February 2003-May 2017

It is with a terribly heavy heart that we let you all know that on Saturday morning Katie, the beloved tiny Calico with gorgeous green eyes, unexpectedly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Katie was 14 years old. Katie was returned to the shelter in 2008 and suffered the heartbreak of being adopted and returned a handful of times. Katie made the move from the old shelter to where we are now.

During her time with us Katie suffered from different health issues. Back in 2013 Katie was diagnosed with Hyperthyroid and in 2014 she was diagnosed with Kidney Disease. However, despite her ailments tiny Katie was resilient and never let them stop her.

Katie was a spunky and loving little girl who loved to talk to everyone and stand on a cat tower and paw at the glass to grab your attention, especially, if she thought she had even a slim chance of getting can food. She loved to practice and finesse her skills as a master escape artist. She could usually be found in two places when she got out. One, she liked to run up the stairs to the infirmary to try to get in to see her friends and sunbathe in the windows. During her time with us she spent time off and on in the infirmary due to different health issues. Second, when she escaped she liked to run from her room to a foster cage right around the corner and wait by the cage. This is probably my fault as I trained her to go from her room to that cage when I gave her her meds and fluids. She knew she would get as much can food as she wanted and eagerly awaited by that cage for her treat. This particular trick became well known among the downstairs and upstairs cat volunteers. Katie loved to try to hide from volunteers, especially those who wanted to give her meds. She loved to hide in t-shirt boxes or in the tokoyo cage in her room and play hide and seek.

Katie was well loved and a favorite by many volunteers shelter wide. Katie had a unique way of introducing herself and making a memorable impression while at the same time stealing your heart.

On Saturday morning Katie’s tiny little body gave out and she crossed the Rainbow Bridge and joined the rest of the Pet Refuge angels. I am sure that Katie is in heaven right now begging for can food and stealing hearts there.

RIP Katie, our green-eyed girl. You were tiny but will leave a huge void.