Cats Available for Adoption


Boots and Moon3

Moon and Boots

Meet Moon and Boots! These two brothers make an awesome pair. They are both active and playful and do a great job entertaining each other. They love their toys, climbing up cat trees, and they both do a great job using their scratching posts. They are a lot of fun to watch – and once they are tired, they will come to you for attention. Moon and Boots are about 3 months old and we are hoping that these two boys will get to spend the rest of their lives together. (*)  Boots ...
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071717 espurr


Espurr is a teeny tiny cat with a big personality or purrsonality and lots of catittude.  She loves to play but she can be a bit bossy with the other cats.  Espurr enjoys petting and attention for short periods of time but she has places to go and things to do so don't hold her too long.   Espurr is a very busy little cat with tons of energy. DOB July 20, 2014 ...
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071717 debbie


  Debbie can be very loving but it has to be on her terms.  She is mostly spice and a little sassy.  Debby must be in a home with no other cats, no dogs and no children.   Very mature young adults and adults would be OK as long as they know that she is top cat and the boss.  Debbie is a favorite with some of our volunteers who appreciate independent minded cats and spend time with her.  She does like her treats and food but insists on her favorites.  She also likes her favorite volunteers and can be a ...
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071717 ozzie


Ozzie is very aloof, independent and can be quite vocal.  When his favorite people are there and he is in the mood, he is very friendly.  With some of our volunteers he will meow for them then rub up against their legs until they pet him.  Ozzie is OK with other cats and he has lived with a dog.  He only likes cat friendly dogs of course. DOB: August 2, 2011 ...
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071717 devon


  Devon is a sweet lovable playful boy who does well with other cats.  Devon has a history of urinary problems so must eat CD prescription food only.  He is front declawed. DOB April 22, 2012 ...
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071717 farrah


Farrah enjoys sitting in laps and getting attention from people.  She does not enjoy other cats and would prefer to have no cats, dogs or children in a quiet retirement home of her own with her own special person.   Farrah has a cute black mouth that makes her look like she is wearing lipstick. DOB: July 4, 2001 ...
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071717 heidi


True to her name, Heidi loves to hide.  She is semi-social and takes a long time to get to know you.  Only the most patient and the quietest of the volunteers have had her come to them to be petted.  She does well with mellow cats and would need a cat buddy.  If you would like to sponsor a cat Heidi the hider would be a good one. DOB: March 26, 2010 ...
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071717 ellie


Ellie is a sweet cat when she is ready for attention.  She does have a sassy side and lets people know that she is top cat.  If you want lots of personality in a cat she may be your girl.  She does not get along with a lot of the other cats because she needs to be the top cat making the rules. DOB: January 20, 2005   ...
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062817 mack2


Mack is a very handsome talkative boy who enjoys it when his human friends give him attention. Although Mack tolerates the other cats he really would much rather be the only cat in his own house.  All these cats are very hard on him and although he is very laid back and a totally cool dude sometimes it is just too much for him and he feels a bit grumpy about the shenanigans of those other cats. DOB April 23, 2005 ...
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062817 sparkles


Sparkles is a pretty long haired dilute calico with loads of personality.  She  is a very active and playful girl.  She likes people and adores attention. Never a dull moment with the Sparkle girl. DOB April 1, 2015 ...
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Grant is an 8-year-old blue point Himalayan. He came to Elkhart HS with a badly broken back leg, and severely matted. They asked if we could help him. Grant had his leg amputated, broken front tooth removed and mats shaved off. He is getting around well on three legs. His coat in coming in beautiful. He would prefer a quite home. Likes to be the top cat. (*) ...
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Christy is a feisty, fun girl. She is 8 weeks old. (*) ...
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Yul is about 1-2 year old and he is a seal point Siamese. Great cat!!  Acts like a dog. Greets you at the door. Likes to play fetch. (*) ...
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Suki Petunia

Suki Petunia is a 6 year old, lilac, Lynx point snowshoe Siamese. Front Declawed. She purrs with sweetness. Such a loving cat. Loves to smuggle with kittens. (*) ...
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Faith is a Maincoon mix. 1 year old. Came to us with kittens. She was such a good mom, she helped nurse many orphan kittens beside her own. She is now ready to find her forever home. (*) ...
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This 10 week old Torti is a love bug. Good with dogs, other cats. Good with children. Great family pet. (*) ...
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Robin is a 5-month-old beautiful calico. Super sweet!!  Great family pet. (*) ...
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Winnie is a 1 year old gorgeous, shiny black girl. Came to us with kittens. She was a great mother. Her kittens have been adopted. Winnie is hoping her home will come soon. Sweet, friendly girl. Used to dogs, cats and children. (*) ...
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Peanut is a 3 year-old, beautiful medium haired Torti with a big fluffy tail. Front Declawed. She came to us with her friend Fuzzy. Her family retired and went traveling. They asked Pet Refuge to help find them a home. Hopefully together. The girls would like a quiet home. ...
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Fuzzy is 5 years old. She is front declawed. Beautiful cat. Fun personality! (*) ...
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Lily Bell

Lily Bell

Lily Bell is 12 weeks old. She is friendly, a talker, full of playful energy. Good with dogs, other cats and kittens. (*) ...
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Lark is super sweet and cuddly. Good with dogs and other cats/kittens. (*) ...
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101312 Wayne2


