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011317 Belle 6

Belle – adopted!

Hi, my name is Belle and I am one and half years old.  I was rescued by my foster mom because I was found outside, very hungry and very thin.  Later, my foster mommy found out I was pregnant and she kept me safe while I had my babies.  Now, all of my babies are gone and I'm still looking for a good furrever home. I am super super affectionate.  I love to cuddle and be held - the moment you pet me, I start purring!  I am constantly looking for love and attention.  But don't let my cuddly side ...
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Solomon – adopted

I am 17 pounds of gorgeous! I am an affectionate couch potato and I love soft music (especially jazz and classical). I confess I'm better with older kids and adults. I'd love to come chill with you. (*) DOB 2013 ...
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Thelma – adopted

Thelma is a gorgeous tortie-and-white female. After being adopted six years ago as a kitten from Pet Refuge, her owner sadly passed away so Thelma (and her sister) were returned to the shelter. Fortunately for Louise, Thelma’s sister, she was recently adopted, but Thelma finds herself without her late owner and now her sister. Please consider adopting this lonely kitty who desperately needs a new home. She is independent, likes being petted, and enjoys her cat-napping time. (*) ...
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Sobie and Laknee – adopted

These two brothers are 11 months old and they would love nothing more than to celebrate their first birthday in their forever home. Sobie (buff) and Laknee (orange tabby and white, polydactyl) are very bonded to each other and would love to stay together. They are both sweet, snuggly cats who love to sleep on the bed. Laknee is a little clown and is the more playful of the two. ...
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Pete and Tinkerbell – adopted

Pete and Tinkerbell are hoping to find a home together! These two sweeties have spent their entire lives together and would make a great pair. Tinkerbell (black Max) is your ultimate lap cat. She is friendly, affectionate, and will climb into your lap and ask for attention as soon as you sit down. Her brother Pete (brown tabby and white) is also affectionately known as “the Dude.” He is a big, handsome, laid back boy. Both of them are front declawed. DOB: February 2010       ...
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Poppy – adopted

Poppy is a shy little boy who likes to hide in our cubby holes. So he might not be the first cat you see when you come into the room, but he would very much like to find his very own forever home. He likes other cats, but would do best in a quiet home without young children or active dogs. DOB: September 12, 2008 ...
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Bria – adopted!

Bria is beautiful with her unique coat.  She loves to play with a plastic spring. (*) DOB 7-13-16 ...
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Bell – adopted

Bell is a fun-loving black and white girl with a white tip on her tail. (*) DOB 7-13-16 ...
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Bridget – adopted!

Bridget is a loving, black kitten.  She loves to be held and purrs up a storm for you. (*) DOB 7-13-16 ...
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Stach – adopted

Stach is a buddy cat. He is shy till he gets to know you then can be lovable boy. Doesn't like to be picked up but likes petting. Gets along well with other cats and kittens. Ok with dogs. Playful, good house manners. (*) DOB 6/1/15 ...
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Chloe – adopted

Very very sweet little girl. She loves to snuggle and will come when called. She is also very playful and loves laser lights. She gets along with all other animals including dogs, other cats, and children. (*) ...
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Jamie – Adopted

Very sweet little girl. She can be a bit shy at first but once she gets to know you, she will cuddle in bed with you every night. Jamie does have a silent purr and meow. She gets along with dogs, cats, and children. (*) ...
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Huck – Adopted

A very curious boy. He loves to play and cuddle. He will sleep with you on the bed all night. He is also very inquisitive and will explore anywhere if he has the chance (including places he isn't supposed to be). Huck gets along with everybody. (*) ...
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Quinn – Adopted

Quinn is a very sweet girl that loves to snuggle. She is also very talkative and will tell you when she wants something. Quinn gets along with dogs, other cats, and children. (*) ...
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Jake – Adopted

Jake is very laid back for a kitten. He will sit and snuggle on the bed when his brothers and sisters are playing. He can be a bit cautious at first but is very sweet when he gets to know you. Jake gets along with dogs, cats, and children. (*) ...
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Litleo – Adopted

Leo is small male black tabby who got off to a rough start.  He was the only kitten to be bottle-fed as he couldn't get the hang of nursing from his mama for awhile.  Now he is fearless, rough and tumble, playful, and always on the go.  He is more independent that the other kittens and can entertain himself for hours with dust bunnies, little dogs, or whatever else he comes across.  This little sweetie is the smallest of the kittens and is just waiting to weigh enough to be neutered before being available for adoption.  From the way he ...
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Luxray – adopted

