; she’s not a big fan of all the commotion. Roadrash would prefer a quiet home, perhaps with a couple of respectful kitties and no rowdy kids. We think Roadrash will really blossom once she is in her forever home. Until then, she’ll be perched in the cat tree, waiting for you! (*)

DOB 3/27/2022



I am a sweet little guy who is learning to trust humans. I’ve been making great progress in my foster home coming up for treats. I’m a little shy with my people, but love when I’m held and pet. When it comes to other cats I am not shy at all. I love to play, wrestle and run through my tunnel with my foster brothers and sisters. When the resident adult cat comes in for a visit I start purring and following him around. I will make a great 2nd (or third!) cat for your home or I should be adopted with another cat. (*)

DOB 8/8/2022



Erskine was found with her brother Irvington in the Erskine Manor region of South Bend. She was seemingly discarded and eventually made her way to Pet Refuge, where she blossomed as a kitten. Erskine loves the inside life, and has fun meeting new people and cuddling up with old favorites. She is the more rambunctious than her brother. Erskine is still trying to learn how to be nice to other cats, but she would be okay in a home with enough space for her and a few other feline friends. Erskine can’t wait to meet you and your family! (*)

DOB 4/15/2022



He’s the happiest little boy with a smile to match. Bruno is a sweet, dashing little kitten with a big heart. He loves to explore cat trees and tunnels. He is inquisitive and friendly, and hasn’t met an enemy yet. We can’t get over his big, bold whiskers and the cute markings on his face that make it seem like Bruno is always grinning. Bruno does well with friendly dogs, cats, and people of all ages. Apply to meet him today! (*)

DOB 9/29/2022



Frankie is a very sweet and spunky girl. She loves cuddles and attention. She will just hop right onto your lap and lay down. She is very curious and loves to check out what you are doing. She is also very playful. She gets along well with other cats. She is also litter box trained. (*)

DOB 5/18/2022



It took her some time but Malachi finally has started to trust and love. She used to be terrified of anything and everything. Now she loves pets and attention. She loves her sisters and gets along well with other kitties. She would do best in a more calm environment with someone willing to continue to build trust with her. She is litter box trained. (*)

DOB 5/18/2022



Kuja is a total sweetheart and will take all the pets and cuddles she can get. She was originally feral but she has grown to be the sweetest and most loving girl. She gets along well with other cats and loves to play and cuddle with her sisters. She is also litter box trained. (*)

DOB 5/18/2022



For more information, please come visit me at Pet Refuge.

DOB 5/2/2022



Meet Frosty! A good Samaritan found this little guy outside alone in the cold. He is so very sweet, quick to purr and super playful!!!!! (*)



Satine is one of our shyer kitties who is still adjusting to life with people. Previously, Satine and her siblings lived outside, but gave up that life for the comforts of inside life. Satine likes meat flavored baby food and other tasty treats. She would love a patient home with another cat or two to show her the ropes. (*)

DOB 8/6/2022



This baby-faced boy is a champion snuggler. He loves to cuddle up with the other cats or his favorite volunteers. Sylvester is also a talker and will meow for attention. He will do great in a home with other cats, kids, children, or any combination of the three. (*)

DOB 8/6/2022

Bat Cat.jpeg


Looking for a wild child? Look no further than Bat Cat! This petite girl is both affectionate and amusing.  Bat Cat loves attention and likes to cuddle. When she’s not hanging out with her favorite humans, Bat Cat loves to lounge on the cat tree and goof around with her sister, Little Boo. She’s great with friendly dogs, other cats, and children of all ages! (*)

DOB 7/31/2022



Bombalurina was named after one of the feline characters from the play Cats. She is just as silly as her name! Bombalurina is an expressive, incredibly affectionate girl. She loves all of her human friends and especially likes to be snuggled. She likes to be held on her back like a baby, too. Bombalurina is easy-going and loves other cats, friendly dogs, and children alike. Bombalurina can’t wait to meet you and begin her new life in a forever home. (*)

DOB 7/1/2022



My name is Fiona. I’m an orange tabby with white legs and belly. I’m a little bit shy with new people, but have been enjoying short chin rubs in my foster home. Each day I trust a little more. I love to be with other cats and would do best being adopted with another kitten or in a house with another cat. I’m playful and sweet. I love to race up and down my cat tree with my brothers and sister. (*)

DOB 9/10/2022



My name is Freya. I’m an orange tabby with white legs and belly. I’m a snuggly, petite girl who is always purring. I love to play with my siblings as much as I love belly rubs. My favorite activity is laying in my cat hammock watching the birds out the window. I’m a happy, social and loving little girl. (*)

DOB 9/10/2022



For more information, please come visit me at Pet Refuge.

DOB 4/20/2022



For more information, please come visit me at Pet Refuge.

DOB 5/2/2022



For more information, please come visit me at Pet Refuge.

DOB 5/2/2022



For more information, please come visit me at Pet Refuge.

DOB 4/20/2022



Mocha is a darling little kitten with a heart of gold. She is rather dainty, but plays with the rest of her rough-and-tumble siblings just fine. Mocha is quite affectionate and would be glad to sit on your lap. She has done well with dogs, cats, and children of all ages. She can’t wait to meet you! (*)

DOB 10/23/2022



Extra toe alert! Roxy is an adorable polydactyl kitten with cute mitten feet. She is playful and fun-loving, when she’s not snoozing. Roxy grew up in a home with kids, so she loves little ones. She’s also great with friendly dogs and other cats. (*)

DOB 9/29/2022



This little dude is just out of this world! Mars is a loyal, affectionate kitten with lots of love to give. He loves to play and cuddle with his siblings. Mars likes to be held and loved on. He makes excellent poses for the camera, too, which quickly won over our photographer. Mars is great with kids of all ages, dogs, and other cats - the more the merrier! (*)

DOB 10/23/2022


MONKEY - **Pending Adoption**

Monkey is a fun loving guy with a demanding personality. Monkey is an adoring fan of everyone he meets, and he just cannot get enough of people! Other than being Mr. Personality, Monkey loves to play and cuddle with his siblings. Monkey has done well with friendly dogs and cats of all ages. He’s excellent with kids, too! (*)

DOB 10/23/2022

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