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Augie was born in 2014, was returned to Pet Refuge in 2018, and moved to a foster home in October 2022. He is doing well in his foster home and is a fantastic cat! He quickly adjusted to other cats and even likes large dogs. His only special need is that he is on C/D food to prevent urinary crystals. (The cost is very similar to regular high quality cat food and is totally safe to feed to other cats.) (*)

He will be at PetSmart in Mishawaka starting December 5th.

DOB 5/1/2014



I am a handsome boy but I cannot take stress.  I need a very quiet home with very little activity.  I am affectionate and get along with the volunteers I know and older quiet cats.  But please no dogs and no children for me.  I am dreaming of a home with just me and my special person, with maybe one other very quiet laid back cat. I have kidney disease, so I am on a special diet to help.

DOB 5/20/2011

100814 Jet1.JPG


Jet is playful and loves to play with other cats. He is also good with small dogs. Jet used to be very shy around humans but is starting to come out of his shell a bit. He will make a good buddy for another cat but will need a very patient person. Jet is on urinary food to prevent urinary crystals.

DOB 5/1/2014



Minnie is a shy little girl who came to us 4-paw-declawed. Once she knows and trusts you, Minnie likes to be held and petted. Unfortunately, Minnie has developed an aversion to the litterbox due to her declawing surgery and will sometimes go outside of the box. She will need a special owner or, in the meantime, we would appreciate donations to help us with her ongoing care for her kidney disease.

DOB 4/1/2005



Saxon is a super handsome, rugged kitty. He is completely deaf and blind in one eye. He gets on great with other cats, but would prefer to be an only kitty since he doesn't like sharing a litterbox. He uses the box like a champ when he doesn't have to share. He LOVES milk, cheese, and meaty treats. He tolerates being picked up and held but will grumble when he would like to be set down. He adores chin and ear scratches. He is currently on 1.5 units of Lantus insulin 2x/day and a time-fed diet. (*)

DOB 11/5/2015



Corbin is a very gentle cat who likes to be petted and can be very affectionate as well! Unfortunately, Corbin has been returned to us due to litter box issues. He is looking for an understanding owner. In the meantime, please consider donating to help us with his ongoing care. (*)

DOB 12/19/2010

072518 Harley n davidson.jpg


Harley is a gentle giant.  He tells us that he is a little uneasy about the shelter but things are much better now that his best bud and brother is with him.  Harley says that he loves to give headbutts and to get lots of attention and petting.  If he does not know you he may be a bit shy at first but not for long. Davidson is smaller than his brother Harley but has the same beautiful long hair black coat.  Davidson tells us he loves people and likes to be petted as much as brother Harley.

DOB 2/11/2010

121517 Bailey.jpg


I am a handsome boy that has survived a broken leg, lost my home, & am now at Pet Refuge. As you can see I am quite handsome. I do need special food so my urinary crystals don't come back but I am a happy cat now. I get along with other cats. If you would like a good looking, fun guy in your house, come check me out. (*)

DOB 8/5/2012



I think that I am just the sweetest boy but the volunteers tell me that I am a bit temperamental! I do get a little wound up and excited when playing and sometimes when being petted, then I can be grumpy.  A few strokes with a brush and I am good, but no more.  So I need someone with a lot of patience. 

DOB 3/31/2014



True to her name, Heidi loves to hide.  She is semi-social and takes a long time to get to know you.  Only the most patient and the quietest of the volunteers have had her come to them to be petted.  She does well with mellow cats and would need a cat buddy.  If you would like to sponsor a cat, Heidi the hider would be a good one! (*)

DOB 3/26/2010



"Brush me, I'm beautiful!" Princess Zoey is a big, Black & White, loveable girl whose favorite things in the world are a good brushing and a nice belly rub. In fact, she likes being brushed so much that you'd think she was perpetually getting ready for a date! Zoey is good with other cats, and is very eager for you to bring her home to her new palace. Zoey is currently on Cosequin for bladder health and will have to be on this medication for the rest of her life. (*)

DOB 11/20/2006



Guinness is a big, lovable guy who also has a mischievous side. He's been known to open closet doors and try to climb through a dryer vent! He is polydactyl, meaning he has a few extra toes. Guinness has diabetes and we are working on regulating his blood glucose levels with insulin injections. (*)
DOB 6/13/2014



