Cat Memorials

This page is a tribute to our beloved pets that have crossed over the rainbow bridge.  They will live forever in our hearts until we meet again.



051117 Peaches1


It is with a terribly heavy heart that we let you all know that on Tuesday evening we helped Peaches, the beautiful orange and white kitty that spent the majority of her short time with us in the infirmary and then in foster with us, over the Rainbow bridge. Peaches was an adorable, gentle, loving, and, at times, sassy little girl.  Peaches was returned to the shelter in September, 2016. Shortly after she was returned she started loosing a lot of weight, had an increased thirst and urine output.  Testing was done and around January Peaches was diagnosed as being ...
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032117 Adrian


On March 21st, I lost my foster cat Adrian.  Adrian was a sweet and petite brown tabby who is part of the bonded pair of Adrian and Bristol.  Adrian came to Pet Refuge with Bristol in 2011 as unexpected dumps at the door.  Little Adrian endured a lot in her short life.  When she was spayed she also had to have all her teeth extracted and unfortunately, she also had a reaction to the anesthesia and suffered a kitty stroke.  The volunteers and I worked to care for her while she learned to walk on her own again and eat ...
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030516 Molly McDougall memorial2

Molly McDougall

May 1999 - February 2016 Molly McDougall got her angel wings yesterday morning.  She would have been 17 yrs. old in May.  She was adopted from Pet Refuge and found as a stray last March at 16 yrs of age and in kidney failure.  She was never a very good eater but she loved her Fancy Feast kitten turkey flavored wet food  Toward the end, I was giving her sub q fluids twice a day and was still having difficulty keeping her hydrated.  Then a week ago she started having difficulty walking. Then on Friday when she tried to go in the litter box she would ...
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102815 Domino (2)


~2000 - February 2016 It is with a very heavy heart that I let you all know that yesterday, tiny, little Domino unexpectedly got her wings.  Domino, or Moxie as I liked to call her, crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday in my arms.  She had been with my husband and I since last Monday so we could get her started on her transdermal thyroid meds. In the short time she was with us she got to experience how awesome a Fur-ever home can be.  She had a huge bed with a pile of blankets to snuggle in.  A pretty pink sweater ...
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101515 Sadie Swish

Sadie Swish

1998 - 12/28/15 For the last 3 1/2 years, Sadie was my hospice foster. She had thyroid issues and was in kidney failure, so I didn't plan for her to be around long, and I didn't plan on falling in love with her, but there is a saying about making plans. More than anything, Sadie wanted to live and be loved. She never ceased to amaze me every time her little body would bounce back from an illness. Sadie had the coolest green eyes that bugged out whenever I'd pull a box of Catsip from the fridge. Her eyes could ...
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September 20, 2010 - June 3, 2015 Pet Refuge has another feline angel in heaven.  Kelvin, the Maine Coon that would always be at the door of the Lime Green room passed away on Wednesday from Hypertrophic Cardomyopathy or thickening of the heart chamber that leads to decreased ability for that side of the heart to pump blood.  Cats with this condition often have no clinical signs or signs of heart failure and can have a sudden death. Kelvin was a sweet 4-year-old cat that loved getting attention from people. We will always remember him at the door of the cat room pawing to get out. RIP ...
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July 2005 - May 25, 2015 Our beloved little Betsy passed over the rainbow bridge this morning.  She had been declining over the past few days and this morning she let us know that she was ready to join all the other Pet Refuge angels in heaven. Betsy came to us in the summer of 2008.  Pet Refuge was asked to help out with three cats that had been left behind in a manufactured home when the owner had to go into a nursing home.  The air conditioning had been turned off and with the summer heat, the cats were burning ...
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January 2010 - April 2015 I first started fostering Pirate shortly after he was found with a very damaged eye. It had to be removed and I took him home to recover. It didn't take me long to realize that sweet Pirate was semi- social and very shy around people. Despite this, he thrived at our house, became best friends with our cat Curly and generally had a very happy life. He would sometimes sneak onto my bed and snuggle but if I moved he would dart away. He loved laser lights though and would come out of his shell to ...
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November 2007 - March 2015 Memorial Coming Soon ...
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March 1, 2011 - March 3, 2015 Heidi was returned to Pet Refuge in February 2014. She was not treated kindly by her previous humans and came back to us a sick girl. Over the past year Pet Refuge volunteers worked to get her healthy and through it all Heidi was a good patient. Heidi was loved by many of our volunteers and she had a meow that would melt your heart. Heidi was about 14 years old when she lost her battle with cancer and she knew she was loved by the volunteers ...
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2004 - August 12, 2014 Marco received his angel wings this morning.  For those of you that never had the pleasure of meeting Marco, he was a very sweet boy who did not deserve the life that he was dealt.  He was a 12 yr. old Pet Refuge cat that was adopted from us as a kitten.  In June of 2014, he was found in a lady’s front yard, unable to use his back legs.  The lady could not care for him and took him to SJCHS who then contacted us because he had out microchip in him.  Our vet did an ...
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2013-2014 It is with a heavy heart that we write that our ferocious beast of kitten, Emma, passed over the rainbow bridge. Emma originally came to Pet Refuge from Elkhart Humane Society as a bottle feeder with her two siblings. Emma had tested positive for Feluk and her siblings tested negative. We wanted to wait to test her again along with her siblings to see if it was just a false positive. So Emma went to live with one of our volunteers who had the room to separate the all of the kittens. Emma hung out in an upstairs spare ...
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2004-2014 On July 5, 2014, our beloved Rigel lost his battle with lymphoma. Earlier in the week, Rigel was diagnosed with fluids in his chest and upon analysis our veterinarian believed he had lymphoma. We did what we could to keep him comfortable and showered him with love and attention.  He was even able to spend his last day in the loving home of one of our volunteers. Rigel was about 2 years old when came to Pet Refuge in 2006 and unfortunately was never adopted.  He was diagnosed with FIV after he came to Pet Refuge, probably a result ...
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February 2001 - May 2014 Memorial Coming Soon ...
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2002-2014 Our beloved Salem lost her battle with cancer and passed over the rainbow bridge today. Just like many of you, I hardly remember a time without her at the shelter. She had been adopted and returned for various reasons, but I really think she loved being at the shelter with both her feline and human friends. The shelter was her home. We all have our favorite memories of her. Some may remember how she was a master at escaping through the double door system at the old shelter to get to the front office. Some may remember how during ...
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January 11, 2004 - February 11, 2014 Pet Refuge has another furry angel watching over us. On Tuesday, February 11, 2014, our beloved shelter cat Sammy (also known as Sammy 2 tone) crossed over the rainbow bridge. Sammy was about 10 years old. He was adopted as a kitten from Pet Refuge and was unfortunately returned when a new baby in the home was severely allergic. His adoptive family continued to support him through our sponsor program and stayed in touch with Pet Refuge on how he was doing. Sammy was the kind of cat who would always bring a smile ...
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August 2002 - December 2013 Oakie lost her battle with pancreatitis.  She loved sleeping in bed ...
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Daisy Mae