Rayray is the smaller of the two gray males (his brother has already been adopted).  He is real baby and loves to be held and in the crook of your arm and petted (for a few minutes, anyhow) and then will play-bite and take off like a shot. The Pokémon kittens (and their mother) went into foster care when they were just a few days old.  The mother needed emergency surgery, so the entire family moved into a foster home.  The mother cat received a Pokémon name, so all of the kittens were named for Pokémon characters as well.  All ...
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Mewtwo – Adopted

The Pokémon kittens (and their mother) went into foster care when they were just a few days old.  The mother needed emergency surgery, so the entire family moved into a foster home.  The mother cat received a Pokémon name, so all of the kittens were named for Pokémon characters as well.  All kittens are friendly and well socialized.  They are all boys and play hard, but then love to curl up on the couch or available lap.  They are used to children, dogs, adult cats, and adult people.  Their only fear is a squirt from the water bottle when they ...
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Maddie and Tae – adopted

We are both very sweet and playful and would love to be adopted together. Tae was born with limited mobility in her hips, but that doesn’t slow me down. (*) DOB 4-10-2016     Tae    Maddie ...
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Monkey – adopted!

They don't call me Monkey for nothing, I LOVE to climb! I don't climb curtains, though, Mom told me that humans don't like that. When I've had enough climbing and wrestling with my brother I love to snuggle with my humans. I am about 4 months old, neutered, and up to date on my shots. (*) ...
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Paka – Adopted!

Hi, I'm Paka, that means cat in some African language. My foster mom says she named me that because I am a brave girl, like an African wildcat kitten. I LOVE to be held close and snuggle with my foster mom. I would love a forever home where there is a human to hold me whenever I want. I am about 4 months old, spayed, and up to date on my shots. (*) ...
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012517 Racer

Racer – adopted

My name is Racer and that is because I love to race around the house. I am about 4 months old and I am already neutered and up to date on all my shots. I would love a forever home with lots of room to run and another kitty to wrestle with. I do love to snuggle with my humans once I have run out all of my energy. (*) ...
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Melba – Adopted

Melba is a beautiful 1-year-old Blue Torti Point Siamese. She is very sweet, friendly and playful. (*) ...
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063016 Ivy

Ivy – Adopted!

Ivy is a vocal little girl and it is probably her loud voice that saved her life. When Ivy was only about 8 weeks old, she climbed into the engine of a car. Thankfully, someone heard her cries and she was rescued without any injuries (even though she was a greasy little mess). Ivy has done very well in her foster home and really enjoys playing with her furry siblings. She would love to go to her new home with another playful kitten. Ivy is very cuddly once she gets to know you, but she can be a little leery ...
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Fern portrait

Fern – Adopted

Despite a rough start in life, Fern couldn’t be any sweeter. Fern was abandoned at our shelter with five other kittens of varying ages. As one of the older ones in the group, Fern immediately assumed the mother role. She grooms her younger siblings and even lets them “nurse” on her. She would love to go to her new home with one of her friends. She is particularly attached to Flora (the black kitten in the pictures) who will be available for adoption soon. Fern also shares her foster home with Ivy and Iris. Fern came to us with badly ...
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081916 Marlin

Marlin – adopted

Marlin is a sweet boy who gets along well with everyone, but he would be timid with a dog. (*) DOB: May 5, 2016 ...
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081916 Tye

Tye – adopted

Tye is fun, playful and loving. (*) DOB: May 26, 2016 ...
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081916 Tyrus

Tyrus – adopted!

Tyrus is a sweet, fun boy who would love to find a wonderful forever home. (*) DOB: May 26, 2016 ...
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080416 Miles

Miles – Adopted!

Miles is a cuddly, fun-loving boy.  How could you not like him with the cute white ear tufts, white fur bowtie and white area on his tummy that he lets you scratch. He enjoys adults as well as playing with children and other cats. DOB: 5-3-16 ...
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072216 Callic

Callic – Adopted!

