Kala has a grin from ear to ear. This young lady is full of exuberance and joy for life. Not only does Kala have a wonderful personality, she is also an attractive girl.

Kala would need a fenced yard to run off her energy, and we are still learning more about her, so older children would be best. Come meet this young gal, she will be waiting with a big smile.  DOB 1\6\19   50 pounds



Hi, I'm Abby and  they say I am very smart. I really want to find my forever home. Here are my thoughts.  Please, no other pets or children, I want to be your one an only, so we can have lots of fun together.

I need a 6 ft fenced yard to play in.  I love to learn, so you will need to continue my training and I promise to make you proud.

Also,  I am a bit of a mix of cattle dog and Aussie,  so I prefer that you have experience and understanding of my breed. Come meet me soon.

DOB 8/8/20  44 pounds



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I am a schnauzer mix that is sweet as pie and I long to be your one and only. I am a senior, but you would never know by watching me strut my stuff. I am on a special food due to having bladder stones removed when I was first rescued by Pet Refuge. I love people, but I do not care for other pets in my home. A fenced yard is a must to keep me safe and happy. (*)

DOB 8-26-11  23 pounds



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Meet Selene!

She tends to be a little shy at first, but when she knows you, she is both affectionate and loving. Selene  is very sweet and would do better with older children. 

She  is working on some basic training that will need to continue in her new home. She will require a fenced yard and to be an only pet.

DOB 8/30/20   38 pounds  



Everyone says that I am beautiful and that I have a great personality. Sounds like a wonderful way to describe me.

I am looking for a home with a fenced in yard and I'm not sure about children yet.

No cats please, I just don't care for them.

Pet Refuge is getting to know me, so watch for updates.

DOB 5\12\20  40 pounds



My name is Oliver...... and I am full of exuberance and fun. I am a darling 1-1/2 year old beagle/bulldog  mix.

I love to have a good time, but could use some social skills as well as basic obedience training. Once I am calm and ready to cuddle, my sweet side will come out! A fenced yard is required and probably an only pet. 

DOB 2/11/20   46 pounds



Petro is a shy senior kinda guy who takes some time to get to know you. He would love a quieter home with older children. He is a good leash walker and  would probably love to cuddle. We are getting to know him and will post more soon.

DOB 12-5-2015  70 Pounds 



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This new arrival is full of great qualities. Beth seems to be a mix of multiple breeds. She loves to play fetch and knows multiple commands. It's truly a joy to watch her play in the water. She will need a fenced in yard so she can run and play. At this time, older children because she is very strong and doesn't seem to know her size. We are getting to know her, so watch for updates.

DOB  11/14/20  49 pounds



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Play your cards right and Deuce could choose you to be his new best friend. He is a handsome, smart, and young Mastiff Lab mix. He is full of love and exuberance, but needs some basic obedience to control his enthusiasm towards the world around him. Deuce will require a 6 foot fence, and a home with no small children due to his size.

DOB 11/21/20  70 pounds



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If you do not mind a little extra hair in your life, meet Gilly. She is a beautiful white shepherd/husky mix of 4 years old, and is well worth it! She loves to play fetch, and is always ready for a run in the yard. She is working on her leash walking skills and basic commands. She will need a home where she is the only pet, a fenced yard, older 12+ children. Gilly is a true sweetheart and is ready for her forever home. Just don't forget your lint roller and a brush for her!

DOB 10/13/2017   44 pounds


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 Titus is in search of a human that loves a cuddly pup. He is potty-trained, knows how to sit & lay down, is treat-motivated, eager to please, and a fast learner. Titus is sweet, smart, playful, cuddly, and kind of a bed hog, so fair warning there.

He is an anxious boy. His anxiety is managed with medication, and by exercising him physically and mentally.

He is in search of a forever home with a fenced-in yard and no small pets or children.(*)

Approx. DOB 11/2019   57 lbs



This beautiful girl sadly came to us when her owner passed.  Bjork is a Catahoula Leopard Dog with the most striking markings. She has great house manners but will need some work on her leash walking skills. Bjork is very strong and will need a fenced yard and probably no small children. 

