Kittens often get adopted so quickly that we cannot keep up with posting their information online! Even if there are no kittens listed as available for adoption, we often have ones that have not made it to the website yet. We have quite a few from 6 to 16 weeks old that are currently either ready for or soon-to-be-ready for adoption.

Please fill out an application indicating that you are interested in adopting a kitten, and a foster coordinator will be in contact to discuss current options and best fit.


We're still getting to know him, but we know that Manicotti is a sweet, playful, curious kitten who would love nothing more than to find a home of his own. And honestly, just look at him, he's so cute you could eat him right up!

DOB 1/1/2021


If you’re looking for a fast, energetic kitten, look no further than Blossom. Blossom gets the “zoomies” rather often, and can often be seen racing around the floor and up the cat tree with the other kittens. Having been bottlefed as a kitten, Blossom is also quite comfortable and friendly with people, and loves to be snuggled. She is a happy-go-lucky kitten who loves life! Blossom can’t wait to continue her adventures with you and your family. (*)

DOB 2/19/2021


Talk about HANDSOME! Dayton is a beautiful Maine Coon Mix that is sure to be adopted quickly. His green eyes and elegant pose are just dashing. Dayton is a sweet boy who will greet you by rubbing up against your legs. He grew up in a loving home before being surrendered to Pet Refuge because his owners could not care for him any longer. He enjoys affection and the finer things in life, like bird watching and sunning in the window. (*)

DOB 1/1/2021


Casey was the runt of her litter, but that doesn’t stop her! Casey is both talkative and expressive with her facial features. She is especially cuddly and would love to sit on your lap all day, every day. Casey can also get in the groove with playtime, and is best friends with all of the other kittens. She was bottlefed in a Pet Refuge foster home so she is well acquainted with people, in addition to other cats and dogs. Casey is quite petite, so she will need a couple of extra weeks to meet the weight requirement for her spay before being adopted. (*)

DOB 3/4/2021


This butterball has that round, squishy face that just begs to have your attention! Chowder is a ladies man who just loves the love. He has a loud, rumbling purr when he is cuddled and loved on. Chowder is not only snuggly, but also quite playful, confident, and good-natured. (*)

DOB 4/7/2021


Toby Phillip is Shadow Peggy’s slightly more reserved brother. Don’t mistake this cutie for being a total angel, though, because he can play rough! Toby Phillip is super interested in people and loves attention. He was totally blown away by the camera and couldn’t get enough of it during his photoshoot! Toby Phillip can’t wait to find his forever home, and he hopes it will be with you. (*)

DOB 4/1/2021


**On Medical Hold**

Jasmine is a calm kitten who is very friendly with everyone. She might have some flame point siamese in her, but we can't be totally sure. She makes up for her small size with her love and sweetness. Jasmine does very well with children and other cats. (*)

DOB 4/11/2021


Remy is one of the more social kittens of his litter, always ready to explore new places. He would barely sit still enough to take pictures! He is all black except for a cute white spot on his chest and one on his tail. He is already an expert at using the litter box and even deals well with children picking him up. (*)

DOB 3/25/2021


Fiona is one of the cutest dilute torties we've seen! She is very friendly with other kittens and older cats, and will sometimes let the others climb over her. She does well when handled by children. Fiona is sure to melt your heart if you give her a chance! (*)

DOB 3/25/2021


Capone is a bit more skittish than his siblings, and needs a little bit of time to feel comfortable with new people. When he first came to us, he would hiss at us, but has gained some confidence since then. With other cats, he often climbs over his siblings and does well with older cats. Capone does well with children and is litter box trained. (*)

DOB 3/25/2021


We are still getting to know August, but what we do know is that he is exceptionally outgoing and good looking! August was raised in a home where he received lots of attention from kids and adults alike, so he is very well socialized. He likes to lay on high perches and play with the other kitties. August often makes a ruckus when he zooms through the play tunnel - or pounces on an unsuspecting kitty INSIDE the tunnel! (*)