Callic is a big, confident boy who really enjoys his new responsibility as our resident dog tester (= he is our dog-friendly feline who gets to help socialize our shelter dogs and see if they like cats). He likes to cuddle with dogs and rub all over them, but he also has no problem telling them when he is getting tired of their puppy antics. To be honest, the same could be said about his behavior around people. Callic loves attention, but will let you know when he is done. He would thus do best in a home without young ...
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Wu adoption night

Wendy Wu – Adopted

Wendi Wu is a 3 year old Siamese Lynx point with a gorgeous coat and big beautiful blue eyes. She can cohabitate with other cats. She would also do well in a home with older children and laid-back medium-sized dogs. While being independent and confident, Wendi Wu is a sweet girl. She’s not a lap cat but surely an affectionate one. She loves having her cheeks rubbed and has a robust purr! She is energetic and very active so she needs to be in a home with someone who can play with her every day. She acclimates easily to her ...
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071116 Gloria

Gloria – adopted

Gloria is a blue-eyed Tabico. She is about 3 months old and very friendly and playful. She also has a twin sister named Genie ...
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061816 Gerard

Gerard – adopted

Gerard loves to play with his toys and other kittens. He is very affectionate. (*) DOB March 16, 2016 ...
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061816 Chatty and Rocky Top

Chatty and Rocky Top – adopted!

Chatty (blue and white) and Rocky Top (all blue) are sisters. We would love for them to stay together. They are sweet and lovable kittens. (*) DOB February 28, 2016 ...
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061816 Harold and Billy

Harold – adopted

Harold (black and white, DOB April 14, 2016) is sweet and lovable and would make a great family pet. (*) His brother Billy Rae (black) has already been adopted ...
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052616 Caleb1

Caleb – adopted!

Caleb is such an adorable brown longhair tabby.  He likes to be petted and starts to purr the moment you touch him, he likes people so much.  He is playing if he is not asleep or being held.  He and Bear love to climb their scratching post. (*) DOB February 25, 2016      ...
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052616 Bear1

Bear – adopted!

He is such a fuzzy, cuddly black bear.  That is why he has his name.  He is affectionate and enjoys being held.  But if he isn't being held or sleeping, he is playing with his brother Caleb.  He also likes to play with people with toys.  He purrs instantly with people, loving the attention and settling into your arms. (*) DOB: February 25, 2016    ...
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051216 Captain Morgan7

Captain Morgan – Adopted!

Captain Morgan was not treated very kindly by his previous owners who put him outside and left him to fend for himself. A good Samaritan noticed that Captain Morgan was injured and in need of medical care. When he brought him to his vet, the microchip showed that he was a Pet Refuge cat and he returned him to us. Unfortunately, Captain Morgan’s eye had been severely infected for a long time and had to be surgically removed. This handsome boy has adjusted well and despite the neglect that he suffered, Captain Morgan is a nice, easygoing cat. DOB November ...
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041716 Cosmo

Cosmo – Adopted!

Cosmo is a big cat with an even bigger personality! Cosmo likes to be the first one to greet visitors at the door and he will demand your full attention. In Cosmo's opinion, personal space is highly overrated and he likes to be in the middle of everything. He generally does fine with other cats, but not everyone appreciates his in-your-fact attitude. DOB December 25, 2012 ...
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041816 Guinness1

Guinness – Adopted!

Cats don’t really come much sweeter than this! Guinness loves to be held and cuddled and will climb into your lap every chance he gets. He even enjoys giving you kitty kisses. Guinness has only been in his foster home for a short period of time, but it didn’t take him long to adjust. He is getting along very well with the other cats and dogs. He is a young, playful cat with a very sweet personality and he can’t wait to find a family who will give him a forever home! (*) DOB: 2014 Read More
041116 Cinderalla2

Cinderella – adopted

Cinderella is a very playful kitten.  She is very adept at standing on her hind legs to play with toys or with her siblings.  Her human mom loves how Cinderella comes to her lap for affection and naps.  DOB 1-28-16 ...
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041016  Hugo and Sammy1

Hugo and Sammy – adopted!

Hugo (brown tabby and white) and Sammy (orange tabby) are brothers and would love to find a home together. Their previous owner lost their job and couldn’t keep them. They are both very affectionate, playful and friendly. (*) DOB: August 1, 2015      ...
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040216 Andre1

Andre – Adopted

Andre is playful, cuddly and cross-eyed. DOB 11/19/15 (*) ...
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040216 Annabeth2

Annabeth – Adopted!

Annabeth is a very playful brown tabby and white kitten. DOB 11/19/15 ...
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040216 Annalise1

Annalise – Adopted!

