Whether you like dogs, cats, or both……whether you have a lot of time, a little time, or no time there is a volunteer opportunity to fit your needs at Pet Refuge.  Here are many of our volunteer opportunities available.


Fostering a Cat or Dog: Foster homes allow us to rescue homeless animals from a variety of situations by providing these animals with temporary care and shelter until they are adopted.  The general requirement is that you love animals and have the time and ability to provide a foster animal with adequate care.  Pet Refuge covers the cost of medical care while in foster care and provides you with a crate and food as needed.  Other requirements will vary depending upon the needs of the foster animal.  Pet Refuge matches the needs of the animal with the foster home.  For more information on cat fostering click hereFor more information on dog fostering click here.

Shelter cat and dog cleaners: Volunteers are always needed to come and take care of the cats and dogs that must stay at our shelter.

The cat department currently has many cat condos, an intake, and infirmary.  There are two cleaning shifts and six people can take care of all the cats in all the rooms on each shift.  The cat room volunteers do the important job of seeing that the cats have clean water, food, and litter boxes.  They check on the cats to make sure that they are all well and not stressed.  There are two other important groups Cat Enrichment and Cat Advocates.  Both aide in the care of cats and in lowering their stress and helping them to find their forever homes.

The dog department has two cleaning shifts; morning and night.  Volunteers are asked to commit to one 4-hour shift per week.  Each shift feeds/waters, sweeps/mops kennels, takes dogs outside and of course, plays with the dogs.  For the dogs, you would work with 2-3 other volunteers on the cleaning shift and you have to be at least 18 years of age.

Office Volunteers: Our shelter is staffed by office volunteers, Monday through Friday, from 10:00 – 3:00.  If you interested in helping in this area, you would need to have some prior phone experience and be available from 10-3.

Fundraising :  If you cannot commit or have the time for a weekly cleaning shift or in the office, “fundraising” for Pet Refuge is an important cause.  Volunteers organize and promote many fundraising events throughout the year.  Help with events when your schedule allows, knowing your reward is helping and supporting animals in need. We are always looking for new ideas to raise funds and love new promotions.


Our Junior volunteer program is at capacity and has a waiting list at this time.


A shelter like no other, the volunteers truly love the cats and dogs.  The time you give a homeless cat or dog means so much to them and helps with their transition from losing their original home.  I guarantee you will fall in love with many of them and rejoice when they finally go to their forever homes.  The difference in their lives – comes from you!