When I first met this beautiful 6-month-old kitten, she was in a small cage at a different shelter, desperately trying to get my attention. Lilly was sticking her little paws out, rubbing against the door, clearly wanting to be picked up and loved on. Lilly had been part of a large cat hoarding case and she was probably in the worst medical shape of all the cats that had survived the ordeal. She had upper respiratory and eye infections – like almost all of the other cats from this trailer. And on top of that, she had a bad ear infection. As soon as I picked her up, I noticed puss running out of her ear. Yet despite all of this, Lilly started purring immediately and made it very clear that she wanted to come home with me.

The next morning, our vet determined that Lilly did not only have one of the worst ear infections she had ever seen, she also had polyps. Lilly was put on ears meds, pain meds, and antibiotics. Every time I cleaned her ears, it just about broke my heart. This is clearly a painful process, but Lilly is just the best girl. She just looks at me with her big, trusting eyes and as soon as I am done, she hops onto my shoulder and rubs her little nose against my face. This is a kitten that loves life and is thankful for everything we have done for her. She enjoys being close to her foster mom and playing with her foster siblings. On good days, you can’t even notice that Lilly has medical problems.

However, after three surgical procedures, Lilly still has recurring problems with polyps and an infection that has moved into the bone in her inner ear. Please consider supporting Lilly’s ongoing medical care by sponsoring her or making a donation in her name. You can help us make sure that Lilly has the best life she can possibly have. (*)

Update (July 2015): Lilly is recovering nicely from dental surgery. Our vet determined that Lilly had a severely infected mouth and suffers from absorptive lesions. Several of her teeth had broken off and needed to be removed. She is starting to feel a lot better and is beginning to put on some weight.

DOB: September 2009


Lucy, Lilly and Bella Mandarin and Lilly

Lilly cuddling with her foster siblings

080515 Lilly