Olivia hardly had any fur on her body when she arrived at Pet Refuge in July 2017, and she was miserable from feeling so itchy. We discovered that she is allergic to many kinds of grass and foods. It has taken a while to get her on the correct medications and food, but she is finally feeling better. She will need medicated baths, medications, and special food for the rest of her life. She has been placed as a permanent foster and would love to have you as a sponsor to help with her continued medical care.


Hi, my name is Gizmo, and I am the luckiest dog alive. You may wonder why an elderly dog with scads of health problems who cannot see, hear, or walk very well is lucky. I'll tell you why! Because the volunteers at Pet Refuge chose me. I thought for sure I was the end of my life in a kill shelter. Who would want a dog as sick as I was? It was an effort to even lift my head. I was covered in mats, and those things REALLY hurt! 

This page is dedicated to our dogs with special medical or behavioral needs. As a no-kill rescue, we make a lifelong commitment to every animal that comes through our doors and some of these animals require ongoing care and treatment. While some of these dogs are happiest in their current foster homes or at our shelter, others are available for adoption to the right home. Please see their individual descriptions to learn more about each dog. In the meantime, all of these dogs are available for you to “sponsor”. The Sponsor program helps us to continue to provide for their future medical care.  All of these dogs hold a very special place in our hearts. 


Justin (the tan dog) is a 4-year-old mixed-breed dog who came from a hoarding situation. We don’t know his breed mixture, but he looks like a “pocket” German Shepherd (30 pounds) and is likely to have some terrier in there. When Justin came to us he was semi-feral. He has learned to tolerate people a little better in his year and a half in a foster home. He is not potty trained (will have both types of accidents regularly) but he is crate trained (no accidents in his crate). He enjoys the company of other dogs and might be a good companion for a playful or calm dog. He does not want to be touched by people and he cannot be caught, either in the house or in the yard. The only way of catching him is to ask him to go into his crate, crawl into the crate behind him, and leash him while in the crate. Justin requires a secure, physical, structural fence (no underground fence). He is considered special needs, and should go to a home with an experienced dog owner. (*)



Hi my name is Falcon!  While I may look cute as a button, I am a boy with special needs. 

I came to Pet Refuge from another shelter who asked if I could stay here so that they could help me with my behavior.

I have become friends with some of the volunteers here and I love to play fetch with them.  When it comes to other interactions like putting on my leash, I can be a challenge.

 We have worked with a behaviorist who noted that unfortunately his behavior will not change.

It was recommended that Falcon remain under the care of Pet Refuge where we can manage his behavioral triggers.

This management requires medication, supplements, time and patience with training. We are seeking an experienced and patient forever foster, since he is not available for adoption.

Please consider sponsoring Falcon.

Your contribution will help us keep this special boy happy!