Senior living is what I am looking for as I wait for a new home. Retirement where I can nap in the sun during the day and cuddle with someone at night, is my hope. When I got to Pet Refuge, I looked a bit rough, due to my allergies. They sure helped me feel better, but don't laugh at my bald spot. Most senior guys have a little hair loss, including the humans.  I need a home to help me stay looking good and with a fenced yard, since I like to find new friends. I like older kids, not sure about the younger ones
DOB 6/17/2011 (65 pounds)


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My friends here at Pet Refuge call me Rae Rae. I'm just a year old and working really hard on my housebreaking and crate training skills.  But, it's harder to do at the shelter. Think you can help me out at your house? I'm going to need a fenced yard, older children only and hopefully someone to play fetch with me.
DOB 7/1/2019 (58 pounds)


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Look at my beautiful, sweet face! My body is full of energy since I'm only 2 yrs old.  Because I am part hound I need a fenced yard. I can be particular about my doggie friends and  like the big ones the best. I also prefer older kids. I need an active family to continue working on my leash walking skills and obedience training. Car rides are the best! 50#


They don't come any sweeter than me, especially when you give me a little attention, or even a lot of attention would be ok, too. I would prefer not to have to share my person with any other pups, so it is best that I am your one and only. I am most comfortable with someone being home with me, so if you are retired or don't work a zillion hours that would make our relationship perfect. I do need a fenced yard and older children only.

DOB 5-27-2016 (45#)


Randa is a 4-year-old Shepherd that loves toys and will happily throw balls in the air to catch them and race through the yard with them. She is a happy, active girl and has so much fun in our yard that she sometimes enjoys a nice game of "catch me if you can." Randa thus requires a securely fenced yard in her new home. Randa already knows how to sit and is easily motivated by food, but she will need some more work on her basic manners. And even though Randa has a fun-loving, goofy side, she is also your typical Shepherd in many ways and has a protective nature. She needs to be in a home without other pets or young children and with a person that is committed to working with her. In return, she promises that she will be your loyal companion and love you forever!

DOB 4/4/2016, 60 pounds


Scout is a tall and lanky Shepherd-Retriever mix that looks like a puppy who hasn’t quite grown into his ears yet. The thing is though that Scout will most likely resemble a goofy cartoon character for the rest of his life.  Scout requires being an only dog living in a quiet low activity home, with no children, plus a fenced yard. He is OK with cats as long as they are OK with him. (*) 

DOB01/26/2018 (45 pounds)



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Billie Jean has had to listen to a lot of terrible singing from our volunteers in the last few weeks. But, I guess, that’s what happens when you are named after a song. Luckily, Billie Jean doesn’t care one bit and will happily dance and bounce as soon as she hears “her song”. Billie Jean is a Boxer-Terrier mix. She’s a happy, active girl who would benefit from some more leash training and obedience work. She does a great job entertaining herself with toys and would love a fenced yard and no children in her new home.

DOB 10/5/2018 (37 pounds)


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 Happy Lab Pandemic Diet Case!
Like many of you I need to lose some weight now.  At 3 years old, I would like an active home with older children to play fetch with me and even another dog to exercise with. I'm going to need a fenced yard too.

DOB 1/22/2017 (#70)


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Everyone should have a lucky Penny and that's what you will get if you adopt me! I can be a bit shy at first, but will quickly warm up when shown a little love. Being a Jack Russell Terrier I am a busy girl, but also love to cuddle.  I do require a fenced yard because sometimes my nose overrules my head and an experienced JRT owner. I would love to have some older kids (13+) to play with and love. 


They tell me "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" Now, how could a cute little thing like me end up in a shelter? I am a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier with a bad knee from an old injury. However, the Doctor says I can get around just fine. I'm looking for a nice home where I can be the only dog, with no children and a fenced yard, My new owner also needs to have experience with my Breed and my high energy level.



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My name is Jilly and I'm ready for a new family to love and snuggle with me. I am a 6 year old Chiweenie (Dachshund/Chihuahua). I currently live in a foster home with 3 dogs (I play with one of them) and a cat that I love to chase. I really would prefer a quiet home with older children (10+). I still need work on my housebreaking, so someone who has time to work with me on this is preferred. A secure fence is required as I love to follow my nose. Remember I'm part hound. I am 100% sweetness mixed in with a dose of independence and stubbornness. (*)

DOB 10/21/2014 (13 pounds)


Wallace is a terrier/border collie mix (but we’re really only guessing from looking at him) who weighs around 20 pounds. He had a rough start in life because he was owned by a hoarder (of dogs, not a hoarder of stuff). Like most hoarded dogs, Wallace is great with other dogs, yet terrified of people. We are getting him used to people, but it is likely a long process that will have to be continued in his forever home. Wallace loves other dogs more than anything and he must have a dog-friendly dog in his forever home. (*)

DOB 4/8/2017 (20 pounds)



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Ahoy, Mates!  Captain Jack here!
I'm kind of a loner, but still need some companionship. Seeking no other pets, a home with a fenced yard and older children.I still have lots of energy. I don't know a lot about my heritage, but maybe some dachshund and sailor?  

