Note about kitten adoptions:

Kittens often get adopted so quickly that we cannot keep up with posting their information online! Even if there are no kittens listed as available for adoption, we may have ones that have not made it to the website yet.

Please fill out an application indicating that you are interested in adopting a kitten, and a foster coordinator will be in contact to discuss current options and best fit.


Tory was bottlefed as a kitten and grew up right next to her sister Iliza. Tory loves playing with Iliza and all of the other foster kittens. She has the most beautiful markings! (*)

DOB 3/26/2020


Iliza has the cutest face, almost reminiscent of a cheetah! Iliza enjoys lounging around in the cat room, but she also loves to run around and play. She does well with friendly dogs and other cats. (*)

DOB 3/26/2020

*Will be featured at PetSmart in Mishawaka from 6/29 to 7/5


Taylor came to Pet Refuge with her brothers and sisters on Memorial Day. At first, Taylor was very shy and would always cower in the corner. But Taylor did a complete 180 and now loves any types of attention! When she is not with people, she likes to tussle with the other kittens or nap on the cat tree. Taylor is easily entranced by the dangling cat toys on a stick. (*)

DOB 4/3/2020

*Will be featured at PetSmart in Mishawaka from 6/29 to 7/5


Black and white, Dexter is the only boy in the litter.  He "shines" in several ways.  He is the king of the purrs, purring frequently.  And he loves to be held.  He plays with his sisters but has been known to take a nap on top of the litter lid while the 3 sisters do their own thing.  For a while, he had claimed the stuffed mouse as HIS mouse. (*)

DOB 4/23/2020


Rose is a sweet, playful girl.  She is named Rose because she is beautiful outside, but when playfully using her claws on your toe they can feel like thorns. (*)

DOB 4/23/2020


This little girl is a precious daydreamer. Heidi enjoys racing with her brothers and lounging on the cat tree in the sun. Heidi is an adoring kitten who would love to be part of a loving family! (*)

DOB 5/1/2020

*Currently on medical hold*


Alani and Aloe are bonded sisters that came to us after being found in a yard with two other siblings. You can always find these two girls together romping, rolling, eating, sleeping, or just plain being busy exploring. They thoroughly enjoy sleeping in bed with their humans! Of the two, Aloe is the most cuddly. You will always wake up to lots of kisses when she thinks it's time to get up. She loves to fall asleep in your arms for a one-on-one snuggle until Alani pounces on her to get up and play. They both love climbing to the top of their cat tower and snuggling each other. You might say they go together like bread & butter or peanut butter & jelly! The girls are hoping to find their forever home and get settled in soon. You can't help but fall in love with them. (*)

DOB 4/10/2020


D'Hoffryn is a super pretty kitty who enjoys chasing, napping, cuddling, and playing. He's a brave and curious boy who always needs time to sunbathe! (*)

DOB 4/1/2020


Hagrid is a super playful, fluffy boy who loves to be near you whenever he can. He is a huge fan of any and all toys that jingle! (*)

DOB 4/1/2020


Ibn Battuta is a curious adventure kitty who is too smart for his own good! When he isn't exploring, he likes to cuddle into your lap or beside you for his naps. (*)

DOB 4/1/2020


Nahadoth is a small, regal boy who seems like he's constantly purring. If he's not zooming around and playing, this little purr box is settled into your lap for naptime! (*)

DOB 4/1/2020

MERIDA - **Pending Adoption**

Merida is a lovely girl kitten, she has great markings, with an orange nose.  She is named for a Disney princess. (*)

DOB 4/23/2020

CORDELIA - **Pending Adoption**

Cordelia is an absolutely beautiful kitten!  And she has a lovely, outgoing personality to go with it.  The first minute I had her she was playing in the water dish, earning her name for the daughter of the sea.  She has a wonderful purr when being held.  If a cat toy is tossed out you know she will be the one to end up with it.  Not mean, just assertive and playful. (*)

DOB 4/23/2020

CHRIS - **Pending Adoption**

Chris is a cuddly, friendly kitten who is very playful and sweet. He loves snuggling right next to you and getting pets. He gets along with children, other cats, and dogs. (*)

DOB 3/27/2020

BUCKY - **Pending Adoption**

Bucky is very cuddly! He loves getting pets and following you around the house. He loves playing with his siblings and anything else he can find. He gets along with children, other cats, and dogs. (*)