DOB 7/21/2019   69 pounds

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Jada is a beautiful chocolate lab/terrier mix. Jada is full of energy, and sweetness. She needs someone to provide exercise, basic training, as well as love and affection. Jada in return is guaranteed endless cuddles and kisses to brighten your day. Jada would love a fenced yard to run and play, and due to her energy level only older children.  

DOB 6/10/20  47 pounds



This kind, senior gentleman came to us via another shelter after being found as a stray. Pepe' is almost blind and will probably require eye drops throughout his life. He will need a quieter home with someone willing to give him time to slowly acclimate to his new surroundings. Due to his lack of sight, he navigates using his hearing. He does get along with most dogs his size. He would not do well with small children.  

DOB 02/10/2012  11 POUNDS



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Meet Thumper, a gorgeous Husky /Shepherd mix who is actually the son of Bam Bam who was recently adopted. Thumper is going to need a home with a great deal of patience. He is as sweet as pie, but extremely shy and unsure of new things around him. He would benefit from another dog companion to help build his confidence. Thumper must have a secure 6 foot privacy fence, no cats in the home, and due to his shyness no children.

DOB 12/10/21  65 pounds

sunni col.jpg
Sunni is an excellent leash walker, and well mannered. At first she is reserved, but when she bonds with her person she is devoted and loving. Sunni would be happiest in a quiet home without young children and other pets. She requires a fenced yard, and an owner that appreciates what a wonderful dog Sunni is to love. 
DOB   5/16/18      60 pounds
Hi my name is Dora, and I am ready to start new adventures in my forever home. I am excited to explore the world, and take walks in the neighborhood with my new family. I am a smaller size shepherd mix, smart, gentle, and would enjoy a fenced yard to romp and play.
There is one thing you should know about me: I am not a fan of cats.
Pet Refuge will post more about me as they get to know me.     
DOB 8/4/20   39 pounds
charlie collage.jpg


This gorgeous, sweet girl has a great smile, and is hoping that her new family comes soon! Charlie is one of the happiest dogs you could ever meet, as she chases her toys and plays fetch in the yard.

She will need a fenced yard and older children due to her size. Charlie is very strong and working on her leash walking skills and is improving. Come visit Charlie and see if she can make you smile, too!

DOB 3/17/2019    60 pounds 

This handsome, sweet guy really should have a DNA test to discover his breed mixture. Rhett is very playful and will need someone to guide him in the right direction for obedience and leash walking skills. He really doesn't know his size, so no lap is too small for him! With all  that in mind, he will do best with a fenced yard and no small children. More to come as we get to know him. DOB 6/30/21   59 pounds
Carlie has never met a stranger and she wants to be everyone's friend. She is a 2 year old Plott Hound with a delightful bay when she wants to play.  Her favorite game is tug a war.  Carlie will need a 6 foot fence.   She is crate trained and housebroken.  She is good with some dogs, not with cats. She would be best with kids 10 years and up due to her energy and size.  She is in a foster home, where she would love to set up a time to meet you with a wagging tail! (*)
DOB 10/30/19  55 pounds


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I'm just a young girl with the most striking colored topaz eyes, and beautiful red coat. I prefer to be with women, because men can make me somewhat nervous. It may take me time to warm up to you, but once I do, I promise you will have a friend for life.

I am currently working with a trainer to help build my confidence, and let my lovely personality shine. As for my heritage,  well I'm part Husky , so I'll need a secure fenced yard and due to my shyness no children please.

DOB 12/27/2020  46 pounds 

I just joined Pet Refuge and I'm showing them what a smart boy I am. I'm so happy to meet everyone and will wag, wiggle, and jump to show you how much. With all my energy, I would love a fenced yard. I haven't met kids yet, so I probably would be best with old enough children that could handle my energy. My past is a mystery,  so Pet Refuge is just getting to know me and will update soon. 
DOB 7/06/2021   35 pounds


If you have a fenced yard, plenty of patience and love, you may like to welcome these two special friends into your home.

