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Senior Cats

Cat Adoptions every Wednesday and Thursday 6pm-8pm and every Saturday 11am-3pm at the Pet Refuge Shelter


Senior cats are some of the hardest to find homes for — so when you adopt a senior cat, you’re truly saving a life.



Loki Lu

DOB: October 11, 2005




A lovely big cuddly boy.  He enjoys lap time and petting and will follow you around to check on what you are doing.  According to one of our volunteers, Loki Lu is a big teddy bear of a cat.  He gets along with the other cats too.















DOB: September 19, 2003




Tigress has been in the shelter a short time and is very scared. Sometimes she growls and tells the volunteers to leave her alone. We are taking it slow and letting her learn that this place is not as scary as it sometimes seems to frightened little cats.  Tigress would need a very experienced cat person to help her to adjust. Tigress  is front declawed.















DOB: February 1, 2004




Stardust is a very sweet cat with beautiful eyes. She loves to sit near you and have you pet her, and she has a very cute meow.















DOB: July 1, 2004




Angel is a small, adorable cat who loves attention. She likes to climb into your lap and rub her head against your hand while you pet her. 











DOB: March 1, 2002




Bethany is very shy but so sweet.   Once you gain her trust she will purr for you but she really needs a quiet low stress home.















DOB: September 16, 2003




Bradley is a very sweet cat who tends to stay in the background while the more dominant cats in the room seek out attention, so you will usually have to be the one to seek him out. He is a very handsome and polite cat. 













DOB: April 1, 2007




Henry is a very cute light orange cat with soft fur and cute multicolored whiskers. He loves to sit on high places and watch the volunteers as they work or socialize with the other cats. He also likes to be pet and will rub his head against your hands while you do.Henry is front declawed.














DOB: June 10, 2003




Jasmine is a beautiful elegant cat with a luxuriously soft, fluffy coat. She usually waits for people to come to her instead of approaching them herself, but she will gladly accept their affection. She also has an adorably loud purr and sounds like she snores a little when she sleeps.








DOB: October 10, 2003




Kimber is 4-paw-declawed. Description coming soon.











DOB: February 14, 2006




Mio is a very sweet cat who will gladly share your lap with another cat or two. He loves affection but is not greedy for it, either. 











DOB: January 1, 2006




Description coming soon.













DOB: March 1, 2001




Description coming soon.














DOB: January 21, 2007




Tiffany is a shy girl who is just beginning to come out to meet volunteers.  We hope to know more about her as she comes out to visit with us more often. Tiffany is front declawed.












DOB: October 1, 2004




Izzy is a cute and friendly cat who will stay in your lap as long as you let her. She loves attention!



























Brownie Sundae

DOB: January 1, 2004




Brownie Sundae is a sweet, affectionate girl who is often missed by visitors.  Brownie Sundae is in a room where there are several dominant, outgoing cats who tend to take over center stage.  If Brownie does come out to get your attention she may be in the mood to be very talkative or playful or she might just want to get in your lap and be loving.  Brownie Sundae is a charmer.












DOB: January 1, 2002




Pepe is a very handsome cat and he enjoyed the lime light when he made some TV appearances.  He really enjoys being with his admirers and gets along well with people and other cats. Pepe is getting older though and would be happiest where he is the star and he can relax in the sunshine.
















DOB: April 25, 2006




When Dewey came to us, he was extremely shy and even a bit scared to be touched.  Now Dewey is a bit more outgoing with volunteers who have taken time to let him get to know them at his pace. He is curious about the world around him and  loves to check on what is going on from a comfortable distance.  Dewey is ok with laid back cats.  He would love a quiet low stress home.


















Bonnie Bell

DOB: July 31, 2006




Bonnie Bell is a cat who needs to take her time to get to know you and to adjust to any change.  She has gotten to know a few volunteers and enjoys conversing with them on occasion. She would be happiest in a low stress quiet environment and would definitely like to be the only cat.   She dreams of a nice home with a retired person or couple who want only one cat.  Well, a girl can dream. Bonnie Bell is front declawed.











