With his cute little snaggletooth, Luna is a playful guy who loves treats and being brushed. While he may not readily hop onto your lap, he will endlessly chase a laser pointer around. Does well with other cats.

DOB 2/20/2010



Don't let Buzz's fluffy hair fool you – under that gorgeous black coat, this big beefy boy tips the scales at a whopping 18 pounds! He is a very calm cat and would do well with another calm cat in a quieter home. Buzz is front-paw declawed.

DOB 8/1/2013



Although I am a handsome and a very sweet boy I sometimes do get a bit nervous.  New places and new people are very stressful.  I like people and cats once I get to know them.  I like soft food and pets but please do not touch my head.

DOB 4/2/2011



Meiko is a gentle, quiet soul looking for a lowkey home. Meiko has a sad story: she was loved by her person for many years, until they decided to downsize. Meiko came to a local humane society with her bubbly, outgoing sister, who was adopted in a heartbeat. Meiko took longer to warm up, but now she is immensely affectionate and loyal. Meiko loves to give headbutts and snuggles. She has a strong purr and the most adorable meow. Meiko has done well with other cats, and wouldn’t mind a furry companion in her future home. She would also be great as an only cat. Meiko would prefer a smaller home, like an apartment, as she is most comfortable in confined surroundings. Meiko is in great health and can’t wait to find that forever home to live out her senior years.

DOB approx. 2013



Molly is a sweet senior girl with a big personality.  Molly was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, but is well controlled with her current oral medication.  Molly LOVES snuggling in bed with her foster mom and dad, lounging in sunbeams and having her ears rubbed.  Molly does very well with other cats and has lived with a small dog in the past. (*)

DOB 4/4/2006



Wendy is a very shy and gentle type of cat.
Once I brought her home she blossomed, she likes to be around people, always following us around the house and laying next to us. Her eyes are mesmerizing and her fur is as soft as silk, she is not a lap cat but she will give you all the love and affection in her own way. (*)

DOB 5/14/2007



Meet Stella Ann! Well, it’s hard to miss her since she is usually waiting right by the door, trying to make sure that she is the first one to get food and attention. Stella Ann loves treats and has an adorable begging routine! She would do best in a home without young children though.

DOB 9/15/2013



Shadow's family moved to a place that did not allow cats, so Shadow suddenly found himself without a home and in a very strange and scary place. He is nervous and hides but we are hoping that in time he will learn that people are here to help him and there are good things going on. Shadow needs a home that is quiet and filled with love and patience.

DOB 7/27/2007



Hi, my name is Bugaboo and I'm looking for a new human husband! My first one passed away recently, so I had to move into Pet Refuge while I wait to find a new home. I need a man who won't have any other kitty friends because I need him all to myself. He'll need to understand that I'll take time to warm up and trust him, but once I do, I'll show him as much love as he shows me. Just know that I'm not afraid to tell you when I've had enough and most of the time, affection will be on my terms. Come over and see me sometime and hopefully I'll be your match!

DOB 6/1/2012



I am a feisty girl who likes things my way.  If you want a fun, spicy girl look at me.  But I rule.  I prefer a quiet home with no dogs or young children.  Although I like some older children and mellow cats.  I will stand up on my hind legs to take a treat out of the hand of one of the volunteers that I like. 

DOB 3/2/2010



With his cute little snaggletooth, Luna is a playful guy who loves treats and being brushed.  While he may not readily hop onto your lap, he will endlessly chase a laser pointer around. Does well with other cats. 

DOB 2/20/2010

012011 Layla.jpg


Layla is a classic brown tabby and she is cute as a button! When Layla first made it into Pet Refuge in February of 2010, she was unsure of people and was hiding for a few days. Layla has come a long ways in her foster home. She loves her playtime, especially her squeaky mouse and feathery toys. She is also enjoying the company of other cats and kittens and will need an active playmate in her new home! Yet while Layla is doing well around people she knows and trusts, she is still shy around strangers. (*)

DOB 12/1/2009



As you might have already guessed from looking at his picture, this handsome boy was named after his adorable little milk mustache. In addition to his good looks, Stash also loves attention… but he is not shy to let you know when he’s done getting pet. He would do best in a home without young children and would do well as an only cat. 

DOB 5/8/2012



For more information, contact Pet Refuge. (*)

DOB 7/20/2009



For more information,

please come visit me at Pet Refuge.

DOB 6/14/2014