Annalise is a 4-month-old blue tabby. She is a sweet girl, but a little shy. DOB 11/19/15 ...
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040216 Hansel

Hansel – adopted!

Hansel is a very handsome, long haired brown tabby.  He is quite affectionate with people, wanting to lounge with you, asking to be petted and purring at you. He get along fine with other cats and with children. DOB 2-2-16 ...
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040216 Gretel

Gretel – adopted!

Gretel is a loving, energetic girl!  She loves human attention, adores having her jaw stroked and will go to sleep on you .  Although she is smaller than her brother, Hansel, she keeps up with him in boisterous play.  She adores the adult, male cat in the house and sleeps on top of him.  Playing with children is enjoyed by her as well. She is quite talkative, letting you know when she wants food.  DOB 2-2- 16 ...
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021516 Alastor

Alastor – Adopted!

Alastor came to Pet Refuge from a kill shelter that fell in love with him when he came in because he is such a sweet & loving kitten. He was surrendered by family members after his owner passed away. Before he was surrendered, he obviously suffered for a long time with an untreated, very painful eye infection which caused him to lose his eye. This video was taken the day before his surgery to clean out the eye socket & suture it shut. Alastor is 5 months old and he is a buff tabby. (*) ...
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Alex Hamilton – Adopted!

Alex Hamilton is an orange and white tabby, born 10-04-15.  Alex is a very playful kitten, with people and with other cats and children.  He likes his head scratched, likes being petted, and loves his toy mouse. Alex would love to go to his new home with his brother Aaron. ...
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Aaron Burr – Adopted!

Aaron Burr is a brown Tabby and white.  He is a fun, loving boy.  He will come to you wanting to lay on your lap to be petted.  He likes other cats and children, has not been around dogs yet.  He was born 10-04-15. Aaron would love to be adopted with his brother Alex. ...
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Pockets – Adopted

Hi, my name is Pockets. I'm an adorable little kitten who loves to be cuddled and I love to give kisses. I can be shy at times, but as long as you approach me slowly I will act as if there was never a concern in the world. I would love for you to give me a forever home, but I would prefer a nice quite home. ...
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Hi my name is Nelly, I love to sit on my foster mom's lap and just enjoy life.  I enjoy chilling in the sun and my occasional treat. I would love for you to take me into my arms and give me a forever home. Please just don't let my timidness at adoption events scare you, once I'm comfortable I'll happily let you give me love all day long. DOB 2015 ...
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122015 Miracle

Miracle – Adopted!

Meet Miracle! It truly is a miracle that this darling little boy is still alive. He was rescued by a good Samaritan after he was most likely hit by a car. One of his hind legs was broken beyond the point of repair and had to be amputated. Luckily, Miracle doesn’t feel like he is missing anything. Quite to the contrary, he prefers to focus on the fact that he gained a pain-free life. Just days after surgery, he began to act like a typical kitten. He has made friends with the other cats in his foster home, loves to ...
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061516 Gracie and Mitchell

Gracie and Mitchell – Adopted!

Even though Gracie and Mitchell are not biologically related, they are the best of friends and have spent their entire lives together. We are hoping to keep these two friends together and are looking for a family that would like to adopt a pair. Gracie and Mitchell were recently returned to us after their human parents had twins. Both cats did very well around the babies and loved taking naps with them. However, their tiny human sister was diagnosed with cat allergies. Gracie and Mitchell are still adjusting to life in a shelter environment. In a home, these two are very ...
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112115 Pebbles

Pebbles – Adopted!

My foster mom says I'm a real sweetheart, and it's true.  My legs look kind of funny because I over groom, but I have been checked and it's not due to any medical conditions.  Some cats just do that.  I only need two main things to make me happy...a comfortable bed and your lap. Most of the time, I'm pretty low key and enjoy snoozing in my favorite place, most likely somewhere high.  But watch out when I go into playtime mode because I will tackle a stuffed mouse and fling it around the room, jumping and tumbling and making ...
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112115 Tigger1

Tigger – Adopted!

Tigger is 5 months old and a very lovable lap kitten who loves to play with toys especially those on a string or the light. He was adopted but the family was allergic to him. He came from a litter of six. He is part calico and part tabby. He a gorgeous little boy and gets along well with other cats and he is particularly attached to his friend Baby Grace. He doesn't seem to have problems with dogs. He loves kids. (*) DOB June 2016 ...
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112115 Baby Grace

Baby Grace – Adopted!