DOB: April 5, 2007




Tink needs time to adjust to any change.  Once you pass her criteria for being a safe and gentle person she will warm up to you and be very lovable.  She likes to rub up against the legs of her favorite volunteers.  She prefers that you not hold her, but if you happen to be on the floor she might get into your lap.  She would prefer a quiet home with no small children.  She seems to be ok with the other cats but mostly ignores them.








DOB: May 4, 2006





Walter is quite the gentleman.  He is not at all pushy but waits politely to be invited onto your lap.  Once up there, he loves to be brushed, and will stay there as long as you let him.  The volunteers are fond of this little gentleman but he still would like his own home with a warm bed and some special people all his own.















 Walter waiting for some attention






DOB: October 15, 2004




Allyssa has a lot of love to give some special person.  She shares that love with the volunteers who see her every day.  She does not have so much love for other kittes though and would be happiest in a home with no other cats.   Allysa enjoys talking to her human friends and can be very social with those she knows.









DOB: July 2007


Shadow's family moved to a place that did not allow cats, so Shadow suddenly found himself without a home and in a very strange and scary place. He is nervous and hides but we are hoping that in time he will learn that people are here to help him and there are good things going on. Shadow needs a home that is quiet and filled with love and patience.



Soda Pop

DOB: October 2001





Soda Pop is as sweet as his name. Our volunteers say he is a lover. He seems to be OK with other cats but humans are his favorite friends. He likes to cuddle and burrow his head in your arms. One of the volunteers picks him up land she told us that "He nestles his face in my chin and clutched my shoulders like a baby, literally! He wouldn't let me put him down. I would go to put him down and he would hug me tighter."   







TJ/Big Guy

DOB: October 2006





TJ  is a very sweet boy.  He loves other cats.and is more comfortable when there are other cats around.  He does sometimes get nervous and needs time to adjust to any change or new environment.  If he is comfortable he loves to be petted.  (*)









DOB: 2000





Tommy is a large and very handsome Maine Coon. He is a very nice, laid back cat that is looking for a quiet home. (*)












DOB: May 5, 2005



Calico DSH



The shelter is a very scary place for some of the cats and Gracie is one of those. She hid under her bed or a towel and growled for the longest time. The patient volunteers would not give up and now she is OK with the ladies talking to her and a few of the gentlemen but she prefers ladies. If she knows the volunteer she is OK with getting petted too. She still prefers to hole up in her box bed or one of the cubbies and only comes out when she feels very safe.







DOB: 2005





This handsome brown tabby is Maxie! He is 8 years old and ready for his fur-ever home! Maxie is ok with other cats and dogs but he really like to be the boss. He is very sweet, friendly and loving. (*)










Senior cats are often content to just relax in your company, unlike younger cats, who may get into mischief because they’re bored.



DOB: June 20, 2005




Mai is a bit shy at first, but if you don't rush her she would like you to pet her. Mai is not comfortable being held unless she knows you really well but she loves to give head butts and will rub her little head in your hands. She has adorable blue eyes.



DOB:March 17, 2003




A handsome boy with one crumpled ear. He is a friendly, outgoing and independent cat. Malcomb would prefer a quiet house with low stress.


Speaking of relaxing, senior cats make great napping buddies.


DOB: December 2004


This girl wants a home so badly - preferably with her best friend Cecily.
Although she's shy and needs a little time to get to know you, Bridgette gets friendlier and friendlier the more time you spend with her. She has the most beautiful eyes and she has NO teeth, but she eats just fine anyway! She’s nice to other cats and if you don't mind coaxing a cat out of her shell just a bit - then Bridgette hopes you'll consider her.








DOB:April 2007



Toby is a big, handsome charcoal-colored cat. He tends to get startled easily, but warms up to you quickly with some patience and time, and is a very loving, cuddly boy. When he's finished getting attention from his human friends, Toby enjoys spending time on the windowsill following moving objects outside very intently. He would do best with an easy-going family that's looking for a furry companion to love.




DOB:February 1, 2003



Katie is a very pretty calico girl with sparkly green eyes. She loves to be petted and brushed. Katie would like a low stress home with a very understanding and experienced cat person. She needs someone who will take time with an older girl who is so very sweet but does have some stress issues after a hard life. (4 paw declawed)






Senior cats are often already litter trained and are less likely to “forget” where the box is.





