Kittens often get adopted so quickly that we cannot keep up with posting their information online! Even if there are no kittens listed as available for adoption, we often have ones that have not made it to the website yet. We have quite a few from 6 to 16 weeks old that are currently either ready for or soon-to-be-ready for adoption.


Please fill out an application indicating that you are interested in adopting a kitten, and a foster coordinator will be in contact to discuss current options and best fit.



Manicotti is a sweet, playful, curious kitten who would love nothing more than to find a home of his own. He can get a little squirmy when he is picked up, but other than that he is usually a calm cat. He LOVES laying on a turbo scratcher! Manicotti is still learning cat social etiquette from his roommates, but he is making great progress. And just look at him, he's so cute you could eat him right up!

DOB 1/1/2021


Noni is a beautiful orange tabby. She had a rough start to life and was found in the hood of a car. She can be a bit shy at first but nothing some food and treats won't fix. She loves to play with toys and other animals. She especially loves cuddling with other cats so she would do well in a home where she can have other friends. She also gets along with dogs and kids but might do better in a home with older kids. (*)


Sandy-colored and with a coat like satin, Fawn is a gorgeous girl. She was first found as a stray with a slight limp. After being examined by the vet, it was determined that it was an old injury, which is hardly noticeable anymore. Fawn is a darling little kitten with a heart of gold. She loves to cuddle and play, and is always in a bright, cheery mood. She’s great with cats, dogs, and kids, too! (*)

DOB 3/24/2021


Hi, my name is Capone! I am friendly but shy. I will need time to warm up to you. I have been around older kids. I am good with other cats. It would be great if there was someone around most of the time for me to befriend. I do best with females. I will definitely need a buddy to play with. (*)



Perseverance has the most beautiful yellow eyes, like a Great Horned owl. Also like an owl, Perseverance enjoys perching in the cat trees. Perseverance is a friendly girl and loves to be petted. She often gets overlooked because she’s just another black kitty, but we know Perseverance is a very special house panther. She’s excited to meet you and see if it’s a good fit! Perseverance does well with other cats, dogs, and older (8+) kids. (*)

DOB 5/26/2021



A striking yet scared little girl, Torti-Lini just needs someone to give her the one-on-one love she deserves. Torti-lini is pretty shy here; she’s not a big fan of all the commotion. Torti-lini would prefer a quiet home, perhaps with a couple of respectful kitties and no rowdy kids. She grew up in a home with a big dog so she’s okay with canine friends. We think Torti-lini will really blossom once she is in her forever home. Until then, she’ll be perched in the cat tree, waiting for you! (*)

DOB 6/11/2021



Gus is a total comedian. He is a bouncy, playful guy who is always chasing after a toy. Gus is super inquisitive and likes to go from room to room, exploring. When it’s time for a break, Gus likes to nap in the sun. He has done great with the other cats and the resident dog in his foster home! Gus doesn’t mind being petted, and he finds it quite relaxing. He’s not the biggest fan of being held, but his fur is super soft so he’s a treat to stroke and pet. (*)

DOB 7/9/2021


TIPPY CANOE - **Pending Adoption**

Tippy Canoe is an adoring fan of everyone he meets. He has the loudest, rumbling purr! Tippy Canoe just cannot get enough of people! He loves to be held, cuddled, carried, sit in your lap, or any combination of these! Other than being Mr. Personality, Tippy Canoe is a relatively calm guy; he likes playing when you initiate, but won’t chase after a toy on his own. Tippy is great with big dogs and cats of all ages. He’s excellent with kids! (*)

DOB 6/11/2021



Scrabble is a lovely blue puddle of purrs and cuddles. He is a more mellow kitten and likes to watch all the action, rather than be up in it. Scrabble is quite affectionate and loves his human friends! He does great with dogs and other cats, too. Children are alright, as well! (*)

DOB 7/26/2021



Jojo is a cattery favorite. He has a weird quirk: he is addicted to baby food! Jojo is a loud, expressive boy whose gorgeous markings set him apart. Jojo knows where his baby food treats come from, and if you are that person, he will be yours forever! Jojo does wonderful with other cats and the resident dog. Baby food is a requirement for adopting this handsome fellow! (*)

DOB 5/20/2021



Liberty is a faithful, loving little guy once he warms up to you. He can be a bit timid at first. Liberty loves to cuddle up on warm beds with his kitty friends or lounge in the cat tree. His markings are really unique for a black and white cat! Liberty does great with dogs, cats, and mature children. (*)

DOB 6/3/2021

RICKY - **Pending Adoption**

His deer-in-the-headlights look always draws attention to Ricky, as it really highlights his beautiful green eyes and dashing pink nose! Ricky is a dapper young lad who is well-acquainted with cattery life. He’s great with everyone he meets: cats, dogs, birds, and children included! Ricky has always had a chronic sniffle that occasionally manifests as a sneeze attack. Ricky is hoping you won’t overlook him because of that, he promises that he doesn’t have COVID! (*)

DOB 4/18/2021



Fluffy and friendly, the beautiful girl is ready for her close up! A long-haired black tabby, she is the loveliest snuggle bug and closely bonded to her smaller sister, Tabitha. (Pro tip: Glinda can be distinguished from this smaller sibling by her white front legs!)

