Feline Leukemia

Not to be confused with FIV Positive, Feline Leukemia Positive, or “FELV Positive” or “Feleuks” for short, is a much grimmer diagnosis. In our local stray cat population, we see maybe 1 or 2 cats out of 100 either test positive for Feline Leukemia or FIV. Cats testing positive for FIV tend to live nearly normal life spans and can often live with non-FIV cats with little risk of infecting them. Unfortunately, Feline Leukemia is a more life-limiting disease and it is also more easily transmitted to other cats.

We have had Feleuk Positive cats live anywhere from 6 months to 6 years past their intake date.  Most live at least two years. We currently have several currently healthy and very friendly Feleuk Positive cats available.  We have limited foster space for these cats because they need to be kept separate from other cats.

If you are looking for a special companion that very much needs their forever home, please consider one of our beautiful feline leukemia cats.


Darling black and white who loves to play with Llama or with  humans and loves to cuddle. Lucky is FelV positive. DOB 7/5/16 ...
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Llama and her friend Raffey (who passed away in July 2017) were originally rescued from a hoarding situation. Unfortunately, both of these girls tested positive for Feline Leukemia. Yet despite her diagnosis, Llama is doing great! She has both put on some weight and their fur is soft and shiny now. Llama is a big fan of belly rubs and will throw herself on the floor right in front of you, asking for attention.    ...
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