They say some people wear their heart on their sleeve, but little Bella Rose wears her heart on her nose! This petite girl enjoys being the center of attention and has an outgoing and playful personality. She would do well in a home that will help her burn off her youthful energy. She is fearless in new situations and will adjust quickly in a new home.

DOB 8/10/2019



Hi I’m CJ! I am a fluffy and handsome guy! I came to Pet Refuge with my best feline friend Kozmo after our human passed away. A kind neighbor lady took care of us when we needed it the most until Pet Refuge could take us in. I love attention from all the volunteers and visitors. Some people say I can be a little bit nosy, but I am just a curious soul. I do well with other cats and older children and would love to be adopted with my buddy Kozmo. We are the purr-fect pair of cats to bring you lots of love and endless entertainment.

DOB 11/2/2016


Hi I’m Kozmo and I am a confident, curious and cool cat. I am very intelligent and know what I want in life. I am very playful and full of energy. I came to Pet Refuge after my human passed away. I love everyone I meet and I do great with other cats. I would do well in a home with another active cat and a family that will be dedicated to daily play sessions with me. Looking for a pair?  Please consider adopting me with my best feline friend CJ!  As the good volunteers at Pet Refuge always say... "Cats are like potato chips, you can't have just one".

DOB 10/31/2018


Arlo's personality is too big to be contained by Pet Refuge! He is very curious and wants to rush out of the door and explore the world. Because of this, he would prefer to be in a home with a dual-door setup to ensure he does not get out of the house. If he knows you well, he will sometimes come to you when you call. But he always likes to get treats and cuddles. He is definitely a volunteer favorite!

DOB 10/10/2017


Lucky is a handsome boy, who stands out from the other black cats because of his elegant white spot on his chest. Lucky can be playful at times, but he can also be very loving when he hops up on your lap.

DOB 9/1/2016


When Lillian came to Pet Refuge, she was very scared of everyone and was wary of being approached. Once she realized she was safe, she opened up into a very sweet girl who loves to see the volunteers enter her room.

DOB 10/15/2017


Are you looking for a cat with sugar and spice and everything nice?  Then our sweet Sugar girl may be the cat for you!  Sugar loves people and loves to chase the laser pointer.  She can be a bit spicy with other female cats, so she would do better in a home as an only cat or with another friendly male cat.  Are you looking for a candy girl to make your life so sweet and set your heart-a-whirl?  Fill out your application today!

DOB 2/14/2015


Caprice and Mercury are bonded sisters with similar personalities. Both girls are very playful and their goal in life is to catch the red dot (laser pointer). They will keep each other entertained while you are away from home. They will be shy at first and you will need to give them time to warm up to you so they can become part of your furever family.

DOB 3/30/2018


Hi, I'm Reggie! The volunteers at Pet Refuge say I have no concept of personal space, but I'm not really sure what that means… I just like to be involved in whatever they are doing. I like to sit on laps or climb on your back and purr sweet nothings into your ear. I am still learning how to play nicely with other cats, but I am improving every day. I would love a home where I can hang out and relax with a family who loves me.

DOB 11/15/2019


Target is looking for a very special home. You see, Target isn’t a big fan of people. She lived in a house with an elderly couple for the first 6.5 years of her life, but when they both passed suddenly, her life was turned upside down. However, Target does have an extremely sweet, nurturing personality, and has become almost a surrogate mother to many of our kittens. Target would like a home where people respect her space, as she tend to get this offended look on her face when her personal space boundaries are pushed. Above all, Target wants a home where there are other kitties to snuggle with; she gets along with cats of all ages. Target is indifferent towards friendly dogs but would prefer to have respectful, calm kids in her forever home, if any. (*)

DOB 9/29/2014


Valentino is an independent cat who loves to play. He likes to hang out on the high shelves of the climbing wall overlooking his feline roommates. Valentino would prefer a home without younger children but with people who can fulfill his need for attention and exercise.

