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Yak is the last of YoYo’s kittens available for adoption, but she’s certainly one of the most adorable from the bunch. Yak’s small, triangular face and large, searching eyes make her reminiscent of a mouse, which is how she earned her nickname, Mousey. Yak loves to play with toys and other kitties. She has a strong purr and doesn’t mind being held, carried, or cuddled. Yak will be an excellent addition for any household! (*)

DOB 2/23/2022



Yes, Basil always looks surprised, just like his picture. He’s a funny guy, and makes the volunteers laugh when he races around in a game of tag with the other kittens. Basil likes to be pet and held once he gets to know you. He most loves the cat tree and likes tunnels, where he can jump out in an element of surprise. Basil is great with older kids, friendly dogs, and cats. (*)

DOB 4/5/2022



Her petite, innocent face may draw you in, but don’t let Hailey fool you! This precious kitten has her people wrapped around her paw! Hailey is a Chatty Cathy who loves to converse with EVERYONE about EVERYTHING! Her personality is extra bold with a side of extra friendly. It’s easy to distract Hailey with snuggling, which she absolutely adores. Hailey has a wonderful purr and will chirp in happiness. Hailey would make a great house kitty for any home, and she does swimmingly with other cats, dogs, and children. (*)

DOB 4/15/2022



This little kitten is such a clown! Boots is both entertaining and lovable. She is quite gregarious and hasn’t met an enemy yet. She loves to play, race around, and climb the cat tree. Boots got her name from her adorable white feet. Boots has done wonderful with all of the other cats and kittens, and even enjoys the company of the resident dog. Did we mention that she loves children, too? (*)

DOB 4/8/2022



Another comedian in our ranks, Flash is the ideal kitten. He is amusing, curious, friendly, and obnoxious at times. Flash can run at the speed of light (hence, his name) and loves to play with feather toys on a string. He is great fun and will bring a smile to everyone’s face. When he tuckers out, Flash likes to cuddle and lay on your lap, and he has a strong purr. Flash is the ideal companion! As an added bonus, he does well with other cats/kittens, friendly dogs, and all ages of kids.  (*)

DOB 4/6/2022



This tiny tiger is Mew. Mew came to Pet Refuge as a tiny kitten with his siblings Flash and Starlight. They have been a joy to raise and are ready to go into the real world now. Mew likes to play and cuddle like any good natured kitten. He has a great attitude and is always a happy-go-lucky kind of boy. Mew is excited to find a home with kids, other cats, and/or friendly dogs. (*)

DOB 4/6/2022



Miss Peanut Girl is a volunteer favorite. The swirled tabby markings on her sides are just gorgeous! Miss Peanut Girl has a wonderful personality to match her beauty. She loves belly rubs and would be happy to nap in your lap. When she gets the zoomies, Miss Peanut Girl likes to play with springs or the other cats. She would fit in great in any home! (*)

DOB 4/24/2022



Cannoli is the last kitten left from her litter of five, and we’re shocked she hasn’t been adopted yet! Cannoli is super affectionate and quick to purr; she loves attention! Cannoli always gets so excited to see her favorite people that she will start kneading with her front paws, eagerly anticipating pets and snuggles. Cannoli would be a great lap cat, cuddle companion, and playmate in any home. She’s great with other cats, friendly dogs, and children. (*)

DOB 4/8/2022



Bright-eyed and bushy tailed, Pancham is ready for any adventure! Pancham is a bold and confident kitten who occasionally comes off as aloof to strangers. He is extra cuddly and loving once you break past his big, tough exterior. Pancham loves to play and race around with his friends. He is great with other cats, as well as calm dogs and kids once he gets to know them. (*)

DOB 4/16/2022



Petey is a love bug and will zoom up to your lap for cuddles!  Some of his favorite toys are springs and catnip! His brown eye color matches the color of his toe beans!  He gets along great with other kitties in his foster home along with a small dog. He has a sibling - Rocket - who is available for adoption also. (*)

DOB 5/7/2022



Starlight is another beautiful kitten that we have. She is known as a classic torbie - she has gorgeous swirls on her side amidst the faded colors of a tortoiseshell cat. Starlight is a great kitten who loves to play, and she can often be found running and tackling her brothers, Mew and Flash. Starlight’s favorite place is on the top of a small cat tower facing the door, so she may greet everyone as they enter. Starlight’s happiness is contagious! She would be great in a home with kids, cats, and/or dogs. (*)

DOB 4/6/2022



Mr. Wyland is Mr. Purr-sonality! This little guy loves to play, cuddle, and follow you around like a shadow. He is very adaptable and is quick to adjust to any situation. Wyland is quite amicable, so he makes friends (both feline and human) everywhere he goes. Wyland was bottle-fed as a kitten after he found himself as a tiny orphan. Now, Wyland is big and strong, and can’t wait to be adopted! Come meet Wyalnd today! He is great with other cats, friendly dogs, and children of all ages. (*)

DOB 5/28/2022



Woody is looking for his forever human servant. He is loyal to the end, and would love to follow you around EVERYWHERE, so long as you wait on him like the king he believes he is. Woody likes to voice his concerns with a quiet, yet demanding, meow. He is quick to purr and likes to cuddle. As he grows older, his striped marking are becoming more prominent, which is a cool transformation to see. We love Woody, but would like to see him happy in a forever home. Woody is great with other cats and friendly dogs. He especially loves children! (*)

DOB 4/10/2022



Looking for a wild child? Look no further than Wildflower! This petite girl is quite the talker, and very amusing. Her sage green eyes are comically huge on her tiny face! Wildflower loves attention and likes to cuddle. When she’s not hanging out with her favorite humans, Wildflower loves to lounge on the cat tree and goof around with her siblings, Woody & Willow. She’s great with friendly dogs, other cats, and children of all ages! (*)

DOB 4/10/2022



Willow is the third of the sandy-colored triplets. Willow is quite the personality, and loves to have all eyes on her. Willow is a sweetheart with a strong purr. She loves cuddles and attention, but would also love to play! Willow and her siblings were bottle-fed as kittens, so they are extra lovey-dovey. Willow can’t wait to meet you! She would be great with friendly dogs, other cats, and children. (*)

DOB 4/10/2022



Pooh is the perfect cat to join your family of any size: 1, 2, or 10! He wants to play with all of the animals and get attention and love from all of the humans. Pooh could chase his toys around all day long but he also loves to sleep on the couch by your side - his purrs will assure you of it. All of Pooh’s siblings have been adopted and he is ready to join a new family to share his love and kisses with! (*)

DOB 4/15/2022



Scarlet is a petite kitten who will follow you around once she decides that she likes you. While Scarlet is shy of kits at first, she's generally friendly and playful. She eats well and is litter box trained. (*)



Maya has a bit more fur than her foster siblings, but is just as playful and social! Maya like to suckle on you, so some of us call her "Vampira". But don't let that name fool you - she's very sweet! Maya is also litter box trained. (*)



Bam Bam is a very playful kitten who would love to be your new friend! Sometimes he can be shy towards new kids, but will open up once he gets to know them. Bam Bam is litter box trained. (*)



Bernard is such a handsome looking kitty - just look at that face! He is very friendly and a little bit playful, especially with his foster family. He is litterbox trained, socialized, and eats very well. (*)