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Moose – adopted

"Please don't laugh at my funny ears !!! I think they make me look cute!!" Moose is a 9 month old sheltie mix. He is good with cats and other dogs. He likes to play and chew on bones. He is still working on housebreaking but is doing good at it. He is crate trained. And he LOVES to sit with you and sleep in bed with you. He rides very well in the car and sits in the car seat so he can see out the window. He weighs about 15 lbs and shouldn't get much bigger. Please come ...
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Hound Puppies – Adopted!

Not accepting any more applications while we process the ones we have. Come meet these cuties!  They are 8 week old hound mix puppies.  These sweeties were left at a shelter so we do not really know their parents' breeds.  Due to them being hounds, a fenced yard is preferred, since hounds love to follow their noses. Ivy, Bruce, Rosie, Fitz, Molly, Laila Bruce, Fitz, and Molly, Laila, Rosie have been adopted!   ...
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031517 Chloe1

Chloe – Adopted!

Chloe came to us having known only one home. She has been pampered and adored all of her life. We have promised her owner that we will find her another home where she will be appreciated for the treasure she is. As an 8-year-old Papillon, Chloe is a sweet, quiet  girl who just wants to be a lap dog. She's loyal and loving. A few belly rubs would be welcome. She's been fine around other dogs, but seems to prefer a quiet house. She'll be fine being leash-walked and is house trained. Chloe is friendly to children and adults, but ...
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030717 Bella Mae2

Bella Mae – adopted

This adorable little girl is Bella Mae. She is a 6 month old mix of Boston terrier and rat terrier. She is small; weighing about 12lbs. Like all puppies she is FULL of energy....loves to play, gets along well with other dogs and cats, loves giving kisses. When she is tired from all that playing she will climb in your lap for snuggles and a nap. She is crate trained. She is working on her housebreaking. She would like a mom and/or dad that will have time to help her with her housebreaking and other manners. Come and meet the ...
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030717 Sophie

Sophie – adopted

Sophie is an 8 year old chihuahua that is house and leash trained.  She also rides very well in the car.  She is very friendly and gets along with other dogs.  She likes to spend most of her days cuddled up in a blanket next to her owner.  She does just fine when left alone, but prefers being around a person. (*) ...
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022317 Martie2

Marti – adopted

This active pup is more than ready to bust out of her kennel and bring some fun and energy to a new home.  Marti is a 9-10-month-old Old English Sheepdog. She is a happy, bouncy girl who has never met a stranger. At this point in her life, she would probably do best without young children though. Just like any puppy, Marti will need continued training and an outlet for her energy. She does require a fenced-in yard. We also found out that Marti LOVES playing with other active dogs, like her new best friend Heidi (who is also available ...
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021617 Olivia1

Olivia – Adopted!

Who wouldn’t love such a sweet grey face with big, soulful eyes? Olivia is a senior hound-girl whose laid-back personality matches her looks. Olivia is an easy-going dog that is happy to hang out with other dogs that match her speed. We think that she would prefer a quiet home without overly energetic dogs or young children. But if you are looking for a companion to take a stroll through the neighborhood and watch TV, Olivia is the girl for you! (50 pounds) ...
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Moose – adopted

Adoption debut Saturday 25th Moose is all heart, with the nonstop motor of a 6-month-old puppy. If this 23-pound (and growing) pug mix is awake, he is desperately trying to shower you with affection or roughhouse with one of his canine housemates. Moose will be a perfect addition and steal the hearts of a family who matches up with some of his particular needs. *Moose in non-stop energy and absolutely needs an active family who can get him adequate daily exercise. *Because of his size and clumsy excitability, Moose is not  a good fit for a small child. *Moose needs a fenced yard, and ...
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021717 Nixie1


Say hello to your next furry friend. Nixie is a 5 month old shepard, border collie, hound mix. This little bundle of joy will grow up to be a fairly large dog. But don't let that discourage you! She is the sweetest little thing on four paws. Nixie is very human oriented, doing everything in her power to make you love her. That being said, she also does very well with other dogs and even better with children. She will pick someone in your family and be their shadow. She does well on a leash and is nearly potty trained ...
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Regis – adopted

"Look into my golden are getting an want to adopt me!" Regis is a 6 yr old beagle that just wants to cuddle with his person. He is house broken and crate trained. He gets along well with other animals. Due to the nature of beagles...they follow their nose...a fence is highly recommended. Because he was found as a stray and taken to another shelter (so we don't know his background) we prefer that he goes to a home with teenagers or older in the house. Regis really just wants to sit on your lap and sleep next ...
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Gypsy is an 11 year old Chinese crested hairless, 8 pounds. Just too cute for words and just as sweet a personality. She is housebroken and crate trained and just loves to cuddle under the comforter on your lap or inside your bathrobe! She will keep you laughing with her silly antics when she gets wound up. She came to us with Paco. They can be adopted together or separately. She is the jokester, always sticking her tongue out at you. (*)(female)(8 pounds)   ...
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Meet Paco. Is he too cute or what? Paco and his friend Gypsy came to us from another shelter who asked for our help. He is a Chinese crested hairless, 11 years young, 10 pounds. He loves laps and naps but also loves his squeaky toys. He is housebroken and crate trained, just an all-around good boy. He gets along well with other dogs and cats. Paco and Gypsy came to us as a pair. They would like to be adopted together, but are independent enough to be adopted out separately. He is looking for someone to cuddle under the ...
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Luna – adopted

Adoption debut is Saturday Feb 4th at our shelter! Luna is an athletic and very happy young girl!  She is picky when it comes to choosing her four legged friends.  She has some bad experiences in her past that make her a little leary of other dogs. People seem to be a different story—she adores humans of all ages especially if they’ll throw a ball.  With Luna’s energy level, she’d be best in a fenced yard.  Luna is such a smart girl and learns quickly.  She is almost house trained and is learning basic commands.  Luna is still quite young (apprx 2 years old) and ...
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Guster – adopted

Guster (larger dog with white in coat) is a 17-pound terrier mix who, as you can see, loves the company of other dogs. He is a bit of a hoarder and can sometimes be found with ALL of the toys in his dog bed.  On occasion, he has stolen an entire dog bed and placed it in his kennel. He would be best with another dog who doesn't mind sharing. His a little shy, but loves people and is always up for petting or snuggling. He is a champion at playing fetch, which is great, because it helps this little ...
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012617 Scruff 1

Scruff – Adopted

This adorable little scruffy face belongs to Scruff, an 8-10 year old Shih Tzu. Scruff is a darling little boy who likes his squeaky toys, soft beds, and human company. We are still in the process of getting to know him and have not tried him with other dogs or cats yet. What we do know though is that Scruff has dry eye and will have to be on eye meds for the rest of his life. But no worries, Scruff doesn’t mind his meds at all. As long as he is getting attention, he is as happy as he ...
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Jaxson – adopted

If you are looking for a little dog with a big personality, look no further.  Meet Jaxson, a 6 pound Chihuahua mix who wants nothing more than a forever home. This 6 year old cuddle bug needs a home where he is the one and only! Come and meet him at the shelter on Saturdays while his Foster Mom volunteers. Could your home be the perfect forever home this boy is looking for? (*)(6 pounds)(male) ...
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Vinnie – adoted!

Vinnie is going to make someone very happy! He's such a loving little guy who just wants to be by your side. At 4 1/2 pounds, this apple chihuahua is easy to carry around or hold on your lap. He goes where you go. His luxating patella doesn't seem to slow him down, but will need monitored. Vinnie loves to meet new people. We haven't met small children, but he warmly welcomes older kids and adults. He gets along well with two dogs in his foster family. He can get a little nervous with a lot of activity. Vinnie is ...
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Darla – adopted

Darla is a very sweet 7-8yr old Beagle. She is housebroken . Knows how to sit and say please. She has done well with kids and other dogs. But would probably prefer a home with out any young whipper snapper dogs in it (she hasn't shown much interest in playing). Darla in true bealgle form will do anything for a treat. She loves to curl up on the sofa or in bed with you on these cold winter afternoons.   ...
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Darla and her little rascals – adopted!

No more applications on the puppies as we process the ones we have. Meet Darla and her little rascals Alfalfa and Froggy-(adopted) Darla is a very sweet 7-8yr old Beagle. She is housebroken . Knows how to sit and say please. She has done well with kids and other dogs. But would probably prefer a home with out any young whipper snapper dogs in it (she hasn't shown much interest in playing). Darla in true bealgle form will do anything for a treat. She loves to curl up on the sofa or in bed with you on these cold winter ...
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Macie – adopted

This adorable, bouncy mutt is Macie! We are not really sure what her breed mixture might be (Boxer? Terrier? Belgian Malinois? Akita? Lab?) – but we do know that this little girl is adorable. Macie plays like a Boxer. She likes to jump and use her front paws and might be overwhelming for a more laid back dog. However, she had a great time playing with Willie Nelson (who is also available for adoption). She is an active girl who would very much enjoy a fenced-in yard. Macie is about 3 years old and starting to learn her basic commands ...
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Prancer – adopted

Meet Prancer. He is a 3 month old shepherd mix puppy. He loves people, and other dogs. Has a lot of energy and requires a fence. He would do best with older children. He's 95% housebroken and crate trained. He's a loving puppy that needs activity and training. (*)(male)(puppy and growing)   ...
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Abby and Chyna- adopted

Chyna is adopted!  Abby is pending adoption. These cockapoo sisters are looking for someone to love. They play together, but have very different personalities. They could be adopted individually or together.  Abby is an energetic, playful girl. She loves her toys and can destroy most of them, but she hasn't done damage to anything else. Abby plays with other dogs and loves to be by your side. Chyna is a gentle, affectionate dog. She loves to play fetch and her favorite place to be is in her bed. Chyna does well with other dogs, but would prefer to be in charge. Abby ...
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Daddy – Adopted

Daddy is still settling in at the shelter and is learning to trust new people. But who could blame him for being cautious around strangers after being abandoned by his previous owners. This handsome boy can look quite intimidating and you can tell that he is 70 pounds of muscle when he starts to pull on a leash. Daddy plays pretty rough and can be quite vocal when playing. He needs a dog-savvy, confident owner who likes large, powerful breeds. A securely fenced-in yard and an adult-only home without other animals are required– no exceptions. If you would like to ...
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Zappa – Adopted!

