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Okay, you hound lovers!  Here I am.  And I am a big love too.  Are you looking for a tall, slender, handsome, senior guy?  That's me and I love to give kisses and hugs. I'm good for going for walks, but because I'm a hound I need a fenced yard.  I prefer kids 8 year and older and like other dogs .

DOB 8/28/2010 (57 pounds)


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Weighing in at 23#, I'm a package of cuteness and feistiness.  I CAN be a sweetheart once I get to know you, but it will take time and good butt scratches to earn my trust. Once we've established that, I can be your best friend.  I really need a fenced yard to play in, but a home with no kids please. I'm 5-6 years old.


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My friends here at Pet Refuge call me Rae Rae. I'm just a year old lab/terrier mix and working really hard on my housebreaking, leash walking, and crate training skills.  But, it's harder to do at the shelter. Think you can help me out at your house? I'm going to need a quieter  home with a fenced yard. Hopefully someone too, that will play fetch with me, but no young children. (56 pounds)


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I am a real peach of a gal at 35#. Got toys?  I love toys, especially stuffed ones that I can carry everywhere I go! I'm a people pleaser so I'll probably be easy to train.  I need someone (with toys, of course) to help me burn up all the energy I have since I'm only 2 yrs old. And I need a fenced yard I'm a bit much for younger kids.  I like some dogs. 

DOB 7/28/2018, 35 pounds


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They don't come any sweeter than me, especially when you give me a little attention, or even a lot of attention would be ok, too. I would prefer not to have to share my person with any other pups, so it is best that I am your one and only. I am most comfortable with someone being home with me, so if you are retired or don't work a zillion hours that would make our relationship perfect. I do need a fenced yard and older children only.

DOB 5-27-2016 (45#)


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When you hear the name Pugsley, you might think of a cute little pug, but this big, affectionate boy is a mix of  Boxer, Shar Pei, and probably many other breeds. Whatever Pugsley is.... he is full of cuteness.  Pugsley enjoys a nice walk and even though he is a strong boy, he has nice leash manners. Pugsley got a bit spoiled with belly rubs from his volunteer friends while he recovered from toe amputation due to dislocation of  his toe. Now that he has recovered, he enjoys playing outside in the yard with the volunteers. His forever home requires a fenced yard and older children only.  He can be selective about other dogs and is protective of his kennel.

DOB 9/6/15  #67


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Our Bella Mae is a sweet girl with those people she  knows, but she is unsure of strangers. She has lots of energy (as a 2 year old usually does) and loves to play and run. She needs a home with no other pets or children and requires a fenced in yard.. 

(DOB 6/18/2018)  34 pounds


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 If you think you may want to train for a marathon I am the partner for you! We can walk, jog and even take a break to play if you still have energy left. I will need a fenced yard as I feel I need to be the guardian of your castle. At almost 100 pounds, I am more than qualified for the job. Due to my size older children would be the best match for me. The volunteers at the shelter are still getting to know me, as I have not shared all of my many talents but they do feel that I would do best as an only dog. 

DOB 2/2/2018 (84 pounds)


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Everyone should have a lucky Penny and that's what you will get if you adopt me! I can be a bit shy at first, but will quickly warm up when shown a little love. Being a Jack Russell Terrier I am a busy girl, but also love to spend quiet time cuddling. My perfect home would be with an experienced JRT owner, where I can be the only dog. I do require a fenced yard because sometimes my nose overrules my head.  I would love to have some older kids (13+) to play with and love. 

DOB 5/08/15  12 pounds


They tell me "Lucy, you got some 'splainin' to do!" Now, how could a cute little thing like me end up in a shelter? I am a 5 year old Jack Russell Terrier with a bad knee from an old injury. However, the Doctor says I can get around just fine. I'm looking for a nice home where I can be the only dog, with no children and a fenced yard, My new owner also needs to have experience with my Breed and my high energy level.