Baby Grace is going to be a very tiny Baby. She is long and very slender. She was a very sick baby, but God saved her life as well as our vet. She is very loving and likes to be held. She is very playful.  She loves to jump after string toys and the light. Grace is very good with kids and doesn’t seem to mind dogs. She will be on special food that isn't a lot of money. She would love to find her forever home and she would love to stay together with her friend Tigger. (*) DOB July ...
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103015 Jack

Jack – Adopted!

Jack is a gorgeous long-haired cat who loves to be brushed – and with his long, soft coat, that certainly is a good thing. He is an easy-going gentleman who gets along well with his roommates at the shelter. He is affectionate, talkative and can’t wait for the right person to come along and adopt him! DOB March 2008 ...
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103015 Bertie and Lily1

Bertie and Lily – Adopted

Bertie and Lily are two beautiful Russian Blue mixes. Bertie is considerably bigger than his sister, but they are both just as soft and gorgeous. The two of them were returned to us when their owner became unable to take care of them. They are both affectionate cats, but Bertie is the more outgoing of the two. We are hoping to find them a home together. They are very attached to each other and have never spent a day apart. If you would like to open your home and your heart to these two siblings, please come in and meet ...
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061611 Tabitha

Tabitha – Adopted!

Tabitha loves people and enjoys following you around. She is always ready to rub up to you and soak up some attention. Tabitha would make a wonderful lap cat for one lucky person. However, Tabitha is not a fan of active cats and runs and hides if there is too much commotion. She was bullied by another cat in her previous home and is slowly regaining her trust in other cats. She would probably do just fine around another quiet, gentle cat and did very well around the small dog in her previous home. DOB October 2008 Read More


Hi my name is Gizmo, I'm an adorable "blue" kitten. I'm an energetic ball of fur. But most of all, I'm in need of a great home to take care of me and play with me. I love to play with my siblings and foster parents alike. Just come and meet me and you will fall in love with me too. ...
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Smokey and Princess


Hi my name is Smokey. I'm just an adorable little boy. I absolutely love to play. I will play with anything from a rogue leaf that makes it into the house, my foster siblings, my foster parents, and anyone else that comes along. I love the company of other kitties and kittens so I would do great as an additional member of your family, or adopted out with one of my siblings like Princess Peach who is pictured with me ...
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Bubba – Adopted!

Hi my name is Bubba. I'm a playful little rascal who is always looking for a new person to play with. I love to play with other kitties too. My foster mom thinks I am just too precious for my own good sometimes, but I don't know what she is talking about. How can one be "too precious" ...
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Princess Peach

Princess Peach

Hello my name is Princess Peach. I'm quite aware I'm a princess and I deserve all of the attention I can get. I love to be held, cuddled, and petted. I'm just a little kitten so I can be a little rambunctious from time to time, but I'm well worth the excitement. If you have it in your heart, think about adopting me. I promise to love you forever ...
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Fannie – Adopted!

This is little Ms. Fannie. She came to us after being found in the engine compartment of a car. She is a sweet little girl who loves attention from her humans. She's not terribly fond of a busy household, so a quieter home would be best. If you think you might be interested please fill out an application and my foster mom will love to arrange a meeting ...
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102615 Franklin1

Franklin – Adopted!

Franklin is a friendly, talkative cat who likes to be near his human companions as much as possible. He is very playful and quite talented at finding all kinds of household things to entertain himself. While playing, he is also good at keeping his claws retracted. Franklin is a very curious cat, very food-motivated, and though shy at first, he now appears to enjoy teasing the terrier mix he currently lives with. He hasn't had any experience with children in his foster home but he is fairly tolerant of various handlers. His favorite place to be scratched is underneath his ...
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Mittsu – Adopted!

Mittsu is a 3-month-old kitten who had to have a leg amputated. He is very cuddly, playful, and purry. (*) ...
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091715 Bang1

Bang and Bong – Adopted!

Bang and Bong are brothers. They are sweet and full of love and energy. (*) ...
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091715 Neptune

Neptune – Adopted!

Neptune is a 6-week-old kitten that is not quite ready for adoption just yet. However, you are welcome to pre-apply today! (*) ...
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091715 Venus

Venus – Adopted!