Looking for a big, bouncy bundle of fun and energy? Meet Zappa! This 11-month-old Yellow Lab is brand new to our shelter and we doubt that it will take him very long to find his perfect forever home. He was surrendered to us because the older Shih Tzu in the home had no desire to put up with an 80-pound puppy. However, Zappa did excellent when we introduced him to a dog his size at the shelter and all he wanted to do was play. His initial cat introduction also went fine. His ideal home will have a fenced-in yard ...
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Willie -adopted

Willie Nelson is a 1.5 year old hound mix who is the friendliest boy you will ever meet!  Willie seems to love everybody and does very well with other dogs, as well as cats.  Willie is housebroken and does well with children of all ages.  Willie is also crate-trained. Given his strong hound senses, Willie will need a fenced in yard or else his nose will lead him astray.  Willie can also be talkative, so an apartment might not be the best fit for him.  (*)(male)(57 pounds)   ...
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Lego – adopted

"The best things come in small packages!!" At least that is what Lego thinks! He is a terrier mix of 8 months old and weighs in at 12 lbs. Very friendly! And lovable! He is crate trained and mostly housebroken. He loves to play with toys but will tear them apart if you let him. He likes to cuddle with you while relaxing. He gets along with dogs and cats. A fence is preferred but will consider an avid walker. Come put a bow on Lego as a present to yourself! (12 pounds)(male)(*)   ...
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021917 Sadie

Sadie – Adopted!

Sweet Sadie came to us via another shelter that we helped out due to them being overcrowded.  She is 4 years old and was surrendered to them due to anxiety issues.  She also is heartworm positive.  We are currently having her go through treatments and she is doing very well through them so far.  She received her final treatments at the end of November.  With her anxiety, we have seen her chew up some stuffed toys and her blanket from time to time but nothing too bad. She has done well with other dogs in the past and we recently started introducing ...
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Shayla – adopted!

Shayla is a happy and active little girl. This one-year-old terrier mix LOVES to play fetch and is hoping for a fenced-in yard in her new home. She did well when we introduced her to a cat and she likes other dogs. Shayla is looking for an active family. She would love to experience the joy of spending this holiday season in her very own forever home. (under 20 pounds) ...
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Scrappy – adopted

No longer accepting applications as we process the ones we have­. Scrappy is a 4 year old Miniature Schnauzer mix. It takes him a couple days to get to know you, but then his sweet personality comes out. He loves your lap as much as he enjoys his playtime. He is housebroken and crate trained. He is very quiet most of the time but will bark at strangers. He plays well with others including cats. Come meet this precious little boy, he would love to share Christmas with a new forever someone at a new forever home. (*) (male) (8 ...
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Chihuahua mix puppies -adopted

These sweet puppies are 3 months old.  They are chihuahua mix and currently weigh between 6 and 10lbs.  They love people and are very active.  Come meet them! Angel-Female (adopted) Milo- Male (adopted) Precious-Female (adopted) Otis-Male (adopted) Simba-Male(adopted) Georgie-Male (adopted)     ...
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Bear – adopted

Bear is looking for a quiet home for his senior years. He was turned into a shelter at the age of 14 and is still trying to figure out what happened. Bear’s vision isn’t the best and he is starting to slow down, but he always has a smile on his face. He enjoys a slow stroll through the neighborhood and a soft bed. Bear also enjoys the company of other mild mannered dogs and has done very well when we introduced him to a cat. If you would like to give Bear the Christmas miracle that he is hoping ...
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Coco – adopted!

Coco is an 11-year-old Dachshund who originally came to us with her friend Prin (who has been adopted). Coco had to have her right eye removed but she is adjusting very nicely. Coco is a very sweet and cuddly senior girl who would make a great companion to another laid back dog. However, she did not do well when we introduced her to a cat. Can you make Coco's Christmas wish come true and give her a home for the holidays? ...
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Zoey and Bear – adopted!

Meet Zoey and her brother Bear! These two littermates were surrendered together. They are a fun, high energy combination and love to play with each other. They are 2.5 years old, like toys and food… and Zoey could stand to lose a pound or two. Unfortunately, she already has bad knees – so a weight loss program would certainly be good for her. They also both did well when we introduced them to a cat.    ...
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Willow – adopted

Willow is an 8 year old Corgi or Cattle dog mix gal that came to us from another shelter.  She has been with us for a little while as she has been recovering from being hit-by-a-car.  This was quite an ordeal because when she first arrived and went to be seen by our Vet, we found that both hips were dislocated.  Ouch!!!  How this gal still managed to be able to move around is quite the story.  One hip easily went back into place and the other hip healed just slightly off but nice enough that she gets around fine and outside ...
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Bella – adopted

Bella is a 2 1/2 year old Shepherd/Lab mix who came to us from another shelter.  She had been hit-by-a-car and had a fractured pelvis and a dislocated hip on the other side.  She has had a surgery to repair her hip and her fractured pelvis has healed.  We had hoped she would be ready to go on our adoption floor and find her forever home.  But when we started to try to work with her in getting her out for walks, we discovered she has a still deep-seeded fear of moving cars.  We are taking baby steps to try to work ...
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Dandy – adopted!

Dandy is a darling little Smooth Coated Collie mix with the most expressive ears and very pretty markings. Dandy is only about a year old and would benefit from continued socialization. She can be very sweet and will probably climb right into your lap. However, she is fearful in new situations and gets anxious when she is left alone. She is a high energy girl who requires a fenced in yard. She is not so sure yet about walking on a leash. Dandy would love to find a committed owner who will show her that the world is not such ...
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Winnie – adopted

Hey, all you girls looking for the magic weight loss plan Pet Refuge has the answer!!  On June 24th I found myself tipping the scales at 64lbs.  Now mind you that is a big number for many medium size dogs but for a standard Dachshund it was not a pretty sight.  I can't help it if this girl loves her food but that same food was going to make me not such a healthy girl.  So, here I am at Pet Refuge thinking all my prayers were answered until someone said the four letter word, you know the one "DIET".  That's right this girl was ...
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Buddy – adopted

Buddy is a 3 year old poodle mix. He is crate trained and 90 % housebroken. Buddy is a very loving little guy who gets along with other dogs. His favorite things are being out in the backyard observing nature and sleeping in bed at night. (12 pounds)(*)(male) ...
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Oscar – adopted

My name is Oscar and when I came to Pet Refuge I was a rather large boy weighing in at 62 lbs. (hence the nickname "Oscar the Brat-wurst").  Well my foster mom whipped me into shape by putting me on a diet and giving me a big back yard to run in.  I'm now down to a svelte 35 lbs.  I'm now a lean, mean running machine standard dachshund (maybe mix). I'm approximately 4 years old, housebroken, crate trained, and know some words like sit and stay.  I don't come very well when I'm in the backyard chasing squirrels and ...
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Squeak – Adopted

Do you like dark chocolate or milk chocolate.  With me you can have both!  From the waist up I look like I'm wearing a dark chocolate coat.  Looking different may give some dogs a complex but not me.  I'm a happy little guy that loves to be with people. I'm approximately two years old and a miniature poodle (8 lbs).  I am housebroken and I love to jump all the time because I want you to pick me up.  Don't try to leave me in the house because I'm really speedy at slipping through the door.  I'm also very noisy.  ...
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Tyson – Adopted

This handsome boy is Tyson! Our best guess is that he is a Husky-Terrier mix of about 4 years. He is an energetic boy and would love a fenced-in yard to play in. He is also a big fan of Nylabones, soft beds, and couches – as you can probably tell from the video. He likes to be close to people and will wiggle his way into your lap. However, he prefers close contact on his terms and is not fan of hugs. So no young children, please. (50 pounds)    ...
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Issi – adopted

Who can not love this little face?  Meet Issi, a female Shih Tzu who is approx 6 years old, and weighs about 13 pounds.  She is very laid back, housebroken (will bark at door to let you know she needs to go out) and just waiting for her furever home.  When we got her we discovered that she has an allergy to fleas, so she'll need to be kept on Flea Preventative year round.  Because of this allergy, she had no hair on the back half of her body.  It is slowly growing in and looking better every day. She ...
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Pico – Adopted

Pico's gentle soul will bring love and affection into your life.  At almost 9 pounds, he loves to find a cozy place on you or near you to cuddle. He loves a walk and will play fetch. He's learned a few simple commands, but is still working. He has a strong desire to please. Although he's not 100 percent on his house training, his accidents are becoming much less frequent. Pico hasn't met a person he doesn't love! (*) (9 pounds) ...
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Booker – adopted!

This big, lanky boy might still need some time to grow into his long legs and his big paws. Booker is an approximately 1-year-old Shepherd mix. He is full of energy and loves to run around as fast as he can. What makes that particularly adorable is the fact that he can be rather awkward at times. But you can tell that he has the best time… and he sure doesn’t care that he looks like a goof. Booker requires a securely fenced yard and would do best with older children that he can’t accidentally knock over. He is a ...
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Sasha – Adopted

Sasha is 5 months old. She loves other dogs and kids. She is a very sweet girl and loves to snuggle.  Due to her energy level and climbing abilities she will need a fenced yard.  (female) (*) ...
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Roman – adopted

Roman is a 10-12 month old Min pin mix. He is fun and full of energy. This little guy loves to have fun, go for walks, catch bugs & when he's all tuckered, loves to cuddle with his favorite person. Roman has a lot of personality. He would do best in a home as an only dog and with older children. Also perfect for that one person home. Roman will be available on October 7th. (*) (18 pounds) ...
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Razzi – Adopted!

Razzi is a beautiful, unique looking medium-sized mutt. She is a Charcoal color, with some Chocolate undertones, has big ears, a lean body and a friendly, energetic personality. Our best guess is that she has some Terrier in her. Razzi is about a year old and will need an outlet for her energy. She can be a bit hand-shy, but loves to be around our volunteers and enjoys a good game of fetch in the yard. We are still getting to know her likes and dislikes with regard to other animals, but she has already done well with some of ...
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Dottie – Adopted!

Dottie is one of the sweetest little Chihuahuas you will ever meet. She can be a bit timid when you first meet her, but as soon as you sit down and talk to her, all she wants to do is crawl into your lap. We believe that she would do best in a quiet home without young children. Dottie has a good amount of energy when she is outside and she enjoys going on walks (she is only about 3-4 years old). Once she is inside, she would love to be someone’s lap dog. Dottie has lived with other dogs ...
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Wren – Adopted!

This darling little Houndy girl is still just a pup. Our vet estimates her to be about 9 months old. Wren came to us from another shelter, so we don’t know much about her earlier life. However, from what we can tell, she is a very sweet little girl who doesn’t seem to mind the other dogs around her. We will provide more information as we get to know her – but don’t hesitate to come in and inquire about Wren today. (40 pounds) ...
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Stanley, Sean, Sammy

Sammy, Stanley, Sean – adopted!