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Candy is sweet and so am I. When I meet you for the first time, I might be very shy, but show me love and I will be your new best friend. I love to be brushed and have my belly rubbed. Being part husky, I need a fenced  yard. I haven't met younger children, so I would do better around older kids. I also need a home with no dogs, and no cats.

Aren't I beautiful? 

DOB 8/28/2014 (50 pounds)



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Here's Noodle, oodle, Noodles.  She's a Chihuahua thru and thru. Loves people, gets along with dogs she meets, but should be the only dog  in the house.  She has lived with a chicken(ergo: chicken and noodles) and maybe that's where she got her habit of walking on her front legs!  She's 90% housebroken and at 10 years old, she still has lots of energy and oodles of love to give.(*)


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Rosie is my name but you might call me Lucky. I am 4 yrs old and one happy girl. ( see my smile?) Pet Refuge took me in when I needed surgery to remove a bladder stone.  I feel so much better now, and I'm ready for my new home. I do need to be on a special diet to keep me feeling well.  I am a cuddler and love to go for walks. If you have a home with a fence and where I can be the only dog, I'm your girl! (32#) 

Max1 crop.jpg


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Let's chill together, Dude! Are you looking for some companionship during this pandemic? I'm a Shepard/Rottweiller mix about 5 1/2 yrs old.  The volunteers say I'm good on a leash, but I do pull a little.   I absolutely love car rides. I'm a bit of a larger guy so smaller kids isn't a good idea. Please give me a fenced yard to run and play. 70#



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  If you can't go to Paris, let Paris come home to you. Our sweet girl is looking for a home full of love. She does have some medical issues, but you sure couldn't tell. (We can explain those further).  At about 7 yrs old, she is still playful and wouldn’t mind joining in a game of fetch now and again. Our girl needs a home with a fenced in yard and older children to keep that smile on her face.

(DOB 8/11/2013)  44 pounds



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If you’re looking for a well-behaved sweetheart to be your new best friend, I’m your gal! My name is Ellie and I'm a 5 year old lab/terrier mix. I love belly rubs, chin scratches, and cuddling on the couch. I’m housebroken, and I not a chewer, except my toys (which don’t stay stuffed for long). I like some dogs, usually, if they’re around my size or bigger. Kids are awesome and I’m super patient with older considerate ones.  I need a privacy fenced yard. I have the beginnings of a condition called laryngeal paralysis and it doesn’t affect me much now, but my future forever home will need to be prepared for the possibility that this advances.

Approximately 40# (*)


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Introducing Stella, our pocket pittie! She is a beautiful girl with eyes that will surely melt your heart and touch your soul. Stella has a tremendous amount of energy and we feel needs to be the only four legged friend in the household. She tends to play rough at times, and could use some basic training including housebreaking. Stella requires a home with no children and a secure fenced yard. She is also known to give great hugs.

47#  DOB 12/2016


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Husky lovers, meet Blaze.

At almost 3 years old, he is a sweetheart of a dog and naturally sings a beautiful husky song. While we are getting to know him better, we do require  5-6 foot secure fence , no cats and older children due to his size and activity level.

Watch for updates. 70#


Brielle, an  affectionate 8-year old terrier mix, has special needs. With much medical intervention, she now  appears to be a healthy, playful dog, but needs monitored closely. Brielle is blind, but navigates her surroundings well. She had benign mammary tumors removed in November. Puzzles, walks, fuzzy squeak toys, fetch and any challenge keep her busy. Brielle is house trained, incredibly smart, with a sweet disposition. She gets along with dogs, but sometimes mistakes play for aggression. She’s your shadow. If you have the time to commit to Brielle, you won’t be sorry.


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I am an energetic boxer mix who loves tennis as much as my name sake Billie Jean King! I'm looking for a home where I can chase tennis balls, go for walks and car rides.  My new home will need to have a safe, secure, fenced yard and no younger children.  I will need  time to just settle in and  become your companion. Once I know and love you, I become slightly protective and lots of people coming and going will make me nervous. Plus I will need to be your one and only furry best friend. Adopt me and make my Valentine's Day  wish come true!

DOB approx. 10/2018   37#


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