DOB: January 2007



Amos is an outgoing and adventurous cat with many hobbies. When he's not entertaining you with his toys, he always makes it known when he wants attention with little head-butts. If that doesn't work, he'll jump in your lap and bat at your earlobes as he plants himself on your shoulder. He loves to be brushed, and adores being the center of attention. If you're looking for an active, affectionate cat, he may be the companion you're seeking.




DOB: January 2007


Abe is a cat with beautiful white fur and long, distinguished whiskers. He is very laid back, gets along with other cats, and is very affectionate and sweet towards people. He would be a fine choice for families with children, or anyone looking for a laid back little buddy to brighten up your household.






DOB: May 2007



Sammie is a gentle, sweet cat that is shy upon first impression. However, he is a friendly and peaceful companion once he warms up to you, and enjoys sleeping on the bed with you. Although he prefers not to be held, he likes attention from those he trusts, and wants to be a quiet companion for someone special. He is great with other cats, and very gentle with his claws. Sammie has blocked tear ducts that give his face a bit of a rough look at first, but they don't affect his vision, and he simply needs his face wiped every couple of days to reveal the pretty face beneath.





DOB:August 2006


Kiara's favorite thing is hanging out in cat trees and she would love her own tree with a view looking out a window. Sometimes she hangs out a bit too much and needs her friends among the volunteers to remind her to do her laps so that she can get back to her girlish figure. She is an awesome cat who is very laid back. Kiara is OK with other cats and enjoys the company of the volunteers and visitors to the shelter, but young children are a bit much for her so she would prefer her own special home with no children. Kiara needs to take a very inexpensive medicine daily to keep her regular.and she is a real sweetheart about taking it. So if you are looking for a charming easy going cat with beautiful eyes to hang out with you Kiara maybe your girl. (front declawed)









Senior cats often know that scratching posts (not furniture) are for scratching and toys (not hands or feet) are for biting.




DOB: August 2005



Goldie is an animated little torbie with a beautiful gold-colored face. She has a sweet, welcoming demeanor, and enjoys sitting on your lap or next to you and keeping you company. The secret to being her best friend is to rub her belly, which she loves more than anything. Her beautiful face and lovely demeanor will brighten any household.





DOB: July 2005


Betsy is playful cat with colorful fur markings that match her personality. Her adorable white paws and whiskers give her a bit of a clown look, and her friendly and charming personality match the association well. She loves to run and play to get your attention, and then rubs up against you for some cuddle time. Betsy has likely had problems with being roughed up by people in the past, and just wants a family that will treat her well and let her show her shining personality. (front declawed)









DOB:May 2003


"Adoption Pending"


Jordan is a bit quiet and shy at first but he is a lovable sweet fellow once he feels comfortable. He really likes people and he is ok with other cats.







A senior cat won’t grow any larger, so you’ll know exactly how much cat you’re getting.








DOB: 2006


Mayflower and her son Pilgrim (who has been adopted) are both very sweet and sociable. Mayflower has been a great mom and took very good care of her one and only baby. (*)







DOB: April 2007


This beautiful girl is a Lilac Tabby. Delilah came to Pet Refuge with 3 of her kittens and now that they have been adopted, she is ready for a home of her own. Delilah’s ideal home would be quiet and without small children. Delilah has done well around small, gentle dogs, but she is petrified of large dogs after having been attacked by one. (*)






DOB: November 2003


This pretty lady really wants to be in a nice quiet home where there are no loud dogs or children or even other cats to bother her. She really likes to meditate in quiet sometimes but she enjoys quality time with the friendly patient humans who care for her at the shelter. She is hoping that someone caring will see how special she is and want to take the time to get to know her and give her a home.







Macey Gray

DOB: March 2001


Macey Gray found herself homeless when her owner died. A neighbor took her for a while but Macey was used to a nice quiet home and the neighbor’s home was a bit too active for her. At our shelter, she has been doing well with some other cats and she seems to really like Jake.




