Charlotte has stunning good looks with a dazzling purrsonality to match.  This beautiful girl may be shy at first but once you are in her good graces she will shower you with attention and lots of head butts.  Charlotte is looking for a quiet home preferably as an only pet where she can get the royal treatment and become the queen of your heart.  

DOB 12/18/2010


Although I am a handsome and a very sweet boy I sometimes do get a bit nervous.  New places and new people are very stressful.  I like people and cats once I get to know them.  I like soft food and pets but please do not touch my head.

DOB 4/2/2011


When Flower first came into the shelter, she was so distressed that she hid under her bed and would not come out. She does come out now to visit with volunteers and to eat while her human friends are around but she still likes to get under blankets. 

DOB 3/24/2010


Andrew is a silly boy with a lot of purrsonality. He will gaze into your eyes to let you know that he loves you. He likes to put his paw on you when he wants attention and he loves to be petted. Andrew has big round eyes that make him look like he's concerned all the time. Our volunteers all agree that this boy is a sweetheart!

DOB 11/1/2009


Loki is a shy cat who tends to stay in the background. But if you take the initiative to approach him, he will gladly accept a petting on the head. His unique tail shape gives him some character too!

DOB 8/15/2011


Lemon likes to be petted and can be very friendly, but she is not shy to let you know when she's ready to be left alone.

DOB 8/21/2012


Vallie is lazy lovebug! Her favorite things in life are warm laps and soft blankets to lounge on. She adores attention and will meow to let you know if she is not getting enough affection. Vallie does great around other dogs and cats, and is often found snuggling with some of the young kittens. Vallie has gorgeous long fur which needs very little brushing, as she takes care of herself very well. Vallie was two-paw declawed by a previous owner. (*)

DOB 7/25/2006


Chowder is a shy girl who likes to observe the room from a quit spot. She does like to be petted as long as you approach her gently. She has befriended some of her roommates (like Corbin and Rafa) and is often seen cuddling with them.

DOB 5/17/2008


Alice is a very independent cat. She does enjoy it when people talk to her and if she is in the mood she will allow you to pet her. But Alice knows that she is from a regal line and demands to be treated as such. Alice would do best with someone who has experience with cats.

DOB 9/18/2010


Our volunteers described Sabrina as a “people person.” She is friendly to visitors and loves to be brushed and petted. She usually will try to get your attention from a high shelf at the shelter.

DOB 7/10/2010


I'm a very shy older girl who is looking for a quiet home to relax in. I'm timid until I get to know you and then I will welcome chin scratches and ear rubs. I'm currently on Prozac for anxiety, but in a calm home, I might not need it. (*)


Cypress is a nice, easy-going tabby cat with striking eyes and a beautiful striped fur coat. She likes to always be aware of her surroundings. She loves to follow you around and find out what's going on around her, and then makes a show of curling up somewhere comfortable so you can come over and give her some attention.

DOB 5/17/2009


As you might have already guessed from looking at his picture, this handsome boy was named after his adorable little milk mustache. In addition to his good looks, Stash also loves attention… but he is not shy to let you know when he’s done getting pet. He would do best in a home without young children and would do well as an only cat. 

DOB 5/8/2012


Tabitha loves people and enjoys following you around. She is always ready to rub up to you and soak up some attention. Tabitha would make a wonderful lap cat for one lucky person. However, Tabitha is not a fan of active cats and runs and hides if there is too much commotion. She was bullied by another cat in her previous home and is slowly regaining her trust in other cats. She would probably do just fine around another quiet, gentle cat but wouldn't mind being your one and only.

DOB 10/25/2009


I am a feisty girl who likes things my way.  If you want a fun, spicy girl look at me.  But I rule.  I prefer a quiet home with no dogs or young children.  Although I like some older children and mellow cats.  I will stand up on my hind legs to take a treat out of the hand of one of the volunteers that I like. 

DOB 3/2/2010


With his cute little snaggletooth, Luna is a playful guy who loves treats and being brushed.  While he may not readily hop onto your lap, he will endlessly chase a laser pointer around. Does well with other cats. 

DOB 2/20/2010


I need time to get to know you, but once I know and trust you I love the pets and the brushing.  I like other cats especially my buddy Tangerine. 