Venus is a 6-week-old kitten that is not quite ready for adoption just yet. However, you are welcome to pre-apply today! (*) ...
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091715 Saintly Babe

Saintly Babe – adopted

Saintly Babe is a 7-year-old cat who was turned into Pet Refuge when her owner became ill. She would prefer to be an only cat in her new home, but might adjust to one other cat. She will greet you at the door. (*) ...
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091715 Ozzie1

Ozzie – Adopted!

Ozzie is a 7-year-old Chocolate Smoke Persian. He is very sweet and lovable (*) ...
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091615 Mitzi

Mitzi – Adopted!

I love to play, but I love to snuggle on the couch too. Just hold me close and I will purr for you. I do prefer to be the center of your attention. (*) DOB: May 15, 2015   ...
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091615 Mittens

Mittens – Adopted!

I love to be with my people and “help” them with whatever they’re doing. I love laptime and playtime. (*) DOB: May 15, 2015 ...
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091615 Little Lucy1

Little Lucy – Adopted!

I love attention and lay on laps. I have a great purr motor. I love to climb, so I would like a tall cat tree in my forever home. (*) DOB: May 15, 2015 ...
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090415 Little Lilly1

Little Lilly – Adopted!

Looking for a cat that wants to be your “one and only?” Then Little Lilly is the girl for you! Little Lilly is a very sweet and cuddly 5-year-old cat who loves individual attention and time away from the other cats. Lilly needs to be on prescription food to prevent urinary problems. ...
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Sparrow Small 2

Sparrow – Adopted!

This gorgeous little girl is looking for a home with another cat that she can play with. Sparrow is about 4 months old and was originally rescued by another shelter when she was found abandoned in the pouring down rain. Sparrow has adjusted very well to being an inside kitty, but she is still not a big fan of people reaching for her and grabbing her. However, once she is in your arms, she enjoys her cuddle time. Sparrow shares her foster home with two big male cats whom she adores. We think that she would be happiest in a ...
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Caroline – Adopted!

Caroline is a very sweet and has a great personality. She is good with other cats and would make a great family pet. (*) DOB April 2014 ...
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This is the little man named Batman. This little fella came to us after being found in the mouth of a dog. The family that found him took him to their vet, but  weren't in a position to keep him themselves. Fortunately one of our volunteers worked there and offered for us to take him in. After several weeks of care and close watch he is happy health and working his way to being available for adoption. Being close to Halloween we thought he should get to live up to his name. We found a teeny weeny Batman costume and ...
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081215 Bella

Bella – adopted

Bella’s previous owners described her as dog-like. She is an affectionate couch potato who is friendly to her family and to visitors alike. She is a very sweet girl! (*) DOB February 2, 2011 ...
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081215 Alicia

Alicia – Adopted!

I love to sit beside you but not on your lap. I also love to be brushed and combed. I will sleep in bed with you too! (*) DOB August 2009 ...
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081215 Geneva

Geneva – Adopted!

I love to play and of course cuddle. (*) DOB March 28, 2015 ...
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072715 Zen and Ava

Zen and Ava – Adopted!

Ava and Zen are 9-year-old Blue Point Siamese.  They are brother and sister and are very attached to each other. We would thus like to find a home for the two of them together.  Both of them are very affectionate.  However, Zen is extremely timid when it comes to other animals or sounds and will need time to adjust to a new home. (*) ...
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051615 Sylvester Stallone (2)

Sylvester Stallone – Adopted!

Contrary to his tough name, this big boy is a sweet and gentle soul. Sylvester Stallone likes to follow you around and ask for attention and he loves to stay close to you. He is an outgoing, talkative cat and he enjoys the company of other cats. (*) DOB July 2011 ...
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Cleo – adopted!

Cleo is an absolutely gorgeous long-haired girl.  She loves to entertain herself with her toys.  Cleo will need some time to adjust to a new person and a new home and would benefit from a quieter setting.  (*) DOB: August 7, 2014 ...
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Charlie_and _Alan_adult_cats2

Charlie and Alan – Adopted!

Charlie and Alan are brothers who have never spent a day apart. They are both very friendly and affectionate. They are very cuddly whether it be with each other or with you. They would flourish in a small, quiet home (with no kids), and by staying together forever. They are about 5 years old and front-declawed. Charlie and Alan as kittens: ...
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Tumbleweed – Adopted!

