Looking for a confident, independent girl? Look no further than Kimmell!

Kimmell is a dominant girl who will let you know exactly what she thinks. She is quite the talker! Kimmell doesn’t always like to be held, as everything must be on HER terms. However, she will approach you for pets and love if you are the chosen one. Kimmell adores catnip pillows and canned food no matter who you are, though. Kimmell isn’t a big fan of other kitties, but currently coexists fairly peacefully with other adults and kittens. She could be in a home with other animals as long as she gets her space.  (*)

DOB 8/12/2019


Valentino is an independent cat who loves to play. He likes to hang out on the high shelves of the climbing wall overlooking his feline roommates. Valentino would prefer a home without younger children but with people who can fulfill his need for attention and exercise.

DOB 2/14/2015


Looking for a cat with LOTS of personality? Then look no further! Even though his feline roommates are sometimes annoyed with his antics, Jamison enjoys being the class clown. Although he has a grown up body, he still is a kitten at heart. His favorite toys include laser pointers, feathers, ribbons and crinkly kick toys. Jamison loves to play and has so much energy that he would do best without other cats or young children. He has done well with dogs though.

DOB 1/14/2015


Caprice and Mercury are bonded sisters with similar personalities. Both girls are very playful and their goal in life is to catch the red dot (laser pointer). They will keep each other entertained while you are away from home. They will be shy at first and you will need to give them time to warm up to you so they can become part of your furever family.

DOB 3/30/2018


It would be hard to find a cat that is better looking than Murphy! This handsome boy loves attention and play time. Murphy has lived with a dog in his previous home, and is currently adjusting to having feline roommates.

DOB 6/29/2015


Ozzie is a brown tabby who loves being the center of attention. His favorite things in the world are running water and head pats. If you're looking for a cat that'll always greet you when you come home, Ozzie’s the perfect cat for you! (*)

DOB 8/13/2015


In summer 2014, Luna Belle arrived in her foster home with one of the worst eye infections we have ever seen. I took months of care and numerous treatments, but we were able to save both of Luna Belle’s eyes. She still has some occasional discharge, but is overall doing great. She was adopted out and returned to us when her owner became unable to take care of her. Luna Belle can be shy at first, but is very sweet once she gets to know you. She also likes to be brushed. She enjoys the company of other cats and has lived with a calm dog but would do best in a quiet home without young children.

DOB 7/22/2014 


Jessie is a gorgeous girl but she prefers it when people admire her good looks from afar. She is an independent cat who prefers to do her own thing.

DOB 7/12/2018


Ralphie is a sweet, snuggley, playful boy. Ralphie didn't do great at the shelter, but has thrived in a foster home. He LOVES to cuddle with his foster Dad and will sit and ride on his foster Mom's shoulders while she is cleaning the house. He enjoys giving hugs, eating treats and playing with the laser pointer and bottle caps. Ralphie gets on really well with his feline house mates, especially his younger special needs sister, Stumbleberry. (*)

DOB 7/14/2018


Miracle is a volunteer favorite. Like her name suggests, she is certainly a miracle. Miracle was found as a scared, semi-social kitten in rough shape. While nursing Miracle back to health, this shy, beautiful little girl was able to realize that humans aren’t all that bad. Magnificent Miracle has made a lot of progress, but would still prefer a quiet home with patient humans. Her three favorite things in life are gentle pets, baby food, and sunlit cat tree perches. (*)

DOB 9/27/2019


Jake is very friendly and playful, especially with his brother Trooper. He is very friendly with new people and loves to chase the laser pointer. Jake does very well with dogs and children. (*)

DOB 3/2018


Trooper is very friendly and playful, especially with his brother Jake. He is a bit more of a trouble maker, liking to be on high shelves or on top of a cat tree. Trooper does very well with dogs and children. (*)

DOB 3/2018


Mouse and Aspen are two adorable boys that have been raised together and are inseparable. They are full of love and more than willing to give cuddles and nuzzles. Given up to Pet Refuge because of family allergies, these two boys are looking for a new outlook on life together. These kitties would be a wonderful addition to any home! (*)

DOB 5/25/2017


Sunny and Sammy (aka Ebony) are close-knit  brothers who were dumped in the remote part of a local cemetery.  They were living in a large brush pile.  Sunny and Sammy were live-trapped and immediately vetted, and we learned that Sammy’s tail had been de-gloved and he needed a tail amputation.  Sunny had a small hernia and also required surgery.  Both boys have recovered from their surgeries and the emotional trauma and are ready to look for a new home together.  Sammy still has a little tail stub that he uses very expressively! (*)