Jacques is a 4 year old miniature poodle who is extremely dependent on Yvette, a female 3 year old miniature poodle.

Both dogs need a home that is quiet, and they must go together.

They are both a beautiful apricot color, and are sweet as they can be. It is obvious they have not had much experience with the world around them, so they will require someone who is willing to take their time to gain their trust.

They are not housebroken, but working on it.

They would not be a good match with children, or apartment living.(*)

Jacques weighs 5 1/2 pounds and Yvette is 9 1/2 pounds

Click on image for add'l pics

Mona is a young shepherd mix with a zest for life. She is an active puppy, and will require a fenced yard and older children. 

Mona is just starting to learn some obedience and leash walking skills. We know she is a wonderful dog and deserves a great home. DOB 4/12/21   35 pounds



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know there is an owner out there that would have patience and understanding for me. I am an energetic boxer mix who loves tennis as much as my name sake Billie Jean King! I'm looking for a home where I can play in the yard, go for walks, and I love car rides.  My new home will need to have a safe, secure, fenced yard and no younger children. I also need to be the only pet in the house. Basically, I just need  time to settle in and  become familiar with the routine of my new home. Once I know and love you, I become slightly protective, so lots of people coming and going will make me nervous. 

DOB approx. 10/2018   43 pounds



Dusty is a nice, senior gentleman looking for a home to retire in. He is healthy and recently had a dental. As with many senior dogs, he does have accidents if not let out often enough. So a calm  home with an owner that has a lot of time to spend with Dusty would make his life complete. He does get along with smaller dogs his size.  He would love to cuddle up on a couch near you!

DOB approx 4\2009   9 pounds

demi collage.jpg
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 This one is precious from her head down to her tail and guaranteed to become someone's new best friend.

She is playful, active and just starting to work on her training. She'll need a fenced yard and probably school aged children.

Watch for updates as we learn more about her.

DOB 4/28/21.  37 pounds



This lovely little girl came to Pet Refuge to find her forever home. She is working on her housebreaking skills, so a fenced yard is a must according to her foster mom. Nyla likes the company of other dogs her size, and is a wonderful companion to her humans. Nyla may be seen by appointment only with an approved application. (*)

DOB 6/8/21      9.6 Pounds 



My name is Jackson, and I am ready to start a new adventure with you in 2022!

I am quite the unique looking guy with short legs like a basset hound, and the rest of me you can try to take your best guess. I am extremely active, and due to the likelihood there is some hound in my bloodline a fenced yard is a must. I do take a little time to warm up, but then I make you my new best friend. Pet Refuge is getting to know more about me, so as far as other pets they are not sure, but do believe a home with older children 15+ would be best.

DOB 9-14-2015  36 pounds



Ms Lola is a beautiful white boxer with just a splash of black/brown coloring around her left eye. She is considered a senior dog, but still acts like she is only 3. She is housebroken, and will let you know when she needs to go outside. Lola is extremely well behaved, and actually will entertain herself with stuffed animals and squeaky toys. She is an alpha female, but has been   fine with some of the submissive dogs in her foster home. No cats or small animals please. Lola has lived with teenagers, and has been around some younger children in her previous home. She will bark when she meets someone new, but with a treat or two she becomes your buddy. Lola is a happy girl who enjoys car rides and spending time with her humans.(*)

 DOB 10/31/2014   47 pounds



Feeling like a detective who is looking for their forever dog? Why not check out our Sherlock. He is a bundle of energy and joy. His pedigree might need a little detective work as well, but one thing is for sure he is young and darling. Sherlock likes other dogs, but they need to have an equal amount of energy.  A fenced yard is a must to help release his enthusiasm, and no small children. (*)

DOB 7/5/21  14 pounds