Mandarin is a beautiful dark red tabby. He loves the other cats and kittens in his foster home and he has been a wonderful big brother to all his tiny foster siblings. He plays with them very gently and it is very sweet to watch their interactions.

Mandarin is doing very well with his foster mom and will come running towards her when it’s time for canned food. He recently started hopping on the couch, demanding attention and he will affectionately nibble on your fingers and toes like he is trying to nurse. However, Mandarin is very shy around people he doesn’t know and trust.

Despite his young age (Mandarin was born in 2012), Mandarin has advanced dental disease and his pre-surgical bloodwork revealed that he is diabetic. We have started Mandarin on Insulin injections in 2014 and are trying to get his Glucose levels regulated.

Update (February 2015): Mandarin went through a much dental surgery. Four of his teeth had already fallen out and six others had to be removed. After Mandarin healed from his dental, his glucose levels became stable enough that we were able to take him off of insulin.

Update (July 2015): Mandarin is still on a low carb, canned food diet and his glucose levels have remained stable. He loves being a big brother to all the foster kittens and is a happy and loving boy.

Update (November 2015): Mandarin suddenly became very ill and was diagnosed with pancreatitis. After a week of intensive care, Mandarin has recovered from the pancreatitis, but, unfortunately, his illness caused a spike in his blood sugars and he had to go back on Insulin.

Update (March 2016): After four months back on Insulin, Mandarin’s diabetes is once again in remission. We are continuing to monitor his Glucose level closely. Mandarin will also have to stay on a special low carb diet for the rest of his life.

Update (July 2016): Mandarin once again developed a dental infection and had to have several teeth removed. Unfortunately, his Glucose levels spiked due to his dental issues and he had to go back on Insulin.

Please consider donating towards his ongoing medical care. (*)

Mandarin cuddling with his little foster sister CapellaMandarin_and_Capella_cats

080515 Mandarin 1   080515 Sparrow and Mandarin 1 Mandarin and Sparrow

120916-family-photo  072216-mandarin-and-iris Mandarin and Iris