Wish List

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For Our Dogs:

  • Sturdy Toys: Kongs, Nyla-bones, Treat dispensing toys for dogs so they don’t get bored in the kennel
    Soft dog treats for training
    Large size nylabones
    Purina One Lamb and Rice
    Iams Adult and Puppy Dog Food
    Purina Puppy Chow
    Iams and Pedigree Canned food
    Puppy Pads
    Martingale Collars
    Strong Leashes (leather or thick ones)
    Grooming Supplies
    Old basketballs, footballs and soccer balls for the dogs to play with outside (still in good shape)
    Agility equipment (jumps, weave poles, tire jump etc)
    Dog Beds to keep our older dogs and smaller dogs warm and comfy
    Dog/Puppy Shampoo (oatmeal based is best)
  • For Our Cats:
    Canned cat food
    Fancy Feast Kitten canned Turkey
    Purina Kitten and Cat Chow
    Iams Kitten and Adult food
    Purina One Sensitive System Formula
    Tidy Cat Scoopable Litter
    Clumping Scoopable Litter
    Litter deodorizer
    Large litter boxes (18×15 inches, 5 inches deep)
    Sturdy Cat Toys
    Pill pockets
    Puppy pads
    Feliway Diffusers
    Purina One Hairball Formula
    Purina One Healthy Metabolism
    Purina One Urinary Tract Health Formula
    Purina One Healthy Kitten Formula
    Iams Indoor Weight and Hairball
  • Adoption Events:
    Fleece blankets
    Medium to large totes
    Clean carpet samples
    Small litter boxes
    Paper size display holders
    Crates of all sizes
    Table clothes
    Sturdy folding 6 foot tables
    Sturdy folding chairs
    Pens Cleaning supplies
    Black Sharpies
  • Office & Cleaning Supplies:
    Two-pocket folders
    Paper Towels
    Scotch Tape – matte finish
    Postage Stamps
    Large Trash Bags – 33 gallon heavy duty
    Dawn Dish Soap
    Liquid Hand Soap
    Swiffer Wet Jet items
    Copier paper
  • General:

Cleaning volunteers to help take care of the animals staying at our shelter

Foster volunteers to allow us to help more animals

Fundraising and marketing volunteers to help raise money to care for the animals

Items to sell in our store at the shelter