DOB 2/14/2015


Jet is playful and loves to play with other cats. He is also good with small dogs. Jet used to be very shy around humans but is starting to come out of his shell a bit. He will make a good buddy for another cat but will need a very patient person.

DOB 5/1/2014



Hello everybody! I am Manny. I love making friends with humans. I am not a big fan of doggies though. I enjoy being on my own, playing with my favorite mouse toys, and taking long naps. Sometimes I can be unpredictable: one minute I am napping, the next minute I am pouncing on my pumpkin toy ("pumpoo") at lightning speed! I love getting attention and being petted. I won't mind cuddling in your lap frequently. But I respect your space too. I would not disturb you when you are working or sleeping. I also love to have conversations with my human friends. My favorite pastime is fighting with running water from faucets. Needless to say the water droplets do not stand a chance against my ninja reflexes! I do need to stay on my prescription food to prevent urinary crystals. (*)

DOB 5/15/2018


Have you ever thought about adopting a pair of cats that will keep each other company and entertain each other? Here is your chance! Chansey (black & white) and Logan (gray & white) are two fun, playful cats who love nothing more than chasing after the laser pointer and playing with each other. They are not too fond of being picked up, but enjoy pets and brushing. And, more than anything else, they enjoy entertaining you with their antics!

DOB 6/1/2016 (Chansey)

DOB 1/10/2017 (Logan) 


Porshe is cautious until she knows her environment.  Once she accepts the environment, she is friendly, playful and follows you around in the house.  She is well behaved and very neat. (*)

DOB 4/22/2020


Though he's quite large, Jasper is a happy-medium kind of cat. He's playful, but he won't tear your blinds down at 3 a.m. He's affectionate, but won't sit on your laptop when you're trying to work. He's talkative, but won't cause a noise complaint from your neighbors. Jasper is a sweet boy who would make a great addition to any home! (*)

DOB 4/22/2020

PATTY - **Pending Adoption**

Patty came to Pet Refuge as a very pregnant mama kitty. Shortly after, she gave birth to Parker and Peyton, who are up for adoption on the Kitten page. Patty is still young at heart and enjoys playtime. She is obsessed with catnip and stuffed toy mice! Did we mention that she is the queen of funny faces, too? In her dream home, Patty would have a tall cat tree next to a bright, sunny window, as this is where she currently spends all of her time. After her kittens were weaned, Patty was done with other cats, so she would prefer a home without other felines. However, she does well with calm cats that maintain social distancing. She can’t wait to meet you! (*)

DOB 2/14/2020


Sunny and Sammy (aka Ebony) are close-knit  brothers who were dumped in the remote part of a local cemetery.  They were living in a large brush pile.  Sunny and Sammy were live-trapped and immediately vetted, and we learned that Sammy’s tail had been de-gloved and he needed a tail amputation.  Sunny had a small hernia and also required surgery.  Both boys have recovered from their surgeries and the emotional trauma and are ready to look for a new home together.  Sammy still has a little tail stub that he uses very expressively! (*)

DOB 8/1/2018


Jessie is a gorgeous girl but she prefers it when people admire her good looks from afar. She is an independent cat who prefers to do her own thing. If you're lucky, you might be able to get a little bit of lap time from her, but she usually stays in her own place.

DOB 7/12/2018


They say some people wear their heart on their sleeve, but little Bella Rose wears her heart on her nose!  This petite girl enjoys being the center of attention and has an outgoing and playful personality.  She would do well in a home that will help her burn off her youthful energy.  She is fearless in new situations and will adjust quickly in a new home.

DOB 8/10/2019



Looking for a cat with LOTS of personality? Then look no further! Even though his feline roommates are sometimes annoyed with his antics, Jamison enjoys being the class clown. Although he has a grown up body, he still is a kitten at heart. His favorite toys include laser pointers, feathers, ribbons and crinkly kick toys. Jamison loves to play and has so much energy that he would do best without other cats or young children. He has done well with dogs though.

