When you see Nacho hopping through the yard with a twinkle in his eye, you just know that this is a dog with a sense of humor. Nacho is a big 4 year old mutt who still has his puppy moments. Nacho loves to play, jump and will happily put his paws on your shoulders to give you a big, slobbery kiss. Not the best habit for an 80-pound dog, but still endearing when you see Nacho in action. Nacho is a big, high-energy boy who will require a fenced-in-yard. He has also done well around some dogs, but can be selective in who he likes. Nacho Grande can be a bit stubborn at times and might take some time to bond with his new family, but he is well worth the effort and will surely blossom with a committed owner who will take the time to refine his manners.

071316 Nacho  011516 Big Nacho2

062516 Nacho1   011516 Big Nacho1