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Kala has a grin from ear to ear. This young lady is full of exuberance and joy for life and needs an active home. Not only does Kala have a wonderful personality, she is also an attractive girl.

Kala would need a fenced yard to run off her energy. Older children and no other pets would be best for her. Come meet this young gal, she will be waiting with a big smile

DOB 1\6\19   50 pounds



Hi, I'm Abby and  they say I am very smart. I really want to find my forever home. Here are my thoughts.  Please, no other pets or children, I want to be your one an only, so we can have lots of fun together.

I need a 6 ft fenced yard to play in.  I love to learn, so you will need to continue my training and I promise to make you proud.

Also,  I am a bit of a mix of cattle dog and Aussie,  so I prefer that you have experience and understanding of my breed. Come meet me soon.

DOB 8/8/20  44 pounds



Matilda is a sweet smaller sized terrier mix, maybe with some Boston Terrier in there by the look of her eyes. She is frightened of new people and in new situations, so we are working with her to build up her confidence.

She is very treat motivated and brave about physical objects. She can easily jump a baby gate and learned quickly how to climb stairs to get to a soft bed. She may enjoy agility if given the chance in her new home.

Matilda will need someone willing to be patient, and kind. She is also good with other dogs. Matilda needs to have a fenced yard, and due to her shyness no young children. (*)

DOB  2/18/21    18 Pounds


BERT - ADOPTION PENDING name is Bert AKA Squirt.

I am an active 10 year old 10 pound Shih tzu. I lost my home and now I am determined to find a new place to spend my golden years. I am hoping there is someone out there who is willing to share their love, and especially their lap during these cold winter months.

Did I tell you I am housebroken and will let you know when I need to go out? My perfect home would be someone who is home most of the time. I can be a little jealous sharing your attention, so I really need to be your one and only pet.

I do not shed, but will need grooming due to my breed. I am truly a great guy! (*)

DOB 12/02/2012



If you like the shy type of guy, you will love Fred. He is cute as a button and needs someone who has patience and time to spend on spoiling and socializing him.

We think Fred is a Spaniel mix of three years old. Even though he is shy, we are starting to see a glimpse  of Fred, coming out of his shell as he wags his tail and comes to get a treat from the volunteers.

He will need a quieter home and no young children.

DOB  2/18/20     21 Pounds




This kind, senior gentleman came to us via another shelter after being found as a stray. Pepe' is almost blind and will probably require eye drops throughout his life. He will need a quieter home with someone willing to give him time to slowly acclimate to his new surroundings. Due to his lack of sight, he navigates using his hearing. He does get along with most dogs his size. He would not do well with small children. (*) 

DOB 02/10/2012  11 POUNDS



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Meet Selene!

She tends to be a little shy at first, but when she knows you, she is both affectionate and loving. Selene  is very sweet and would do better with older children. 

She  is working on some basic training that will need to continue in her new home. She will require a fenced yard and to be an only pet.

DOB 8/30/20   38 pounds  



Everyone says that I am beautiful and that I have a great personality.

Sounds like a wonderful way to describe me.

I love to play with some dogs that are active like me. The volunteers are teaching me some basic obedience and good dog etiquette. 

I am looking for a home with a fenced in yard and I'm not sure about children yet.

No cats please, I just don't care for them.

DOB 5\12\20  40 pounds



My name is Oliver...... and I am full of exuberance and fun. I am a  very smart beagle/bulldog mix of some sort.

I love to have a good time, but could use some social skills as well as basic obedience training. Once I am calm and ready to cuddle, my sweet side will come out!

A fenced yard is required and I should probably be an only pet. 

DOB 2/11/20   46 pounds



Petro is a shy, larger, senior guy who might need a few minutes to get to know you. He would love a quieter home with older children and no other pets.

He is a good leash walker and  would probably love to cuddle. Petro has a sweet soul and truly would love a home to call his own and to become your new best friend. DOB 12-5-2015  70 Pounds 



This beautiful girl sadly came to us when her owner passed.  Bjork is a Catahoula Leopard Dog with the most striking markings.

She has great house manners but will need some work on her leash walking skills.

Bjork is very strong and will need a fenced yard and probably no small children. 

DOB 7/21/2019   69 pounds



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Play your cards right and Deuce could choose you to be his new best friend. He is a handsome, smart, and young Mastiff Lab mix. He is full of love and exuberance, but needs some basic obedience to control his enthusiasm towards the world around him. Deuce will require a 6 foot fence, and a home with no small children due to his size.

DOB 11/21/20  70 pounds


Gizmo is a sweet, but shy little guy. He is most likely a mix of terrier and smaller sized hound. He livens up when you bring out his "favorite toy" which happens to be a bit of an unusual toy.

We are still getting to know this curious boy though being part hound, a fenced yard is preferred and probably older children.

DOB 2/18/21    20 Pounds

This sweet senior lady is really a Princess. She is loving and kind and looking for her retirement home.
Princess loves to be with her family and promises to be very devoted to you, though she won't want to share you with other pets. 
A soft bed, a few toys and daily walks will help this girl will settle right into your home. 
Senior 8+ yrs. 53 pounds
My name is Ruth, and I am a lively,  petite Chihuahua mix. My favorite place to be is in your lap, but I do enjoy my fluffy pillow bed as well.
I am quite the character, full of silliness, and I sure do love to play with my toys! One thing I am not fond of is other animals, so I must be your one and only pet.
I feel the most comfortable in a home that is more quiet and does not have a lot of people coming and going. Please no young children
 and a fenced yard preferred.
DOB  12/2/20  11 Pounds