Fig is a handsome young lad with a playful streak. During his photoshoot, he kept trying to bat at the camera! Fig likes to sleep on his back most of all, and appreciates belly rubs. He likes the attention of other kittens, but would be just as happy to snuggle up to you. Fig can’t wait to meet you! (*)

DOB 4/4/2021


Saffron runs the show. He is going to tell you exactly how he wants things to be, which is cuddled up in your arms! Saffron is quite talkative but exceptionally affectionate. He likes to be snuggled close, at which point he will purr and make biscuits with his paws. While Saffron’s best quality is his snuggly disposition, he also likes to play with wand toys or toy springs. He is the ultimate, albeit loud, package! (*)

DOB 2/3/2021


Spunky and curious, Babette is sure to spruce up your life! Babette enjoys playtime, like many of the other kittens, but most of all she likes to be nosy. She loves to know just exactly what you’re up to and stick her whiskers into everything (especially if it involves food!). Babette gets away with things because of her cute socks and white goatee. She guarantees that you will never have a boring day with her around. (*)

DOB 3/14/2021


Bud is the chillest of the chill cats. He is docile, loving, sweet, and gentle. Bud mostly likes to lounge around his foster home, and doesn’t participate in much playtime. He’s been passed up for adoption in the past because he is too laid back. Bud hopes he can find an equally calm kindred spirit with whom he can vibe. (*)

DOB 2/19/2021


Eliza is part of the cool kids squad. She gets along with everyone she meets! Eliza loves to play, so adopting a friend with her wouldn’t be a bad idea! Eliza is very outgoing with people, too. She is quite gentle and has lots of trust. We’re all obsessed with the little black speck on her nose! Eliza can’t wait to be the princess of your world and spoiled each and every day. (*)

DOB 4/3/2021


Description coming soon! (*)


Description coming soon! (*)


Description coming soon! (*)


Description coming soon! (*)

MALIBU - **Pending Adoption**

Sweet yet reserved, Malibu is bound to be a drop-dead gorgeous cat. She is a clone of her mother, who was an elegant medium haired dilute calico. Malibu isn’t the first to participate in play, but she is usually quite affectionate and will greet you at the door (if she doesn’t have anything better to do, that is). Most of all, Malibu enjoys canned food, gentle petting, and sunning in the window. (*)

DOB 3/16/2021


**Pending Adoption**

She might be small, but don’t underestimate mischievous Shadow Peggy! Shadow Peggy has a lot of spunk and likes to play. She can be sassy but she is loads of fun! Shadow Peggy is a social butterfly who gets along with all the other kittens, and will be one of the first to greet new people at the door. She is loving with that wild-child streak to spice up life! (*)

DOB 4/1/2021

BEANS - **Pending Adoption**

Beans is just a darling, that’s the only way to describe him! Beans loves snuggles above all else. He has a strong purr and soulful eyes that are certain to melt your heart. There’s no question that Beans is a cuddler at heart, but he can occasionally be persuaded to participate in playtime, too. (*)

DOB 4/20/2021

BORIS - **Pending Adoption**

Description coming soon! (*)


The last of a litter of five, Cathy is eagerly waiting for her forever home. Cathy has a playful spirit and an inquisitive nature. She is quite laid back and very docile, and she has lived around dogs, other cats, and kids all her life. Cathy is a lovebug and loves to greet people. She might not be the most stunning cat or have head-turning looks, but her personality surely shines through. (*)

DOB 2/26/2021


Ethel is wise beyond her years. Well, maybe not quite, but that’s how she describes the little pinch of grey fur growing under her chin. Ethel is mellow and easy going, and she does well with other cats, kids, and dogs. She loves canned food and playtime with wand toys. Ethel’s siblings have all been adopted, so she is particularly eager to make her way into a home of her own! (*)



Violetta is another of Mama Vida’s six kittens. Violetta is sweet, gentle, and loving. She purrs instantly and enjoys cuddle time with her favorite volunteers. The dash of white on her forehead sets her apart from her siblings. Violetta is wonderful with cats, children, and dogs, so she would be a snazzy fit for any family. (*)

DOB 3/5/2021