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Willow, a Plott Hound, (who according to her Foster Mom acts more like a Lab) loves to play and give kisses! Her preferred game is tug of war,  and chasing a ball, which she pushes into your lap asking to play.

She is housebroken and crate trained. She will need a securely fenced yard. She seems to have mixed reactions to other dogs and cats, so probably being the only pet in the home is necessary. She has a very sweet disposition to all people, but due to her size and energy, children over 8 years old would be best. Willow is learning to sit and wait for food and toys, but will continue to need training to get it 100%, with an experienced dog owner. She is fun and loving, really a great dog to add to your family! (*)

DOB 10-21-19 60#

billie jean1.jpg


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I am an energetic boxer mix who loves tennis as much as my name sake Billie Jean King! I'm looking for a home where I can chase tennis balls, go for walks and car rides.  My new home will need to have a safe, secure, fenced yard and no younger children.  I will need  time to just settle in and  become your companion. Once I know and love you, I become slightly protective and lots of people coming and going will make me nervous. Plus I will need to be your one and only furry best friend.

DOB approx. 10/2018   37#

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Holly is a lovely girl that is waiting for a home where she can be the one and only pet.

She is a pretty collie/lab mix and will need a secure 6ft fence to keep her happy and safe. A home with children over 13 is required because we do not know if she has ever been around younger children.

DOB 5/1/2018  40#



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Georgia is a beautiful lab mix who is looking for a home to share her love. She is good with other dogs and loves to play fetch. Georgia is working on her basic obedience and leash skills. Because of her size, older children only. Watch for updates as we are learning more about her.

DOB 9-13-20  57#



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I'm just a young pup  looking for my new home.  While I might be shy at first, I warm up very quickly. My new skills include learning sit and walking on a leash. As for my heritage,  well I'm part husky , so I'll need a fence yard.  Older children only since I'm still a bit shy. Pet Refuge is learning more about me every day, so watch for new updates.

DOB 12/27/2020  #38



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My name is Oliver...... and I am full of exuberance and fun. I am a darling 1-1/2 year old beagle/bulldog  mix. I love to have a good time, but could use some social skills as well as basic obedience. A fenced yard is required.. Pet Refuge is still getting to know me, so they are uncertain how I am with other animals and children. Updates will be posted soon 

DOB 2/11/20 




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I am a schnauzer mix that is sweet as pie and I long to be your one and only. I am a senior, but you would never know by watching me strut my stuff. I am on a special food due to having bladder stones removed when I was first rescued by Pet Refuge. I love people, but I do not care for other pets in my home. A fenced yard is a must to keep me safe and happy.

DOB 8-26-11  #23



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Meet Selene!

She tends to be a little shy at first, but when she knows you, she is both affectionate and loving. Selene  is very sweet and would do better with older children. 

She  is only a year old, and is ready for some basic training and will require a fenced yard. We are still getting to know more about her so watch for updates.




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This gorgeous playful girl is 18 months old, and looking for a quiet loving home to enjoy this summer. Lilo can be a little shy at first, but once she warms up she is full of kisses and fun. Lilo could use some work on her leash walking skills since she is extremely strong, and she prefers to be the only pet in the home. Due to her shyness, older children and a fenced yard would suit her best.

DOB 12/04/2019  #66



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Hello, my name is Biscuits,

I am playful, and even though I just turned 1 year old, I'm still  full of "puppy". I am learning to walk on a leash, and practicing some simple basic commands.  

A fenced yard is a must because of my active nature, and being part husky.

I am ready to learn, and have some fun with my new family. 

DOB 12/30/2020   #33



Maeve is a mature Irish wolfhound/Terrier mix…best guess around six years old…we don’t know much about her ‘herstory’ but she has been in a foster home with other dogs with no problems…including big dogs and a Chihuahua.  She is laid back until the doorbell rings when she brings up her ‘big dog’ bark! She requires a fenced in yard and older children (12+) She will need time to adjust to all things new…according to her foster…’Maeve is lovely’! (*)

DOB 1/08/2016   51#



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Zeke is a handsome, high energy lab mix that loves to play ball.  He also enjoys walks, but needs some work on his tendency to over react towards passing cars.  
With his smarts and young age, of under a year old, he has the potential to excel at training and is learning some new commands.
His forever home requires a secure fenced yard, older children, and he needs to be the one and only pet in the family. 

