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Gallagher – adopted

Gallagher is an 8 week old black kitten. Sweet and cuddly. Great family pet!! (*) ...
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Teddy – adopted

Teddy, 3-4 month old Red tabby and white. Outgoing, clown acting boy. Great family pet. (*) ...
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051117 poe2

Poe – adopted

This adorable laid back little dude is a favorite with our volunteers.  He gets along with other kitties and seems to like attention from every human he meets.  This sweet little guy has a small chronic skin issue that is slightly exacerbated with the stress of shelter life.  The problem sometimes causes him to itch a bit so he over grooms. Our clever volunteers did not want him to itch and maybe over groom or to  be so stressed so they found some awesome shirts just for him.  He looks super cute in his handsome outfits  and feels less stress. In a nice calm home ...
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051017 Ace and Argos1

Argos – adopted

Ace and Argo are 8 weeks old and full of energy. (*) ...
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051017 Muffin

Muffin – adopted

Muffin is an elegant girl with lovely long soft grey fur, who enjoys  being held and likes to have  a little fun and play sometimes.   Our volunteers say that  Muffin is the first one to greet you when you walk into the Coral room where she resides now.  Muffin insists that she must be the only cat in her own home, she does not care for all the other cats. She is front declawed. DOB June 28, 2006 ...
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041517 Fiona1

Fiona – adopted

Fiona came to us from the same hoarding situation as Lex Luther. Despite her young age, Fiona was already a mom. Nursing her kittens took a lot out of her and she still needs to gain some weight. The Animal Control officers who originally rescued her, told us that she was the first one that greeted them at the door and that she was eager to be picked up. DOB March 15, 2016 ...
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021817 Dee Dee kitten1

Dee Dee – adopted

Dee Dee was found as a malnourished kitten when she was about six weeks old. After some significant digestive problems, she was started on a daily medication to aid her digestion. Dee Dee is now thriving! She is in every way a normal healthy kitten. She loves to play and snuggle. She is great with kids, other cats and well behaved dogs. Dee Dee is on a medication that costs less than a dollar a month. It is in liquid form and easy to give her. Won't you consider this sweet young lady? (*) ...
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011317 Belle 6

Belle – adopted!

Hi, my name is Belle and I am one and half years old.  I was rescued by my foster mom because I was found outside, very hungry and very thin.  Later, my foster mommy found out I was pregnant and she kept me safe while I had my babies.  Now, all of my babies are gone and I'm still looking for a good furrever home. I am super super affectionate.  I love to cuddle and be held - the moment you pet me, I start purring!  I am constantly looking for love and attention.  But don't let my cuddly side ...
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Solomon – adopted

I am 17 pounds of gorgeous! I am an affectionate couch potato and I love soft music (especially jazz and classical). I confess I'm better with older kids and adults. I'd love to come chill with you. (*) DOB 2013 ...
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Thelma – adopted

Thelma is a gorgeous tortie-and-white female. After being adopted six years ago as a kitten from Pet Refuge, her owner sadly passed away so Thelma (and her sister) were returned to the shelter. Fortunately for Louise, Thelma’s sister, she was recently adopted, but Thelma finds herself without her late owner and now her sister. Please consider adopting this lonely kitty who desperately needs a new home. She is independent, likes being petted, and enjoys her cat-napping time. (*) ...
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Sobie and Laknee – adopted

These two brothers are 11 months old and they would love nothing more than to celebrate their first birthday in their forever home. Sobie (buff) and Laknee (orange tabby and white, polydactyl) are very bonded to each other and would love to stay together. They are both sweet, snuggly cats who love to sleep on the bed. Laknee is a little clown and is the more playful of the two. ...
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Pete and Tinkerbell – adopted

Pete and Tinkerbell are hoping to find a home together! These two sweeties have spent their entire lives together and would make a great pair. Tinkerbell (black Max) is your ultimate lap cat. She is friendly, affectionate, and will climb into your lap and ask for attention as soon as you sit down. Her brother Pete (brown tabby and white) is also affectionately known as “the Dude.” He is a big, handsome, laid back boy. Both of them are front declawed. DOB: February 2010       ...
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Poppy – adopted

Poppy is a shy little boy who likes to hide in our cubby holes. So he might not be the first cat you see when you come into the room, but he would very much like to find his very own forever home. He likes other cats, but would do best in a quiet home without young children or active dogs. DOB: September 12, 2008 ...
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Opie – adopted

Opie is a nice, laid-back senior cat who is tolerant of other cats (even though he can be a bit dominant at times). He is 4-paw declawed, friendly and would do well in a quiet home. DOB: December 9, 2007 ...
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Bria – adopted!