This cat has a story to tell to anyone who is willing to listen. Tumbleweed has severe Cerebella Hyperplasia, which means that she has little control over her legs. But she is a brave, sweet cat that has learned to adapt and meet all her own needs. She will let you know when she wants to be picked up and sit beside you and let you stroke her neck. If you are interested in this remarkable cat, we would be glad to tell you more about her. (*) DOB: September 19, 2007 ...
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Indy – Adopted!

Description coming soon DOB: May 2003    ...
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Bonzai – Adopted!

Bonzai is a sweet, Domestic Medium Hair Brown Tabby & White female. She is very petite and looks to have some Maine Coon mixed in her as she has the fluffy tail and prominent ear and paw tufts of hair. Her favorite thing is to jump up onto the sink and drink from the faucet. She loves playing in the water. Since she has a dominant personality, she would prefer to be an only cat, but would do ok in a house with one or two others. She is sweet and playful. Not big on being picked up and held, but ...
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Pattie – adopted

On medical hold Pattie is a gorgeous, short-haired, black & white girl with striking markings on her face. This plump girl is friendly and cuddly. Unfortunately, Pattie is suffering from idiopathic vestibular disease and is in the early stage of kidney failure. Please consider sponsoring Pattie ...
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Merry Claire – Adopted!

Merry Claire is a pretty orange tabby & white female. She likes to be petted and enjoys high places to nap. Merry would be best as an ONLY CAT. DOB: March 2007 ...
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Taffy – Adopted!

Taffy is a very pretty little Calico girl who is a bit cautious of people at first, but with a little time, she warms up as she gets to know you. She tolerates other cats but doesn't interact with them much. She would thrive in a quiet home with a warm lap to sleep on! DOB: October 2007 ...
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Malcomb – Adopted!

A handsome boy with one crumpled ear. He is a friendly, outgoing and independent cat. Malcomb would prefer a quiet house with low stress. DOB:March 17, 2003 ...
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Soda Pop – Adopted!

Soda Pop is as sweet as his name. Our volunteers say he is a lover. He seems to be OK with other cats but humans are his favorite friends. He likes to cuddle and burrow his head in your arms. One of the volunteers picks him up land she told us that "He nestles his face in my chin and clutched my shoulders like a baby, literally! He wouldn't let me put him down. I would go to put him down and he would hug me tighter."  (*) DOB: October 2001 ...
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Pepe – adopted!

Pepe is a very handsome cat and he enjoyed the lime light when he made some TV appearances.  He really enjoys being with his admirers and gets along well with people and other cats. Pepe is getting older though and would be happiest where he is the star and he can relax in the sunshine. DOB: January 1, 2002 ...
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Merry – Adopted!

Merry loves mouse toys and adores chin rubs. She would rather not have anyone pick her up and hold her because she is a very independent girl. DOB: December 2007   ...
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Izzy – Adopted!

Izzy is a cute and friendly cat who will stay in your lap as long as you let her. She loves attention! DOB: October 1, 2004 ...
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Jasmine – adopted

Jasmine is a beautiful elegant cat with a luxuriously soft, fluffy coat. She usually waits for people to come to her instead of approaching them herself, but she will gladly accept their affection. She also has an adorably loud purr and sounds like she snores a little when she sleeps. DOB: June 10, 2003    ...
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Angel – Adopted!

Angel is a small, adorable cat who loves attention. She likes to climb into your lap and rub her head against your hand while you pet her. DOB: July 1, 2004 ...
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102515 Tigress

Tigress – Adopted!

Tigress has been in the shelter a short time and is very scared. Sometimes she growls and tells the volunteers to leave her alone. We are taking it slow and letting her learn that this place is not as scary as it sometimes seems to frightened little cats.  Tigress would need a very experienced cat person to help her to adjust. Tigress  is front declawed. DOB: September 19, 2003 ...
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Mei Qui – Adopted!

Mei Qui is an adorable DSH brown tabby and white female. She loves to be held and if you are not petting her when she wants to be petted, she will keep nudging your hand with her nose until you get the hint. She likes to pick things up and carry around her "treasures". She loves her head rubbed. Her name means "ROSE" in Chinese. (*) ...
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Pepe – adopted!

Pepe is shy around strangers, but he loves to play with his feline foster siblings and with his doggie brother (see video). He also enjoys sleeping cuddled up to his foster mom. (*) DOB: April 27, 2010 ...
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Cinderella – Adopted!