Wayne is a super friendly boy who doesn't let having only 3 legs slow him down.  He is not afraid of dogs but gets a little hissy with other cats. Wayne is 9 years old. (*) ...
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051717 opal3


Opal is very vocal, but also very shy.  She will need a special someone who is willing to give her time to get acquainted.  She is curious about what is going on and loves to tell everyone all about what she sees and hears.   Opal enjoys the world view from the higher shelves in her cat room. DOB April 1, 2009 ...
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051017 Vivi Sal Kaya

Sal – Vivi and Kaya have been adopted

Vivi, Sal and Kaya are 10-month-old siblings. They are very sweet but a bit shy ...
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051017 Cali


I am so cute and so brave.  Look at me way up here on the top shelf.  This is my favorite place to be.  I have an orange moustache that looks so nice and I like the other cats in the room.  Some people think my tail is a bit short but I like it and wave it proudly.  Cali is a calm cat who naps a lot. DOB January 1, 2009 ...
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051017 Orson Wells

Orson Wells

Orson likes other cats.  He is such good friends with them that he grooms them and they groom him.  He enjoys the company of humans too because humans will pet him and brush him.  Orson is a talkative boy and enjoys sharing the news of the day with you. Orson is front declawed. DOB January 1, 2012 ...
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041517 Jamison2


Looking for a cat with LOTS of personality? Then look no further! Even though his feline roommates are sometimes annoyed with his antics, Jamison enjoys being the class clown. Although he has a grown up body, he still is a kitten at heart. His favorite toys include laser pointers, feathers, ribbons and crinkly kick toys. Jamison loves to play and has so much energy that he would do best without other cats or young children. He has done well with dogs though. DOB January 14, 2015  "Class clown? Me? I am shocked!" - Jamison    ...
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041517 Lex Luther2

Lex Luther

This handsome gold-eyed boy came to us from a hoarding situation. Lex Luther is still getting used to his new surroundings and is cautiously exploring our shelter. He is a sweet boy who enjoys affection and likes the company of other cats. DOB: April 1, 2015 ...
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041517 Sir Terry1

Sir Terry

Sir Terry is big boy who was apparently quite bored with his photo shoot. He is a very personable cat and likes affection from people. However, he would much rather be the dominant cat in the home (or, even better, the only cat). DOB: February 14, 2015 ...
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040817 Ziggy


Ziggy is a very friendly, loving boy.  He is not a lap cat but enjoys hanging out with his favorite people and being brushed.  He loves the chin and ear rubs the volunteers give him.  Ziggy is very laid back with people, but other cats need to know that he is the head Dude and needs his space. Ziggy needs to be on a prescription diet (CD food). DOB: April 1, 2006 ...
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012617 Boda


My name is Booda. My foster mom calls me a "wise kitty". She says it is because I have "wise eyes" like an owl and because of the way I sit back and watch everything that is going on around me. I like to do that from high places, like my picture where I'm on top of the cat tree, it gives me the best view. It also keeps me out of the way. You see, I'm a young senior, just 7 years old, but I prefer the laid back lifestyle. If you are looking for a quiet companion to ...
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Hello World, My name is Bonnie, I LOVE boxes. All shapes, all sizes. I may be a little shy but I can be absolutely adorable. If you have some patience and some love, I'm sure I would be a great addition to your family. ...
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Hello My Name is Molly, I love to hide in small cubbie holes. It takes me a while to warm up to someone, but when I finally do let you pet me, you'll find I'm incredibly soft. I may not be the most cuddly kitten, but don't let that scare you. I'm a precious little ball of fur that would make a great addition to any family ...
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Hello, My name is Mable, I'm an amazing little kitty who likes to keep to myself. Once I'm comfortable in a new surrounding, I'll venture out, but while I like to be petted and loved, I get a little attitude when you pick me up by surprise. But don't let that scare you, I really do want you to bring me home and make me part of your family.   ...
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Hi There, My name is Lilly, I'm an adorable kitten who is just an amazing little spitfire. I love to run and play and while I get along with my foster siblings, I would do just fine by myself as well. One of my favorite things to do is try and eat my doggie's breakfast when she's not looking. My foster dad tells me that's not wise, but the big St. Bernard doesn't seem to mind. She normally even leaves me a little bit when she's done eating. ...
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Maxwell was returned to us when his owner discovered that one of her grandchildren was allergic. Maxwell is a laid back cat who enjoys some pets, but is generally more independent. He would do best in a quiet home. DOB: July 10, 2005 ...
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Shim and Stanley

Shim and Stanley are best friends and have spent their entire lives together. Stanley (black) is also known as the greeter. He has a loud purr and happily greets everyone that comes into the room. He loves getting attention and did very well with the young children in his previous home. Unfortunately, he was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and will be have to be on an inexpensive medication for the rest of his life. His friend Shim (dilute Calico) is a bit more reserved and did not seem to care for children so much. However, once she got used to the ...
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This handsome lad is Mickey. Mickey was returned to us when his family adopted a dog and he didn’t appear to be too pleased with the new arrival. Shortly after he came back, we noticed that Mickey had difficulty urinating and he had to have emergency surgery when he became blocked. Mickey will have to be on prescription food for the rest of his life, but has been doing great ever since we started him on that. He is a friendly, laid-back cat who doesn’t seem to mind the company of other cats. DOB: February 16, 2010      ...
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I am a very affectionate and active boy who needs another active cat to play with. I am good with other cats, but would prefer a home without young children or dogs (unless they are small and laid back). (*) DB 6-1-16 ...
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Rico and Diego have been adopted! Lola (in the middle) is the only girl in the litter and Rico (on the right) is the biggest of the three. All three of them are very friendly and outgoing. They are energetic, playful and would love to have a kitty companion in their new home. Rico, Lola and Diego are very loving kittens and have done very well with children. (*) DOB: April 7, 2016        ...
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051216 Minnie1


