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I would love to be your co-pilot when you go for a ride. I am full of energy and curiosity, and I love people. I need a home without any other pets, or children. I must have a secure fenced yard and a responsible owner who will spoil and love me for the wonderful dog I truly am. I am not a candidate for dog parks or other activities that involve other animals.  52#


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Our Bella Mae is a sweet girl with those people she  knows, but she is unsure of strangers. She has lots of energy (as a 2 year old usually does) and loves to play and run. She needs a home with no other pets or children and requires a fenced in yard.. 

DOB 6/18/2018  34 pounds


I am a 1 1/2 year old strong, smart, and striking Doberman/ Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. Unfortunately, I am not always aware of my strength, so an experienced owner and continued training will be necessary for me to become the great dog and companion I know I can be. A secure fence is a necessity as well as no small children. More information to follow as Pet Refuge gets to know me better. 75#


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Zeke is a handsome, high energy lab mix that loves to play ball.  He also enjoys walks, but needs some work on his tendency to over react towards passing cars.  
With his smarts and young age, of under a year old, he has the potential to excel at training and is learning some new commands.
His forever home requires a secure fenced yard, older children, and he needs to be the one and only pet in the family. 

DOB 4/11/20  #60


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Meet Freda! One of the happiest dogs at the refuge. Her tail never stops wagging, and she is ready to enjoy some good times with her new family. She walks well on a leash, but a fenced yard is required. She is active, so older children would be best to share her energy level. She is a 3 year old terrier mix who is waiting for an active new home..

DOB 6/13/18    33#



They tell me "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" Now, how could a cute little thing like me end up in a shelter? I am a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier with a bad knee from an old injury. However, the Doctor says I can get around just fine. I'm looking for a nice home where I can be the only dog, with no children and a fenced yard, My new owner also needs to have experience with my Breed and my high energy level.


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I am an energetic boxer mix who loves tennis as much as my name sake Billie Jean King! I'm looking for a home where I can chase tennis balls, go for walks and car rides.  My new home will need to have a safe, secure, fenced yard and no younger children.  I will need  time to just settle in and  become your companion. Once I know and love you, I become slightly protective and lots of people coming and going will make me nervous. Plus I will need to be your one and only furry best friend.

DOB approx. 10/2018   37#


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I am a schnauzer mix that is sweet as pie and I long to be your one and only. I am a senior, but you would never know by watching me strut my stuff. I am on a special food due to having bladder stones removed when I was first rescued by Pet Refuge. I love people, but I do not care for other pets in my home. A fenced yard is a must to keep me safe and happy.

DOB 8-26-11  #23


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This gorgeous playful girl is 18 months old, and looking for a quiet loving home to enjoy this summer. Lilo can be a little shy at first, but once she warms up she is full of kisses and fun. Lilo could use some work on her leash walking skills since she is extremely strong, and she prefers to be the only pet in the home. Due to her shyness, older children and a fenced yard would suit her best.

DOB 12/04/2019  #66


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I love to sing, just like Lola Falana,hence my name. I'm a bouncy, happy  4 year old girl with plenty of energy. A fenced yard is a must, because you know we beagles love to follow our noses. I'm good with other dogs and probably would love older children. I can't wait to meet you.

DOB 5/27/2017  26# 


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Pugsley has been wondering why he has not found his forever home. He tries so hard to be a perfect gentleman especially when meeting new two legged friends. He also appears to enjoy most of his four legged friends.The volunteers say Pugsley is one of the biggest love bugs at the shelter. Even though Pugsley puts on a good show when you watch him running and playing with the volunteers in the yard, he really wants his own yard and family to love and call his own. We think Pugsley is a Boxer/Sharpei mix with a little dash of hmmm? Whatever this big boy is, he is quite a treasure. His forever home requires a fenced yard and older children because of his size. 

DOB 9/6/15  #67


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Cuteness alert! Aren't I cute as a button?

I would love to be your one and only pet. Looking forward to snuggling with you or being in your lap.

 A fenced yard and a home with no children would truly make my life complete. I weigh in at 11 pounds, and can take a little time to warm up, but then I am your pal forever!

DOB 5/08/15  #17


Mature maybe, but I still have plenty of pep in my step. I am a Corgi/Terrier mix (so they say), 8-10 years old, 24 pounds, and a beautiful peaches and cream color. I would prefer a quieter home with a fenced yard to curb my adventurous nature.

Hoping to find my forever home soon. 

DOB 3/16/2011 #24


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Reva’s Check List

Friendly:                                    Check

Affectionate:                              Check

Good with most other dogs:      Check

Tolerates cats:                           Check

House trained:                           Check

Crate trained:                             Check

Loves roaming fenced yard:      Check

Good on short walks:                 Check

Soft big ears:                              Check

Big brown eyes:                          Check

A little shy:                                  Check

Exceptionally quiet for a hound: Check

Ready for a forever home:          Double check

DOB 5/20/12  #30


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Madison is one happy girl! She is a cuddler, and gives the best hugs ever. She appears to get along with some dogs, but she says; "no cats please." Madison is truly a joy, and would be  perfect  for a family with older children and a secure fenced yard. We are learning more about  her each day and will update any new information.

DOB 4/23/2017 49 # .