***On medical hold***

Hi My name is Nala. I am a very spirited, young Australian Shepherd mix.  I came to Pet Refuge via another shelter with a fractured femoral head and my leg muscle had started to atrophy.  I was doing my best to solider through the pain but now I don’t have to anymore.

Pet Refuge took me to Dr. Kryder and he fixed my leg all up.   I have heard them talking and it was quite expensive to do the surgery to save my leg.  I am sure glad that I still have four legs to romp and play on so please consider donating to Pet Refuge to cover the cost of my surgery.  Just click the link below and say it is for Nala’s surgery and therapy.

I have a period of recovery ahead of me where I need to heal and go through some physical therapy and then I will be ready for my new forever home.  Check back for updates on my progress.

Thank you so much



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