Sammy, Stanley, and Sean are 5 month old Terrier/Lab mixes.  They love people and other dogs!  They would be better with older children and due to their energy level a fenced yard is preferred.  Sammy is a little shy but very loving.  Stanley is bright and active.  Sean loves to cuddle and would like to be a couch potato.  (*) (apprx 25 pounds) (male)                                                                       ...
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Simeon – adopted

Meet Simeon, a 5 month old terrier/lab pup with loads of playful energy! He’s a vocal little buddy who loves chew toys, treats and exploring the outdoors. Simeon would do well in an active family without small children that is just as eager as he is to learn basic obedience training and the difference between his toys and your shoes! But don’t worry, he’s a fast learner who’s always eager to please, and after a good romp, makes the perfect cuddle buddy! He’s been working on crate training and house training and already knows how to sit and lie down. Playing ...
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Sally – Ado[ted

Sally is a sweet 20 lbs 4 month old puppy with gorgeous brown eyes and soft, floppy ears. While sometimes a little shy at first, she loves people and adores their full affections! Sally is a smart little girl that can sit, lie down, go to her crate for dinner and utilize a dog door! She is generally calm, but enjoys running and wrestling with her brother. She would be content in any family that would give her plenty of loving, cuddles, kisses and some further obedience training to take advantage of her intelligence! Sally will require a home with ...
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Zuma – adopted

Look at this black beauty!! Zuma is a 2 year old terrier mix. I have never seen a happier dog! He loves to cuddle, loves to greet you at the door, loves to sleep in bed with you, etc. He is housebroken and crate trained. Since he is a little guy - 10 lbs - he prefers smaller dogs to play with. He doesn't mind cats and will occasionally try to play with them. He enjoys walks and car rides. Come and meet Zuma and he'll give you as many kisses as you want!! (*) ...
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Raggs – Adopted

Ragg's got his name from the saying " Rags to Riches". He came to us from another shelter that needed help. He was skin and bones and had a few other health issues. We had to shave him completely, he had some sores we fixed up and he needed some major dental work. He is the sweetest boy and looks like a toy you just want to squeeze. He is about 10 years old and very low energy. He is mostly deaf now so he follows you around the house because he always wants to know where you are since ...
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Lilly – Adopted

Lilly is a beautiful Labrador mix. She came to us when her owner couldn’t take care of her anymore and has had a hard time adjusting to life in a shelter. She doesn’t seem too fond of the dogs around her and can be protective of her kennel. However, as soon as you take Lilly out, she turns into a different dog. She enjoys going for walks and she is also a great soccer player and likes chasing the ball around. At this point, we believe that Lilly would do best as an only dog in a home with a ...
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Stacy – adopted

Stacy is a lab-terrier mix of about 5 months old.  Stacy and her sister Sherry love people and other dogs.  They have a ton of energy.  They are almost completely paper trained and progressing very well on their house training.  They do like to climb and have managed to get over baby gates, so they will require a securely fenced in yard.  They will be available for adoption on Saturday 9/17 at the shelter from 11 am-3 pm. (*) ...
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Sherry – adopted

Sherry is a lab-terrier mix of about 4 months old.  Sherry and her sister Stacy love people and other dogs.  They have a ton of energy.  They are almost completely paper trained and progressing very well on their house training.  They do like to climb and have managed to get over baby gates, so they will require a securely fenced in yard.  They will be available for adoption on Saturday 9/17 at the shelter from 11 am-3 pm. (*) ...
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Sully – Adopted

Sully is a sweet little boy with big ears that have a mind of their own. He gets along well with other dogs and cats and is confident that everyone wants to be his friend. Sully is a 2-year-old Rat Terrier and he still has a lot of puppy in him. He would benefit from a family that will continue to work with him on basic obedience and he does require a securely fenced-in yard. Sully would make a fun addition to an active family. (*) (under 10 pounds)         ...
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090616 Sir Charles

Sir Charles – Adopted

On hold - available in a couple weeks Sir Charles's foster says "He is the "chillin'est dog." He is a content, lovable Shih Tzu-Bichon Frise mix who is approximately 6 years old. He does well with other dogs and enjoys a game of fetch. But his favorite thing to do is to relax, preferably, close to you. He is house-trained and generally obedient and good with school age children. While he doesn't yet respond to basic commands, he's gentle and compliant. He will make someone a loyal companion! (*) (19 pounds) ...
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090416 Luke 2

Luke – adopted

No longer accepting applications as we process the ones we have. Look at that face! This handsome boy is Luke. He is 1.5 year old lab mix. Luke is still full of puppy energy and loves to play. Don’t be fooled though, his second favorite thing is cuddling with his people. Because of his history in a shelter, he does have some separation anxiety and wants to be everywhere you are. Luke knows some commands and is treat motivated. He gets along with his foster brother; however, because he still wants to play most of the time, it might be ...
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090316 Bosco 1

Bosco – adopted

Even though Bosco might have the tough look that is typical of his breed, he really is a gentle giant who is looking for a soft bed and a loving home for his senior years. Bosco is a 10-year-old Cane Corso who was surrendered to us when his owner could no longer care for him. He has never lived with children or other animals and we believe that he would much prefer to be your one and only. However, he sure likes hanging out with our volunteers. He will even happily chase a ball once or twice… but then he ...
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Lexi – adopted

Hi I'm Lexi. I am a 2-3yr old JRT.  I am very fun and a little silly. I enjoy warm sunny days in the yard and car rides anywhere!  My foster mom says I have done well with kids.  I am mostly housebroken (sometimes I get nervous and have an accident). I love to snuggle in blankets and do great in my crate.  I have done well meeting some dogs, truth is I need extra time to get to know another dog.  So if you have another dog please know I need you to be extra patient as I get ...
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Belle – Adopted!

Belle is a 5 year old hound mix.  She is an easy going dog most of the time.  She needs a secure fence or lots of walks.  She would probably be a good runner with someone who jogs.  She is good with meeting new people and likes other dogs, preferably other dogs at least as big as her long legged 20 pounds.  She has separation anxiety, so she needs an environment where someone is home almost all the time. She is a sweet, sweet lovable dog just looking that right home. (*)(20 pounds) (female)     ...
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Joey – adopted!

Joey is a year old chihuahua, Terrier mix. Being active is a must for him, but equally he is very lovable. He is working on his house breaking skills , but is crate trained . He would probably be good with children 8 yr and older. He is available to be seen starting August 18th. (*)(male)(6 pounds) ...
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Casper – Adopted!

Casper is a 2 year old terrier-west highland mix.  He likes people and gets along with other dogs.  He also loves to run in the yard.  He has lots of energy. (*)(male)(9 pounds)         ...
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080416 Cassie

Cassie – adopted

Cassie is 1.5 year old Shepherd/Corgi mix. She is housebroken and really sweet. She gets along great with kids and other dogs. She is very energetic so she may be too hyper for a small dog. She is crate trained and loves attention. She will be available Wednesday, August 10th. (*) (female) ...
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Berlin – adopted

Berlin is a 4-year-old blue horse-coat shar pei. She loves her people and gives them lots of licks and love. Her favorite thing to do is to lie next to you on the couch while you watch TV. She also likes to run circles in the yard and chase things that the rest of us can't see. Perhaps Pokemon? Occasionally, she won't come when called, so a fenced yard is preferred for her. She is a bit pushy with small dogs and therefore needs to be the only dog in the home. If you're interested and aren't familiar with the ...
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072716 Bear3

Bear – Adopted!

Bear is a loyal dog who craves human companionship and wants nothing more than to find a home where he can live out his golden years. Bear was returned to us when his owner became terminally ill – a very sad situation that broke both of their hearts. Bear is a very sweet boy whose big brown eyes will just melt your heart. He enjoys attention and would prefer a quiet home. He has been an only dog his entire life and he has always had a fenced in yard. Bear is 9+ year old Shepherd mix. ...
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072716 Lucy

Lucy – Adopted!

Lucy is a lot of energy and personality in a small package. Even though Lucy has the looks of a purebred German Shepherd, she weighs only about 40 pounds. She is about 3-4 years old, but still acts like an overgrown puppy. Lucy loves to play – and she excels at playing fetch – and is always up for an adventure. She would make a great companion for an active family and has done well when we have introduced her to other dogs. She is a friendly, outgoing dog who is looking for a family that will help her become ...
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072716 Atari1

Atari – Adopted

Atari is a big goofy Labrador who loves every person he meets. His previous owners described him as a very affectionate boy who can be quite the clown. Atari is about 5 years old, is house-trained and loves car rides. We are starting him on an exercise plan (in addition to a diet) as he could stand to lose about 20 pounds. Atari currently weighs about 100 pounds. Imagine our surprise when we realized that he is an excellent jogging companion. He has great leash manners and politely ignores other dogs on walks. However, Atari can be picky about other ...
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Inuk – Adopted

Inuk - or nook as he is sometimes called - is a 4 1/2 year old Shepherd (maybe a mix) who would make an active family a great dog. He is kennel trained and has awesome kennel manners.  He does require attention from his family though.  He LOVES to play ball & catch.  He is quite athletic and can also catch the ball in mid-air.  There is no-way around this activity for him and he will stay on you until he gets to have fun doing this game.  A fenced yard is required for him although he does enjoy going ...
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072216 Monte4

Monte – Adopted!

Monte is a Bully breed mixture of probably between 9-11 months old.  He came to us via the request of help by a local Vet Clinic because he was definitely in need of some special TLC.  He has went through treatment for Parvo and recently had surgery due to a broken rear leg.  Although our Vet really wanted to try to repair it, it was beyond repair and it did require amputation.  Throughout all of this, Monte has been quite the trooper and although he still has a little more healing to do, he will soon be ready for his new ...
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052616 Tiny

Tiny – Adopted

Tiny is a 10-year-old Chihuahua-Terrier mix and he originally came to us with his brother Buddy. However, at this point, we think that they would prefer to go to separate homes. Tiny is the more outgoing of the two. It only took him a few days to learn how to walk on a leash and he has done really well with all of the volunteers here. Tiny is a sweet little boy who can’t wait to find a forever home that will spoil him in his golden years. ...
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052616 Buddy1

Buddy – Adopted!

