My name is Kashmir and I am a sweet, sassy, beautiful girl. I don't care to be held, but I love to be brushed and will crawl in your lap. My favorite things are chasing jingle toys, lounging on the cat tree and crawling into bed with my foster mom and dad. (*)

DOB 3/29/2019


Valentino is an independent cat who loves to play. He likes to hang out on the high shelves of the climbing wall overlooking his feline roommates. Valentino would prefer a home without younger children but with people who can fulfill his need for attention and exercise.

DOB 2/14/2015


Say "aloha" to your new best friend! Hawaii is a shy but sweet girl who enjoys belly rubs once she gets to know you. She would do well in a calmer home where she will have plenty of time to feel safe and secure in her new surroundings. One way to her heart is a good brushing session!

DOB 11/1/2016


Caprice and Mercury are bonded sisters with similar personalities. Both girls are very playful and their goal in life is to catch the red dot (laser pointer). They will keep each other entertained while you are away from home. They will be shy at first and you will need to give them time to warm up to you so they can become part of your furever family.

DOB 3/30/2018


In summer 2014, Luna Belle arrived in her foster home with one of the worst eye infections we have ever seen. I took months of care and numerous treatments, but we were able to save both of Luna Belle’s eyes. She still has some occasional discharge, but is overall doing great. She was adopted out and returned to us when her owner became unable to take care of her. Luna Belle can be shy at first, but is very sweet once she gets to know you. She also likes to be brushed. She enjoys the company of other cats and has lived with a calm dog but would do best in a quiet home without young children.

DOB 7/22/2014 


Muffin is a big beautiful girl with a big heart. She loves attention and loves to sit on your lap. Although she still needs to lose weight, she doesn't let her size slow her down. She may roll over to show you her colorful markings on her stomach but is not the biggest fan of belly rubs. Muffin is front declawed.

DOB 5/26/2015


Lunesta came to Pet Refuge very pregnant, and gave birth to six wonderful kittens just three days later. Lunesta has even cared for orphaned kittens in addition to her huge litter. Lunesta has been a fantastic mother cat, but now that she has been spayed and her kittens have been weaned, she is on the lookout for her forever digs.  Lunesta is a very chill cat who enjoys gazing out the window or lazing on the floor. Lunesta enjoys petting and canned food. She also loves to play! Lunesta seems to do well with other cats and animals, so other animals in a home would not be an issue for her. (*)

DOB 4/20/2017

*Will be featured at PetSmart in Mishawaka from 6/29 to 7/5


Have you ever thought about adopting a pair of cats that will keep each other company and entertain each other? Here is your chance! Chansey and Logan are two fun, playful cats who love nothing more than chasing after the laser pointer and playing with each other. They are not too fond of being picked up, but enjoy pets and brushing. And, more than anything else, they enjoy entertaining you with their antics.

DOB 6/1/2016 (Chansey)

DOB 1/10/2017 (Logan) 


Meet Stella Ann! Well, it’s hard to miss her since she is usually waiting right by the door, trying to make sure that she is the first one to get food and attention. Stella Ann loves treats and has an adorable begging routine! She would do best in a home without young children though.

DOB 9/15/2013


Looking for a cat with LOTS of personality? Then look no further! Even though his feline roommates are sometimes annoyed with his antics, Jamison enjoys being the class clown. Although he has a grown up body, he still is a kitten at heart. His favorite toys include laser pointers, feathers, ribbons and crinkly kick toys. Jamison loves to play and has so much energy that he would do best without other cats or young children. He has done well with dogs though.

DOB 1/14/2015


Jake is very friendly and playful, especially with his brother Trooper. He is very friendly with new people and loves to chase the laser pointer. Jake does very well with dogs and children. (*)

DOB 3/2018


Trooper is very friendly and playful, especially with his brother Jake. He is a bit more of a trouble maker, liking to be on high shelves or on top of a cat tree. Trooper does very well with dogs and children. (*)

DOB 3/2018


Mouse and Aspen are two adorable boys that have been raised together and are inseparable. They are full of love and more than willing to give cuddles and nuzzles. Given up to Pet Refuge because of family allergies, these two boys are looking for a new outlook on life together. These kitties would be a wonderful addition to any home! (*)

DOB 5/2017


Jessie is a gorgeous girl but she prefers it when people admire her good looks from afar. She is an independent cat who prefers to do her own thing.

DOB 7/12/2018


Curry has been with us since he was a little kitten. He has always been wary around people and he is a bit shy, but he can be affectionate if he is given time. With a little patience, he could be your new best friend! Curry loves to be up high and survey the rest of the cats, so he would really enjoy a cat tree or other sort of perch in a new home. He is bonded with his “girlfriend” Bailey, so we would love for them to find a home together. (*)

DOB 9/11/2018


Bailey came to Pet Refuge as a very shy, scared kitten. Thankfully, one of our very dedicated volunteers discovered that she LOVES baby food! With some time (and lots of baby food), Bailey came out of her shell and is now a very sweet girl to those she knows. Bailey is still a bit skittish and will need to spend some time with a potential adopter before she opens up to them. Once she gets over her initial fears, Bailey is a splendid cat and would make a great companion for a very lucky family. She is bonded to Curry and we would love to see them go home together. (*)

DOB 7/23/2018


My name is Kashmir and I am a sweet, sassy, beautiful girl. I don't care to be held, but I love to be brushed and will crawl in your lap. My favorite things are chasing jingle toys, lounging on the cat tree and crawling into bed with my foster mom and dad. (*)

DOB 3/29/2019


My name is Blanca. My foster mom thinks I'm between 1-3 years old. I showed up on my foster mom's front porch when it was below zero. I was very hungry, thirsty, and sickly. I had a pretty bad ear infection you see, and didn't have any hair on my ears. The vet said I would have lost part of my ears from frostbite had I not been rescued. I've adapted quickly to this idea of being an indoor kitty. I like belly rubs, playing with my jingle ball, and snuggles. I currently have a room to myself. (*)


Hello, My name is Mable, I'm an amazing little kitty who likes to keep to myself. Once I'm comfortable in a new surrounding, I'll venture out, but while I like to be petted and loved, I get a little attitude when you pick me up by surprise. But don't let that scare you, I really do want you to bring me home and make me part of your family. (*)


Sunny and Sammy (aka Ebony) are close-knit  brothers who were dumped in the remote part of a local cemetery.  They were living in a large brush pile.  Sunny and Sammy were live-trapped and immediately vetted, and we learned that Sammy’s tail had been de-gloved and he needed a tail amputation.  Sunny had a small hernia and also required surgery.  Both boys have recovered from their surgeries and the emotional trauma and are ready to look for a new home together.  Sammy still has a little tail stub that he uses very expressively! (*)


Hi my name is Suzie. I'm a shy little thing that loves to just lay in the sun and soak up life. And I would love to soak up life with you in a forever home. (*)


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