DOB:April 18, 2002


I've Been Adopted!


Jake is a handsome boy, and HE KNOWS IT! He demands love when you are by him, and he loves to interact with humans. A totally awesome cat according to our volunteers. (4 paw declawed)









Senior cats are some of the hardest to find homes for — so when you adopt a senior cat, you’re truly saving a life.







DOB:May 2002


Ruby is a very sweet cat who just loves being with people. Ruby gets along nicely with other cats and doesn’t mind smaller dogs that will leave her alone. She would prefer a quiet home to live out her senior years. (front declawed) (*)




A senior cat’s personality has already developed, so you’ll know if he or she is a good fit for your family.








Merry Claire

DOB: March 2007



Merry Claire is a pretty orange tabby & white female. She likes to be petted and enjoys high places to nap. Merry would be best as an ONLY CAT.




DOB: April 2003




Cleo is a laid back, peaceful girl with a cute black nose that gives her face tons of personality.  Cleo enjoys drinking from the sink, and frequently has a wet head!  Due to a nerve injury, she cannot jump very high, but she always asks for help.  She gets along very well with adults and children, but would probably prefer to be the only animal of the house.




DOB:November 2006



"Brush me, I'm beautiful!" Princess Zoey is a big, Black & White, loveable girl whose favorite things in the world are a good brushing and a nice belly rub. In fact, she likes being brushed so much that you'd think she was perpetually getting ready for a date! Zoey is good with other cats, and is very eager for you to bring her home to her new palace.

Zoey is currently on Cosequin for bladder health and will have to be on this medication for the rest of her life.



DOB: May 2003




Indy would like nothing more than a home of his own. Unfortunately, life at the shelter has been hard on him. Being around so many other cats does not always bring out the best in Indy and he is looking for a patient family that would give him time to adjust. Indy promises to be the best kitty he could possibly be if you give him a chance! (front declawed)








DOB:September 2003




Reba is an elegant brown tabby Main Coon mix.  She is a senior who has had a very difficult time which has led her to become easily stressed.  Poor Reba has lost her home at an age where a cat should be allowed to settle in and enjoy life but now she is surrounded by other cats and they do not seem to care for her presence - even though rumor has it that Oakie (see below) is quite fond of her.

Reba needs a home without children or dogs.  A low stress and caring home where she could watch birds out the window and sleep on her own pillow is what she would like. (front declawed)




DOB: February 2004



Frisco is a beautiful long hair all black male. Frisco is considered a buddy cat because he prefers to be with other cats or dogs and does not like to be around people.  He is very playful and will snuggle with other cats.  If you lived alone with no other cats he could possibly bond with you instead of depending on other cats for companionship because he does enjoy being brushed and he absolutely loves his daily cat treats.  (*)

Click here to sponsor Frisco in our Sponsor-A-Pet Program


Dobie Rose

DOB: 2007



When Doberman first came into Pet Refuge, her foster mom thought that this pretty girl needed a new, pretty name for a new beginning - and she was renamed Dobie Rose. Dobie Rose has a very unusual smoky grey fur with white tuxedo markings. She is still settling into her foster home but she is starting to enjoy human attention and her once skinny body is filling out very nicely. (*)








Esmerelda is a pretty Tortie was pregnant when she first arrived at Pet Refuge in December '07. She was a gentle and loving mother to her babies and is always willing to be petted or held. 




DOB: 2004




Irene can be sweet at first, but can quickly get crabby if you pet her for too long. She would prefer to be the only cat as she does not care for other cats to be near her. Irene enjoys humans and will rub against your legs to ask for affection. She would not do well with children, as she will bite if her tail is pulled.





DOB: 2004




Pattie is a gorgeous, short-haired, black & white girl with striking markings on her face. This plump girl is friendly and cuddly.