Buddy was originally surrendered with his brother Tiny. Yet even though the two of them appeared inseparable in the beginning, they have had a few disagreements and we now think that they would do better if they went to separate homes. Buddy is a 10-year-old Chihuahua-Terrier mix. Buddy is initially shy around people and is still learning how to walk on a leash. He would do best in a home with a fence. He likes to crawl into your lap and ask for attention. Buddy has also done well when we introduced him to cats and he is a very ...
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Bear Bear – Adopted!

Available 7/20 taking applications now Bear is a very sweet boy and LOVES to play.  He is very energetic and will need a way to burn off all of that energy.  He loves to run in the yard and would love to be your jogging/walking partner.  He is 2 1/2 years old and has been around other dogs and kids.  He is thought to be a ridgeback/doberman mix.  He is potty trained, crate trained, and does well in the house as long as he can get out his energy with you.  (*)(male)(60 pounds)   ...
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internet puppies3

Internet puppies

Make your internet connection on Thursday, July 7th at our shelter. *Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Bing have been adopted* Beagle mix puppies, 10 weeks old and ready to go online with new families!!  Which one do you prefer? TWITTER, YAHOO, GOOGLE, SKYPE, BING ...
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Grace – adopted

Grace is available on July 9th Grace is a 4-year-old Lab/Rottweiler mix (57 pounds). She enjoys the company of other dogs and really wants to play with them. Her favorite game is to run out of the house before the other dogs and then lick them in the face when they come out. Any dogs in her new home would have to be playful and tolerant as not all dogs appreciate an enthusiastic face lick. Grace is potty trained and completely quiet in her crate. She enjoys morning snuggles on the couch and running circles around the back yard. She ...
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Sonic – adopted

Sonic is an approximately 5 year old, 9 pound, male Maltese/Bichon or Maltese Poodle. He adapted very quickly to his foster home. When rescued his long hair was matted and required grooming, but he loves being brushed.  He does have a cataract in the one eye. He has great hearing and will make a good 9 lb. watch dog, and he is not a yapper. Sonic is a mellow fellow: meek but not timid.  He loves to greet everyone, loves petting and has unlimited kisses to give. He is very calm with no fear of storms or sudden loud noises. When we are ...
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063016 Luna2

Luna – adopted

Luna originally came to Pet Refuge as a scared teenage puppy. Unfortunately, her adoptive family failed to continue with her training and socialization and she was returned to us as a very insecure 5-year-old dog. Luna is starting to trust the volunteers that have spent time with her and we are starting to see glimpses of a sweet girl who desperately wants to trust people. She loves belly rubs and being told what a good girl she is. She also enjoys the company of other dogs and might do well with a confident canine companion. Luna is looking for a ...
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Venus – adopted!

Venus is a hound mix and was born 10/03/2015 so just over 8 months old. She is a big girl current weight 67 pounds and still growing.  Venus is full of energy and loves people. She is learning some basic skills and very smart. She loves loves to play ball. She will retrieve the ball and drop it in your hand for more ball playing. It's a must that she has a fenced in yard. She may be too much for smaller children because of her size and energy.(*)(female)(67 pounds) ...
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Peanut – adopted

Available July 1st! Peanut is an 11-pound, 3-year-old chihuahua/terrier mix who loves comfort! She is a great lap dog and champion snuggler! If there is no lap to sit on, she finds the nearest soft dog bed to lie on. Because she is a laid back gal, Peanut would like to go to a quiet home with no small children. She is shy and takes a while to warm up to new people, but once she gets to know you, you'll realize that she is worth the wait. Peanut is fine with other dogs, but she does not need them ...
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062615 Daisy1 (2)

Daisy – Adopted

Chihuahuas don’t really come much sweeter than this! Daisy is about 8 years old and wants nothing more than to be someone's lap dog. She likes to be picked up and carried around. Daisy also loves to lounge outside – either laying around in the grass or on a lawn chair – but she has very little ambition to accompany you on long hikes or put up with active children. Daisy has done well when we introduced her to cats (even though she was a bit intimidated by the fact that most cats are bigger her). She also lived with another dog (he sister NeNe, who has already ...
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Lady Bug -adopted!

Lady Bug's story with us starts out a little bleak. She came to us after being hit by a car. Her pelvis was broken in multiple places and her hip socket had a fracture. After 2 months with us, we are happy say she is healing well. As you can see by her picture, it is hard to get a good shot of her not moving.  To help her, she will need to be on a joint supplement the rest of her life. Lady Bug is a happy, active girl of about 6 months old. This little papillon wants someone to ...
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Blondie – adopted

Blondie is 6 months old. She is a little timid when you first meet her , but that goes away quickly. She loves to sit on your lap , but  also loves to run in the yard. She gets along well with other dogs , likes cats, knows how to use the doggie door , is house and crate trained. She would love nothing more than to be by your side all day long. She gets along well with children of all ages as long as the children know proper doggy etiquette. She is just as sweet little girl looking ...
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pug_chi pups2

Pug/chihuahua mix – adopted

Available to be seen at our shelter Wednesday 6/1 from 6-8 PM 3 month old pug chihuahua mix puppies.  Very friendly and active and are currently working on their house manners.   Taffy - female Ruthie - female Panda - male (adopted) Emily - female ...
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Gator – adopted

Don't let my name fool you, I'm the sweetest guy you will meet! Gator is a two year old Rottie mix.  He is house and crate trained.  He is VERY sweet!  He would do very well as a personal emotional therapy dog for someone as he is very in tune to your emotions.  If you are sad he wants to comfort you and is especially attentive to babies crying.  He is good with other dogs and children.  He LOVES to play with his toys and hang out with you in the backyard.  (*)(male)(90+ pounds)   Read More

Finch – adopted

Finch is a one year old Shih Tzu.  He came to Pet Refuge from another shelter.  His hair was all mattered and they had to buzz cut it to get the tangles out.  He is getting to be quite handsome as his hair grows out.  He is a low key dog who barks with his house mate terriers but doesn't always know why he's barking.  He is housebroken and likes walks.  But mostly just likes to cuddle with people.  He's crated or confined to one room when left alone. (*)(male)(Under 25 pounds)       ...
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052616 River1

River – Adopted

River is still wondering why his owner returned him to Pet Refuge after three years. River originally came to us as a puppy. He was soon adopted by someone who failed to socialize her adorable new pup and teach him some manners. Before long, River made it his job to protect his mom. And while that might have been cute when he was little, it wasn’t so cute anymore when he grew into an 80+ pound adult dog. So here he is: back at the shelter. River is a very smart, loyal dog who is most likely a Rhodesian Ridgeback ...
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052616 Oakley2

Oakly – Adopted!

On medical hold Oakly is a sweet little Cocker mix who tends to get anxious in new environments and would like to crawl into your lap when he is nervous. He loves being told what a good boy he is and he enjoys getting attention from our volunteers. He is still new to our shelter, so we are in the process of getting to know him better. For right now, we think that this little Cocker Spaniel is about two years old and would do best in a home without young children. We are not quite sure yet how he ...
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Suzie – Adopted!

The first time I saw Suzie, she was cowering in the corner of her kennel, shivering in fear. However, in a few short weeks, this little Rat Terrier mix has come a long way. Suzie now gets excited when she sees her favorite volunteers and will happily jump into your lap as soon as you sit down. Suzie would prefer a quiet home without young children and people that will give her some time to adjust. But once she trusts you, she would like nothing more than to be a pampered little lap dog. Suzie is about 2-4 years old, ...
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Fannie – Adopted

Adoption debut May 18th! Meet Fannie.  She is a two year old Jack Russell terrier mix. She is housebroken, crate trained, walks well on a leash, and gets along well with other dogs and cats.  She is very calm and would love to just be a lap dog all day long.  She is a little shy until she gets to know you, which is all of about 2 minutes!  She is a real sweetheart. (*) (female) (15 pounds)   ...
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Misty – adopted

Misty is a 2 yr old Shih Tzu-Yorkie.  She is little miss happy, happy.  She has not met a dog, child or adult that she doesn't love immediately.  She is housebroken, will sleep in her crate (prefers laps and beds) and I'm sure she will love walking with her new owner.  She has not met a cat, yet, but she currently is living with 2 terriers and getting along great. (*) (female) (12 pounds) ...
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052616 Liberty7

Liberty – Adopted!

My name is Liberty and I am a fun-loving 2-year-old Pit Bull mix. I was rescued by Pet Refuge shortly after I gave birth to the most adorable litter of puppies and now that all of them have found their forever homes, I am ready to get adopted myself. I LOVE people and other dogs as long as I get to play with them.  I would like a home where I could have another playmate or someone to take me on lots of walks or runs.  I have lots of energy and would love to have a securely fenced in yard ...
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Toby – adopted

Toby is a 6 month old male Shih Tzu. Like all puppies, he is full of energy and very playful. He loves other dogs and likes to have his ears scratched. He weighs about 15 pounds and is 90% housebroken. A fenced yard would be great. (*)(male)(15 pounds)   ...
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Quarterback – adopted

My name is Quarterback and I am looking to score a new forever home thanks to the my fans, I mean the volunteers at Pet Refuge. They drafted me on their team and I have been training ever since. Studying the PR play book . The sit play, come play and the your a good boy play is my favorite.  I am in my prime at three years old with lots if energy to go one on one with my new family. (*) (male) (25 to 30 pounds)   ...
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Skye – adopted

Spring is in the Air and Skye couldn't be happier! She loves to bask in the sun and be outside. Skye is 1 yr old and a Pitt mix.  Skye loves her foster family very much. She enjoys wrestling and rough housing with them and cuddling up on the sofa for a good movie. Sadly the first time you meet Skye it may be hard to see that side of her. Skye is learning how to meet and trust new people. It may take a bag of marshmallows to see her loving and energetic side, but trust us it is ...
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Lab/Boxer pups – adopted

No longer accepting applications so we can process all of the ones we have at this time. There are 2 boys and 5 girls and they are 8 weeks old.  They are all very sweet and love other dogs and people.  They have tons of energy and love running around in the yard.  A fenced yard is preferred.  They are not completely house trained yet, but they are making progress.  They are typical 8 week old puppies all ready to find a forever home with you! (*) (medium to large dogs)   ...
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Buddy and Wheaton – adopted

No longer accepting applications so we can process the ones we have. Meet Buddy (left bottom) and Wheaton (right bottom). Two brothers that are a cross between Wheaton terrier, chihuahua and Dachshund.  They are seven months old and are about 80% housebroken. Wheaton is the more mature one and picks things up faster.  He is learning what dog toys are and loves ropes. Buddy is Wheaton’s little shadow and just a little goofy.  He would rather be with you, next to you, on you for some loving. They are getting use to their kennels (especially if we are going on ...
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041116 Jelly Bean

Jelly Bean – adopted

Jelly Bean is a Shepherd/lab mix. She was born February 1, 2016. Jelly Bean is very friendly and loves other dogs.  A fence preferred.  Come and meet  Jelly Bean and her sister Bunny at our next adoption event on Thursday, April 14th.  (*) (female) ...
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041116  Bunny

Bunny – adopted

Bunny is a Shepherd/lab mix. She was born February 1, 2016. Bunny is very friendly and loves other dogs.  A fence preferred.  Come and meet Bunny and her sister Jelly Bean at our next adoption event on Thursday, April 14th.  (*) (female) ...
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041016 Mila 1

Mila – adopted!

