Note - Effective October 1, 2020 the adoption fee for Puppies will be $250.00

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I am a very playful, energetic, young pup that is looking for a home that has the time to help me learn all the stuff puppies need to learn.  I love,love, love people!!! I heard someone say I am a cutie, though I'm not sure what that means. I will need a fenced yard and older children, since I will probably grow up to be a very large dog! More to come.
DOB 10/29/21  41 pounds
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Look into my eyes and I will mesmerize you.  I am a happy go lucky Great Dane/ Shepherd mix and I have the most gorgeous tan coat with gray merle markings.  Being such a big boy I am totally unaware of  my size. I still have lots growing to do. Please no small dogs, I'm known to step on them.
I have a heart as big as my paws and I won't hesitate to show you my amorous side. Older children and a fenced yard, since I am used to having one in my prior home.
DOB 8-12-21  70 pounds and growing daily.
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Betty is a happy-go-lucky basset/beagle mix. She is a young girl that is hoping to spend quality time with her new family in her forever home. Betty is still a puppy, so she tends to be mouthy at  times, so no young children please. She is true to her hound lineage, so a fenced yard is a must for this playful girl.

DOB 7/30/21 42 pounds

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Meet Laurel!
She is a young chihuahua mix ready to snuggle in your lap and be your best friend. Laurel tends to be a little shy at first meetings, but when she knows you are a friend she will devote herself to you endlessly! Laurel is a pup still, so she will need to work on her basic puppy training skills. Since Laurel tends to be shy, a quiet home without young children is a must. We are uncertain how she is with other animals. Laurel is a sweetheart just waiting for her forever home. Available soon.

DOB  8/7/21    14 pounds

Ozzie jpup.jpg
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Hi, I know I'm cute and hope you think so too. I have a great demeanor, though I really don't know what that means, but I heard it was a good thing. I am working on my leash walking and housebreaking skills.
I would do best with someone that is experienced with my breed of a cattle dog. I will need a fenced yard and a little bit older children. I also give great hugs. 

DOB 9-29-21     Approx 25 pounds
My name is Justin and I have one of the cutest mugs around! I’m always ready for a good time, and would love to share my sweet disposition with you. I promise,  it won't take long for me to become part of your home, even if I'm a bit shy, at first.
I really need a fence, and older children to make my new forever home complete. Pet Refuge is still learning more about me, so updates will be added. 
DOB  8/14/21    29 pounds
cora col.jpg
Are you wishing for a snuggle bug? Cora may make your wish come true. She is adorable, lovable, and full of puppy sweetness. Cora is a boxer/terrier mix and is patiently waiting to find a great home that will appreciate the amazing dog she will truly become.

Cora will need a fenced yard, and older children. (*)

DOB  9/28/21      33 pounds