DOB 4/11/20  #60



My name is Jackson, and I am ready to start a new adventure with you in 2022!

I am quite the unique looking guy with short legs like a basset hound, and the rest of me you can try to take your best guess. I am extremely active, and due to the likelihood there is some hound in my bloodline a fenced yard is a must. I do take a little time to warm up, but then I make you my new best friend. Pet Refuge is getting to know more about me, so as far as other pets they are not sure, but do believe a home with older children 15+ would be best.

DOB 9-14-2015  36#



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Gilly is a beautiful white shepherd mix of 4 years old. She loves to play fetch, and is always ready for a run in the yard. She is working on her leash walking skills and basic commands. She has met some dog friends, and we are learning more about her as we get to know her at the shelter.  She will need a fenced yard, a home with no cats,  and we haven't introduced her to children yet,  Gilly is a true sweetheart and ready for her forever home.

DOB 10/13/2017   44#

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I'm a mature, single, attractive female looking to spend the rest of my life with someone who will cherish me as their one and only. I love long car rides, walks and quiet dinners at home. If you have a fenced yard and no children and no other  pets, then give Pet Refuge a jingle and we can meet and mingle and see if we are a match. 




When it comes to huskies, this girl is a treasure.  She likes other dogs, people and kids 6 + years. Playing in the snow is one of her favorite pastimes as is water sprinklers, and especially mud puddles. With all huskies, a secure 6 ft fence is required.

DOB 6/10/20. 40#



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This happy-go-lucky dog knows what fun is all about. If you love doggie kisses then this is your man and he is one handsome dog. He is looking for an active family with older children and a fenced yard. If you are willing to continue his training then he might be a match for you. We will update as we learn more. 

DOB 12/15/2020   40#



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Gia is the happiest girl in the world and she is a beautiful brindle terrier mix. She  is working on building her confidence because she is a bit shy of men and not fond of other dogs. She is full of sweetness and love, and will make a devoted companion in her new home. Gia will require a fenced yard and older children 15+. 

DOB 9/29/20  43#



Ready for some fun in the snow? Luna, our beautiful husky, would love to join you!

She will require a secure 6 foot privacy fence and older children (due to her activity level).

A home with breed  experience would be a plus. Luna is true to her breed, and needs regular exercise to manage her adventurous nature. She is truly a sweetheart, come and see for yourself. 

DOB 6-1-19  50#

Pet Refuge Logo Horizontal-Black-02.png
Picture coming soon


Reesie is a beautiful, dilute brindle terrier /boxer mix with a huge heart full of love, and is ready for her new home.

She is selective when it comes to meeting new doggie friends.

She must have a fenced yard, as well as an experienced dog owner. Reesie tends to be a little mouthy when she plays, so she will need a home without children.

Reesie loves to snuggle and would make a wonderful companion.
DOB 10/22/19   45#



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Pearson is a lovable lab/border collie mix waiting for his new home. Pearson loves the company of people, and would do fine with children over 8. He enjoys romping in the yard, and a fenced yard would be awesome for him to play with his toys and chase his ball. Pearson has a gentle soul and would be a wonderful companion.

DOB 12/2/19  58#



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Meet Thumper, a gorgeous Husky /Shepherd mix who is actually the son of Bam Bam. Thumper, as well as his mother, is going to need a home with a great deal of patience. He is as sweet as pie, but extremely shy and unsure of new things around him. He would benefit from another dog companion to help build his confidence. Thumper must have a secure 6 foot privacy fence, no cats in the home, and due to his shyness no children. DOB 12/10/21  65#



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One look into my beautiful blue eyes, and you will become mesmerized. I am looking for a home with someone who is willing to spend a great deal of time with me, and work with me slowly on building my confidence, and overcoming my shyness.

I would like to have a canine companion, and a secure 6 foot privacy fence.

I do not care for cats, and no young children please.

More updates soon.

DOB 11/22/19   60#