Meet Mila! Mila is a 6-month-old Australian Shepherd-Labrador mix. Mila is a high energy pup who would love to have an equally active playmate in her new home. Her previous family surrendered her because she was too much for the senior dog in the home (and she also enjoyed an occasional game of the chase with the cat). Mila does great with younger dogs and has been eager to make friends at the shelter. She would love to have a fenced-in yard in her new home. If you are looking for a sweet, active teenage pup, come in and meet ...
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041016 Matilda

Matilda – Adopted

Meet Matilda, a 1 1/2 year old Pug, Terrier mix.  Matilda is just one bundle of happiness. She is house trained, uses the doggie door and is good on a leash. She is great with other dogs and good with cats.  She likes her toys and enjoys her runs in the backyard, but is happiest as a lap dog.  She would love to find someone to snuggle with.  She is 15 pounds. (*) ...
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040616 jeremy

Jeremy – Adopted

"What a happy boy!! Jeremy is a 7 year old basset. He is a great dog! He gets along very well with other animals, he is house broken and crate-trained, and he is a cuddle monster! He loves sitting with you and thinks he is a lap dog, even though he weighs 52 pounds. Look into his eyes and fall in love!" (*) (male) ...
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031216 Bubba1

Bubba – adopted

Bubba is a 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.  He has some allergy issues and is currently on a special diet. This diet has been the answer for his very itchy skin problem so he would need to continue on this in the future.  He is very sweet and enjoys every person that he has met.  Even though he has done well with Daisy (who was recently adopted), he can be selective with other dogs and will do best as an only dog. A home with a fenced yard and older children is preferred.  (about 15 pounds) Read More
033016 Pepe

Pepe – Adopted!

Pepe is a 4 mo old Chihuahua mix (male).  We helped him from another shelter after he was brought in to them with an injury.  We found that he had some head trauma.  He has had some healing time and seems to be doing much better.  Pepe does ok with most other dogs but still is learning how to not be such a bossy little boy with them.  True to his breed, he gets vocal during dinner time when he is eating and still needs some work to not be a bossy little boy over food!!  He is looking for a home with ...
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Minnie Mae – adopted

Meet Minnie Mae, a spunky little gal with plenty of love to give. She came to us weighing in at 19 pounds but has since lost almost a pound. She will need to continue eating healthy and lose a few more pounds. She is a min pin about 3 years old. Minnie is a little shy when you first meet her but warms up quickly. She loves to show you her tricks and is housebroken. While she is sweet, a home with older or no children is required. (*) (female) (18 pounds)   Read More
032416 Bailee 2

Bailee – Adopted!

Bailee is always happy to meet a new visitor and make friends! This little girl is an 11-month-old Jack Russell Terrier. She loves to play with toys and go on long walks. She's goofy and playful and adores other dogs that match her energy level. Right now, Maggie (who is also available for adoption) is her best buddy. We would love to find Bailee an active home with a fenced in yard. If you are interested in this little girl, please come in and meet her today! (under 20 pounds) ...
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032416 Maggie 1

Maggie – Adopted!

Maggie is all ears! She is a fun, friendly puppy who is eager to learn and explore the world. Maggie is a 5-month-old German Shepherd – Pitbull mix and she will be a large dog when fully grown. Maggie will require a fence. She gets along well with other dogs and learns things quickly. However, she is too interested in cats and would do best in a cat-free home. She was very shy when she originally came to us and will need further socialization in her new home. However, Maggie has already come a long way. This bright, fun girl ...
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Iris and Tulip – adopted!

Iris has been adopted.  Tulip is currently on medical hold. Hi, we are sisters that came into Pet Refuge together on 2/20/16.  We love to go outside and play!   We have a great time romping and exploring our backyard. We have two foster dogs we play with.  There is this thing called a cat that fascinates us but he doesn't seem to want to play with us. We have met big and little people and love them all. I'm Tulip and I have a smooth coat and LOVE to cuddle.  I like to sit on laps and give puppy kisses. I'm very loving and want to make people happy.  Like ...
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Pippa – Adopted

Currently on medical hold. Pippa is a Doxie/ Terrier mix.  She is approximately 10 weeks old & 8.7 lbs. She is a very loving little girl and would do well in a home with children 6 years and above. She would also be a great playmate for a four legged sister or brother. She loves attention, to get it and give it. (*) (female) (under 10 pounds)   ...
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031116 Wayne1

Wayne – adopted

Wayne is an 11-month-old Bully Breed mix and he is hoping to celebrate his first birthday in his forever home. Wayne LOVES the pool, swimming in lakes, playing with toys and does very well entertaining himself. He also recently started trying out our agility course all by himself – and, as you can see in the picture, he had a blast doing so. Wayne already knows some basic commands, walks well on leash and loves being told what a good boy he is. He enjoys playing with lots of other dogs at the shelter and his social skills have improved dramatically ...
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Molly McBee1

Molly McBee – adopted

Available to meet at Petsmart on Grape Road Sunday 3/13 from 12 to 3. I am a 1 & 1/2 year Golden Doodle who loves to play, play, play. The only time I am not playing is when I am eating or sleeping.  My foster mom calls me the "Wild Thing" but she can't help but love me:-).  In my forever home I would really like someone I can run with and it doesn't matter whether you have two legs or four I just want a buddy.  A fenced yard is a must as I tend to wander off or actually run ...
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Toodle the Doodle – adopted

Available to meet at Petsmart on Grape Road Sunday 3/13 from 12 to 3. Description coming soon.   1 1/2 year old labradoodle.  Fenced yard required. (*) (female)   ...
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March Madness Puppies – all are adopted

All are adopted! MARCH MADNESS PUPPIES! Who will be the winner on your bracket??  They all have a chance at going all the way but who will you pick as the winner? Now accepting applications on our march madness puppies.  They are 11 weeks old lab/boxer mix and will go up for adoption on Saturday March 12th from 11am-3pm.  They are very sweet and friendly.  They love people and like being around other dogs.  A fenced yard is preferred ...
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Woody – Adopted!

Woody is a terrier mix.  He is 9 months old with a lot of puppy energy.  He is a real lover boy, he loves cats, dogs, and everyone he has met.  Woody loves his toys and can entertain himself most of the day.  He is housebroken and crate trained.  He is ok on a leash, but prefers a fenced in yard.  Because of his high energy level we don't recommend him for small children.  Woody "has never met a stranger", so come meet him and he will kiss you like he has been waiting just for you! (*) (15 pound) ...
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Happy – adopted!

Happy will be available this Wednesday 3/2/16. He weighs 40lbs now but is on a diet. "Happy! Happy! Happy! This big little guy is named Happy and yes, he is a happy guy. Happy is a 5 1/2 year old lemon beagle. Only thing he is NOT happy about is being on a diet! He needs to lose some weight. And we found out he has a thyroid problem and is now on medication that will help with the weight loss. The medication is probably a life long thing for him but it is not expensive and he takes it ...
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022516 Thunder3

Thunder – Adopted!

Thunder is a well-mannered, middle-aged gentleman. He is about 7 years old and is mixed with Husky and Rottweiler. Thunder came to us from a loving home where he lived with a small dog, cats and a child. Unfortunately, his family was forced to move into an apartment and was unable to take Thunder with them. He is still confused about his new surroundings and has a hard time adjusting to life in a shelter environment. He is excellent on a leash and does well with other dogs, but he has been known to climb over a 4-foot fence. This ...
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022516 Sarge1

Sarge – Adopted

Sarge is a big boy who thinks he's a tiny lapdog. He loves people and will try to get as close to you as possible. If you let him, he also loves to shower you with slobbery kisses. This big, adorable goof is a 3-4-year-old Pit Bull Terrier. He originally came to us heartworm positive and had to spent a few months going through treatment. Now that Sarge is finally healthy, he can’t wait to find his forever home. Sarge is a high energy dog that requires a fenced-in yard and would do best without young children. (~60 pounds) Read More
041416 Kramer1

Kramer – adopted

Kramer is a snuggly boy who loves being with his people. He has good house manners and he loves to go outside for walks and spend time playing in a fenced-in yard. Kramer is a 2-year-old Beagle-Terrier mix. He was originally adopted as a puppy and returned to us shortly after his family got a second dog. Kramer really enjoys the company of the dogs at the shelter and has made quite a few new friends. However, his previous owners indicated that he can be possessive over toys and food. He's hoping that a great family will come along soon ...
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Dakota – adopted

No longer accepting applications so we can process all that we have received. This sweet little girl is a 9 month old lab mix. Housebroken and crate trained. Has been through obedience training and is very smart.  Sweet little girl that is still all puppy.  Would do well in a home with another dog that likes to play.  Does like to dig and jump when excited but we are working on that.  Prefer a fenced yard. (*) (female) (50 lbs)     ...
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This is Harvey.  Harvey is a 5 month terrier-cattle dog mix.  Harvey is housebroken, crate trained and very happy. Would prefer a fence with children 8+ and a family with training time. He will be available Sat Feb 20th  at the shelter. (*) (18 pounds) (male) ...
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041416 Sowflake

Snowflake – Adopted!