Minnie is a shy little girl who came to us 4-paw-declawed. Once she knows and trusts you, Minnie likes to be held and petted. DOB April 2005 ...
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051216 Stella Ann2

Stella Ann

Meet Stella Ann! Well, it’s hard to miss her since she is usually waiting right by the door, trying to make sure that she is the first one to get food and attention. Stella Ann loves treats and has an adorable begging routine (see pictures). She would do best in a home without young children though. DOB September 2013    ...
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051216 Meeka4


Meeka is a senior lady and she is not afraid to voice her opinions. Meeka is a talkative cat with an independent personality. She is pretty active for her age. Her previous owner 4-paw-declawed her. ...
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042616 Megan


Megan is a very sweet and affectionate cat. She has lived with children (5+ years) and did well with them. She also enjoys the company of other cats. (*) DOB: March 17, 2010 ...
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051216 Elvis1


Not only will Elvis let you play dress-up with him, he is just an all-around cool cat. He is a mellow, low-key dude who enjoys the company of other cats and should do well with cat-friendly dogs and children. Elvis also likes to sing to you when he is in the car! DOB: August 2008        ...
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041716 Raffey1


Raffey and her friend Llama were originally rescued from a hoarding situation. Unfortunately, both of these girls tested positive for Feline Leukemia. Yet despite their diagnosis, Llama and Raffey are doing great! They have both put on some weight and their fur is soft and shiny now. Raffey has the most beautiful markings with her long black fur and the silvery undercoat.    ...
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041716 Llama


Llama and her friend Raffey were originally rescued from a hoarding situation. Unfortunately, both of these girls tested positive for Feline Leukemia. Yet despite their diagnosis, Llama and Raffey are doing great! They have both put on some weight and their fur is soft and shiny now. They really enjoy each other's company and like having human visitors. Llama is a big fan of belly rubs and will throw herself on the floor right in front of you, asking for attention.    ...
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Hi, my name is Delphine. I'm an adorable kitty who's had a rough start at things. When I came to Pet Refuge I had a horrible infection in both eyes. You can still see some of it's indications in my eyes. They thought they might have to remove my eyes so the infection didn't spread, but my doctors and foster parents were extremely diligent in making sure I got the right medications until the infection was all gone. Now I'm a healthy and happy kitty. I absolutely love to cuddle with my foster parents (I'm snuggled up with my foster dad ...
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Hi my name is Suzie. I'm a shy little thing that loves to just lay in the sun and soak up life. And I would love to soak up life with you in a forever home. ...
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110715 Chunky Monkey2

Chunky Monkey

Chunky Monkey lives up to her name. She is rotund girl and an all around fun cat. She would prefer to be the queen of her castle and merely tolerates the other cats at the shelter. So we think that she would be happiest as an only cat. Chunky Monkey is the epitome of a lap cat. She is front declawed. DOB March 2001 ...
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103015 Spiffy

Spiffy – Pending Adoption

This petite little girl is always ready for some affection. She likes to sit in people’s laps and is a very cuddly cat. Spiffy has also done well around other cats. If you have love to give and maybe a few crunchy treats to spare, Spiffy is your girl. DOB: April 2005 ...
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050312 Flower


When Flower first came into the shelter, she was so distressed that she hid under her bed and would not come out. She does come out now to visit with volunteers and to eat while her human friends are around but she still likes to get under blankets. DOB March 24, 2010   ...
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081215 Seymore


Seymore is diabetic and could use your help to pay for his insulin. DOB February 14, 2003 ...
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060115 Cheeto


Cheeto is full of life and personality! This beautiful 4-year-old buff and white boy is enthusiastic, playful and loves to be the center of attention. He would do well with another active cat that doesn’t mind having a playmate that likes to be the class clown. At Pet Refuge, his favorite activities consist of chasing toys, climbing up cat trees and entertaining our volunteers. Cheeto is a young, healthy cat, but he will have to be on prescription food because he is prone to developing urinary crystals. He is neutered, microchipped, front declawed and up-to-date on all of his vaccines ...
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Chrissy is a gentle, sweet girl with a little handicap. She was dropped off at the Humane Society with a head injury of unknown origin, and as a result she hangs her head to one side and is occasionally a little off balance. We can only guess what accident or abuse caused her injury, but despite this, she has amazingly kept her trust in people, and remains an affectionate, brave little girl. Her strength through crisis and difficulty is truly inspiring, and her friendly demeanor will melt anyone's heart. UPDATE: Chrissy has made amazing progress in the few months she ...
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Clearly, Twilight wasn't treated very well in the past, but you'd never know it with his friendly attitude towards humans as well as other kitties. Shortly after he came to us, we discovered that his teeth were in terrible shape and that he desperately needed several teeth extracted. During this surgery, Twilight had an extremely rare reaction to the anesthesia and suffered a stroke. He is now recovering and literally has to learn how to eat, drink and walk again. We are hopeful that Twilight will eventually make a full recovery, but it'll be a long road. Please consider sponsoring ...
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Porter is a real sweetheart who loves to be around people. Unfortunately, Porter's diabetes has recently become more serious and he now requires twice daily shots. Since he is now on insulin instead of a special diet, he is living freely in a special needs foster home experienced with diabetic cats. We are still working to get his sugar regulated with insulin but he is starting to feel better. In his foster home, he especially likes to snuggle with a special 10 yr old human but he is a pillow-hog ! (*) DOB: March 2006 ...
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Tater Tot