DOB 8/1/2018


Yoko Ono came to Pet Refuge with her four male kittens, who were named after the Beatles. Yoko Ono was a fantastic mom and now that her kittens were weaned, she cannot wait to find her own fur-ever home! Yoko is a talker! She will let you know if she’s not getting enough attention, because she just loves to be petted and snuggled. Yoko Ono is quick to purr and affectionate, and enjoys being carried around. Her favorite spots would either be in your arms or in a kitty bed bathed in sunlight. She is fabulous around other cats, dogs, and children of all ages. Yoko can’t wait to meet you! (*)

DOB 12/20/2019


Looking for a confident, independent girl? Look no further than Kimmell!

Kimmell is a dominant girl who will let you know exactly what she thinks. She is quite the talker! Kimmell doesn’t always like to be held, as everything must be on HER terms. However, she will approach you for pets and love if you are the chosen one. Kimmell adores catnip pillows and canned food no matter who you are, though. Kimmell isn’t a big fan of other kitties, but currently coexists fairly peacefully with other adults and kittens. She could be in a home with other animals as long as she gets her space.  (*)

DOB 8/12/2019


Have you ever thought about adopting a pair of cats that will keep each other company and entertain each other? Here is your chance! Chansey and Logan are two fun, playful cats who love nothing more than chasing after the laser pointer and playing with each other. They are not too fond of being picked up, but enjoy pets and brushing. And, more than anything else, they enjoy entertaining you with their antics.

DOB 6/1/2016 (Chansey)

DOB 1/10/2017 (Logan) 


When Honeysuckle became lost from her family, she was fortunate to have a microchip to assist in locating them. Unfortunately, her family’s personal circumstances had changed, and they were heartbroken to depart from their beloved kitty. Now, Honeysuckle is at Pet Refuge and searching for her second chance to be part of a fur-ever family. She certainly has lots of love to give! Honeysuckle enjoys looking out the window and being pet, but doesn’t care for being picked up. She is a very refined and gorgeous girl! (*)

DOB 3/8/2019


Hello, My name is Mable, I'm an amazing little kitty who likes to keep to myself. Once I'm comfortable in a new surrounding, I'll venture out, but while I like to be petted and loved, I get a little attitude when you pick me up by surprise. But don't let that scare you, I really do want you to bring me home and make me part of your family. (*)


Dianthus is one of the sweetest mother cats that we have had in our care. Her sleek, short coat and unique markings are stunning, as well! Dianthus loves attention and is one of the first cats to greet you at the door. She is much more outgoing than her kittens, Devin, Debbie, and Demi. Dianthus’ favorite spot is on top of her cat tree with her head hanging over the edge so she may spectate the happenings of the cattery. (*)

DOB 1/6/2020


Khloe is a sweet, mild-mannered girl. She loves to explore and check out her surroundings. She is as affectionate as she is gorgeous, and would love to shower her new family with love. Khloe promises to be the best kitty to snuggle with during those chilly winter storms. She just hopes that you can make her yours! (*)

DOB 2/1/2020


While Mister is a handsome chunk, he is also quite shy. Mister came to Pet Refuge with his five kitty siblings when their owner passed away. Mister has only ever been around quiet, older folk, so he will need a equally low-energy household to feel comfortable. Mister is not going to be a cat to come right up to you, but rather a buddy to share your space with. He does like being petted, though. If you’re lucky, Mister might learn to enjoy the lap cat life. As for right now, we are looking for a home with low expectations and a comfortable cat tree for Mister. He gets along well with other cats and does fine around dogs. (*)

DOB 12/25/2016


Beautiful Erin came to Pet Refuge with her three equally gorgeous kittens. Erin is one of the best mothers we have ever met, as she often chirps at her babies to talk with them, and keeps very close tabs on their locations when they go wandering away from the nest. Erin absolutely loves human companionship and sharing her babies with us. She will rub against us and purrs quite loudly, begging for pets. Erin will be ready for adoption by the beginning of March, when her kittens will have weaned and are no longer dependent on their mother. If you can give this affectionate, talkative, precious mother a home, don’t hesitate to apply today! (*)

