Zani is a little bundle of energy and loves to play with other dogs that match her energy level. She is looking for an active home with a fenced yard. Our best guess is that she has some Terrier in her, but with her floppy ears and her charcoal-colored coat, it is safe to say that she a mix of different breeds. She is and still working on her leash-walking skills and learning basic commands.

DOB 12/21/2018


Henry the Hound is young, active and has the most infectious smile. He loves other dogs and would probably enjoy having a playful companion in his new home. He also requires a fenced yard. Henry truly is a diamond in the rough and with a little bit of training, you will have a gem of a dog.


Prancer is young, active, and loves to play with other dogs. He is about 9 months old and we believe that he is a Labrador-Terrier mix. What we do know for sure is that he has a gorgeous chocolate-colored coat and soulful brown eyes. He is working on his basic manners but will definitely need a refresher course in his new home. Just like many teenage puppies, he loves to put his teeth on everything and everyone and would not be the best fit for young children at this stage of his life. Prancer requires a fenced yard.

DOB 2/14/2019


Willa was originally surrendered to us with her brother Warren and a litter of puppies. Willa was a great mom despite the fact that she is just a pup herself at a year old. At about 50 pounds, she is a bit smaller than her brother, but she is just as goofy and talkative. She enjoys hanging out with Warren, checking out all of the good smells, and baying at squirrels. If you have a fenced yard and love hounds, Willa might be the dog for you!

DOB 7/31/2018


Pooh is a Terrier mix who is awaiting just the right person to come in and provide him a special home.  He has a spunky-ness about him that we know someone will just adore.  Little Pooh needs time to get to know you and trust you.  For our cleaning volunteers, many have won him over with patience and lots of praise and of course…treats!  Pooh would do best in a home with teenage or older children and a fenced yard.  He was in a home with other dogs and did ok with some.  He might do best as an only boy though.

DOB 6/28/2013


Lucky’s life was turned upside down when his dad passed away and his mom went into an assisted living facility. He is used to a quiet home and would do best in a home without young children. Lucky is a 7-yer-old Rat Terrier – Chihuahua mix. He takes a little bit of time to warm up to you, but he is a very sweet boy once he trusts you. His previous owners described him as affectionate, loyal and a couch potato. He has done well around cats and is housebroken (even though he might pee a bit when he gets nervous.  (~15 pounds)



Dottie is still recovering from the shock of finding herself at a shelter at her age. Dottie was adopted as a pup and has been in the same home her entire life. Unfortunately, her owner was unable to keep her when he had to move. Dottie is a sweet, affectionate girl and is used to a quiet, 1-person home. She has done well with the dogs here at Pet Refuge, but she would not be a safe choice for a home with cats. Dottie can’t wait to move out of her kennel and into a home with a soft couch and comfy beds. (~60 pounds) (*)

DOB 10/12/2007


Justin (tan dog) is a 3-year-old terrier/shepherd mix who was rescued from a hoarding situation. He only weighs around 40 pounds and looks like a pocket German Shepherd to us! He is good with other dogs, but he is afraid of people (even the people that he lives with), so he needs a home with patient, experienced owners and a securely-fenced (no underground fence) yard. Justin spends his days running and playing with Wallace (black dog in picture). They enjoy one another’s company, but do not need to go to a home together. Justin is a bit of a thief, many socks, shoes, and sweatshirts have been retrieved from his cage where he stashes them. Justin would do best with a confident, people-loving dog to serve as a role model in his forever home. (*)

DOB 4/8/2017


Not only did Tegan find herself homeless during the holiday season, but, to make matters worse, the poor girl has also been put on a strict diet. And even though she has been asking Santa for a new family that will indulge her with people food and yummy treats, she really needs someone that is committed to following through on her weight loss journey. Tegan is a Border Collie-Lab mix and is a pretty laid back gal (even though we suspect that she will turn into a more active dog once the extra pounds start coming off).

DOB 12/21/2011

010920 Zani4.JPG


Zani is a little bundle of energy and loves to play with other dogs that match her energy level. She is looking for an active home with a fenced yard. Our best guess is that she has some Terrier in her, but with her floppy ears and her charcoal-colored coat, it is safe to say that she a mix of different breeds. She is and still working on her leash-walking skills and learning basic commands.

DOB 12/21/2018


Kalli is a sweet little girl who very much wants to believe that the world isn’t such a scary place, but she still has her shy moments. It is probably safe to say that she had never been on a leash before coming to Pet Refuge and she needs some encouragement to actually walk. However, she turns into a different dog when she gets to interact with other dogs. Kalli is active, playful and incredibly fast. You can see the joy on her face when she zooms around the yard and she acts like a typical 1-year-old dog when she gets to play. We believe that Kalli would do best in a calm home that has a securely fenced yard. She might also benefit from a confident and well socialized friend that can show her the ropes.

DOB 7/5/2018


Randa was a pretty itchy girl when she first came to us but thanks to some antibiotics and medicated baths, she is feeling like a brand new dog. Now that she is able to run and play, this Shepherd is starting to discover her inner puppy. She loves toys and will happily throw balls in the air to catch them and race through the yard with them. Randa already knows how to sit and is easily motivated by food, but she will need some more work on her basic manners. Update: Randa needs to be the only pet.

