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For over 30 years the mission of Pet Refuge has been to protect the health and welfare of animals in our care and to demonstrate respect and compassion for all animals.  We are grateful that Universal Studios has offered us an opportunity to promote our mission with the movie “A Dog’s Purpose” and raise awareness regarding adoption.  However, in lieu of the recent video aired by some media outlets, Pet Refuge has made the decision to discontinue the promotion of this film.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the work we do.

*For Ticket Refunds contact: treasurer@petrefuge.com or stop by our shelter


Pet Refuge is a not-for-profit “no-kill” animal shelter established in April 1978. Pet Refuge is run by volunteers for the placement of unwanted and abandoned pets into responsible permanent homes. We are totally dependent upon monetary and material donations from people like you in the community. There is a waiting list to intake all animals that come into our shelter. We recommend that while you have your cat or dog on our waiting list, you also try other options in trying to place them such as run an ad in the newspaper (please do not advertise for free). Also, check with family, friends, co-workers etc., to see if they can help you out. Screen potential interested parties for your pet and ask for references including a vet reference. Pet Refuge will try to help as many cats and dogs as possible; however, pet overpopulation is a problem in our community. -To learn more about our organization please see the About Us page.



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