Tater Tot is a very sweet and loving girl. She would love to cuddle in bed with you. If she knows and trusts you she likes belly rubbed. She likes to drink water from the sink or shower. Tater Tot has a playful side too but does not often get a chance to show it right now because she is a bit apprehensive in the big cat room with all the other cats. Tater Tot is one of our cats who is on a special food to control kidney stones. DOB: May 11,2006 ...
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Pumkin is a very sweet and loveable laid back kitty who likes to talk to get your attention. He gets along well with dogs and children, but he does need to be the only cat in the house. Pumkin came to us with a history of urinary problems. He has since been put on a special diet which has been working well for him. He is looking for a family that will stay faithful to keeping him on his Royal Canin Urinary SO diet permanently to help prevent future urinary problems. Pumkin does not attend all adoption events, so if you would like ...
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Sushi is a sweet grey female. She enjoys being petted and playing with toys on strings. Sushi also gets along well with other cats. She is a bit shy in new surroundings and around new people, but once she gets used to things, she is a very happy girl. She loves canned food and napping in the sun. (*) DOB: March 2005 ...
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Baby Choo

Baby Choo is a DSH white & black male. Baby Choo is a very active and nosy young man. He likes to be into everything. He is not big on being picked up and held, but he loves to be petted and will let you know when he wants to be loved on. He does well with other cats (after a short adjustment period) and enjoys running around the house playing chase games with them. Baby Choo is current on all of his vaccines, neutered and micro-chipped. **UPDATE** Choo WAS adopted by a loving family recently but was, unfortunately, returned ...
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Miss Bonnie is a pretty dilute tortie with a cute little pink nose.  She was cared for by a church congregation, but Pet Refuge took her when the weather turned cold.  Bonnie loves people, and tolerates other cats if she can be the alpha cat.  She LOVES to play! DOB: January 2005 ...
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Ricky is a beautiful, black & white boy with medium length silky fur. He is a little shy at first but quickly warms up to you once he knows you. Ricky likes to play "give me 5" - hold out your hand, palm up, and wiggle your fingers and he'll slap it with his paw. Ricky's favorite place at the shelter is in one of the cat tree nests where he loves to let the volunteers pet him and rub his belly. He would do best in a quiet, calm household that will allow him time to get comfortable in ...
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This handsome DSH black male was rescued from a house fire.  Levi loves everyone and does great with other cats.  His best friend is Frisco (see Buddy Cat page) and they can often be seen leaning on each other while they walk together (why not adopt a pair?)  He does great with children too!  Levi is the perfect combination of being both affectionate and playful.  He would be happiest in a home where he can get plenty of love, preferably with another feline friend to keep him company while you are gone.  (*) DOB: January 2004 ...
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Irene can be sweet at first, but can quickly get crabby if you pet her for too long. She would prefer to be the only cat as she does not care for other cats to be near her. Irene enjoys humans and will rub against your legs to ask for affection. She would not do well with children, as she will bite if her tail is pulled. DOB: 2004 ...
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Esmerelda is a pretty Tortie was pregnant when she first arrived at Pet Refuge in December '07. She was a gentle and loving mother to her babies and likes to be petted and loved when she is ready and like many older ladies has her salty moments. DOB: 2004 ...
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Dobie Rose