DOB 1/20/2009


Tony Tornado originally got his name because he liked to zoom all over the place, playing hard to get, especially around people he just met. However, he has mellowed quite a bit over the years and is a much more laid back cat these days. 

DOB 5/1/2009


Jarvis loves sleeping, getting attention and chilling on your lap. He has a quiet meow when he wants to say hello. Jarvis is fine with other cats and was bonded with Jeffy, who is now in foster. His right eye is slightly closed due to a birth defect, but can see fine out of his other eye.

DOB 1/1/2006


Gummy Bear was not happy when she came back to the shelter last summer.  When a volunteer would try to take her box to clean little Gummy Bear would yell "my box, my box, you can not have it".  But the volunteers kept talking to her and explaining that we really just want to clean this for you and make things nice and will give it back.  Gummy Bear has come a long way since then and now she sometimes lets us see how cute she can be.

DOB 11/15/2005


Charlotte has stunning good looks with a dazzling purrsonality to match.  This beautiful girl may be shy at first but once you are in her good graces she will shower you with attention and lots of head butts.  Charlotte is looking for a quiet home preferably as an only pet where she can get the royal treatment and become the queen of your heart.  

DOB 12/18/2010


I am a sweetheart, the volunteers told me so.  I love attention and soft food.  I can be very chatty, because I want to tell you all about my day and let you know about everyone who passed by the window.  Come and see me and I will fill you in on all the activities. Rusty is front declawed.

DOB 6/1/2008


I am very nervous about people and need lots of time to be comfortable.  I do watch my buddy Coach and if he is ok with someone then I may check them out by coming up to sniff them.  I have no teeth but am eating ok.

DOB 7/24/2009


I am a little uncertain so timid when I first meet you, but once I know you I am fine with the pets and brushing.  I like cats especially my buddy Patron.  If I like you Patron may come check you out too. 

DOB 1/20/2009


There are other black cats here, but I am the big one, maybe the biggest. The volunteers say I could be a mini-panther, but I am not big and scary, in fact I am a bit shy or some say timid.  I need time to adjust to anything new and to be comfortable.  So I need time to get to know new people.  I do like chin scratches when I know you and some back rubs at the base of my tail.

DOB 5/22/2008


I am the panther-man with white whiskers.  I am told that I am a bit standoffish but I just prefer to be petted when I am in the mood and by my rules.  I can be bribed with some soft food sometimes.  I do not care for the other cats much because I am the lone panther-man who likes to go his own way. 

DOB 7/27/2007


Smudge is a beautiful, short-haired white cat. He is an energetic guy who loves to play fetch with his toys and play. He also likes to gently wrestle with his caregivers. Smudge used to be very feisty and would scratch and bite, but he has calmed down and is now quite cuddly. When Smudge is not busy with those activities, he enjoys a sunny spot to nap in.

DOB 10/1/2007


Minnie Mae tells us that she has a lot to say sometimes and likes people.  But she has had a lot of stress in her life and sometimes needs to be a grumbly bear.  Minnie does tend to think outside the box, possibly because it is uncomfortable for her digging in the litter since she is 4-paw declawed.

DOB 11/10/2010


Harley is a gentle giant.  He tells us that he is a little uneasy about the shelter but things are much better now that his best bud and brother is with him.  Harley says that he loves to give headbutts and to get lots of attention and petting.  If he does not know you he may be a bit shy at first but not for long. Davidson is smaller than his brother Harley but has the same beautiful long hair black coat.  Davidson tells us he loves people and likes to be petted as much as brother Harley.

DOB 2/11/2010


I am a handsome boy but I cannot take stress.  I need a very quiet home with very little activity.  I am affectionate and get along with the volunteers I know and older quiet cats.  But please no dogs and no children for me.  I am dreaming of a home with just me and my special person, with maybe one other very quiet laid back cat.

DOB 5/20/2011


Debbie can be very loving but it has to be on her terms.  She is mostly spice and a little sassy.  Debby must be in a home with no other cats, no dogs and no children.   Very mature young adults and adults would be OK as long as they know that she is top cat and the boss.  Debbie is a favorite with some of our volunteers who appreciate independent minded cats and spend time with her.  She does like her treats and food but insists on her favorites. 

