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(Received in our office as of Feb. 12, 2018)

Vicki Addison from Pam and Brian Balint, Nancy Whiteman, Jennell Gorski, Leonard Glon, Dean Slabach, Joan and Richard Briggs, Martin Nix

Janice Andrews from Hawaiian Dance Class

Nancy Anderson from Michiana Gastroenterology, Inc., Ruby Hansen, Brett Williams, Mark and Diane Hale

Rachel Bellovich from Anthony and Tricia Underly

David Berndt from Mr. and Mrs. Ken Quam,  Janet Glanes M.D.

Phillip Bernth from Charlene Ives

Orlen Biltz from Linda and Terry Biltz, Joan Biltz, Mary Sue Weinzetl

Terry Binder from David Tarwacki, David and Colette Bent, Mark and Janice Futter

Lucy Blanda from Patrick Blanda

Thomas C. Boser from Barbara Boser, Mary Boser, Jeffrey, Vicki Boser and Family, Lisa and Phil Miller, Joe and Cathy Faecke, Steve Chrobot, Gloria and Ralph Prawat, David and Laura Salela, Phoebe and Baird Ritter

Bill Burke from Marie and James Hummell

Kelsey Clark from The Blair Family

Chris Cloud from Stephanie Ford, Nancy Whiteman, Jacquelyn Olson, Gary and Kimberly Haines, Alice and William Hiniker, Kenneth and Linda Harness, Sharon Hurd

Tammy Crawford from Mark Crawford, Wendy, and Jeffrey Turner

Linda DeLaruelle from Nona Emerson

Fred Dils from Judy and Ed Mullis, Jacalyn and Paul Franklin, Pat and Cathi Blaney, Kathryn Hebon

Deborah Draves from Bud and Sherry Strahla, Richard and Linda Williamson, Ed and Vicki Kukrzhal, Oliver and Lora Wade, David Rothenhoefer, Gloria Nyikos, Mick and Carol Lannoo

Ronald Dudeck from Lake City Heat Treating Corp., Midland Engineering, Gaby Families, John and Margaret Sheneman, Dennis Klingerman, Kenneth and Noreen Plencer, Macario Soto, Mary Ellen Maenhout, Jeanne Blad

James Gondek from Harry and Sharrel Sponseller, Connie Halston

Kathryn Good from Billie Vaughn, Nancy Shirley, Deanna Hanley, Robin Timleck, Karen Taylor, Kathy Koleszar, Roxanne Ewing, Darlene Ralph, Clare, Leo, Mary Clare and Peter Sobieralski

Carl Gorbitz Jr. from Deborah and Robert Meyer

Lillian Greenlee from Karen Nevorski

Judy Grzegorek from Don and Cindy Ullery, Mark and Michele LaCosse, Mike Kruk, Richard and Karen Miller, South Bend Clinic Radiology Dept., Louis Lacopo at Tony’s Mobile, Chris Franey, The Yergler Family, Bobbie and Dave Dosmann, Joe and Sharon Chookie, All the Supervisors, Fred Johndrow, Steven Richmond

Paul Hochstetler from Dorothy and Dennis DeKeizer, James Bankowski, Katie Krepel, Nancy Ann Harter, Julianne Harris , Phyllis and Clarence Altic, Josephine and Richard Borror. Brenda Lovett, Mack Tool & Engineering

Tamara Hoyt from Lyn and William Price, Dennis Hoyt

Blance Keltner from Dave and Teresa Betz, Betty Jo Boyer, Pam and Dave Jentz, Greater Niles Community Federal Credit Union

Lorraine Koszek from Joan Dunbar

V. Jene (Forbes) Landy from Nancy Grant

Pete Leatherwood from James Baugh

Ruth Masteller from Tony Norborg, Alan Johnson

Betty McCombs from Patty Hatfield, Judith Denniston, Linda DeBroka, William, Tina Joy and Family, John and Barbara Reihl, Rex J. And Doris McCombs, Barbara Bright Wilma, Jean & Tim Emmons

Fred McCullough from Laurie McCullough Family

Nora McNally from Ted McNally

Margaret Melton from John and Christine Hoover, Rebecca Ashcraft, LeRoy and Blanche Aschenbrenner, John Juan