When Doberman first came into Pet Refuge, her foster mom thought that this pretty girl needed a new, pretty name for a new beginning - and she was renamed Dobie Rose. Dobie Rose has a very unusual smoky grey fur with white tuxedo markings. She is still settling into her foster home but she is starting to enjoy human attention and her once skinny body is filling out very nicely.(*) DOB: 2007 ...
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"Brush me, I'm beautiful!" Princess Zoey is a big, Black & White, loveable girl whose favorite things in the world are a good brushing and a nice belly rub. In fact, she likes being brushed so much that you'd think she was perpetually getting ready for a date! Zoey is good with other cats, and is very eager for you to bring her home to her new palace. Zoey is currently on Cosequin for bladder health and will have to be on this medication for the rest of her life. DOB:November 2006 ...
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Cecily is a cute black & white girl with a little stub of a tail and an adorable half mustache. She really enjoys the company of other cats and she can frequently be found cuddling with her best friend Bridgette. Cecily is a little shy when she first meets you, but once she allows you to pet her, she wants you to pet her forever! And that's part of her diabolical plan: Get someone to start petting her, then fall in love with her, then take her home so she can have her happy ending. DOB:October 2007 ...
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Smudge is a beautiful, short-haired white cat. He is an energetic guy who loves to play fetch with his toys and play. He also likes to gently wrestle with his caregivers. Smudge used to be very feisty and would scratch and bite, but he has calmed down and is now quite cuddly. When Smudge is not busy with those activities, he enjoys a sunny spot to nap in. DOB: October 2007 ...
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Cleo is a laid back, peaceful girl with a cute black nose that gives her face tons of personality.  Cleo enjoys drinking from the sink, and frequently has a wet head!  Due to a nerve injury, she cannot jump very high, but she always asks for help.  She gets along very well with adults and children, but would probably prefer to be the only animal of the house. DOB: April 2003   ...
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This beautiful girl is a Lilac Tabby. Delilah came to Pet Refuge with 3 of her kittens and now that they have been adopted, she is ready for a home of her own. Delilah’s ideal home would be quiet and without small children. Delilah has done well around small, gentle dogs, but she is petrified of large dogs after having been attacked by one. (*) DOB: April 2007 ...
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Mayflower and her son Pilgrim (who has been adopted) are both very sweet and sociable. Mayflower has been a great mom and took very good care of her one and only baby. (*) DOB: 2006 ...
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Goldie is an animated little torbie with a beautiful gold-colored face. She has a sweet, welcoming demeanor, and enjoys sitting on your lap or next to you and keeping you company. The secret to being her best friend is to rub her belly, which she loves more than anything. Her beautiful face and lovely demeanor will brighten any household. DOB: August 2005 ...
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Kiara's favorite thing is hanging out in cat trees and she would love her own tree with a view looking out a window. Sometimes she hangs out a bit too much and needs her friends among the volunteers to remind her to do her laps so that she can get back to her girlish figure. She is an awesome cat who is very laid back. Kiara is OK with other cats and enjoys the company of the volunteers and visitors to the shelter, but young children are a bit much for her so she would prefer her own special home ...
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On Medical Hold Sammie is a gentle, sweet cat that is shy upon first impression. However, he is a friendly and peaceful companion once he warms up to you, and enjoys sleeping on the bed with you. Although he prefers not to be held, he likes attention from those he trusts, and wants to be a quiet companion for someone special. He is great with other cats, and very gentle with his claws. Sammie has blocked tear ducts that give his face a bit of a rough look at first, but they don't affect his vision, and he simply needs ...
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Amos is an outgoing and adventurous cat with many hobbies. When he's not entertaining you with his toys, he always makes it known when he wants attention with little head-butts. If that doesn't work, he'll jump in your lap and bat at your earlobes as he plants himself on your shoulder. He loves to be brushed, and adores being the center of attention. If you're looking for an active, affectionate cat, he may be the companion you're seeking. DOB: January 2007 ...
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Toby is a big, handsome charcoal-colored cat. He tends to get startled easily, but warms up to you quickly with some patience and time, and is a very loving, cuddly boy. When he's finished getting attention from his human friends, Toby enjoys spending time on the windowsill following moving objects outside very intently. He would do best with an easy-going family that's looking for a furry companion to love. DOB:April 2007 ...
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This girl wants a home so badly - preferably with her best friend Cecily. Although she's shy and needs a little time to get to know you, Bridgette gets friendlier and friendlier the more time you spend with her. She has the most beautiful eyes and she has NO teeth, but she eats just fine anyway! She’s nice to other cats and if you don't mind coaxing a cat out of her shell just a bit - then Bridgette hopes you'll consider her. DOB: December 2004 ...
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The shelter is a very scary place for some of the cats and Gracie is one of those. She hid under her bed or a towel and growled for the longest time. The patient volunteers would not give up and now she is OK with the ladies talking to her and a few of the gentlemen but she prefers ladies. If she knows the volunteer she is OK with getting petted too. She still prefers to hole up in her box bed or one of the cubbies and only comes out when she feels very safe. DOB: May 5, 2005 ...
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Shadow's family moved to a place that did not allow cats, so Shadow suddenly found himself without a home and in a very strange and scary place. He is nervous and hides but we are hoping that in time he will learn that people are here to help him and there are good things going on. Shadow needs a home that is quiet and filled with love and patience. DOB: July 2007 ...
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Tink needs time to adjust to any change.  Once you pass her criteria for being a safe and gentle person she will warm up to you and be very lovable.  She likes to rub up against the legs of her favorite volunteers.  She prefers that you not hold her, but if you happen to be on the floor she might get into your lap.  She would prefer a quiet home with no small children.  She seems to be ok with the other cats but mostly ignores them. DOB: April 5, 2007 ...
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When Dewey came to us, he was extremely shy and even a bit scared to be touched.  Now Dewey is a bit more outgoing with volunteers who have taken time to let him get to know them at his pace. He is curious about the world around him and  loves to check on what is going on from a comfortable distance.  Dewey is ok with laid back cats.  He would love a quiet low stress home. DOB: April 25, 2006 ...
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Brownie Sundae