This pretty tortie girl is about 2 years old. Cinderella originally came in with her kittens (who have all been adopted). She is still very shy and will take some time to warm up to you. She would probably do well in a home with another laid back kitty or as an only cat. She is now spayed, her kittens are weaned and Cinderella is ready to find her forever home. Cinderella loves canned food, even better than any treats! DOB:2008 ...
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Miss Pauline – adopted

Miss Pauline is a shy gal who loves to cuddle in your arms once she gets to know you. It may take some time for this to happen but our volunteers say that she's worth the extra effort! DOB: October 2009 Miss Pauline is Polydactil (=has extra toes) ...
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Corkey – Adopted!

This fun little guy is Corkey! Corkey is very active and loves to play! He loves to play, especially with balls. Corkey had an inner-ear infection when he was younger. Even though the infection is gone, it caused him to tilt his head. He also suffers from allergies and would need special food. The allergies also cause him to over-groom. (*) If you want a companion with a lot of personality, just look at that expression DOB:May 1, 2010 ...
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Collage – Adopted!

Collage is a bit shy so it is best to approach slowly.  If you do go slow and let her sniff your hand she can be so loving.  She is an active girl who likes to climb up on the high cage in the purple condo.  One volunteer says that Collage sometimes likes to be picked up and has a cute squeak that she uses when she is picked up  Collage is a little intimidated by the other cats but is becoming more acclimated as she gets used to the room.   She would like a home of her own ...
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031216 Charlotte 1

Charlotte – Adopted!

Charlotte is a wonderful, loving cat who loves to be petted and gets along well with the cats that are her roommates. She can be a little shy at first, but will nuzzle your hand for you to pet her. She also likes to play with catnip mice and is a gentle cat, even when playing. DOB: 2005   ...
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Nicholas – Adopted

I am a very sweet boy who loves attention. I love other cats, but I would prefer a home without an active dog. I am FIV positive. DOB: March 21, 2008 ...
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Miranda – adopted

Miranda has big beautiful eyes and is very friendly with people.  She does tell us that she wants a low stress home.  I really get a bit upset if there are too many cats or if they take my territory.  I do like to get in your lap and to touch noses with some of my human visitors. DOB: July 17, 2005 ...
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Jones – Adopted!

I love to cuddle, purr and nuzzle people under their chin.  I enjoy laps but do not want to move so you should plan to stay awhile. If you are looking for a big fluffy loving cat this is your boy. DOB: March 9, 2008 ...
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Patrick – Adopted!

Patrick is very sweet and lovable. He wants to be the center of your attention and will cuddle and lay in your lap. He loves to play with other cats, or lay in the middle of your bed. He also gets along with well-behaved dogs. Patrick also has one eye on the front door when you’re coming and going. Although he’s never gotten out, he definitely will try if given the opportunity. Therefore, he would need to go to a home where the risk is low of escaping. Patrick does not attend adoption events - but please take a look ...
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Gretchen – Adopted!

Gretchen is a beautiful big-eyed tortie who might bring you good luck with her little "7" on her face! Gretchen loves to gently rub against her human friends to politely ask for their attention. DOB: July 1, 2008 ...
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Misty – Adopted

Misty is very shy and reserved at first. She needs someone who is patient and is willing to learn all her quirks. Once she is used to her surroundings she is a sweetheart who loves to cuddle, have chin rubs and be cuddled some more. Her favorite thing to do is sit by the window on the recliner and bask in the sunlight. She gets along great with other cats.  (*) DOB: December 24, 2009 ...
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Kona – Adopted!

I am kind of shy but once I learn to trust you, I am a lover. I love catnip and toys that I can bat around. (*) DOB: June 2013 ...
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Ninja – adopted

My name is Ninja but that is not my true style.  I am more lover than fighter.  Ninja is described by the volunteers as a big teddy bear of a cat with a lovely loud purr.  He will rub against your legs to get your attention. DOB: July 24, 2009 ...
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Princess – adopted!

I am royal and regal and know it but I am sweet too.  Volunteers say that Princess enjoys head rubs and is getting along well with the other cats.  She would love a home where her regal status and loving nature would be appreciated. Princess is front declawed. DOB: September 1, 2008 ...
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Mitsu – Adopted!

Mitsu was found with an injured leg which needed to be amputated. Mitsu is a very sweet and laid-back cat. He needs a home with no dogs or children. (*) DOB: 2014 ...
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