Snowflake is a very sweet and loving Pit Bull Mix. She originally came to us with a litter of puppies, but now that her pups are weaned, Snowflake is ready to find her own forever home. She seems to be mostly housebroken. Snowflake is an athletic girl who enjoys playing with tennis balls and seems to have great skills in the game of fetch! She will need a securely fenced yard and an outlet for her energy. Once you meet her, you will fall in love! (45 - 60 pounds) (female) Update: We also recently learned that Snowflake LOVES other dogs and would ...
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Winter Pups – Aspen adopted

Aspen (F) is the only one left. These puppies are adorable. Very energetic and playful! Fence yard preferred. Momma (Snowflake) is a Pitt/terrier Mix and dad is unknown. 6 weeks on 1/29/16.  They are very sweet and doing well. Momma Snowflake is a very sweet and loving female Pitt/terrier Mix. She seems to be mostly housebroken. She enjoys playing with tennis balls and is seems to have great skills in the game of fetch! A securely fenced yard or very avid runner/walker is needed! Once you meet her you will fall in love! Read More


Will you be my valentine?? I am ready to be your one true love.  My name is Valentino.  I am just one year old and full of kisses and fun and looking for love. I have great house manners, a true little gentleman with a big  heart. (*) (male) (under 15 pounds)   ...
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Chip – adopted

When I came to Pet Refuge I was really really sick. The doctor said I had pneumonia.  I had a hard time breathing and coughed a lot.  I was " sicker than a dog" at least sicker than any little  Chihuahua  should ever be. My foster mom took good care of me and now I am good as new!  Looking for my forever home where I can sit on your lap, sleep in your bed and be your forever friend.  I am just 5 years young. (male) (*) (under 15 pounds)   ...
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012816 Bigsley

Bigsley – adopted

Are you looking for someone to cuddle with on Valentine's Day? Look no further....Bigsley is the best cuddle buddy! He is an 8 year old shih tzu. He loves to sit with you on the couch and will curl up next to you in bed. He is house broken and crate trained. He has recently been groomed and that is something that he will continue to need. He gets along well with other dogs and doesn't mind the cats. He loves to go outside and does well walking on a leash. Come meet this sweet little cuddle bug!! Bigsley will ...
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041416 Buddah

Buddah – adopted

Buddah is pretty easy to spot at our shelter. He’s a big boy at just under 100 pounds and strikingly handsome with his thick, white coat and his soulful eyes. Buddah is about 9 years old and is used to having a fenced in yard. His previous owners described him as a friendly, affectionate dog that really enjoys the company of older children. He is housetrained and knows some basic commands. We have also introduced him to other dogs and cats and he has done well with both of them. ...
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012516 Figgy 1

Figgy – Adopted!

Figgy was pretty sure that he would much rather sit in the photographer’s lap and cuddle than get his picture taken. Figgy is a sweet little Terrier mix of about 2 years old. He was transferred to us from another shelter, so we don’t know much about his previous life. However, from what we can tell so far, Figgy would love to be a lap dog and spend these long winter nights close to his special person. He can be a bit hand-shy when you first meet him (and we would thus prefer a home without young children), but he ...
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King – adopted

No longer accepting applications so we can process all the ones we have received so far! Hi, My name use to be Keegan but I didn't really answer to that so my foster mom calls me King.  I'm 1 1/2 years old and possibly a Havanese mix.  I'm housebroken, love other dogs and my favorite past time is watching out any window.  I have a lot of energy and love to run around the back yard. When I was first brought into Pet Refuge I was a mess but my mom treated me like the king I am and now ...
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Ella – adopted

Ella is a 5 month old Heinz 57 mix. She has one blue eye and one brown eye so she may have some Aussie in her. She is very loving and playful.  Ella is doing well on potty training.  She still has a lot of puppy energy and loves having another dog to play with. She does well with older children. She will be available to meet at our shelter on 1/27 from 6 to 8 PM.  (*) (female) (30 pounds and growing) ...
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Brooklyn – adopted

This is brooklyn.  She is a 3 month old English Shepard that loves people and other dogs.  She needs a fenced in yard as she loves to run around and explore and it would be preferable if she had another dog to play with.  She will be available to meet at our shelter 1/30/16 from 11 to 3. (*) (female)   ...
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Hunter – adopted

Available on 1/27 and can be seen at our shelter from 6-8 PM Hunter is 5 1/2 months old and weighs 50+ lbs. He is a sweet red-tick hound mix with blue eyes. He's very handsome and loving. He wants to play with other dogs, has lived with children and cats and is housebroken. He would enjoy an active family, breed experience preferred and fence required (4' minimum). (*)(male) ...
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Oden- adopted

Medical Hold Hi, I'm Oden.  I was recently returned to Pet Refuge when I was found wandering the streets by the friendly police officers.  My original foster mommy came right away to pick me up.  She took me to see a nice lady, although the poked me a few times and that hurt.  They gave my foster mommy some bad news as they said I was heart worm positive, whatever that means.  A few days later I went back to see the nice lady and they gave me something that hurt for a few days but my foster mommy says ...
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011516 Patch2


Patch is one of the happiest dogs that you will ever meet! She is a fun, energetic and playful 2-year-old Terrier mix who can jump 3 feet in the air when she is excited (or when she is trying to catch a ball). She requires a fenced-in yard so she can have a safe outlet for her energy. Patch has never met a stranger and is quickly becoming a volunteer favorite. We have not had a chance yet to try her with other dogs, but we believe that she might do well with dogs that match her energy level. Read More
011516 Sheba1

Sheba – Adopted

Sheba is 10-12 years young and still active for her age. She has no problem getting up on the couch to cuddle and maybe even grab a soft squeaky toy. Sheba is a very sweet little girl who would love to find a quiet home without young children. We were also told that she needs a cat-free home. Sheba might not be able to accompany you on a long hike, but she would love a stroll through the neighborhood… followed by a nice nap on a comfy dog bed. If you are looking for an easy-going companion, Sheba might be ...
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Smiley Pete – adopted

Hi everybody. My name is Smiley Pete. I've been featured on TV a few times but mom says I don't cooperate when she tries to get a head shot for my "portfolio". Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a 9 year old bishon/poodle mix.  When I arrived I was a hefty 20 pounds but I've slimmed down and I love the diet  I'm on.  I was also in a lot of pain when I first came to Pet Refuge. I have arthritis pretty bad and the extra weight wasn't helping. Thanks to modern medicine I'm doing ...
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TJ – adopted!

Hey, TJ is my name and I think I’m one good looking dude.  My human is very sick and can’t take care of me anymore, so here I am, available.  I have been passed around a lot in my life, in various shelters and different owners.  I don’t know why, I’m trained to go potty outside.  I like my crate, that’s where I feel safe. (although I do like to snuggle with my human, it’s good bonding time) I LOVE my own kind, there isn’t a four legged critter I haven’t liked.  Because I feel shy and afraid it took ...
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Coal – Adopted

Coal is a 2 to 3 year old Great Dane.  He is the most loving boy and LOVES to lean on you.  He does well with other dogs that like to play as hard as he does.  He is a small boy at 115 pounds.  He rides well in the car and loves to play in the yard.  He needs a place to run and play and then he will lay on the couch with you.  He is crate and potty trained and does great while left alone.  He will want all your attention!  (*)(male)(115 pounds) ...
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120315 Oscar

Oscar – Adopted!

This little bundle of energy is a 1-year-old Shih Tzu named Oscar. Oscar loves to play and is convinced that everyone he meets is his new best friend. He is very dog-friendly and does great with dogs that match his energy level. However, he doesn’t quite understand yet why older, calmer dogs might get annoyed with him. He would also not be the best match for a cat. However, he LOVES people, begs for attention and enjoys to be picked up and carried around. Oscar will make a fun addition to a lucky family! (~10 pounds) ...
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120315 Winnie1

Winnie – Adopted!

Gotta love those ears! Winnie is an adorable mix of maybe Labrador and lots of other breeds. She has long, floppy ears, long legs and weighs close to 90 pounds. She is about 2-3 years old and full of energy. She loves to play and would very much like a fenced-in yard in her new home. From what we can tell so far, Winnie doesn’t care much for other dogs ad would prefer to be the only dog in her new home. She is great with people though and has excellent kennel manners and walks very nicely on leash. Read More
120315 Chica1

Chica – Adopted!

Chica is a gorgeous long-haired German Shepherd. She is only about 2 years old and still a puppy at heart. She originally came from a home with a Chihuahua and we strongly suspect that she had no problem letting the little guy be the boss. When we introduced her to a cat, she had no idea what to make of the hissy little creature and decided that avoiding the cat was her safest option. Chica would benefit from continued socialization and leash training. She is a very sweet girl who clearly want to please. She enjoys affection and likes being ...
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Stormy (2)

Stormy – Adopted

(DOB 6-3-15) Stormy is a wonderful pup who needs to find that special family who will love and appreciate him for the great little dog that he is.  Stormy is a male mixed breed that will probably not exceed 20 pounds.  He is friendly, easy-going, quiet, pretty well behaved, and housebroken.  He will still need work on chewing, but he takes direction well and responds to the word "no" immediately.  He loves kids, adults, other dogs, and is trying his hardest to make the family cat love him (but has not succeeded).  He is used to a fenced yard and ...
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110715 Hero 1

Hero – Adopted!

Ready to share some adventures? Hero is still young (he is about 2 years old), and he's always ready to go. Hero was originally rescued by a good Samaritan who nursed him back to health. However, after one of the family members became seriously ill, his owner decided that a young energetic dog was too much for him to handle. He wanted what was best for Hero and turned him into Pet Refuge. Hero still had to go through heartworm treatment with us and had to be kept calm for two months. He is thrilled to say that he is ...
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Vincent – adopted

Meet Vincent (Vinnie) who is a very friendly poodle.  Unfortunately, Vinnie's family could no longer care for him and turned him into a local shelter.  They called us right away because of his age.  You see, he is a senior (7-10 years old) but he really doesn't act like it.  He acts more like a 2 or 3 year old!  He loves people and walks on a leash very well. He loves to ride in car and is very well behaved for the ride.  He gets along with other dogs, but really prefers to have all of his human's attention ...
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Spartacus – adopted

Available at adoptions on 11/18! Handsome. That's all there is to say. Spartacus is one Hansome man. Spartacus is approx 2 years old. He loves the companionship of humans. Spartacus is a very smart dog with a strong desire to please you.  He has not had the greatest start to life from his humans but he isn't letting let stop him from loving them . Due to an untreated injury Spartacus had to have one of his legs amputated. He is still learning his confidence with 3 legs.  Spartacus has excellent crate manners and appears to be housebroken. He may do ...
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I'm so happy to have found this place called Pet Refuge after such a long drive from another shelter.  It was much colder there and now I'm in a foster home where I get to run and play with other dogs.  I was living on my own when I was picked up by a nice animal control officer.  I'm thankful I don't have to search for food and shelter anymore. I'm very active for my age and like to act like I'm 2 instead of 6.  I love the other dogs I live with now and I love to fetch my ...
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111115 Layla

Layla – Adopted!

