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This beautiful girl sadly came to us when her owner passed.  Bjork is a Catahoula Leopard Dog with the most striking markings. She truly is a people loving dog.

Bjork has great house manners but will need some work on her leash walking skills. 

Bjork is very strong and will need a fenced yard and  no small children or other animals in the home.

DOB 7/21/2019   69 pounds

Chicken 2.JPG



Just one look at this guy and you can't help but wonder, why he was given the name Chicken? We do not have a clue. He is a senior guy looking for a home to spend out the later years of his life with all the comforts that a loving home will provide. Chicken still has a good amount of energy, but at the end of the day, he would simply prefer to curl up in your favorite chair, if you will let him, or a plush dog bed. He would do best with older children and a quieter lifestyle since that is what he had in his prior home. Come meet this guy and check out his big soulful eyes. 

DOB 5/5/12    58 Pounds



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This is one happy go lucky puppy. Blair is so full of personality, she can barely contain her exuberance for your pets and to give you kisses.

Blair might be too excitable for young children, and cats. She is new to us so we are not sure how she is with other dogs.

She is young and will need training and patience like most puppies.

DOB  9/25/23    35 Pounds




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Sage is a total sweetheart once she gets to know you. It will take a couple visits, but once she is familiar with you, she is quite a cuddler. Sage loves to go on car rides and walks.

Because of her  protective nature, she will need an experienced owner that has the time and patience to continue her training.

Sage needs a home with a secure fenced yard, no children, and will need to be the only animal in the house.

DOB  5/6/2020   42 Pounds



Hi, I'm Abby and  they say I am very smart. I really want to find my forever home.I have been here awhile, I have an old injury and I would love  to be in a comfortable environment away from these hard floors. 

Here are my thoughts.  Please, no other pets or children, I want to be your one and only, so we can have lots of fun together.

I prefer a  fenced yard to play in.  I love to learn, so you will need to continue my training and I promise to make you proud.

 I am a bit of a mix of cattle dog and Aussie,  so breed  experience would be a benefit to understanding me. Please come meet me soon!

DOB 8/8/20  44 pounds



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This girl's history is a mystery to us as well as her pedigree, though she appears to be part Lab.

She came to us rather skinny and now that she started to feel better is becoming quite playful. Reagan has a gentle soul, and needs a loving home that will provide the love and comfort she so deserves.

We have found she has a dislike for cats and other small creatures. She will require a secure fenced yard and no small children. 

DOB 2-2-22    39 Pounds


Trip is waiting for an owner who is willing to enjoy his energy and provide outlets to exercise both his mind and body. He is somewhat insecure so an owner that is confident would be ideal for this adolescent. Trip loves life, and everything around him. He simply just needs to learn some boundaries when it comes to personal space, and expressing his enthusiasm. Remember he is still a puppy. Trip has a tremendous amount of potential to be a wonderful member of someone's family. He is also quite handsome. Trip is a mix of husky/shepherd and will need a fence.
DOB  1/15/23    46 Pounds


Turtle is a great guy! He has a beautiful brindle coat, and loves the attention from all of our volunteers. Turtle is starting to come out of his shell and enjoys playing fetch, chasing the ball, going for walks, and watching pickleball. However he does not like geese, fireworks, or bicycles passing by. Turtle loves to cuddle, he is crate trained, housebroken, and knows many commands.Turtle would benefit from an experienced dog owner who is active and willing to provide adequate energy and understand his protective nature in his home. Give us a call if you would like to meet this wonderful companion.        DOB 5/27/21    54 Pounds



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George is a kindly gentleman that is looking for a new start in life. He is most likely a terrier/chihuahua mix. He is affectionate and enjoys the company of other dogs.

We do not know a great deal about him as far as if he likes cats or has ever been around children. Since he is on the smaller size older children would be a better fit. 