Brownie Sundae is a sweet, affectionate girl who is often missed by visitors.  Brownie Sundae is in a room where there are several dominant, outgoing cats who tend to take over center stage.  If Brownie does come out to get your attention she may be in the mood to be very talkative or playful or she might just want to get in your lap and be loving.  Brownie Sundae is a charmer. DOB: January 1, 2004 ...
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Snicklefritz loves to be brushed and is very friendly once he is comfortable with you. Although he is a bit older, he is a very playful fellow. He is not comfortable with a lot of noise and confusion and children are a bit stressful for him but he likes adults, both men and women and is OK with other cats. (front declawed) DOB:December 9, 2007 ...
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Tamarack has beautiful green eyes and is a handsome dude.  He came into Pet Refuge as a stray, but has excellent manners and is very popular with the volunteers.  This dude is laid back and likes to go with the flow.  It's all cool for him.  Other cats all the volunteers he takes them all in his stride.  He believes in peace and love. Please note that Tamarack has a thyroid condition and requires daily medication. DOB: January 1, 2006 ...
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Kimber is a beautiful and elegant cat.  My favorite things are sleeping and watching the people go by.  I would rather take my time to get to know you (ladies do not like to be rushed), but once I do I can be very friendly and will purr for you. Kimber is 4-paw-declawed. DOB: October 10, 2003 ...
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Bradley is a very sweet cat who tends to stay in the background while the more dominant cats in the room seek out attention, so you will usually have to be the one to seek him out. He is a very handsome and polite cat. DOB: September 16, 2003 ...
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Bethany is very shy but so sweet.   Once you gain her trust she will purr for you but she really needs a quiet low stress home. DOB: March 1, 2002 ...
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Stardust is a very sweet cat with beautiful eyes. She loves to sit near you and have you pet her, and she has a very cute meow. Stardust says that she is really not pleased with all these other cats and would like a home where she would be the princess of the castle. DOB: February 1, 2004 ...
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I am a little shy at first. I use the litter box well and would do well in a quiet home. I am also front declawed. (*) DOB: June 16, 2006 ...
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This Beauty doesn't miss a thing! Actually, it may be more accurate to say Niki doesn't miss a person! Ever! If she sees someone coming to visit, she likes to be one of the first cats to greet that person. After all, this little opinionated spunky girl doesn't see why she should be the second one to get petted, when she could be the first! Niki loves balls but mostly, she loves people. When she first meets you, she may seem like she's playing hard to get because she'll sniff you as if to say, "I'm just checking to see if ...
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Zoom-zoom-zoom! This fun cat is a little race car. He's always on the go, always on another adventure, and always entertaining. Though Nolan is a tad shy, he's happy for a little love and affection - just so long as you don't try to pick him up. He would rather sit beside you for his lovin'.  He can't stay around too long for those scratches, though, because he has places to explore and zoom off to! Nolan is just fine with other cats and this little ball of energy would just love to meet someone who could slowly build a real relationship with him. DOB:April 2009 ...
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Layla is a classic brown tabby and she is cute as a button! When Layla first made it into Pet Refuge in February of 2010, she was unsure of people and was hiding for a few days. Layla has come a long ways in her foster home. She loves her playtime, especially her squeaky mouse and feathery toys. She is also enjoying the company of other cats and kittens and will need an active playmate in her new home! Yet while Layla is doing well around people she knows and trusts, she is still shy around strangers. She will need ...
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Andrew has quite the story to tell – and he really wishes that someone would have listened to him right when he arrived at Pet Refuge. Andrew was brought to Pet Refuge with four brown tabby kittens. Without ever thinking twice about it, we assumed that Andrew was the mother cat to those kittens and we set them up in a cage at the shelter. The kittens immediately tried to nurse on Andrew and everyone seemed comfortable. However, after moving into a foster home, his foster mom started to notice that Andrew didn’t seem very motherly and was trying to ...
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Petal is a cute, pudgy white with brown tabby girl that is very friendly and playful. She also has an adorable meow and will answer you if you call out her name. Petal also gets along well with other cats and warms up to new people quickly. Petal would make a great addition to just about any household. DOB:April 2008 ...
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Panda Bear

Panda Bear got his name from not only his Black & White coloring but also from his rounded ears that were a result of frostbite damage. The poor little guy has spent most of his life outdoors without much human contact so is still in need of some socialization. He plays a little rough so he would be best in a home with patient adults. He gets along well with the other cats at the shelter. DOB: September 2008 ...
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Kimmie is a pretty little orange-and-white cat. She is very playful, and will play catch-me-if-you-can. She likes to be approached gently so she can take a moment to sniff your hand and observe who you are. Though little is known about her past, you almost wonder whether something frightening once happened to her, because she's so wise and cautious. Kimmie just needs a home that will understand her and earn her warm, furry trust. There's a lot of very profound love that she has to give. She just needs her chance. DOB:November 2008 ...
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031216 Cindy Lou 2

Cindy Lou

Cindy Lou is a pretty cat with great markings and inquisitive eyes. Her former family had to return her when they developed cat allergies, and now she's looking for a new home. She is a very even-tempered cat that would make a great addition to families with children, and loves to let you know when she needs to have some attention. If you're looking for a furry companion to make you feel welcome when you walk in the door, she's your girl. DOB: August 2008 ...
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Tony Tornado

Tony Tornado is appropriately named, as he likes to zoom all over the place, and occasionally plays hard to get, especially around people he just met. Once he warms up to you though, he takes time out of his zooming around to come over and get some attention from his favorite people. He is an entertaining cat that's easily spooked but quick to recover, and wants someone special to love. DOB: May 2009 ...
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Cypress is a nice, easy-going tabby cat with striking eyes and a beautiful striped fur coat. She likes to always be aware of her surroundings. She loves to follow you around and find out what's going on around her, and then makes a show of curling up somewhere comfortable so you can come over and give her some attention. DOB: May 2009 ...
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Howie and Harley

