Note about kitten adoptions:

Kittens often get adopted so quickly that we cannot keep up with posting their information online! Even if there are no kittens listed as available for adoption, we may have ones that have not made it to the website yet.

Please fill out an application indicating that you are interested in adopting a kitten, and a foster coordinator will be in contact to discuss current options and best fit.


Hela is such a sweet, mellow cat! He is full of love for every person and cat he meets. This affectionate boy will purr and rub all over you for pets and is always ready to snuggle up by your side for a nap. He is the most mellow of his siblings and loves cuddling up with them too! In his foster home, Hela started off as a shy kitten but quickly learned how to come out of his shell and be more confident. With his new confidence, Hela has blossomed into the perfect, sweetest companion! (*)

DOB 4/8/2020


Pumpkin is an all-around wonderful kitten! This curious, playful girl adores all of her cat toys and playing with her kitty siblings. She has become a professional leaping through the air to catch her wand toys! Pumpkin also has a mellow side and loves to cuddle up with her siblings or foster parents for nice long naps. She loves receiving affection and will give the loudest purrs in return! This loving and playful kitty would be a wonderful addition to any home. (*)

DOB 7/14/2020


Aspen was a shy little boy when he first came to the cattery, but after a couple of weeks, he became SO outgoing and goofy! Aspen loves his cat tree and toys, but he adores affection from people most of all. He is so grateful to experience love and TLC, and cannot wait to find his own forever home where he is spoiled and cherished. (*)

DOB 3/26/2020


Tangerine might have an innocent face, but she is the troublemaker of her litter! Tangerine is a confident, eager girl who can be independent at times, but still loves to cuddle. This citrus is playful and enjoys snuggle time. Nothing will hold this sassy girl down in life! (*)

DOB 7/20/2020


Are you looking for a mooch of a cat who will never leave your side? Look no further than Watermelon! Watermelon is a very affectionate girl who is playful, easy to purr, and loves attention. She will sleep on her back in your arms like a baby. Watermelon is also the little piggy of her litter and will eat more than her fair share of canned food. She also doubles as a parrot, as she enjoys perching on the shoulders of her foster family. (*)

DOB 7/20/2020


Cinders was bottlefed as a tiny kitten and is super-sweet because of it! Cinders likes rolling around on the top perch of the cat tree and making goofy faces. She is a gorgeous little girl with just a tidge of white fur on her chest. She is used to other kittens, dogs, and kids, and will be wonderful in any household. Cinders is excited to be making her debut on the website and hopes her fur-ever family will find her soon! (*)

DOB 6/8/2020


Mittens is a high energy kitten who will need a companion to run around and play with. Mittens does well with other cats and older kids, and has bonded with some younger kittens at the same foster home. Mittens is already a pro at using the litterbox! (*)

FRANNIE - **Pending Adoption**

Frannie is a very playful little kitten and is bonded with her sister Meadow. She does well with other cats and older children. (*)

MEADOW - **Pending Adoption**

Meadow is bonded with her sister Frannie and is a very friendly kitten. She has been around older kids and other cats and does well with them. Meadow also loves energetically playing with cat toys. (*)

CHANCE - **Pending Adoption**

Chance is a cute little kitten who is bonded with his brother Logan. He does well with other cats and older kids. Chance loves dry and soft kitten food, as well as playing with cat toys. He is already trained at using the litter box. (*)

LOGAN - **Pending Adoption**

Logan is a very sweet and playful kitten who is bonded with his brother Chance. He loves cat toys and uses the litter box well. Logan has been around other cats and older kids. (*)

SOPHIA - **Pending Adoption**

Sophia is kind of a dork. She is super extroverted and talkative, and loves to be around people, but strikes weird poses in front of the camera. Sophia is an affectionate and loving girl, and always happy to see her people when they walk in the door. Her bright green eyes are just beautiful! If you are looking for a fun-loving, silly kitten, look no further than Sophia. (*)

DOB 3/2/2020

ASHLEY - **Pending Adoption**

Ashley is Cinders’ sister and was also bottlefed as a kitten, but is much more timid. Ashley is nervous around people and a bit headshy. She does enjoy head pats once she feels comfortable with a person. Ashley would do best in a home with another cat or two to show her the ropes and teach her that people are not to be feared. (*)

DOB 6/8/2020


Grapes the kitten can literally defy gravity. Seriously! She can get to running so fast that she practically flies across the room. Grapes is affectionately known as a "land piranha" by her foster family, as she loves to bite and attack unsuspecting human toes. Grapes can also be polite, and will patiently wait at your feet for food. When she is cuddled in your lap, she will knead, suckle, and purr. Grapes would be a fabulous addition to any family! (*)

DOB 7/20/2020


Strawberry is the runt of her litter, but also a true sweetheart. She is the baby of the family! Strawberry has a loud purr box and will knead and suckle on a blanket. She is a cuddlebug who will make for a wonderful lap cat. Strawberry is just as sweet as the fruit bearing her name tastes, and cannot wait to find her fur-ever home. (*)

DOB 7/20/2020


Say CHEESE! Cactus is one of the most photogenic cats that we have around. Just look at his beautiful poses! Other than modeling, Cactus’ hobbies include roughhousing with the other kittens, begging for canned food, chasing toys, and snuggling with the volunteers. Unlike what his name suggests, Cactus isn’t prickly in the slightest, and is a warm, cuddly, soft boy who loves to be held. He does wonderful with kids, other cats, and dogs. (*)

DOB 7/2/2020


Rachel Ray is an inquisitive girl. She loves to play and gets along great with all of the other kitties. She is a good eater and is notably larger than her sister, Betty Crocker. She is great with people, cats, and friendly dogs. (*)

DOB 5/11/2020


Hi there, I’m Guppy! I was named after a fish because I was found around Fish Lake. I also really love water (weird for a cat, huh?). The volunteers say I have a little half mustache and some knee-high socks to match. I am super inquisitive and I love to watch everything that is going on around me. I can be a little grumpy around other kitties, but I do awesome with dogs! Would we get along swimmingly? If you think so, submit an application for your favorite fish-cat: ME! (*)

DOB 4/18/2020


I’m a little more shy than my siblings but very loving once I get to know you. When you call my name, I instantly purr! I’m great with kids. (*)

DOB 7/21/2020


I’m a very playful kitten and love to be scratched on my chest! I get along with other cats and love to snuggle. I’m great with kids. (*)

DOB 7/21/2020


I’m a friendly, talkative girl and I love to snuggle. I get along with other cats and love to steal their toys so they’ll have to play with me. I’m great with kids. (*)

DOB 7/21/2020


Hennessy is the biggest sweetheart! This amazing kitty enjoys snuggling up with his foster parents and purrs nonstop. He is the first one to greet you as you walk into the room and will happily receive pets. He is the best companion and will spend hours curled up by your side as you work, watch TV, or nap. Hennessy is also great with other cats! He is constantly cuddling and playing with his two siblings. Hennessy is such a loving, gentle boy who would be the perfect addition to any household! (*)

DOB 4/28/2020


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