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AUGIE (AUDIO) - In a Foster Home!

Augie was born in 2014, was returned to Pet Refuge in 2018, and moved to a foster home in October 2022. He is doing well in his foster home and is a fantastic cat! He quickly adjusted to other cats and even likes large dogs. His only special need is that he is on C/D food to prevent urinary crystals. (The cost is very similar to regular high quality cat food and is totally safe to feed to other cats.)

DOB 5/1/2014

121517 Bailey.jpg


I am a handsome boy that has survived a broken leg, lost my home, & am now at Pet Refuge. As you can see I am quite handsome. I do need special food so my urinary crystals don't come back but I am a happy cat now. I get along with other cats. If you would like a good looking, fun guy in your house, schedule a time to meet me!

DOB 8/5/2012



Don't let Buzz's fluffy hair fool you – under that gorgeous black coat, this big beefy boy tips the scales at a whopping 18 pounds! He is a very calm cat and would do well with another calm cat in a quieter home. Buzz is front-paw declawed. (*)

DOB 8/1/2013



Description coming soon!
DOB 4/15/2014



Description coming soon!
DOB 4/8/2019


The cats listed below are in permanent foster homes to ensure that they are properly cared for. Many of these cats are on regular medications to care for chronic conditions or to try to manage more serious medical issues. While these cats are not currently adoptable, please consider sponsoring them at the link below to help pay for ongoing medical costs.


JARVIS - Special Needs - In a Permanent Foster Home

Jarvis loves sleeping, getting attention and chilling on your lap. He has a quiet meow when he wants to say hello. Jarvis is doing well in a permanent foster home. Due to a birth defect and later complications, Jarvis is missing his right eye, but that doesn't stop him from getting on your lap and snuggling with you. (*)

DOB 1/1/2006


MANDARIN - Special Needs - In a Permanent Foster Home

Mandarin is a beautiful dark red tabby. He loves the other cats and kittens in his foster home and he has been a wonderful big brother to all his tiny foster siblings. He plays with them very gently and it is very sweet to watch their interactions. Mandarin is doing very well with his foster mom and will come running towards her when it's time for canned food. However, Mandarin is very shy around people.

Update: In November 2015, Mandarin was diagnosed with diabetes. He has been on Insulin ever since. Please consider sponsoring Mandarin and helping us pay for his ongoing care. (*)

DOB 5/1/2012


WALTER - Special Needs - In a Permanent Foster Home

Despite everything that this boy has been through, Walter couldn’t be a happier or more social cat. Walter has been tossed around quite a bit and has been returned to Pet Refuge numerous times. Unfortunately, his previous owners also neglected to take care of his medical needs and after his most recent return, we discovered that Walter was not only diabetic, but that he was in desperate need of a dental. Walter moved into a permanent foster home in 2015 and we are working on getting his glucose levels regulated. (*)

DOB 5/4/2006



Not only will Elvis let you play dress-up with him, he is just an all-around cool cat. He is a mellow, low-key dude who enjoys the company of other cats and should do well with cat-friendly dogs and children. He also likes to sing to you when he is in the car! Elvis was diagnosed with diabetes, so please consider donating to support his ongoing care. (*)

DOB: August 2008



Special Needs - In a Foster Home

Adrian came in with an infected mouth and her teeth were so bad that all of them had to be removed. Because she is older and was in poor shape she had difficulties during surgery and experienced a rare reaction to the anesthesia. This reaction was similar to a stroke.

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