These two brothers really enjoy each other's company and would make a great pair! DOB: August 23, 2009 Harley Harley has an independent streak and likes to be top cat. He is stand offish at first but if he gets to know you he likes to hang out and enjoys a little loving, but he is not a big cuddlier. Harley would do well with his brother, Howie, but may be a bit bossy for other cats. Howie Howie loves to hang out in the tops of cat trees and keep an eye on things. Howie has an ...
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Although Foxy may be a bit shy at first with people she will warm up and be a total sweetheart when she gets to know you.  She is a very sophisticated lady who would rather that you do not pick her up but allow her to come to you.   She enjoys playing with a shoelace or sweatshirt tie if you happen to be wearing these items.   Foxy is also one of the many cats who loves to get into a box.  Foxy likes her cat buddies at the shelter especially Nolan. DOB: May 2010 Foxy cuddling with her ...
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051216 Max2


Max is a darling playful fun loving boy. With his activity level we are hoping to find someone who is experienced with the more mischievous side of cats. Max loves attention and action. He is the adventurer and explorer of the crowd. DOB: January 1, 2008    Shortly after Max was returned to us, he stopped eating and became very sick. Luckily, he has fully recovered and is doing great these days ...
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Alice is a very independent cat. She does enjoy it when people talk to her and if she is in the mood she will allow you to pet her. But Alice knows that she is from a regal line and demands to be treated as such. Alice would do best with someone who has experience with cats. DOB: 9/18/2010 ...
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Yo Yo

Yo Yo may take a little time to adjust to new surroundings but she is a very social and friendly cat once comfortable. She enjoys conversations with people and does have a lot to say about things if you give her a chance. DOB: 2/23/2009 ...
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Archie loves to be petted and will stand up on his back legs in a big arch when you stroke him. He enjoys playing with humans and cats. He likes hanging out with his human friends and checking on what they are doing. Archie is special friends with Marla and they curl up together in their special bed. DOB: October 7, 2010 ...
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Gypsy can be a bit shy around new people. She does not care too much to be picked up but will come and sit next to you or on your lap. Once you have gained Gypsy’s trust, she is very sweet and loving and likes to be petted. She gets along well with other cats and small dogs. Gypsy does not attend cat adoptions, so please call the shelter if you are interested in her. (*) DOB: October 2004 ...
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Fletcher is a handsome, male brown tabby.  Although shy with people, he gets along with other cats great. DOB:2005 ...
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Kenny was found as an adult stray,  and he is very shy, which is probably the result of a not so easy life.   He does  get along fine with the other cats,  and will take some attention from humans, but not too much.  He will need a very patient owner, who understands all his quirks. Kenny is available as a buddy cat. And since Kenny suffers from Asthma, he will need a smoke-free home. DOB:April 2005 ...
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Matilda is a beautiful Silver Classic Tabby Manx that is unfortunately very shy and would do best with at least one other friendly cat. (*) DOB:July 2007 ...
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Gizmo is a very sweet and shy spayed tortie female that would be a good buddy for another cat as she tends to be on the shy side. In time she does adjust and decides that it is ok to be petted. She has even taken to snuggling in bed with her foster parents and rolling over for belly rubs. She would need a quiet and patient home willing to give her the time she needs to blossom. She enjoys playing with toys on strings and watching the birds out the window. DOB:October 2006 ...
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Pancake is a sweet DSH black and white female that has a brother, Waffle that has so far, declined to be photographed. She would prefer a quieter home with more laid back cats and does best in smaller surroundings. Too much room to roam and too much activity can be a bit overwhelming for her. She does well with other cats and likes to play. She absolutely loves it when she gets canned food as a treat. DOB: March 2007 ...
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Waffle has a sister named Pancake. They are currently both in the Coral room. Waffle like his sister is extremely shy. They both like other very laid back cats and would love to go to the same home.  Pancake and Waffle would prefer a home where there are no big scary spaces, but small cozy ones and where things are quiet. They need lots of time to adjust to any change so would need a very patient person. DOB:March 2007 ...
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Tangerine is a short-haired orange tabby female.  She came to Pet Refuge with her siblings, Tangelo and Temple, who both have been adopted.  Tangerine is still with us, though.  She tends to be overlooked in our Main Cat Room since she is a bit shy.  Tangerine would do best in a peaceful home where she would have the opportunity to come out of her shell. Tangerine recently lost her best friend Rascal to cancer. The two of them had become inseparable and you could frequently find them cuddled together sleeping in their favorite bed.  Tangerine has been with us for a while ...
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Lucy was born in someone's basement - and that is where she spent the first 6 months of her life, without much human contact. Not surprisingly, Lucy was very unsure of people when she first came to us. The first few weeks in her foster home, she literally climbed up walls whenever her foster mom approached. She has come a long ways since then and is now happy to run around and play with her foster siblings. Lucy still gets scared of loud noises and sudden movements, but she recovers much faster. She will even take treats out of her ...
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Ladybird was rescued from a hoarding situation - she was nursing 5 kittens (all have been adopted!), which was her ticket out of the house! She's very shy when she first meets you, and she needs a home that will give her some time to blossom. She tends to be the dominant cat, so a house with no cats or dogs, or a few cats that are more laid-back would be perfect for her. But when you give her some time, she's such a sweetheart. She meows to let you know she wants to be petted, and loves to have ...
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Veronica and Vanessa

Veronica and Vanessa are sisters. Both of them are very playful and active and even though they are clearly attached to each other, they also like other cats in general. Veronica (the dilute tortie) is still a bit more shy than her sister, but with the right person and some patience, she will hopefully forget about her traumatic past and continue to improve. Vanessa (the brown tabby) looks like a Maine Coon mix. She is more outgoing than her sister Veronica, but can be a little timid when meeting new people. Vanessa and Veronica would like to be adopted together, ...
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Beatrice and Picasso

