On Medical Hold

Despite everything that this boy has been through, Walter couldn’t be a happier or more social cat. Walter has been tossed around quite a bit and has been returned to Pet Refuge numerous times. Unfortunately, his previous owners also neglected to take care of his medical needs and after his most recent return, we discovered that Walter was not only diabetic, but that he was in desperate need of a dental.

Walter moved into a foster home in 2015 and we are working on getting his Glucose levels regulated. Walter loves being in a home and sleeps cuddled up to his foster mom every night. He enjoys playing with his foster siblings (he shares his home with Mandarin, a fellow diabetic and several foster kittens).

Please consider sponsoring Walter to help us take care of his ongoing medical needs. Walter would also very much appreciate donations of low-carb canned food (he likes Fancy Feast Classic and Friskies Pates).

Update (October 2015): Walter was finally deemed healthy enough to have dental surgery. After several extractions, his mouth feels a lot better.

Update (November 2015): Walter has gained 2 pounds since going into foster 2 months ago. He is at a healthy weight and looks and feel a lot better. Walter continues to be on Insulin, but his Glucose levels are starting to look better.

Update (March 2016): Since the beginning of the year, Walter’s Glucose levels have once again spiked and our vet determined that he was in need of yet another dental to help with his infected mouth. This time, four teeth had to be extracted. Walter is currently recovering in his foster home and enjoying all of the extra attention.

Update (December 2016): Walter is continuing to do well and enjoys spending time with his 2- and 4-legged family members. He is still on twice daily Insulin injections, but his Glucose levels are much improved and he is a much happier and healthier cat.

DOB: May 4, 2006

092315 Walter Walter playing 2 Walter_adult_cat

120916-family-photo 071616-walt-and-kits  Walter and his foster siblings