DOB 4/4/2016



Billie Jean has had to listen to a lot of terrible singing from our volunteers in the last few weeks. But, I guess, that’s what happens when you are named after a song. Luckily, Billie Jean doesn’t care one bit and will happily dance and bounce as soon as she hears “her song”. Billie Jean is a Boxer-Terrier mix. She’s a happy, active girl who would benefit from some more leash training and obedience work. She does a great job entertaining herself with toys and would love a fenced yard in her new home.

DOB 10/5/2018


For all the hound lovers: meet Warren! This Plott Hound has beautiful brindle markings and soulful brown eyes. He also has a lot to say and, true to his breed, loves to bay at the world. This handsome boy would not be a good fit for an apartment and needs a fenced yard to make sure that his nose will not get him into trouble. He really enjoys playing with his sister, Willa.

DOB 7/31/2018


Miss Marlee is a Boxer-Terrier mix. She loves people more than anything in the world and will soak up all the attention she can get. Marlee already knows some basic commands and figured out our agility obstacles very quickly. We would love for her to have a fenced yard in her new home

DOB 9/2/2017.


Scout is a tall and lanky Shepherd-Retriever mix that looks like a puppy who hasn’t quite grown into his ears yet. The thing is though that Scout will most likely resemble a goofy cartoon character for the rest of his life. If you ask him what he wants to be when he is all grown up, he’ll probably tell you that he wants to be a soccer star. Scout is a playful, high energy pup who loves pushing a big plastic ball through the yard. 




Bucky is a lab mix.  He was named after Starbucks coffee because he's as active as a dog on too much caffeine. He's a Tri-pod (3 legs) but you can’t tell it by the way he runs. He's really fast so he is going to need a fenced-in yard. He loves to be a lap dog and is very interested in these things called “balls” and water. He's housebroken and crate trained but he would prefer to sleep in bed with you. He's also really smart and learns stuff quickly. Bucky loves people.

DOB 4/6/2017


Allie is a Pit Bull mix (maybe with a little bit of Shar Pei). Allie is a friendly and affectionate girl with people, but she tends to forget her good manners when she sees other animals and will have to be your one and only. She needs to have a securely fenced yard and be on a leash whenever she is out in public. However, if you are a one-dog family that is looking for a great, snuggly addition that will be excited to see you and is eager to hear how your day went.

DOB 8/18/2017


Wallace is a terrier/border collie mix (but we’re really only guessing from looking at him) who weighs around 20 pounds. He had a rough start in life because he was owned by a hoarder (of dogs, not a hoarder of stuff). Like most hoarded dogs, Wallace is great with other dogs, yet terrified of people. We are getting him used to people, but it is likely a long process that will have to be continued in his forever home. Wallace loves other dogs more than anything and he must have a dog-friendly dog in his forever home. (*)

DOB 4/8/2017



Hi, my name is Tinsley. I came from another shelter where I was turned in for escaping the yard. I am very people-social, so maybe I was wanting attention. I had a growth on my right rear foot and from my right shoulder area removed shortly after coming to Pet Refuge. Unfortunately, both came back as two different cancers. This made the shelter volunteers very sad. However, I am not sad since I am still full of energy and feeling good! I do not know when any growth might come back or when my health might start declining.

DOB 4/8/2012


Hi i'm Roadie! I am a Pit mix. I am eager to find my forever home! I am very friendly and I love to play and chew my Nylabones. I am crate trained, house trained, know how to sit and come and I am learning many other obedience commands. I love walks and car rides. I get along with other dogs, and cats, I just want to play sometimes. I would love a big fenced in yard to chase my balls.

DOB 5/2/2017


My name is Liberty and I am a fun-loving Pit Bull mix. I was originally rescued by Pet Refuge shortly after I gave birth to the most adorable litter of puppies and I thought I had found my forever home shortly after my pups were old enough to get adopted. Unfortunately, my family's circumstances changed and I am once again in need of a new home. I LOVE people and other dogs as long as I get to play with them.

DOB 3/31/2014


Shiloh will need a dog-savvy owner that is willing to deal with his quirks. He would prefer to be an only dog in the home, but he does fine though when passing a dog on the street. Shiloh is in many ways your typical Beagle. He likes to follow his nose and will need a secure fence to keep him and his hunting instincts safe. When he is in the mood, he likes to play fetch for a little while, but he is generally a medium energy dog and happy to take long naps.

DOB 7/24/2010


Olivia is looking for that special family to adopt her. She hardly had any fur on her body when she arrived at Pet Refuge in July 2017, and she was miserable from feeling so itchy. We discovered that she is allergic to many kinds of grass and foods. It has taken a while to get her on the correct medications and food, but she is finally feeling better. Olivia is a pit bull mix. She gets along with people and most dogs, but will need a home without young children. (*)

DOB 8/24/2015


Kodak is a German Shepherd mix and, true to his breed, Kodak is an intelligent and very loyal dog. He loves to learn and already knows many commands. He would make a great companion to an owner who has experience with training and is committed to giving Kodak opportunities to exercise both his body and his mind. Kodak would not be a good choice for a home with young children and he is much more comfortable with people who let him approach slowly. (*)

DOB 3/28/2011


Don’t let Brownie’s age fool you, she’s still an active little girl! She loves to run around the yard and needs a securely fenced yard since she can be quite the escape artist. Brownie is almost house trained, crate trained and knows basic commands. She loves to sit with you on the couch while you watch TV. However, she does not like to share her food with other dogs and would like to be the only dog in her new home. Come and meet Brownie and see how sweet she is.

DOB 11/8/2009


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