Note about kitten adoptions:

Kittens often get adopted so quickly that we cannot keep up with posting their information online! Even if there are no kittens listed as available for adoption, we may have ones that have not made it to the website yet.

Please fill out an application indicating that you are interested in adopting a kitten, and a foster coordinator will be in contact to discuss current options and best fit.


Saber is the most darling little boy who overcame some great obstacles at Pet Refuge. Saber was underweight and sick with an upper respiratory infection when he first arrived at his foster home, and wasn’t too trusting of people. Now, Saber is the picture of health, and loves racing around with his foster siblings. Saber is still working on trusting people, but loves baby food and will purr in your lap if you’re gentle and calm. (*)

DOB 8/12/2020


Thelma Theodosia has one love in life: sunshine. And considering that we’re in the middle of a depressing, cloudy winter, who can blame her? When Thelma first arrived at the cattery, she had to check out ALL of the potential sunbathing and window watching spots. Once she found her favorite spot, it seems as she hasn’t moved from there since! Thelma Theodosia is an affectionate girl who would just loved to have her head stroked all day. If you’re lucky, she might even let you give her a belly rub! Do you have the perfect sunlit house for this lounging girl? (*)

DOB 5/29/2020


Chance is a very shy kitty who never really learned how to interact with people. Chance is extremely docile and never acts aggressively; he’s simply rather fearful of people. Chance would do best in a gentle, patient home that doesn’t have grand expectations for him to become a lappet overnight (if ever). He does excellent with other cats and friendly dogs. Chance does have his favorite volunteers and will cuddle up in their laps to enjoy his favorite treat: turkey-flavored baby food.

Please give Chance a chance! (*)

DOB 3/1/2020


Mr. Indy is a very special boy. He has stolen the hearts of each and every one of our volunteers. Indy came to us from Indianapolis as a five-week-old kitten. Little Indy had three puncture wounds on his lower back, perhaps from an animal bite or BB gun. While the superficial wounds healed up nicely, Indy’s L5 vertebra in his spine was damaged, resulting in some incontinence issues. Indy is good about using the box about 80% of the time, but he will occasionally dribble urine or leave a turd of poo as a present for you. Poor Indy doesn’t know he’s any different from the other kittens, and still loves to play. He is very affectionate and loves cuddling with volunteers and visitors; unfortunately, all have been scared away from adopting him. Indy needs a very special owner who is willing to put up with occasional accidents or try diapers. He is worth the extra work, he promises! (*)

DOB 4/1/2020


Meet Clover, a bundle of joy! This little girl is full of energy and will keep any family intrigued with her playfulness and mischief. She is young and inquisitive like a toddler. Clover was given up by her family due to allergies. While still in the kitten stage, Clover is sure to grow into a beautiful, loving member of any family. (*)

DOB 4/29/2020


Mack is such a sweet, loving cat! He absolutely loves receiving affection (especially head scratches!) and will give the loudest purrs in return. He is such a kind, gentle kitty who is content sitting by your side as you work or watch TV. Mack is also a professional napper who will happily stretch out anywhere for a good nap. He came to his foster home as a shy kitten but has learned to come out of his shell and is developing more and more confidence every day! He can still be a bit skittish, so Mack would likely do best in a calmer home. Once he warms up to you, Mack is the sweetest little companion! (*)

DOB 4/13/2020


Nightingale is very loving towards all people! She is quick to jump in your lap and hang out with you while you watch TV or read. She also loves to play with toys or other cats. She has a very outgoing personality, and is a great companion. She also enjoys long naps after a morning of running around and playing! (*)

DOB 10/30/2020


Description coming soon! (*)

DOB 9/29/2020

ZILLOW - **Pending Adoption**

Zillow looks just like her sister Gemmy, but she is only about half of her size. Zillow is also a little bit more reserved of a kitten. Zillow absolutely loves warm blankets, and doesn’t hesitate to make herself comfortable by worming herself underneath them! It’s common for us to walk in the room and be greeted by a tiny grey and white face poking out from under the covers. Zillow might be shy upon first glance, but she comes around quite quickly and would love to spoiled and doted on just the same as the other kittens. (*)

DOB 9/25/2020


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