Max is a darling playful fun loving boy. With his activity level we are hoping to find someone who is experienced with the more mischievous side of cats. Max loves attention and action. He is the adventurer and explorer of the crowd. Shortly after Max was returned to us, he stopped eating and became very sick. Luckily, he has fully recovered and is doing great these days. (*)

DOB 1/11/2008



I will let you know that I think it is time for more attention by talking to you.  I love a good head rub and if you do it right I will lean against you.  I do have an allergy problem so my skin sometimes itches so bad that I lick and lick until it is sore.  The good people at Pet Refuge help me with this by putting a T-shirt on me.  I do look spiffy in my polo shirt. Stormy is front declawed. (*)

DOB 8/1/2008



Meeka is a senior lady who is not afraid to voice her opinions. Meeka is a very talkative cat with an independent personality. She is pretty active for her age. Her previous owner 4-paw-declawed her.

DOB 7/9/2004



Lilly was originally rescued from a hoarding situation. She had upper respiratory and eye infections – like almost all of the other cats from this trailer. And on top of that, our vet determined that Lilly did not only have one of the worst ear infections she had ever seen, she also had polyps. However, the infection needed to clear up before the polyps could be surgically removed. Lilly was put on ears meds, pain meds, and antibiotics for several weeks. However, after three surgical procedures, Lilly still has recurring problems with polyps and infections. Please consider supporting Lilly’s ongoing medical care by sponsoring her or making a donation in her name. You can help us make sure that Lilly has the best life a cat can possibly have. (*)

DOB 9/11/2009

Lucy 2012.jpg


Lucy was born in someone's basement - and that is where she spent the first 6 months of her life, without much human contact. Not surprisingly, Lucy was very unsure of people when she first came to us. The first few weeks in her foster home, she literally climbed up walls whenever her foster mom approached. She has come a long ways since then and is now happy to run around and play with her foster siblings. Lucy still gets scared of loud noises and sudden movements and will go into hiding as soon as she sees a stranger. However, Lucy loves the other cats in her foster home and is very comfortable there. Please consider donating in Lucy's name so she can live out her life in her foster home. (*)

DOB 9/13/2009



Description coming soon!
DOB 11/3/2007



Description coming soon!
DOB 4/27/2007



Description coming soon!
DOB 4/8/2019



Description coming soon!
DOB 4/15/2014


The cats listed below are in permanent foster homes to ensure that they are properly cared for. Many of these cats are on regular medications to care for chronic conditions or to try to manage more serious medical issues. While these cats are not currently adoptable, please consider sponsoring them at the link below to help pay for ongoing medical costs.



Jarvis loves sleeping, getting attention and chilling on your lap. He has a quiet meow when he wants to say hello. Jarvis is doing well in a permanent foster home. Due to a birth defect and later complications, Jarvis is missing his right eye, but that doesn't stop him from getting on your lap and snuggling with you. (*)

DOB 1/1/2006



Mandarin is a beautiful dark red tabby. He loves the other cats and kittens in his foster home and he has been a wonderful big brother to all his tiny foster siblings. He plays with them very gently and it is very sweet to watch their interactions. Mandarin is doing very well with his foster mom and will come running towards her when it's time for canned food. However, Mandarin is very shy around people.

Update: In November 2015, Mandarin was diagnosed with diabetes. He has been on Insulin ever since. Please consider sponsoring Mandarin and helping us pay for his ongoing care. (*)

DOB 5/1/2012



Despite everything that this boy has been through, Walter couldn’t be a happier or more social cat. Walter has been tossed around quite a bit and has been returned to Pet Refuge numerous times. Unfortunately, his previous owners also neglected to take care of his medical needs and after his most recent return, we discovered that Walter was not only diabetic, but that he was in desperate need of a dental. Walter moved into a permanent foster home in 2015 and we are working on getting his glucose levels regulated. (*)

DOB 5/4/2006



Not only will Elvis let you play dress-up with him, he is just an all-around cool cat. He is a mellow, low-key dude who enjoys the company of other cats and should do well with cat-friendly dogs and children. He also likes to sing to you when he is in the car! Elvis was diagnosed with diabetes, so please consider donating to support his ongoing care. (*)

DOB: August 2008



Bristol and Adrian came in together. At first we thought they were siblings because they are so attached to each other. But it turns out Adrian is older, so they might be a mother-daughter pair. They are definitely related and very close. Adrian came in with an infected mouth and her teeth were so bad that all of them had to be removed. Because she is older and was in poor shape she had difficulties during surgery and experienced a rare reaction to the anesthesia. This reaction was similar to a stroke. (*)

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