Kittens often get adopted so quickly that we cannot keep up with posting their information online! Even if there are no kittens listed as available for adoption, we often have ones that have not made it to the website yet. We have quite a few from 6 to 16 weeks old that are currently either ready for or soon-to-be-ready for adoption.


Please fill out an application indicating that you are interested in adopting a kitten, and a foster coordinator will be in contact to discuss current options and best fit.


Manicotti is a sweet, playful, curious kitten who would love nothing more than to find a home of his own. He can get a little squirmy when he is picked up, but other than that he is usually a calm cat. He LOVES laying on a turbo scratcher! Manicotti is still learning cat social etiquette from his roommates, but he is making great progress. And just look at him, he's so cute you could eat him right up!

DOB 1/1/2021


Blossom has been with Pet Refuge for quite some time, and we’re not sure why… She has grown out of her crazy kitten stage and blossomed into a fabulous young lady of a cat. Blossom has striking markings that make her look as though she is spotted. The orange dot on her forehead is her trademark! Blossom is very amicable with both people and other kittens alike. She loves to run around and get the wiggles out, then fall asleep in a loving volunteer’s arms. Blossom hopes she will get to meet you soon, before she gets much older!(*)

DOB 2/19/2021


Crumb received his name when he arrived at Pet Refuge at four weeks old and weighing mere ounces. He was as small and precious as a crumb! Crumb is still quite precious, but has grown lots since he received his name. Crumb is a sweet kitten through and through, and he doesn’t have a bad bone in his body. This innocent guy has a strong purr and a deep desire to be held, loved, and snuggled close! Crumb is a master at posing for selfies, too, as you can see from his photoshoot. (*)

DOB 4/30/2021


Leo loves to run all over the house with all of his kitten energy! He likes to play and tumble with his siblings, and can sometimes be a little feisty. When he meows, it's a cute little squeak, and it helps him get out of trouble when he gets into something he shouldn't have. Leo is not afraid of anything: he's lived with a 60 pound dog and 2 big cats. He even lets children hold him! (*)
DOB 5/7/2021


Lewis is the most adventurous of all his kitten siblings! He is very active and loves to eat too. When he meows, it's a cute little squeak, and it helps him get out of trouble when he gets into something he shouldn't have. Lewis loves chasing cat toys and climbing on cat trees, though he will let you hold him. He has gotten along with children and other cats and dogs too. (*)
DOB 5/7/2021


Liska is an active but very lovable kitten who has a sweet meow and a loud purr. She was a little shy at first, but is becoming more inquisitive since she discovered how much she loves to cuddle. Liska likes to hang out with her brothers, Leo and Lewis. She gets along with other cats & dogs, as well as children. (*)
DOB 5/7/2021


Bungee is a very cute black kitten with lots of love. He has a very loud purr that he loves to show off. He likes to follow people around the house or whenever you leave a room. He is very cuddly and will snuggle all night long. Bungee is comfortable with cats, dogs, and kids. He would love to have other cats to play with in his new home. (*)


Little Fluff and Big Fluff are very sweet, gentle girls, who are used to dogs, other cats, and kids of all ages. Little Fluff is very curious and outgoing! She is a talker and asks for lots of attention and is rarely out of sight. Big Fluff has a great motor and a ragdoll flop to her when you pick her up! She best loves to lay somewhere comfortable with you or to play with her sister and with toys. (*)

DOB 5/6/21


Jenna is a sleek, black beauty, affectionate and playful. She is an all around great kitten with a small white "tie" at her throat. (*)

DOB 3/25/2021


Iris easily blends into the background with her calm demeanor and less-than-unique coloration, but she is a gem in the rough. Iris is an inquisitive girl who is tired of being looked over and passed by. She wants to be placed in the spotlight of your attention! Iris isn’t as playful as some of the other kittens, making her a great candidate for life as a lap cat or home office assistant. She is amicable with all, and would make for a fantastic buddy cat for any current cat residents. (*)