Beatrice and Picasso are year-old littermates who were abandoned when their owners moved away and simply left them. They are sweet cats who absolutely love the company of other cats, and they especially enjoy one of their foster brothers.  The trio like to refer to themselves as "The Three Amigos". Beatrice and Picasso are still learning that they can trust humans as much as they trust each other and their foster cat siblings.  Beatrice is a dilute grey tortie, and Picasso is a buff tabby.  They have blossomed in their foster home, and while neither wants to sit on the humans’ ...
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Walter playing 1


On Medical Hold Despite everything that this boy has been through, Walter couldn’t be a happier or more social cat. Walter has been tossed around quite a bit and has been returned to Pet Refuge numerous times. Unfortunately, his previous owners also neglected to take care of his medical needs and after his most recent return, we discovered that Walter was not only diabetic, but that he was in desperate need of a dental. Walter moved into a foster home in 2015 and we are working on getting his Glucose levels regulated. Walter loves being in a home and sleeps ...
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Alex purrs his approval of all who come his way.  This includes other cats. Alex feels that everyone is his friend. Thank you he says for taking care of all the cats and for giving me attention.  Alex is a cat with few demands but a big heart full of love. DOB: August 1, 2004 ...
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Gummy Bear

Gummy Bear was not happy when she came back to the shelter last summer.  When a volunteer would try to take her box to clean little Gummy Bear would yell "my box, my box, you can not have it".  But the volunteers kept talking to her and explaining that we really just want to clean this for you and make things nice and will give it back.  Gummy Bear has come a long way since then and now she sometimes lets us see how cute she can be.  She lets some volunteers pet her and even stands on her hind ...
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Although I have a timid side I really do love attention. When the volunteers I know come in and I feel comfortable enough I will come right up to them to get the attention that is due me.  I love to play and snoop too. If I get the brushing I love my purr motor really hums. DOB: May 1, 2006 ...
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Jeffy says that although he feels a bit shy if he does not know you he really is curious about you and all that goes on around him.  I enjoy sitting on the high shelves so I won't miss anything and I like spending time with my buddy Jarvis. DOB: January 1, 2008 ...
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Jarvis says that he loves sleeping, getting attention and chilling with Jeffy. When I am ready I will give my quiet meow as a greeting to say hello.  I like the petting and am fine with other cats, especially my special buddy.  You may notice that my right eye is slightly closed and does not look like the other eye.  This is because of a birth defect but I see fine out of the other eye. DOB: January 1, 2006 ...
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I love curling up in a comfy basket but I have a playful side.  My human friends tell me that I am so sweet but sometimes I am very sassy. DOB: May 14, 2007 ...
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Tommy is a very sweet cat that likes to talk to you and ask for attention. However, he doesn’t always want to be picked up and carried around. He has done well around other cats, but would prefer to be the alpha. (*) DOB: 2009 ...
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Loki is a shy cat who tends to stay in the background. But if you take the initiative to approach him, he will gladly accept a petting on the head DOB: Agust 15, 2011 ...
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Baby is a very sweet cat who will gladly stay by your side and let you pet him while the more dominant cats in the room might lay in your lap. DOB: April 30, 2012 ...
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My name is Blanca. My foster mom thinks I'm between 1-3 years old. I showed up on my foster mom's front porch when it was below zero. I was very hungry, thirsty, and sickly. I had a pretty bad ear infection you see, and didn't have any hair on my ears. The vet said I would have lost part of my ears from frostbite had I not been rescued. I've adapted quickly to this idea of being an indoor kitty. I like belly rubs, playing with my jingle ball, and snuggles. I currently have a room to myself. I would ...
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I was named Sampson because I was the biggest one in the litter, but I'm not a big brute at all.  I'm just a sweet boy who loves to play with all my toys and the other cats in my foster home.  And I'm really well-mannered for being so young.  Once I get to know you, I love to be petted, but I don't really like to be held for very long.  See my beautiful markings?  I also have a little white stripe down my back -- my foster daddy sometimes calls me "Skunk" but I'm anything BUT a stinker!!! ...
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Serenity was transferred from another shelter with a broken pelvis. After several months of cage rest, Serenity is feeling much better and is ready for her forever home. (*) DOB: December 2013 ...
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Just like her brother Jet, India is very shy around people and does not currently attend adoption events. She loves other cats and is also good with small dogs. (*) DOB: June 2014 ...
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Jet is very playful and loves to play with other cats. He is also good with small dogs. Jet is very shy around humans though and does not attend adoption events at this time. (*) DOB: June 2014 ...
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Remix and his siblings were only four weeks old when their previous owner removed them from their mom and abandoned them at a high kill shelter. Luckily, they were rescued the same day and have been in a foster home ever since. In the beginning, they still needed to be bottle-fed. After overcoming several health issues, Remix is now healthy. Remix is a very active, playful cat and he loves playing with the other cats in his foster home. He is very shy around people, especially people he doesn’t know. He does not currently attend adoption events as we are ...
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Foxy is a 6-year-old Flame Point Siamese mix. He is a very sweet boy who loves being around people and getting lots of attention. He gets along well with other cats and small dogs his size. (*) DOB: April 15, 2009   ...
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