DOB 8/2/2019


Oh Josh… this handsome lad has stolen our hearts (after breaking them first, of course)! Josh was found outside by a Good Samaritan on one of these particularly cold, icy, snowy nights. Poor Josh looked to have a lot going on with him, so he was taken to the Animal Emergency Clinic for help. Unfortunately, since Josh did not have an owner, he was going to be surrendered unless a rescue could be found. Thankfully for the cat Josh, a human named Josh at the clinic called all around, desperate to find this loving guy a place to stay. Such is how Josh earned his name! Josh was underweight, had a bad upper respiratory infection, and had a fractured front leg, along with some injured toes on one of his back legs. Despite his troubles, Josh has always been the friendliest cat, and he loves to give head butts and cuddle up in a warm lap. Over the past couple of months, Josh has overcome his upper respiratory infection, gained a whopping four pounds of healthy weight, had corrective surgery for his toes, and underwent amputation for that front leg. Josh is such a fighter and one of the most affectionate cats that we have. He is excellent with dogs, cats, and children alike. We hope that you will overlook his tripod status because he can still get around just as well as the other four-legged kitties! This handsome chunk can’t wait to find his forever home, and hopes it will be with you. Josh will be ready for adoption by the beginning of March, so you can put in your application today! (*)

DOB 10/16/2018


Jim is an outgoing gentleman. He loves to be petted and stroked, and is one of the first cats to come sit on your lap. Jim might be friendly, but like many other cats, he can get overstimulated, so he will need a family who is understanding that Jim might need his space at times. More often than not, though, Jim is happy to be carried around and loved on to your heart’s content. Jim does great with other cats and dogs, too, so what’s not to love? Can you make Jim your Valentine this year? (*)

DOB 11/24/2018


Hi my name is Suzie. I'm a shy little thing that loves to just lay in the sun and soak up life. And I would love to soak up life with you in a forever home. (*)


Arlo's personality is too big to be contained by Pet Refuge! He is very curious and wants to rush out of the door and explore the world. Because of this, he would prefer to be in a home with a dual-door setup to ensure he does not get out of the house. If he knows you well, he will sometimes come to you when you call. But he always likes to get treats and cuddles. He is definitely a volunteer favorite!

DOB 10/10/2017


When Lillian came to Pet Refuge, she was very scared of everyone and was wary of being approached. Once she realized she was safe, she opened up into a very sweet girl who loves to see the volunteers enter her room.

DOB 10/15/2017


Lucky is a handsome boy, who stands out from the other black cats because of his elegant white spot on his chest. Lucky can be playful at times, but he can also be very loving when he hops up on your lap.

DOB 9/1/2016


Theo is surprised that he hasn't found his forever home yet - can't you tell by the look on his face? While he is a younger cat, he definitely has an old soul. He enjoys watching the world around him from the comfort of his favorite bed. Theo does well with the other cats, even some of the older, crankier ones at the shelter! He would do well in a home with people who can help him find his inner playful kitten side.

DOB 11/1/2017


Cats are connoisseurs of comfort, and Cairo is no exception! She is a bit rotund and likes to have her big belly rubbed. Once Cairo finds a comfy spot, she loves to lazily lay there almost all day. While she may not cuddle up with the other cats at the shelter, she peacefully cohabitates with them. Cairo would love to find a mellow home where she can spend her time in a cozy bed. She is also polydactyl so her paws are extra large!

DOB 8/1/2018


Willow is a very affectionate girl who loves when you come up to her wherever she's laying to give her pets and head rubs. She usually keeps to her own and does not like when younger cats get up in her face, so she might prefer to be in a home of her very own. She has definitely put on a few extra pounds and needs someone to help her with her feline figure.

DOB 8/15/2016


Ira (Siamese) and Betzler (gray & white) may seem like an odd couple, but they became best feline friends shortly after meeting at Pet Refuge. Betzler is a big boy with a big personality who has plenty of energy to chase strings and shoelaces. Ira can be very chatty and just tolerates when Betzler wants to play with him. Betzler and Ira are a bonded pair and must be adopted together.

DOB 11/22/2015 (Ira)

DOB 10/1/2016 (Betzler)


Description coming soon!

DOB 3/14/2020


Description coming soon!

DOB 8/29/2017


Description coming soon! (*)

DOB 9/28/2019

ASTRA - **On Medical Hold**

Astra is an older gal who really doesn’t act her age. She is a bobtail now that her tail was amputated from a prior injury. And her eye might be a bit cloudy and discolored, but that doesn’t slow her down one bit. Astra is gentle, affectionate, and sweet. She is an easy keeper who would be extremely grateful for a fur-ever home. (*)

DOB 11/18/2013

FREDDIE - **Pending Adoption**

Description coming soon!

DOB 9/15/2019


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