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Carly would love for you to come meet and  play with her!  She is full of personality and LOVES to play a good game of tug a war or fetch.   She entertains herself by throwing her toys in the air and going to find them.    Her eyes are very soulful, she is quite a good looking girl!  Carly is not a needy dog,  she is content to play for a bit then just lay down wherever you are.   She is a 3 three year old Hound  with a personality of a Lab.  She has done very well in her foster home,  she is completely house broken and crate trained. She has learned to sit, go down and stay or wait fairly well in the home and we are starting to work on that outside in the fenced yard as well.     She would be best in a yard with a 6 foot fence, but may consider a 4 foot fence if it is the right environment.  She does well with other playful dogs, but would be great as an only dog as well. Due to her size, kids older than 10 would be best. (*)
DOB 10/30/19  55 pounds

My name is Ryker and I am looking for an active family with a very secure yard. I am alert, and want to be involved with any activity around me. I am young and need to continue basic obedience training and doggie social skill lessons. With me being smart, I learn quickly. My breed mixture needs to be kept busy both physically and mentally. I am too much for young children.

DOB 8/23/19     30 pounds



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I'm just a young girl with the most striking colored topaz eyes, and beautiful red coat. I prefer to be with women, because men can make me somewhat nervous. It may take me time to warm up to you, but once I do, I promise you will have a friend for life.

I am currently working with a trainer to help build my confidence, and let my lovely personality shine. As for my heritage,  well I'm part Husky , so I'll need a secure fenced yard and due to my shyness no children please.

DOB 12/27/2020  46 pounds 

This handsome, sweet guy really should have a DNA test to discover his breed mixture. Rhett is very playful and will need someone to guide him in the right direction for obedience and leash walking skills. He really doesn't know his size, so no lap is too small for him! With all  that in mind, he will do best with a fenced yard and no small children. More to come as we get to know him. DOB 6/30/21   59 pounds


If you have a fenced yard, plenty of patience and love, you may like to welcome these two special friends into your home.

Jacques is a 4 year old miniature poodle who is extremely dependent on Yvette, a female 3 year old miniature poodle.

Both dogs need a home that is quiet, and they must go together.

They are both a beautiful apricot color, and are sweet as they can be. It is obvious they have not had much experience with the world around them, so they will require someone who is willing to take their time to gain their trust.

They are not housebroken, but working on it.

They would not be a good match with children, or apartment living.(*)

Jacques weighs 5 1/2 pounds and Yvette is 9 1/2 pounds

 Introducing Alaska......She is a beautiful husky mix, on the smaller size.
Alaska is a very smart girl who will need an owner that will continue to train her both physically and mentally. She needs to feel that she has a job to do, and learns quite easily what is expected of her.She is true to her breed, so a secure fence is a must. Breed experience is preferred and no small children. 

DOB 9/17/20    46 Pounds


This good looking guy is solid as a rock, but with a tender loving heart. He loves to play fetch, and enjoys being as close to you as possible for pets, sweet talk and cuddling. Rocky is good with some other dogs.

He will need a fenced yard and no small children.   

DOB 10/29/20    54 pounds



This gorgeous girl loves everyone she meets. Her favorite activity is cuddling and being by your side. She is a Border Collie/Aussie mix, so breed experience would be helpful.

Nadia has the most beautiful blue eyes only adding to her charm. Nadia will require a fenced yard in her new home. 

DOB 12/12/18    52 pounds

Can you resist this cute face? Brady hopes not. He came to us from another shelter and has shown us what a smart boy he truly is. This Jack Russel/Corgi mix is an active guy that will need a home to give him the training, both physically and mentally, to help him lead an active lifestyle.
No young children please.  We are getting to know him, watch for more information soon. DOB 10-11-2021    17 pounds 


This  big, strong, handsome guy is ready to go! Finley needs a home that will be able to keep up with his energy, provide the exercise he needs, as well as continue his training. Finley is a unique looking dog, and judging by his beautiful eyes, possibly some husky lineage, and maybe a little lab.

He would be best as an only pet, and will definitely need a fenced yard. We do not know how he is with children yet; but due to his size and energy, older children only.

More to come as we get to know this great guy! 

DOB 10/29/2016    57 pounds  



Meet our big guy Zeus. He has endless love to offer to his new family. Zeus is currently on a diet to improve his physique, and he loves to walk which is helpful for his diet plan.

He gets along with cats and loves people! His favorite activities include playing ball, and rolling over for a belly rub.

Zeus is strong, but walks nicely on a leash as long as there is not another dog in close proximity. Zeus is used to having a fence and that is prefered, though an active home that would walk him daily could work also.

Zeus truly needs a second chance to have the wonderful home he so much deserves and don't forget the daily belly rubs!

DOB 4/27/14     85 Pounds

If you are looking for a young, but laid back guy you may want to meet Robby. He is as sweet as can be, though he is shy of new situations. He will need a home with patience and time to let him acclimate to a new environment.  Deep down inside he really wants nothing more than your love and attention. He would enjoy a fenced yard to run and play with his toys. Due to his shyness, no young children. 
DOB  1/20/22    50 Pounds 

Starla is a sweet shy  chihuahua mix who enjoys the presence of other dogs.

She is potty trained to either go outdoors or on a potty pad. She may have a few accidents while learning your routine, but once she gets it down, she has excellent house manners. Because of her shyness, Starla will take a few days to know a new home is hers and that the new people aren’t scary.

She loves to sleep in bed with her person and sleeps all night, quiet as a mouse. No small children. (*)

DOB  2/18/13   7 Pounds 

This adorable guy might be small but he has a big personality. Collin would love to cuddle with you but really doesn't want to share you or your lap with other pets. One of Collin's favorite things to do is race around in a fenced area, but he would also enjoy leash walks. Because of his very small size, older children only.(*)
DOB 12-18-19  6pounds
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