DOB 3/27/2020

XELJANZ - **Pending Adoption**

Xeljanz was born as the runt of Lunesta’s litter, but quickly established a friendship with his big brother, Rexulti. These two play so well together, and it would be great if they could be kept together. When Xeljanz is not rough-housing with Rexulti, he can be found napping on his back with his tummy up. His human foster mom often wakes him up by gently rubbing his belly, which he enjoys. Xeljanz will be ready for adoption after 8/1/20! (*)

DOB 4/22/2020

REXULTI - **Pending Adoption**

Rexulti has a sad story, but got super lucky! Rexulti was found alone with his deceased siblings at a week old, and was brought to our friends at Elkhart County Humane Society who called us. Thank goodness mother cat Lunesta had given birth just a couple of days prior, and was so accepting of another kitten! Rexulti has grown into a lovely older brother for his younger siblings, even though they look nothing alike. Rexulti plays the most with the runt of the family, little Xeljanz. They love to chase each other and conduct sneak attacks on one another. Rexulti will be ready for adoption after 7/17/20! (*)

DOB 4/17/2020

DOVATO - **Pending Adoption**

Dovato is the cutest little fluff ball. It is clear that he will have medium or long length fur when he is older, unlike his siblings who are all short furred. Dovato loves to nap, especially in the marshmallow bed or cuddled with his siblings. He is great at using the cardboard scratchers instead of furniture. Dovato would be a great addition for any home. Dovato will be ready for adoption after 7/22/20! (*)

DOB 4/22/2020

VADER - **Pending Adoption**

Vader is not your father, but might possibly be the cutest little boy! Vader was found at a credit union just down the street from the Pet Refuge shelter, and was brought to us with fears that he had been hit by a car. Other than some trauma to his eye and a little bump on his face, Vader was in one piece and just fine! Currently, Vader’s eye is being treated with drops and ointment in hopes that it can be saved, but it might have to be removed surgically if there is no improvement. Vader’s eye does not seem to affect him at all, and he is still a spunky, fun-loving kitten who loves to run around with the other kitties his age! Vader can be a bit bashful and is nervous when people approach him quickly, but he will warm up into a loving, purring ball of fluff in your arms in minutes. Vader will be ready for adoption after 7/8/20! (*)

DOB 4/8/2020

HITCH - **Pending Adoption**

Hitch is quite the personality, and has an amazing backstory to match! Hitch earned his name because he hitchhiked all the way from Oklahoma to Indiana inside the wheel well of a car! We are surprised but immensely thankful that he was found safe and sound, other than being awfully hungry! As for Hitch’s personality, he is extremely talkative, extroverted, and loving. Hitch is always purring when he is around people, and will meow and paw at you if you are not giving him enough attention. He loves to have his ears rubbed and his back scratched. Hitch will let you know it is mealtime by screaming at you in the same way. Hitch is so outgoing and gets along with all other animals, even tolerating smacks from grumpy older cats! Hitch might be small, but he follows his foster mom all over the house - even up and down the stairs. He hates being alone! Hitch would be wonderful in a family with kids to dote on him and/or other friendly or tolerant animals to play with him when his people are not home. Hitch will be ready for adoption after 7/12/20! (*)

DOB 4/12/2020


Pusheen is a very outgoing friendly little girl. She loves playing with anything she can get her paws on. She likes to follow you around the house and is very curious and never shies away from exploring something new. She is very food motivated and will try to steal anything you are eating. She is also very cuddly and gets along with children, other cats, and dogs. (*)

DOB 3/27/2020


Ernest is a very sweet little boy. He is very cuddly and loves to follow you around the house. He loves playing with toys and running around with his siblings. He also loves to sneak food from you! He gets along with children, other cats, and dogs. (*)

DOB 3/27/2020


Herbie is a very cuddly boy! He loves sleeping on the bed at night and playing with his siblings. He is also very curious and loves running around the house. He gets along with children, other cats, and dogs. (*)

DOB 3/27/2020


Buddy is a very laid back kitty. He can get overwhelmed if there is too much commotion, but can be easily calmed with a hug. Buddy purrs immediately when he is picked up and really enjoys spending time with people. He is also great with other animals. (*)

DOB 4/16/2020


Who can say no to this adorable face? The volunteers all love Roscoe’s little pink nose and bubbly personality. Roscoe came to Pet Refuge with his two sisters and two brothers. They are all very friendly and outgoing. (*)

DOB 5/1/2020


Martha is the runt of her litter, but not any less cute! Martha enjoys cuddling with her brothers and batting around toys. She’s very friendly and would be great with kids and/or other pets. (*)

DOB 5/4/2020

Coming Soon!

The kittens below are not quite ready for adoption because they have not received all of their vaccinations or are not yet spayed/neutered.


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