DOB 7/28/2014 (27 pounds)


Justin (tan dog) is a 3-year-old terrier/shepherd mix who was rescued from a hoarding situation. He only weighs around 40 pounds and looks like a pocket German Shepherd to us! He is good with other dogs, but he is afraid of people (even the people that he lives with), so he needs a home with patient, experienced owners and a securely-fenced (no underground fence) yard. Justin spends his days running and playing with Wallace (black dog in picture). They enjoy one another’s company, but do not need to go to a home together. Justin is a bit of a thief, many socks, shoes, and sweatshirts have been retrieved from his cage where he stashes them. Justin would do best with a confident, people-loving dog to serve as a role model in his forever home. (*)

DOB 4/8/2017


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Olivia is looking for that special family to adopt her. She hardly had any fur on her body when she arrived at Pet Refuge in July 2017, and she was miserable from feeling so itchy. We discovered that she is allergic to many kinds of grass and foods. It has taken a while to get her on the correct medications and food, but she is finally feeling better. Olivia is a pit bull mix. She gets along with people and most dogs, but will need a home with a fenced yard and without children . 

DOB 8/24/2015 (56 pounds)


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Kodak is a German Shepherd mix and, true to his breed, Kodak is an intelligent and very loyal dog. He loves to learn and knows many commands. He would make a great companion to an owner who has experience with training and is committed to giving Kodak opportunities to exercise both his body and his mind. Kodak would not be a good choice for a home with young children and he is much more comfortable with people who let him approach slowly. Kodak has food allergies, and is on special food and medications that he will need throughout his lifetime. He also requires a fenced yard. (*)

DOB 3/28/2011, around 100 pounds


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Pooh is a Terrier mix who is awaiting just the right person to come in and provide him a special home.  He has a spunky-ness about him that we know someone will just adore.  Little Pooh needs time to get to know you and trust you.  For our cleaning volunteers, many have won him over with patience and lots of praise and of course…treats!  Pooh would do best in a home with teenage or older children and a fenced yard.  He was in a home with other dogs and did ok with some.  He might do best as an only boy though. (*)

DOB 6/28/2013



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I am a shy girl here at the shelter, but if you take your time and get to know me we could have a lasting relationship. I really want to be your only dog so you can spoil me and love me, but only me.  I do love to play so we could have  lots of fun together like I said, though just you and me. I will need a fenced yard to keep me safe. I'm a two year old bulldog/terrier mix.

Dob 8/26/2018 (35#)


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I have spirit, yes I do. My start in life wasn't so great, but I am looking good now and ready to leave the past behind. I actually had to gain weight and still have some growing to do. I'm young about 1-2 years old and have lots of energy.  I need a fenced in yard to run and stretch out my legs and older children only. Being such a happy girl is so much fun!

( 40 pounds)


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Can we girls just hang out? I really enjoy the companionship of women, not men or other dogs so much. I'd love to share my new home with another gal or two or even three . I have lots of energy at 2 years old.  Give me a fenced yard and no kids and you'll see this smile again and again.  

(DOB 6/18/2018)  34 pounds



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  If you can't go to Paris, let Paris come home to you. Our sweet girl is looking for a home full of love. She does have some medical issues, but you sure couldn't tell. (We can explain those further).  At about 7 yrs old, she is still playful and wouldn’t mind joining in a game of fetch now and again. Our girl needs a home with a fenced in yard and older children to keep that smile on her face.

(DOB 8/11/2013)  44 pounds



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These two happy, spunky senior doxies are a bonded pair who want to spend the rest of their lives together.  Cama is short-haired and Bear is long-haired.  They need a quiet home with no children in which to retire 

Cama DOB 6/17/2009 (12 pounds)     Bear DOB 6/06/2009 (17 pounds)


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Shiloh will need a dog-savvy owner that is willing to deal with his quirks. He would prefer to be an only dog in the home, but he does fine though when passing a dog on the street. Shiloh is in many ways your typical Beagle. He likes to follow his nose and will need a secure fence to keep him and his hunting instincts safe. When he is in the mood, he likes to play fetch for a little while, but he is generally a medium energy dog and happy to take long naps. (*)

DOB 7/24/2010, about 30 pounds


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