Don't let this sleeping beauty fool you! Layla is an active 7 year old senior. She loves to play outside and go for walks. She gets along well with dogs and cats. She will need to continue to lose some weight as she is about 14 pounds too heavy. But she is a big girl full of love. She will be a lap dog if you let her! She is house broken and listens well. Come meet this cuddle bug and get a hug from her! Available Saturday, November 14. (*) ...
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110715 Scooby 1

Scooby – Adopted!

With his gorgeous markings and his big, soulful eyes, Scooby is about as handsome as they come. Although he still has a bit of unrefined puppy in him (our vet thinks that Scooby is only about a year old), he is eager to learn the ropes. Scooby loves to play fetch (even though he is not always the most coordinated pup when he chases the ball) and he promises to bring lots of energy and laughter to someone's life.Since he is 92-pounds of puppy energy, he should not go to a home with young children and he does require a ...
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110715 Virginia 2

Virginia – adopted!

Virginia is still wondering how she ended up in a shelter. Virginia is a seven-year-old Labby girl with a very sweet and gentle personality. She politely waits for you to pay attention to her and will lean into you to get affection. She walks very nicely on leash and has excellent kennel manners. We don’t know where Virginia originally came from (she was transferred to us from another shelter), but we do know that she is more than ready to find her true forever home. Since we don’t know if she has ever been around children, we would prefer a ...
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102215 LouLou

Lou-Lou – adopted

Lou-Lou is a petite Beagle who is quite the lover. She is 8 1/2 years old and seems to prefer to be the only canine in the home.  She should do fine with older children and was more than happy to ignore cats when we introduced her at the shelter. She is looking for a special home who can help her along with a medical issue she has due to a probable previous disc injury in her back.  She walks and gets along just fine now but she does so with a little sway.  We would be happy to discuss some of her special ...
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031216 Jagger 1

Jagger – Adopted!

Jagger is a Labrador mix of about 3-4 years old.  For some reason, he was a skinny-mini when he first arrived at our shelter, but has since put on some nice weight and ready for his new home.  We have tried him with a dog or two  and he is REALLY PLAYFUL and should do fine around most other dogs.  He would benefit from some additional socialization such as obedience classes to help build some confidence.  A home with older children is best.  A fenced yard is preferred. (52 pounds) Jagger playing with his friend Koopa (who was recently adopted) ...
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103015 Dolly

Dolly – Adopted!

We believe that Dolly is a 2-3 year old Pekingese-Spaniel mix. Unfortunately, Dolly tested positive for heartworm after she was transferred to us. Even though she wasn’t happy about the treatment and especially about having to stay calm for two months, Dolly was a good little patient. She is feeling a lot better now and is loving the fact that she is finally allowed to run and play. She is initially shy around strangers and will most likely need a little while to adjust to new people. However, once you gain her trust, Dolly is a cuddly little girl. We would love ...
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Cinnamon – Adopted

Cinnamon is a 10 month old border collie, maybe Saint Bernard Mix. She weighs 60 pounds and all of that is puppy energy.  She is a real sweetheart, loves people and especially her toys.  She is fully house trained and knows some commands.  Sadly, this sweet girl is already suffering from hip dysplasia.  Although it is not affecting her pace right now, she may need surgery at some point in the future.  She will need a home with kids that are of an age to understand that her hips may be sore from time to time.  She would love a ...
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101515 Royal 1 small

Royal – Adopted!

Ready for some playtime? Royal sure is! This beautiful Labradoodle is about six years old and full of energy. Royal would love a fenced-in yard and an active home. Royal likes to be told what a good boy he is and he enjoys affection on his own terms (no hugs for this boy, please!). He requires a home without children. Royal has done well around some dogs, but can be a bit selective about who he likes. This boy is a diamond in the rough and he would love to find a special person that will give him the stability ...
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Zelda – Adopted!

Zelda is an 8 month old schnauzer mix .  She is an energetic puppy, but also loves to cuddle on your lap. She is house trained, doing pretty well using the doggie door, and walks great on a leash.  She loves other dogs and is ok with cats.  She loves people and is good with kids.  She plays the shy little girl until she gets to know you.  She is also crate trained.  She is looking for her forever family or person to snuggle with on these cold days and nights. (*) (female) ...
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100515 Bear

Mister Bear – Adopted!

On medical hold. After many years in the same home, Bear found himself in a high kill shelter when his owners decided that they could no longer take care of him. Just one look at him and you knew that he had not been properly cared for in a long time. Bear was missing patches of hair and his body was covered in open sores. After a month on antibiotics and steroids and twice-weekly medicated baths, Bear is slowly starting to heal. He loves life in his foster home and has become best friends with his doggie and kitty siblings ...
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Rowdy – Adopted

Rowdy Yates born June 26,2015, Mastiff/ Boxer  mix. He was originally found in a shoe box in an alley when he was only 3 weeks.  He was brought to South Bend Animal Control who called Pet Refuge to help. He is a very loving,playful puppy. Good with children, cats and other dogs. He is crate trained, working on potty training and obedience. A fenced yard or avid walker is needed for this energetic guy.  (*) (male) (24 pounds and growing) ...
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092615 Kristi1

Kristi – Adopted!

Kristi is a 2-year-old Terrier/Pug/Basenji mix. She shares her foster home with three male dogs and is doing very well with all of them. She prefers to be right by your side – unless you are throwing a ball for her. Kristi is always ready for a good game of fetch. She also enjoys her walks and does well on leash. Kristi is house and crate-trainer and has great manners. She is an all around great pup who enjoys meeting new people. Kristi can’t wait to meet her forever family! (female) (*) ...
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Bruce – Adopted!

Bruce is a 2 year old beagle who has a lot of love to give. He gets along well with other dogs as you can see from the picture of him and his foster sister. He has lived with cats and kids and did well with them. He is housebroken. He loves to play with toys but also likes to lay in bed and snuggle. Due to his breed's tendency to follow their nose we are requiring a fence for this boy. (*) (male (25 lbs.) ...
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Caroline – Adopted!

Caroline is a 1.5 year old retriever mix. She is great with kids and dogs.  Caroline only has one eye but she is very happy and playful. She loves to play tennis ball.  (female) (*)   ...
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092315 Reba

Reba – adopted

Reba's past may be a sad country song. But this star is looking to turn that sad song around. Reba is approx 4yrs old and a hound mix. Reba came to us with her 10 newborn puppies. Despite all the stress of moving around with her young family Reba kept her kind spirit. Reba's looking for a home to help her change her Sad country song life. A home with patience and lots of love will help our girl bloom. Reba enjoys her time outside so a fence yard may be best for her. (*)(female)(45lbs) ...
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Reba’s Puppies – adopted

These hound pups were born on July 26th.  They will be medium to large dogs and all of them will require a fence. Adopted -all   Update -  We have an update on Miranda Lambert, we recently confirmed she is deaf.  She is looking for a special home that can work with her on hand signals and other training techniques. A few of them today - 9/21 Miranda Lambert Baby Pictures -   ...
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Abba – Adopted

Abba is a two year old shih tzu.  She is such a sweetheart.  She lives with two terriers, she plays all day with the little one and tolerates the bigger grumpy one.  She is housebroken, likes to ride shotgun in the car and cuddles on the couch.  Come in and see her and you will instantly fall in love. (*) (female) (11 pounds) ...
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No longer accepting applications My name is Milo and I am a fun loving Golden Doodle looking for love from just the right people.  I am looking for an active family who will run with me, play fetch with me, and let me be your best friend.  In return, I will give you all the love and attention I have! I'm a young guy at 9 months old.  (*) (male) (50 t0 70 pounds) ...
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091315 Rabbit1 small

Rabbit – Adopted!

Weighing in at a mere 5 pounds, Rabbit is for sure the smallest dog at our shelter. However, what this little guy might lack in size, he makes up for in attitude. Rabbit is a 2-3 year old Pomeranian who needs an owner that is willing to see past his tough guy attitude. Rabbit likes to go on walks (even though he secretly enjoys being carried around). He did well when we introduced him to a cat, but doesn’t seem to care for other dogs much. (male) (5 pounds) ...
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091115 Rosie


Rose is a 4-year-old, 35 pound terrier/beagle mix with a heart of gold. She really loves people!  All people, she's not picky. If you're looking for a constant companion or even a jogging partner, she's your gal. She is potty trained and has excellent house manners. She protests a bit from her crate, yet doesn't seem to do damage when she is out of the crate, so perhaps she doesn't need one. She is jealous of attention given to her canine companions, so she is best as an only dog. She is a fairly calm, not a particularly rowdy dog ...
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090315 Juniper small2

Juniper – Adopted!

Juniper’s world was shattered when her owner passed away and she was suddenly forced to trade her nice, quiet home for a kennel in a noisy shelter. Juniper is a 5-6-year-old Lab-Beagle mix with a gorgeous reddish brindle coat. She is very sweet and cuddly and loves climbing into your lap and showering you with kisses. She is most comfortable when she can be close to her person. However, loud noises and sudden movements are very scary to Juniper and we believe that she would do best in a home without young children. If you are looking for a loyal, ...
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092415 Koopa3 small

Koopa – Adopted!

Even though it is only September, Koopa already knows what his New Year’s resolution will be: Koopa is trying very hard to lose about 20 pounds. Even though Koopa is an all around happy dog who has no problems going for walks and running through the yard, he will live a much longer and healthier life once his weight gets down to about 30 pounds. Koopa seems to like the dogs around him and will greet new people with a goofy smile and a happy tail wag. He is about 5 years old and will make a wonderful companion to ...
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Timmy – adopted

My name is Timmy and I am looking for someone who would to like give a little white dog a forever home.  I am a busy little guy who loves to play with other little dogs.  I am pretty opinionated and won't hesitate to tell you what I think.  My foster mom says I am chatty. (*) (male) (small) ...
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They say that Chihuahua's are either very sweet or very naughty.  Just to set the record straight I am one of the sweetest Chihuahua boys you will ever meet. I am just 2 years old and too cute to be naughty so come take me home. Please!! (*) (male) (small) ...
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Patsy Cline – Adopted!

You will be "CRAZY" about this sweet little beagle when you meet her.  Patsy says she likes to wander the yard and sing some of her favorite songs to the bunnies she is trying to find.  Just 5 years young she will steal your heart.  She does require a fenced in yard as she will follow her nose anywhere. (*) (female) (apprx 15 pounds)   ...
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082715 Bumble1

Bumble – Adopted!