DOB: January 2004



This handsome DSH black male was rescued from a house fire.  Levi loves everyone and does great with other cats.  His best friend is Frisco (see Buddy Cat page) and they can often be seen leaning on each other while they walk together (why not adopt a pair?)  He does great with children too!  Levi is the perfect combination of being both affectionate and playful.  He would be happiest in a home where he can get plenty of love, preferably with another feline friend to keep him company while you are gone.  (*)




DOB: May 2004


Alba is an inquisitive cat that likes keeping an eye on whatever is going on in her domain. She has quite the sassy personality, and likes things to be just the way she likes them or she'll voice her displeasure. Alba is an opinionated cat with lots of personality, and would be fine in a household with other pets. Alba is front declawed.




DOB:December 2002




Janie is a plump, pretty Calico.  She loves people, but she doesn't appreciate all the other cats in our big cat room.  Janie tends to hang around in one of the cages where she feels secure.  More than anything else in the world, Janie wishes that a special person like you would come and take her away to her very own home. (front declawed)




DOB: January 2005




Miss Bonnie is a pretty dilute tortie with a cute little pink nose.  She was cared for by a church congregation, but Pet Refuge took her when the weather turned cold.  Bonnie loves people, and tolerates other cats if she can be the alpha cat.  She LOVES to play!




DOB:September 2006


Emmie is a beautiful cat. The color is sometimes referred to as blue. She is often missed because she tends to stay in the back ground since she is not a pushy girl. I think she dreams of a nice quiet home with grown up humans who would appreciate her polite ways. The MCR can be such a rowdy place.









DOB: 2001




Howard is a sleek, silky-soft black cat.  He has a long, slim body and a distinctive, triangle-shaped head.  Howard is easy-going and friendly.  As you can see, he enjoys curling up in a tight little ball for his afternoon nap.

Update: We have discovered that Howard needs to be on a special diet to prevent kidney stones. Please consider sponsoring Howard in our Sponsor-A-Pet Program to help pay for his special food and his medical needs. (front declawed)




DOB: April 2007




Bonzai is a sweet, Domestic Medium Hair Brown Tabby & White female. She is very petite and looks to have some Maine Coon mixed in her as she has the fluffy tail and prominent ear and paw tufts of hair. Her favorite thing is to jump up onto the sink and drink from the faucet. She loves playing in the water. Since she has a dominant personality, she would prefer to be an only cat, but would do ok in a house with one or two others. She is sweet and playful. Not big on being picked up and held, but likes to be petted).




DOB: 1998


Sarah is a dilute calico female that is considered a senior cat. She loves a strip of sunshine to lay in and a human to scratch her chin. Sarah is Queen of the Small Cat Room and rules with an iron paw - because of this she would prefer not to share her humans with other cats.

Update: Sarah recently developed a hematoma in her right ear and had to have surgery. 

November 2011: After a second hematoma in her other ear, Sarah has perfected her Scottish Fold look.



DOB: October 2005


"On Medical Hold"

Gerry is a shy girl whose meow sounds like a growl (and, sadly, frightens the others cats with whom she lives). She likes to be petted and loves her morning treats. She would probably do best in a quiet house with no other pets since she doesn't really like other cats (or kids). 




DOB: April 2006



Herman is a long-haired, Seal Point Himalayan mix. He loves to play with feather toys and balls. Herman was originally found as a stray, and apparently had a narrow escape from a cruel person, as he had been shot in the right front foot and is now missing two toes. However, his injury does not prevent him from playing and cuddling with his human friends.



Baby Choo

DOB: May 2005



Baby Choo is a DSH white & black male. Baby Choo is a very active and nosy young man. He likes to be into everything. He is not big on being picked up and held, but he loves to be petted and will let you know when he wants to be loved on. He does well with other cats (after a short adjustment period) and enjoys running around the house playing chase games with them. Baby Choo is current on all of his vaccines, neutered and micro-chipped.

Choo WAS adopted by a loving family recently but was, unfortunately, returned due to being too active and playful for the older cats already in the household. The older cats developed behavioral issues due to his presence so the family reluctantly had to bring him back.  Baby Choo will need a home with other active and playful cats or else to be an only cat in the home.



DOB: March 2005



Sushi is a sweet grey female. She enjoys being petted and playing with toys on strings. Sushi also gets along well with other cats. She is a bit shy in new surroundings and around new people, but once she gets used to things, she is a very happy girl. She loves canned food and napping in the sun. (*)




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