DOB  3/9/19       11.6  Pounds 




This handsome young lab mix is ready for adventure and fun. Dagwood needs a home that will provide structure and training, so his wonderful personality can shine. Dagwood will need a fenced yard and older children  because of his enthusiastic nature. He appears to be housebroken and loves to bask in the sunshine.
DOB 6-30-22   49 Pounds



Meet Arthur­—though if you remember Slinky Dog from the Toy Story movies, you may feel like you already have! This short-legged, long-tailed hound mix is only beginning to realize his greatness. He is walking on a leash and nearly housetrained. Arthur will  benefit from structure and routine (walk, eat, sleep, repeat!), and will grow into his best doggie self with patient leadership and consistent direction. Arthur would do best in a home without children, and we are not sure about other animals, because he is rather selective about who he likes. He will need time to slowly get to know you, and several visits as he is not the most confident pup. Arthur is ready to start his amazing new life.
DOB   2/28/2023    30 Pounds (and growing)



This big, strong, handsome guy is ready to go! Finley needs a home that will be able to keep up with his energy, provide the exercise he needs, as well as continue his training. Finley is a unique looking dog, and judging by his beautiful eyes, possibly some husky lineage, and maybe a little lab.

He would be best as an only pet, and will definitely need a fenced yard. We do not know how he is with children yet; but due to his size and energy, older children only.

DOB 10/29/2016    57 pounds




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Are you looking for a dog to play and cuddle with? Baxter is the total package. This boxer/terrier mix had a rough start in life.  He was a stray found in the cold, snowy weather, with major hair loss. Baxter is a quick learner with a gentle personality. He is currently in a foster home, where he is blossoming. He has learned to sit and wait for food and toys and is working on house breaking. A fenced yard is preferred. He does enjoy walks is great on a leash, and is very playful with other dogs.

DOB 1-6-21 approximately   52 pounds



I'm just a young girl with the most striking colored topaz eyes, and beautiful red coat. I prefer to be with women, because men can make me somewhat nervous. It may take me time to warm up to you, but once I do, I promise you will have a friend for life.

I am currently working with a trainer to help build my confidence, and let my lovely personality shine. As for my heritage,  well I'm part Husky , so I'll need a secure fenced yard and due to my shyness no children please.

DOB 12/27/2020  46 pounds 



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Meet Selene!

She tends to be a little shy at first, but when she knows you, she is both affectionate and loving. Selene  is very sweet and would do better with older children. 

She  is working on some basic training that will need to continue in her new home. She will require a fenced yard and to be an only pet.

DOB 8/30/20   38 pounds  




Coby is available to meet by appointment only.  He is an adorable Pomeranian mixed puppy that will surely liven up your life. We think he will be small to medium sized but there is no guarantee.

Coby may be shy at first but he warms up quickly and loves to sit in your lap and crave your attention.

As with all puppies he will need training. Coby will probably do best with children over 5 since he is still young and a bit mouthy.

DOB 6-18-23

Jo 1.JPG


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Jo came to us from another shelter. 

Even though she is older she has a lot of energy, and is extremely strong. We have found she walks much better on a gentle leader than a traditional leash.

She needs someone to have German Shepherd breed experience and allow her time to open up to you and show you her sweet nature. She will need to be the only animal in the house. Jo is truly a people loving dog. 

 DOB 10-8-14   93 pounds




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Meet Millie! She is both vibrant and lovable. She loves to have a good time and is waiting for you to join her. She is good with other dogs and cats, but might be a little too playful for young children. Millie is working on her leash skills. A fenced yard is preferred. Check out this darling.

DOB  3/6/23     35 Pounds



Meet these lovely ladies.

They are a bonded pair that must go to their forever home together.

Ruby is a tidbit of about 5 pounds, and Roxy is the larger girl. You might think that Ruby is the one dependent on Roxy, but it is actually the other way around. They can both be somewhat timid at first, but warm up quickly with sweet talk and love.

Due to their size older children only, and preferably a fenced yard. 

Roxy DOB  2/19/16     13  Pounds

Ruby DOB  2/28/22     5.6 Pounds 




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HI!  I am Carly, people tell me I am smart and beautiful!  I make my foster parents smile because I am so cute in how I talk when I am asking for something. I have taught  them all my languages for my needs! 

I can sit and wait patiently to be petted, I know to lay down and stay on command. I love to give my toys to people when I play. I live with other dogs, and am ok with most dogs, but can't play too hard.

I am housebroken and  crate trained, however it makes me a bit worried when I am left alone, so my perfect home should have someone who works part-time, or has a hybrid schedule.

I would be safer in a 6 foot fence but other options may be considered, as I do love to take long walks. Being an investigative hound, I could not be expected to stay in an unfenced yard! Older kids would be best. 

DOB  10/21/19   60  Pounds


Look at this face!