About the Sisters of Eastwick: This pint-sized trio of enchantresses came into our care at three weeks with a magical combination of mettle and heart. If your heart and home have room for two (or more -- we won't judge!) of these sweet girls, consider giving your kitten another kitten-sister friend! (*)

DOB 9/8/2021



One of these sisters is not like the others -- and it is this curious, dog-friendly adventurer! A short-haired tabby, Elphaba's bewitching personality invites connections with humans and canines alike. Elphaba wants to be your best friend, too -- come meet her and you will see!

About the Sisters of Eastwick: This pint-sized trio of enchantresses came into our care at three weeks with a magical combination of mettle and heart. If your heart and home have room for two (or more -- we won't judge!) of these sweet girls, consider giving your kitten another kitten-sister friend! (*)

DOB 9/8/2021


Tiniest of the three, Tabitha, may take a little time to find your lap, but once she does it will forever be her happy place! Another long-haired black tabby, her foxy face and wispy ears may even bring back a vague, happy memory of The Neverending Story. Closely bonded with her sister, the most glamorous Glinda.

About the Sisters of Eastwick: This pint-sized trio of enchantresses came into our care at three weeks with a magical combination of mettle and heart. If your heart and home have room for two (or more -- we won't judge!) of these sweet girls, consider giving your kitten another kitten-sister friend! (*)

DOB 9/8/2021



Destined to be a big guy, Ollie is no doubt luxurious with his giant paws and fluffed coat! Ollie was just a ragged, runted kitten when he first came to Pet Refuge. While we don’t know anything about Ollie’s pedigree, he sure does resemble a Maine Coon! Ollie is a total couch potato and lounge kitty. He loves to be carried and held close like a teddy bear. He’s a super sweet guy who is just vying for a home for the holidays! He’s great with cats, dogs, and kids alike. (*)

DOB 5/28/2021



Can't get much cuter than a kitten with a heart on his nose! That marking might be small, but Ramón has a big heart full of love for his new family. Ramón wasn’t so sure of his rescue family when he first came to Pet Refuge, but the volunteers and other kitties grew on him quickly. Ramón is now a big snugglebug who loves to be cuddled and held. And yes, he IS softer than he looks! Ramón likes to play and has a lovely purr. He’s looking forward to meeting his new family, and wouldn’t mind if his family included dogs, other cats, or kids! (*)

DOB 7/21/2021


Cutie-pie alert! Or should we say cutie-cupcake? Cupcake is a darling little kitten with the cutest little Holstein cow spots. Cupcake has lots of energy and especially loves to play, climb, chase toys, and run. Cupcake’s favorite spot is on the shoulders of her adoring fans, where she will sit and purr, purr, purr! Like her name suggests, Cupcake has the sweetest disposition and hasn’t met an enemy yet. She LOVES kids and does great with dogs and other cats, as well! (*)

DOB 8/20/2021



Pixie and her petite stature are sure to win your heart. Pixie might be dainty, but she sure has a lot of love to give. This tiny fairy likes to play as much as she likes to cuddle, and enjoys canned food, too! Pixie has a strong purr that almost seems too powerful to come from her little body. Pixie is great with kids, cats, and dogs. She is SO ready for a home for the holidays! (*)

DOB 8/8/2021



Oh boy, this little girl is special; and she knows she’s all that! First thing’s first: Marlene doesn’t like competition with other pets, but she is learning to be cordial and share the love. Marlene is a very chatty girl with a loud voice; she will let you know exactly what she wants, and when she wants it! Usually, Marlene wants a nice sampling of canned food. Other times, Marlene may want some playtime; she has some pretty spectacular moves and lots of energy to burn! If not, Marlene loves to cuddle, and has a lovely purr. She doesn’t mind being picked up or held, as long as you know that she’s ALWAYS the boss, despite her tiny stature! Marlene Oreo sure is a volunteer favorite, and the ultimate sassy pants. Pushovers beware! (*)

DOB 8/24/2021


Description coming soon! (*)


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Mignon is a crowd pleaser. She’s super affectionate, loving, and playful; Mignon is the ideal kitten! Mignon LOVES kids especially; she could play for hours! Mignon has a huge purr and is a proud employee of The Biscuit Factory (meaning she loves to knead on soft blankets). Mignon really enjoys the company of the other cats and kittens in the cattery, and has gotten especially close to an older kitty named Nasa. Nasa bathes her and they cuddle nicely together. If you’re looking for a close-knit duo, consider Nasa and Mignon! If not, Mignon would be happy to embark on new adventures alone. (*)

DOB 7/17/2021