Bria is beautiful with her unique coat.  She loves to play with a plastic spring. (*) DOB 7-13-16 ...
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Bell – adopted

Bell is a fun-loving black and white girl with a white tip on her tail. (*) DOB 7-13-16 ...
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Bridget – adopted!

Bridget is a loving, black kitten.  She loves to be held and purrs up a storm for you. (*) DOB 7-13-16 ...
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Stach – adopted

Stach is a buddy cat. He is shy till he gets to know you then can be lovable boy. Doesn't like to be picked up but likes petting. Gets along well with other cats and kittens. Ok with dogs. Playful, good house manners. (*) DOB 6/1/15 ...
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Chloe – adopted

Very very sweet little girl. She loves to snuggle and will come when called. She is also very playful and loves laser lights. She gets along with all other animals including dogs, other cats, and children. (*) ...
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Jamie – Adopted

Very sweet little girl. She can be a bit shy at first but once she gets to know you, she will cuddle in bed with you every night. Jamie does have a silent purr and meow. She gets along with dogs, cats, and children. (*) ...
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Huck – Adopted

A very curious boy. He loves to play and cuddle. He will sleep with you on the bed all night. He is also very inquisitive and will explore anywhere if he has the chance (including places he isn't supposed to be). Huck gets along with everybody. (*) ...
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Quinn – Adopted

Quinn is a very sweet girl that loves to snuggle. She is also very talkative and will tell you when she wants something. Quinn gets along with dogs, other cats, and children. (*) ...
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Jake – Adopted

Jake is very laid back for a kitten. He will sit and snuggle on the bed when his brothers and sisters are playing. He can be a bit cautious at first but is very sweet when he gets to know you. Jake gets along with dogs, cats, and children. (*) ...
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Litleo – Adopted

Leo is small male black tabby who got off to a rough start.  He was the only kitten to be bottle-fed as he couldn't get the hang of nursing from his mama for awhile.  Now he is fearless, rough and tumble, playful, and always on the go.  He is more independent that the other kittens and can entertain himself for hours with dust bunnies, little dogs, or whatever else he comes across.  This little sweetie is the smallest of the kittens and is just waiting to weigh enough to be neutered before being available for adoption.  From the way he ...
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Luxray – adopted

Rayray is the smaller of the two gray males (his brother has already been adopted).  He is real baby and loves to be held and in the crook of your arm and petted (for a few minutes, anyhow) and then will play-bite and take off like a shot. The Pokémon kittens (and their mother) went into foster care when they were just a few days old.  The mother needed emergency surgery, so the entire family moved into a foster home.  The mother cat received a Pokémon name, so all of the kittens were named for Pokémon characters as well.  All ...
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Mewtwo – Adopted

The Pokémon kittens (and their mother) went into foster care when they were just a few days old.  The mother needed emergency surgery, so the entire family moved into a foster home.  The mother cat received a Pokémon name, so all of the kittens were named for Pokémon characters as well.  All kittens are friendly and well socialized.  They are all boys and play hard, but then love to curl up on the couch or available lap.  They are used to children, dogs, adult cats, and adult people.  Their only fear is a squirt from the water bottle when they ...
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Maddie and Tae – adopted

We are both very sweet and playful and would love to be adopted together. Tae was born with limited mobility in her hips, but that doesn’t slow me down. (*) DOB 4-10-2016     Tae    Maddie ...
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Monkey – adopted!

They don't call me Monkey for nothing, I LOVE to climb! I don't climb curtains, though, Mom told me that humans don't like that. When I've had enough climbing and wrestling with my brother I love to snuggle with my humans. I am about 4 months old, neutered, and up to date on my shots. (*) ...
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Baxter – Adopted!

I'm Baxter. I'm a great kitty who loves to snuggle with other kitties or my human friends alike. I was born with a spine deformity so there is a curve in the middle of my back kind of like scoliosis is people. But don't worry about me, just love me, because it doesn't slow me down in the slightest. I can run, jump, and play just like any other kitty. DOB 2015 ...
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