Beau sure is one handsome boy that is all "Doodle" including smarts and plenty of energy. He is looking for someone to continue with his obedience training, so he can be a wonderful and fun companion. He is somewhat protective of his possessions, so a home without children would be the best fit for Beau.

We have not introduced Beau to other dogs or cats at this point. If you have the time and patience to work with this guy, especially teaching him to share, he is a wonderful loving dog.

Breed experience and a fenced yard preferred.

DOB 9/20/19    50 pounds




Kala has a grin from ear to ear. This young lady is full of exuberance and joy for life and needs an active home. Not only does Kala have a wonderful personality, she is also an attractive girl.

Kala would need a fenced yard to run off her energy. Older children and no other pets would be best for her. Come meet this young gal, she will be waiting with a big smile

DOB 1\6\19   50 pounds




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Meet Harper! Harper is a 3-month-old mystery mix with soft, wavy fur. Our best guess is that she has some Poodle, Spaniel or maybe Border Collie in her. Harper is friendly, outgoing, loves to be the center of attention and has never met a stranger. She really enjoys playing with the other dogs in her foster home and will make sure to cuddle up to another dog when she is tired. Her favorite place is on her foster mom’s lap with another dog on either side. She has been around cats but thinks it is great fun to bark and paw at them and she will happily chase after them. Her ideal home would have another dog to play with and an active family that is committed to socializing her and helping her grow into a dog that you will be proud of. She hasn’t had any accidents in her crate and is catching on to house-training but will need a consistent schedule. Harper requires a fenced yard. Harper promises to be your new best friend and will be sure to give you a life full of love, cuddles, and puppy kisses.

DOB 12-29-23      21 pounds

image (2).jpg


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Meet our precious little Tutti. She is a Chihuahua mix with the most adorable large ears, and beautiful coloring. Tutti has lived with other dogs, but as far as cats we are unsure. She is quite small, so older children only. If you are looking for a loving companion to be your new lap buddy take a look at Tutti. 

DOB  3-5-21     10  Pounds



Fonzy is a sweetheart who is racing and running to enjoy the spring weather and have some fun. He is a Pomsky (Husky and Pomeranian mix), young, and full of energy.

We have not introduced him to cats, dogs, or children yet, so we are unsure how he would do living with them.

Fonzy will require a fence due to his husky genes and energy level.

DOB 3/7/23    20  Pounds




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Hazel is an adorable and smart 3-month old pup. Our vet thinks she may have some border collie and poodle in her, but she also follows her nose all around the yard, so she may have one of the hunting breeds in there as well. She is making great strides in her potty training, but will submissively pee if frightened. She loves to play with other dogs and is quite energetic. She is still at that puppy mouthing and jumping up stage, so she would be better with older children. A fenced yard is preferred or a very active family to help her burn up her energy. She enjoys a snuggle at the end of the day when she is worn out from all of her adventures! DOB  12/29/23     17 Pounds



This handsome, smart, young boxer mix is looking for a new home with a possible playmate to help him burn off some of his energy. He knows some basic commands, but is still working on obedience to curb some of his exuberance and enthusiasm towards the world around him. Although Hudson is a big love bug, he can be protective of his home and family. Hudson will require a 6 foot fence, and a home without small children due to his size. 

DOB  11/21/2020    66 Pounds 




Do you have room in your heart for a special-needs dog? We can tell from the way he bobs his head when stressed and circles and spins when he is excited that he has something unique going on in his little head. If we had to guess his breed, we think a terrier mix with maybe some Boston terrier, chihuahua or French bulldog in there. Leonard loves the company of other dogs and would make a great playmate for a dog who enjoys a good game of chase or wrestling. He really needs another dog around in order to be happy. Leonard has come a long way toward being potty trained, given ample opportunities to go outdoors. He also is using potty pads indoors. He has a beautiful shiny blue coat which makes him stand out from the pack. He likes to hang out with the people without having to sit on a lap or be cuddled too much. He seems to be mesmerized by things daily and is always cocking his head in the cutest way. His foster mom works from home and he LOVES that. If you have dreams of him being an obedience champion, you’ll have to let those go. He really is a very simple fella who just wants a good home with a playful dog or two and some people who will be around a lot and let him be who he is.  

DOB  3/15/22     18 Pounds

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