Shim and Stanley

Shim and Stanley are best friends and have spent their entire lives together. Stanley (black) is also known as the greeter. He has a loud purr and happily greets everyone that comes into the room. He loves getting attention and did very well with the young children in his previous home. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and will be have to be on an inexpensive medication for the rest of his life.

His friend Shim (dilute Calico) is a bit more reserved and did not seem to care for children so much. However, once she got used to the volunteers at Pet Refuge, she blossomed into a very friendly girl. She is a talkative cat and enjoys spending time with her buddy Stanley. Shim has to be on a special food for Urinary Crystals and since the two of them are inseparable, Stanley is now happily eating the same food.

If you are looking for a bonded pair of cats and don’t mind a few medical issues, the two will make a great pair!

Stanley was born in 2004 and Shim in 2010

092816-stanley   092816-shim-2   092816-shim-1   092816-stanley-and-shim-2