FIV Cats

1) Is FIV in cats like HIV in humans?Not really.  Both diseases are caused by a retrovirus but cats with Feline AIDS fare much better that humans with AIDS. In fact, most cats with FIV (90%) have a normal lifespan.  FIV positive cats don’t need to be on special medications either. Older FIV positive cats can be more susceptible to upper respiratory infections (colds) and dental problems.  However, this is often the case with older cats who don’t have FIV.2) Can I catch AIDS from a cat with FIV?

NO….FIV only affects cats.

3) How do cats get FIV?

Cats get FIV through mating behavior and bite wounds.  The best way to prevent the spreading of FIV is to spay and neuter.

4) Is FIV contagious to other cats if all are spayed or neutered?

If all of the cats interacting with each other get along well and do not bite each other, it is virtually impossible to spread to other cats. Our consulting vet, Dr. Kari Hatch, has a friendly FIV positive cat who lives with her family along with her other two cats.  At this time, one of our foster homes who fosters our older cats also has a friendly and mellow FIV positive cat living with her other cats.

5) When was FIV discovered?

FIV was discovered in the 1980s.  A test for the disease became widely available about 10 years ago.  Prior to this time, cats were only tested for Feline Leukemia. If you have a very old cat, chances are, your cat was only tested for Feline Leukemia.  You could have an FIV positive cat and not even know it!

We are hopeful that, with this information, we will have some people in our community interested in adopting one of these nice cats!

Here are some of my friends that are looking for their forever home:


Wendy Wu

I know that I am beautiful and I am a diva.  I have my fans but it is not easy to keep up with the adulation so I must have my temperamental moments, that is what Divas do.  I dream of a quiet home with humans that adore me.  I would be ok with the company of a special cat friend like Nicholas but absolutely forbid dogs or young children. Just like my friend Nicholas, I am also FIV positive. DOB: January 1, 2013   Wendy Wu and Nicholas ...
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I  am a handsome fellow and do like people, but I do need time to get to know you because I am a bit shy.  I have made friends with the cats in our Cat Castle and I would like to find a home that I could share with one of my special friends.  I do need a quiet home that has no dogs or young children. I am FIV positive. DOB: March 21, 2008  Nicholas and Wendy Wu  Nicholas and Skippy ...
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Skippy is a very playful cat.  He gets along with other cats but wants ​his space​. ​Skippy​ is very friendly and likes humans to use the wand toys to play with him or to pet him and h​e enjoys visits from our junior volunteers. Skippy does have hyperthyroidism and requires medicine for this as well as semi annual vet visits. Skippy is FIV positive DOB 07/07/07 ...
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Ziggy is a very friendly, loving boy.  He is not a lap cat but enjoys hanging out with his favorite people and being brushed.  He loves the chin and ear rubs the volunteers give him.  Ziggy is very laid back with people, but other cats need to know that he is the head Dude and needs his space. Ziggy needs to be on a prescription diet (CD food). DOB: April 1, 2006 ...
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Gypsy can be a bit shy around new people. She does not care too much to be picked up but will come and sit next to you or on your lap. Once you have gained Gypsy’s trust, she is very sweet and loving and likes to be petted. She gets along well with other cats and small dogs. Gypsy does not attend cat adoptions, so please call the shelter if you are interested in her. (*) DOB: October 2004 ...
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