DOB 3/30/2021


Rio Charlie received his second name from the grey pattern on his back, which looked just like the letter “C” when he was little. Now that he’s grown, the marking has changed, but the name Charlie has stuck. Rio Charlie is very playful and likes his snuggle time. He is a sweetheart who purrs easily. He’s great with other kittens, calm dogs, and any and all people! (*)

DOB 5/1/2021


Majesty might have a royal name, but she really doesn’t need to be treated as such. She is a rough-housing girl who gets into trouble and fun just like the rest of the kittens! Majesty is bright-eyed and always eager for adventure. Majesty’s favorite napping spot is in the sunshine; once she takes a break from mischief, that is! She has an adorable grin that fits her affectionate personality. (*)

DOB 4/8/2021

QUEENIE - **Pending Adoption**

Queenie is part of the royal kitten bunch that was surrendered to Pet Refuge when their owner could not care for them any longer. Queenie is your typical kitten: she enjoys playtime, mealtime, and snuggle time. She’s easy-going and affectionate. Queenie is great with other pets and kids, and would fit nicely into any home. She was rather inquisitive with the camera! (*)

DOB 4/8/2021


Orchid is another gorgeous kitten of ours. She is an active girl who loves to play with sprigs and wand toys. Orchid is very cuddly once she figures out that you are her pal. She can’t wait to meet you! (*)

DOB 5/1/2021


Tipper is a beautiful brown tabby and white named for the small white tip on the end of his tail. He was found as a baby with a huge wound on his neck which has since healed. He is very playful and loves running around with other cats. He can get a bit scared when you walk up to him but he gets comfortable quickly. He is very comfortable around big dogs and kids but might do well in a home with older children. (*)


Noni is a beautiful orange tabby. She had a rough start to life and was found in the hood of a car. She can be a bit shy at first but nothing some food and treats won't fix. She loves to play with toys and other animals. She especially loves cuddling with other cats so she would do well in a home where she can have other friends. She also gets along with dogs and kids but might do better in a home with older kids. (*)


Winona is affectionately known as “Little Winnie” by her foster parents. She is a beautiful kitten who is very playful and curious. Winona's favorite toys are the small little poof balls, and she will carry them around as her “prey”. When Winona first arrived at her foster home, she had trouble fitting in with the other foster kittens because she had no littermates of her own. While she was a loner at first, now Winona fits in great with the other kittens and is a love bug with everyone! (*)

DOB 5/1/2021


Petite and perky, Nutmeg will quickly catch your eye. Her slender face, pastel colors, and darling pink nose set her apart from all of the other kittens. Nutmeg is an inquisitive, active girl who likes to make herself included in each and every activity. Nutmeg is easy to please with canned food, attention, and playtime, but will make her displeasure known if need be. (*)

DOB 4/22/2021


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Jasmine is a calm kitten who is very friendly with everyone. She might have some flame point Siamese in her, but we can't be totally sure. She makes up for her small size with her love and sweetness. Jasmine does very well with children and other cats. (*)

DOB 4/11/2021



Fiona is one of the cutest dilute torties we've seen! She is very friendly with other kittens and older cats, and will sometimes let the others climb over her. She does well when handled by children. Fiona is sure to melt your heart if you give her a chance! (*)

DOB 3/25/2021


Capone is a bit more skittish than his siblings, and needs a little bit of time to feel comfortable with new people. When he first came to us, he would hiss at us, but has gained some confidence since then. With other cats, he often climbs over his siblings and does well with older cats. Capone does well with children and is litter box trained. (*)

DOB 3/25/2021



Remy is one of the more social kittens of his litter, always ready to explore new places. He would barely sit still enough to take pictures! He is all black except for a cute white spot on his chest and one on his tail. He is already an expert at using the litter box and even deals well with children picking him up. (*)

DOB 3/25/2021