DOB 7/9/2004


Mack is a very handsome talkative boy who enjoys it when his human friends give him attention. Although Mack tolerates the other cats he really would much rather be the only cat in his own house.  All these cats are very hard on him and although he is very laid back and a totally cool dude sometimes it is just too much for him and he feels a bit grumpy about the shenanigans of those other cats.

DOB 4/23/2005


Minnie is a shy little girl who came to us 4-paw-declawed. Once she knows and trusts you, Minnie likes to be held and petted. Unfortunately, Minnie has developed an aversion to the litterbox due to her declawing surgery and will sometimes go outside of the box. She will need a special owner or, in the meantime, we would appreciate donations to help us with her ongoing care.

DOB 4/1/2005


Meeka is a senior lady and she is not afraid to voice her opinions. Meeka is a talkative cat with an independent personality. She is pretty active for her age. Her previous owner 4-paw-declawed her.

DOB 7/9/2004


Shadow's family moved to a place that did not allow cats, so Shadow suddenly found himself without a home and in a very strange and scary place. He is nervous and hides but we are hoping that in time he will learn that people are here to help him and there are good things going on. Shadow needs a home that is quiet and filled with love and patience.

DOB 7/27/2007


Sushi is a sweet grey female. She enjoys being petted and playing with toys on strings. Sushi also gets along well with other cats. She is a bit shy in new surroundings and around new people, but once she gets used to things, she is a very happy girl. She loves canned food and napping in the sun. (*)


Baby Choo is a DSH white & black male. Baby Choo is a very active and nosy young man. He likes to be into everything. He is not big on being picked up and held, but he loves to be petted and will let you know when he wants to be loved on. He does well with other cats (after a short adjustment period) and enjoys running around the house playing chase games with them. Baby Choo is current on all of his vaccines, neutered and micro-chipped. (*)


Miss Bonnie is a pretty dilute tortie with a cute little pink nose.  She was cared for by a church congregation, but Pet Refuge took her when the weather turned cold.  Bonnie loves people, and tolerates other cats if she can be the alpha cat.  She LOVES to play! 

DOB 3/1/2005


Max is a darling playful fun loving boy. With his activity level we are hoping to find someone who is experienced with the more mischievous side of cats. Max loves attention and action. He is the adventurer and explorer of the crowd. Shortly after Max was returned to us, he stopped eating and became very sick. Luckily, he has fully recovered and is doing great these days.

DOB 1/11/2008


I may look sad but it is just my look.  I am a bit timid at first and nervous about the other cats but I do like humans.  I especially love brushing and petting. My volunteer friends tell me that I have faucitis which sometimes causes inflammation of  the mouth and throat.  This was so bad at one time that I had to have all my teeth removed.  I am doing a lot better now because the volunteers are giving me medicine every day.  I really need my medicine and it would be good if someone sponsored me.

DOB 9/20/2008


"Brush me, I'm beautiful!" Princess Zoey is a big, Black & White, loveable girl whose favorite things in the world are a good brushing and a nice belly rub. In fact, she likes being brushed so much that you'd think she was perpetually getting ready for a date! Zoey is good with other cats, and is very eager for you to bring her home to her new palace. Zoey is currently on Cosequin for bladder health and will have to be on this medication for the rest of her life. 

DOB 11/20/2006


This girl wants a home so badly - preferably with her best friend Cecily. Although she's shy and needs a little time to get to know you, Bridgette gets friendlier and friendlier the more time you spend with her. She has the most beautiful eyes and she has NO teeth, but she eats just fine anyway! She’s nice to other cats and if you don't mind coaxing a cat out of her shell just a bit - then Bridgette hopes you'll consider her.

DOB 12/17/2004


Cecily is a cute black & white girl with a little stub of a tail and an adorable half mustache. She really enjoys the company of other cats and she can frequently be found cuddling with her best friend Bridgette. Cecily is a little shy when she first meets you, but once she allows you to pet her, she wants you to pet her forever! And that's part of her diabolical plan: Get someone to start petting her, then fall in love with her, then take her home so she can have her happy ending.

DOB 10/3/2007


I am a handsome boy that has survived a broken leg, lost my home, & am now at Pet Refuge. As you can see I am quite handsome. I do need special food so my urinary crystals don't come back but I am a happy cat now. I get along with other cats. If you would like a good looking, fun guy in your house, come check me out. (*)

DOB 8/5/2012


Wendy is a very shy and gentle type of cat.
Once I brought her home she blossomed, she likes to be around people, always following us around the house and laying next to us.
Her eyes are mesmerizing and her fur is soft as silk, she is not a lap cat but she will give you all the love and affection on her own way.