DOB 1/14/2015


Meet Morgan! She's the sweetest calico you'll ever meet. She loves to talk and will always be ready to greet you at the door. She loves to lay in the sun and snuggle on the couch. She’s definitely not afraid to play and loves other cats. Morgan is the definition of a companion animal! (*)
DOB 12/26/2019


Sienna is 100% a lap cat. When someone sits down or even crouches on the ground, it’s like an alarm bell goes off in Sienna’s head, and she will make a beeline straight towards you. Sienna is cuddly, easy to love, and purrs quickly. She is calm and would make a perfect fit for anyone, no matter if she is your first ever cat or your twentieth. (*)

DOB 3/17/2020


Mouse and Aspen are two adorable boys that have been raised together and are inseparable. They are full of love and more than willing to give cuddles and nuzzles. Given up to Pet Refuge because of family allergies, these two boys are looking for a new outlook on life together. These kitties would be a wonderful addition to any home! (*)

DOB 5/25/2017


Zuri has that lovable teddy-bear look to her, and plush, medium-length fur that feels just like a stuffed toy. She is just as easy-going and lovable as she appears! Zuri is somewhat of a lazy cat and can often be found taking naps in cardboard boxes. However, she can get a burst of energy, and has been spotted playing chase with the kittens every once in a while. Come meet her today! (*)

DOB 11/19/2019


Ralphie is a sweet, snuggley, playful boy. Ralphie didn't do great at the shelter, but has thrived in a foster home. He LOVES to cuddle with his foster Dad and will sit and ride on his foster Mom's shoulders while she is cleaning the house. He enjoys giving hugs, eating treats and playing with the laser pointer and bottle caps. Ralphie gets on really well with his feline house mates, especially his younger special needs sister, Stumbleberry. (*)

DOB 7/14/2018


OshKosh is making his second debut with Pet Refuge. He was first adopted as a kitten, but returned due to his family’s changing circumstances. They noted that he was a fantastic cat and his return was due to NO fault of his own. OshKosh is a calm, adoring guy who is chill with pretty much everything. He likes to doze on the floor and beg at the door when mealtime rolls around. OshKosh has been great with the other cats and kittens and doesn’t mind friendly dogs. He would be a great addition to any household. (*)

DOB 6/21/2020


Calling all Siamese lovers! With those pretty blue eyes and elegant color pointed ears, Sasha sure is a beauty. Like any good Siamese, Sasha can be a bit of a talker, especially when she doesn’t get her way. To let you in a on little secret, Sasha’s “way” includes lots of petting, canned food, and time spent with you! Sasha can’t wait to meet you; until then, she will be napping in one of her favorite spots. (*)

DOB 10/1/2020


Sophia is a one year old girl who came to us with her newborn kittens.  Now she is ready for a home of her own.  She is very sweet and affectionate, and is patient with children.  She would love a quiet home to flourish in! (*)

DOB 7/4/2020


Description coming soon! (*)


Description coming soon! (*)

DOB 3/30/2019


Description coming soon!

DOB 3/17/2019


Description coming soon!

DOB 3/14/2020


Description coming soon!

DOB 5/15/2020


Description coming soon! (*)

071419 Luna.JPG


In summer 2014, Luna Belle arrived in her foster home with one of the worst eye infections we have ever seen. I took months of care and numerous treatments, but we were able to save both of Luna Belle’s eyes. She still has some occasional discharge, but is overall doing great. She was adopted out and returned to us when her owner became unable to take care of her. Luna Belle can be shy at first, but is very sweet once she gets to know you. She also likes to be brushed. She enjoys the company of other cats and has lived with a calm dog but would do best in a quiet home without young children.

DOB 7/22/2014 


Willow is a very affectionate girl who loves when you come up to her wherever she's laying to give her pets and head rubs. She usually keeps to her own and does not like when younger cats get up in her face, so she might prefer to be in a home of her very own. She has definitely put on a few extra pounds and needs someone to help her with her feline figure.

DOB 8/15/2016