This fun loving little girl is a 3-4 year-old Dachshund mix who likes to stay busy as a bee. Bumble is playful and seems to like other dogs her size. We would love to find a home with a fenced-in yard for her. We will update her description as we get to know her better – but please come in and meet her today! (under 20 pounds) (female) ...
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080715 Dodger small

Dodger – Adopted!

Dodger is happiest when he has a soccer ball that he can carry around and throw in the air. He loves playing with people, but he does a great job entertaining himself with a ball. When you see Dodger play, you would think he is a puppy! However, Dodger is about 6 years old. Our best guess is that he is a Pointer mix (maybe with some Lab). Dodger doesn’t mind other dogs, but he doesn’t want to share his food. He has excellent leash manners and really enjoys going for walks. We would also love a fenced-in yard for ...
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042315 Trixie3 - small

Trixie – Adopted!

Trixie is a Border Collie of about 8 years old now.  Unfortunately, she has not been so lucky is some recent adoptions and has come back to us.  Several years ago, she came to us along with many other border collie brothers and sisters from a hoarding situation that we helped with.  Over the years, she has gained some confidence but she does still have issues with anxiety, especially during storms and fireworks.  They are pretty severe and she gets very upset.  So, she is seeking a home where someone will be able to work with her with this type ...
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100815 Romeo 1small

Romeo – Adopted!

Romeo is a leggy Miniature Pinscher mix (maybe some cattle dog in there) of 4 years old.   Romeo does not want to share his home with a 4-legged Juliet and would need to be the only dog in the home.  He has been exposed to cats but they need to not mind his chasing of them!  So perhaps a cat-free home is best.  We think he would do best in a home with a fenced yard as he gets the zoomies sometimes and runs about 50 miles-an-hour around the yard.  He is very treat motivated and knows several obedience commands.  He ...
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092415 Sunny small


Sunny is a 2-3-year-old Labrador mix with a fun-loving and outgoing personality. Sunny likes to play in the yard and we would love to find a home with a securely fenced-in yard for her. She is working hard on her leash- and house manners, but will need continued training.  Since she might knock over young children in her youthful exuberance, Sunny will need a home with older kids. She is not shy to express her love for you and will happily jump up to kiss you.  If you are looking for a big, active, and very affectionate pup who thinks ...
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120315 Cher1

Cher – Adopted!

Hi, my name is Cher and I am a young energetic Houndy-girl. I love to let you listen to me sing! I am especially talkative when I know that it is time for my favorite part of the day: Breakfast! And Dinner! Unfortunately, other dogs don’t seem to appreciate my rambunctiousness that much so the volunteers at Pet Refuge believe that I would do better as an only dog. I am an energetic girl that would love a fenced-in yard. I would also make an excellent jogging partner. I already know some basic commands, but since I am a bouncy, ...
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Lizzie – Adopted!

Lizzie is a 2-3 year old lab mix. She came to us with 10 puppies only 4 days old. Lizzie was undernourished and neglected; however, at some point, Lizzie had been loved. She trusted us immediately to take care of her and her pups. She is loving and easygoing and a joy to foster. Lizzie had another difficulty. She had a back leg that had never fully developed. She used it occasionally, but it was not functional. The vets determined it was best for the leg to be amputated.  Lizzie has fully recovered from surgery and can now move freely ...
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Skunk – Adopted

Skunk is a 17 week old male puppy that was born along with six other brothers in the care of one of our Pet Refuge foster families.  He has been on medical hold for several weeks and his treatment seems to be progressing nicely.  It is hopeful that he will be available for adoption in the next few weeks.  Skunk is a happy active little dog that loves to play with his brother and the other dogs who reside at his current foster home.  He also loves interaction with his human caregivers and craves belly rubs and puppy treats.  It ...
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Beans – adopted

Beans is a 7 1/2 year old Beagle mix and he loves children! His owners told us that he would love to find a home where he gets plenty of playtime and has a fenced-in yard to run around in. He is housebroken and does not have to be crated. Beans is currently the only dog in his home, but he has done well with other dogs. He is a very sweet boy! (*) (male) ...
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Rosie (one of the Fab 5)

We are VERY happy to say that Rosie has been adopted! Big Rosie had a huge mammary tumor which was removed and she had 20 teeth removed because they were being worn down and causing her pain.  I can honestly say that besides Bear, she was one of the hardest dogs to try to work with in the beginning.  I can only compare her to an alligator whenever you tried to touch her, she just started snapping.  Oh, and Big Rosie also has limited vision.  Not totally blind like Archie but probably 50% loss of eye-site. Big Rosie was also an older ...
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Roxie (one of the Fab 5)

We are very happy to say that Roxie has been adopted! Roxie is a smaller Lab mix of about 8-10 years old. Roxie first came to us with a lot of medical problems. She had a huge lump under one of her eyes, terrible teeth and also a mammary growth. She had two dental sessions and 18 teeth removed, but is able to eat well now. Unfortunately, the lump under her eye is cancer and could not be removed entirely, but right now does not seem to bother her. She also went through the slow-kill heartworm treatment. Roxie is now in a ...
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We are VERY happy to say that Archie has been adopted! Archie is a Shepherd mix of about 7-9 years old. After being examined by our Vet, it was determined that he is almost totally blind but he does see some shadowing. He also has a very keen sense of smell because he knows when his buddy, Boss is near. He is finally becoming much more comfortable around people and doing excellent with his leash walking work. He has just the sweetest puppy looking face! He went through the slow-kill heartworm treatment and would appreciate any help you can give towards ...
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C.J. – Adopted!

C.J. is a 4 yr. old male Chihuahua. He is a little unsure of strangers, but once he gets to know you, he will be your friend for life. C.J. loves cuddling with his family and will give you lots of kisses. As you can see in the video, he does excellent with cats. C.J. is looking for a home without young children and a patient person who will give him time to adjust. Breed experience would be a plus. He would love to have a fenced-in yard to play in. (*) ...
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Rusty – Adopted!

Looking for lots of personality in a short-legged little body? Then Rusty is the dog for you! Rusty is a 3 year old Miniature Dachshund. He is very affectionate with people he knows. Once he trusts you, he loves to cuddle and shower you with kisses. However, it might take a while before you get to see his cuddly side. Rusty can be protective of his crate at adoption events and prefers it when he gets to approach people at his own speed. If you are willing to give Rusty some time to adjust, he will turn into a fun-loving, ...
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100815 Elmer 1small

Elmer – Adopted!

This handsome boy looks like a “Bassador,” a short-legged Basset-Labrador mix.  Elmer is 7 1/2 years old and will make a fun addition to a lucky family. Elmer needs a home with a fenced-in yard and older children. He can be picky about his doggy friends, so we believe that he would do best as an only dog in the home. Elmer knows all of his basic commands and has excellent leash manners.  He is a very smart, food-motivated boy and is having a great time on our brand new agility equipment. And don’t let his short legs fool you, this ...
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080515 Ellie small

Ellie – Adopted!

Meet Ellie! Ellie is a 2.5-year-old Terrier mix (maybe mixed with an Italian Greyhound). Ellie is a sweetheart of a dog who has never met a stranger and loves attention. She likes other dogs and would do well with a playmate that matches her energy level. Ellie sure has energy to spare! Ellie requires a fenced-in yard in her new home. At our shelter, you can usually see her running laps through the yard – just for the pure joy of running. Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, she is just as happy to dart out the front door and make ...
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Bear (one of the Fab 5) – Adopted!

After 4 years with us Bear was ADOPTED!!!! Bear is a 7-year-old Chow mix with a rough past. He was rescued from a hoarding situation in which he was kept in deplorable conditions. He still has huge scars on his beautiful face. He has come a long way since his first days in our shelter, but he still needs an adoptive parent with time and patience for him. He is shy with new people and seems to only be comfortable being petted if he feels entirely secure. He likes to "check" on his people to see what they are doing ...
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Stanley – adopted!

Stanley is a Hound mix of about 5 years old.  After having to recover from a terrible break in his back leg and having it amputated, he has recovered fully and loves nothing more than chasing his soccer ball through the Pet Refuge yard. Stanley is a sweet pup who loves belly rubs and sleeping in, but he does not always show his best when he is in a kennel. All Stanley needs is an understanding family with a fenced-in yard who is willing to give him the sense of security he craves. He can be reserved at first, but ...
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Jake – adopted!

Jake is feeling like a new pup after his dramatic makeover. Jake came to us as a matted filthy mess. He was visibly uncomfortable and initially distrustful of people. However, after our groomer shaved off his mats and gave him a much needed bath, a new, beautiful dog emerged. Jake is a 9-year-old Shih Tzu who requires a little time to adjust to new people. However, he is starting to enjoy human attention and interacting with our volunteers. He will most likely have to be on eye meds for the rest of his life, but he is otherwise in good ...
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Sugar – Adopted!

Sugar has lots of stories to tell!  She is a Lab mix of about 7-8 years old.  She is looking for that special someone that she can bond with and will give her lots of attention.  She prefers to be the only dog in the home and has done well around children.  Sugar is a gal that will need a lot of exercise because sometimes she gets anxious and needs to have some release of energy.  We have done a lot of diagnostic work up through our Vet and one issue that Sugar does have is that sometimes, she cannot ...
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Hamlet – Adopted!

Hamlet is an active little 7-year-old Miniature Pinscher who is looking for a family that will love him for who he is. His previous owners told us that he can be a bit leery of new people and would do best in a home without young children. However, he was a very affectionate boy with them and liked to follow them around. He also enjoys his walks and will get excited as soon as he sees his harness. Unfortunately, Hamlet does not always let you know when he has to go outside and he will need someone that is patient ...
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Candy – adopted

Candy, the bull terrier, is one sweet dog and we are guessing her age to be about six. She came to us with an unknown past and we are learning more about her every day. Recently she had surgery for her spay and to have a mammary tumor removed, which was benign. Surprisingly they found she had objects in her stomach and they appeared to be chewed up plastic toys, none of which are missing from her foster home. In her foster home she doesn't chew things up, though she is watched carefully. Candy has recovered from her surgery and doing ...
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Rogo – adopted!

Hi, my name is Rogo and I am so excited to meet you! I hope that you are here to adopt me! I am still a young dog of about one and a half years and I can’t believe that I have already found myself homeless. I am bursting with energy and my favorite hobby is running through the yard and playing with the volunteers here. I would love to have a big fenced-in yard in my new home (preferably a privacy fence since I am quite the athletic little guy). I am eager to learn and definitely still need ...
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