DOB 5/14/2007 (*)


When Dewey came to us, he was extremely shy and even a bit scared to be touched.  Now Dewey is a bit more outgoing with volunteers who have taken time to let him get to know them at his pace. He is curious about the world around him and  loves to check on what is going on from a comfortable distance.  Dewey is ok with laid back cats.  He would love a quiet low stress home.

DOB 4/25/2006


Layla is a classic brown tabby and she is cute as a button! When Layla first made it into Pet Refuge in February of 2010, she was unsure of people and was hiding for a few days. Layla has come a long ways in her foster home. She loves her playtime, especially her squeaky mouse and feathery toys. She is also enjoying the company of other cats and kittens and will need an active playmate in her new home! Yet while Layla is doing well around people she knows and trusts, she is still shy around strangers. (*)

DOB 12/1/2009


Jeffy says that although he feels a bit shy if he does not know you he really is curious about you and all that goes on around him.  I enjoy sitting on the high shelves so I won't miss anything. (*)


Panda Bear got his name from not only his Black & White coloring but also from his rounded ears that were a result of frostbite damage. The poor little guy has spent most of his life outdoors without much human contact and he originally came to us in need of some socialization. However, he has turned into quite the little social butterfly these days. 

DOB 9/1/2008


Ozzie is very aloof, independent and can be quite vocal.  When his favorite people are there and he is in the mood, he is very friendly.  With some of our volunteers he will meow for them then rub up against their legs until they pet him.  Ozzie is OK with other cats and he has lived with a dog.  He only likes cat friendly dogs of course.

DOB 8/2/2011


Hello My Name is Molly, I love to hide in small cubbie holes. It takes me a while to warm up to someone, but when I finally do let you pet me, you'll find I'm incredibly soft. I may not be the most cuddly kitten, but don't let that scare you. I'm a precious little ball of fur that would make a great addition to any family. (*)

DOB 4/4/2006


Description coming soon! (*)


Howie loves to hang out in the tops of cat trees and keep an eye on things. Howie has an independent side and expects you to ask permission before proceeding to pet him. Howie does like people and is ok with other cats as long. (*)

DOB 3/26/2010


Rebecca is a sweet senior girl. She would love to lay on your lap and be pet all day long. She is so affectionate! Rebecca adores canned food and eats like a champ, while still maintaining her perfect figure. Rebecca ignores other dogs and cats as long as they’re not in her space. She will need weekly brushing because she has long, luxurious fur. Rebecca was four-paw declawed by a previous owner. (*)

DOB 11/30/2007


Mickey Rourke wants to wrestle his way into your heart and be the leading man in your life.  He does well with other easy going cats and loves to be brushed.  He would do well in almost any environment (dogs unknown).  Mickey Rourke is front declawed.  

DOB. 2/3/2013


Lizzy is a big girl with a lot of love to give. She is very sweet and loves to be petted. She will even gently put her paw on you if she isn't ready to stop getting attention. Sometimes she can get a little moody if other cats get too close to her.

DOB 4/1/2011


I do have cute white socks and I am told that I am adorable but I am not a lap cat.  I will sit next to you and wait for you to notice and pet me.  I would enjoy having my very own fountain. The volunteers at Pet Refuge bring in jugs and pour the water into the bowls very slowly so that I can pretend it is a fountain and drink the running water.  Sometime I play hide and seek with the volunteers I know.

DOB 4/3/2010


Snicklefritz loves to be brushed and is very friendly once he is comfortable with you. Although he is a bit older, he is a very playful fellow. He is not comfortable with a lot of noise and confusion and children are a bit stressful for him but he likes adults, both men and women and is OK with other cats.

DOB 12/9/2007


Smokey is gentle and sweet and has the most beautiful coat. She is very polite and loves any kind of attention from sweet talk to being brushed.

DOB 2/6/2011


Vivi is a big diva with loads of personality! She knows what she wants and will let you know when she's ready for attention, and when she's had enough attention. She would prefer to the be one and only kitty in the house. 

DOB 1/26/2012


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