Lisa Moore from Jeri Hoskins, Bob and Joanie Liby, Vera Neuenschwander

Dorothy Nelson from Wally and Maureen Kolodziej

Marilyn Niblock from Kirk and Linda Robbins

Wally Patterson from Larry and Gail Snyder

Sam Penland from The Ramey Family, Mickey Roelandts

Dan Popielski from Sue and Dana Hanefeld, Wendy Nace Lewis, Judith Fean, Hannah’s House Board of Directors, Generose and David Urbanski, Mr. and Mrs. James Szekendi, Rebecca and Bob Steinmeier

Kenneth Riegle David and Jolene Hanna

Norma Schmeltz from Jody and Jerry Smith, Sherry and Doug Hill, Debra and Gordon Mosson, Rob and Marcia Kamiak, Branson and MaryLou Hiatt, Paul Yetton and Family, Modern Door Corp., Gina Morgan, Harold and Linda Paul, Martin and Jacinta Irwin, Schmeltz Family

Eileen Slein from Kathryn Wineholt

Timothy Sommer from Stephanie Farnham, The Sohrab Family

Terry Sulich from Gary and Elizabeth Moschea

Dennis Sult from Nancy Ricks, Marlene Sherland, Alice and Harry Michalski, Roxanne Ewing, Diane Good, John and Althea Price, Dawn and Jerry Braniff, Dave and Roxie Isban, Mary Burnside, Janet Graeber, Judy and Larry Denton, Ronnie and Marie Knepp, Bob and Ann James, Bob and Darlene Ralph

Martha Swathwood from Mary Jo Grant, Jess Logan

Devonne Turner from Laura and Terry Bierman, 20/20 Financial Advisors, Maureen Jillisky

Paul Wallace from Becky Bonham, Linda and Bryan Webster, Julie Nowak, Larry and Gail Snyder

Nancy Wilkeson from Joyce Frederick

Dick Williamson from Dr. Julie Wieger, Betty Zemialkowski, Carole and Skip Vinson, Michele Downing, Cindy and Don Ullery, Elaine and Patrick Ryan, Anne and Jerald Hayes, The Faecke Family, Goodwill Industries

Spring Zmudzinski from Ernest and Kathleen Young, A. Wyatt Mick Jr.


All Animals from Laura Johnson

Becca from Rose Fournier

Bud,a special dog in my heart, from Marilyn Bryan

Cheri Elliott from your friends at Kryder Veterinary Clinic

Chuck and Kim Bailey from Jim and Bonnie Bonham

Barb’s 70th Birthday ( would have been her 70th) from her good friend Pam Vandyken

Beowulf and Buddies, who comforted Lisa Moore during her last years, from Tamela Stark

Hernandez Family

Kelly Brown-Geisler from Kim Federici and Peter Florczak

Ken Horvath’s Birthday from Merian Ackles

Kristin Van Dyke and Ben Miller from Jerrold and Gretchen Van Dyke

Lorene Mann’s Birthday from Debi Copeland

Nina, adopted 4 years ago, from Gary Naperalsky

Peach from Jill Halloran-Barnes

Phoebe’s Birthday from Kristin Lewis and Dom chaloner

Razzi, adopted from Pet Refuge in 2016, from Nathan and Victoria Lockwood

Sandy and Zoe, 2 shelter cats, from Elizabeth Davis

Sylvia and Penny Meyer, cats of Nancy and Del Meyer, from Beverly and Michael Rodio

Zane’s Birthday from Zane and Cathie Whitcroft

February 25 Art Van Furniture “Ladies Night Out” 6-8:30
March 6 Texas Roadhouse Give Back Night (South Michigan Location) 3:30-10
March 17 Blood Drive (SBMF) @ Pet Refuge 10-2
March 24  “Cheers to 40 Years: Celebrating 40 years of finding homes for dogs and cats. Pet Refuge Dinner and Auction – Hilton Garden Inn 5 – ?
April 3 Hacienda Give Back Night (Indian Ridge Plaza location) All Day