Daisy Mae was a long term resident in the main cat room at the old shelter.  She was a beautiful tabico with an independent personality.  She had to be on daily meds for the past few years for a condition called mega colon and she most recently was in the cat infirmary on antibiotics.  Daisy Mae enjoyed lounging on the window sill where she could feel the warm sun on her petite body. She also was known to use a volunteers jacket as a pet bed while they cleaned her cage.  This past week she began to go downhill and ...
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Zoe Ann

May 2004 - December 2013 Zoe Ann lost her humans because they had health problems. She is now with them on the other side of the rainbow bridge ...
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July  2001 - November 2013 Plato was a big red tabby, with a gentle heart.  When visitors would ask about him, we would always say "his name is Plato, as in the philosopher, not as in Play Dough the toy".  When you looked into his eyes, it was as if you could see the wisdom of an old man, with stories to tell of the years gone by. Overall he enjoyed the company of the other cats, with the exception of his arch rival Indy.  However, in the end, I think even Indy will miss him.  Plato also showed off his ...
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1998-2013 It is with a very heavy heart that we tell everyone that our beloved Garfield passed over the rainbow bridge. Garfield had been with Pet Refuge for a long time, in fact, few of us would remember a time without him. He had been adopted and returned a few times many years ago for "thinking outside of the box". He was also fortunate enough to spend some time in a loving foster home, but he spent of his years at the shelter in the main cat room prior to the move to the new shelter. Garfield was a ...
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1995-2013 Memorial coming soon ...
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It is with a sad heart that we need to say the Eva, the big beautiful calico from the SCR, crossed over the rainbow bridge.  Unknown to everyone, it was determined that she had cancer that started in her pancreas and had spread to her heart.  She was such a sweet girl and I know she will be missed by many. Eva was about 14 years old and was a resident in the small cat room.  She had previously been in a foster home, but came back to Pet Refuge when her fosters could no longer foster her.  She quickly ...
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It is with a very, very sad heart that I have to write this.  Chai got her angel wings this morning. The vet helped Chai cross over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. She lost her final fight with kidney disease. Chai came to Pet Refuge as a kitten that needed to be bottle fed. When she was weaned and old enough to be passed on I took her into foster. She was adopted as a kitten and then returned a year ago because her owners could not take her with them when they moved. When I received her medical records ...
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Smokey Joe

Memorial coming soon ...
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We were shocked to lose our beautiful Monet, who passed away suddenly with no signs of illness. Our doctor believes cancer had spread to her lungs and she never showed outward signs of illness. Monet came to us in 2007 and was favorite of many of the volunteers. She had an expressive face and oftentimes could be found either grooming or being groomed by another cat, especially her buddy, Sammy. A few years ago she contributed her artistic talents for a priceless paw print for our annual auction. She was a very special cat who will be missed by many. Rest in peace, sweet girl ...
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Karma came to Pet Refuge in April 2009 and we believe he was about 13-14 years old. He was an unexpected arrival at the shelter with a note from his previous owner stating that Karma was crazy and that she couldn't handle him anymore. He had a collar around his neck so tight that the hair never completely grew back. I always joked around that he suffered oxygen loss from that collar and that is why he had "multiple personalities". He would love you one moment and then try to slap you in the face the next. He was quite ...
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Faith had been a resident in the Small Cat Room for a long time, but most recently was in the infirmary where she was receiving fluids on a regular basis for kidney failure.  She was a quiet cat who became a favorite of many of the volunteers. Faith was about 12-13 years old and had a petite body, a sweet face, a stubby tail, and a gentle soul. She always enjoyed sitting on a volunteers lap getting lots of love and attention.  Faith was being monitored for kidney disease in the infirmary and recently her appetite started to decline and she ...
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In November 2012, Pet Refuge lost a very special cat. Samantha, a full-figured gal with a beautiful black coat, was about 13 years old and was returned to Pet Refuge last year when her owner was unable to care for her anymore. In her time at Pet Refuge, Samantha became a quick favorite of many of the volunteers. She was a very sweet cat with a gentle soul who knew no strangers. She had many friends, both human and feline. Unfortunately, Samantha became ill and went into liver failure. Despite our best efforts, we were not able to save her ...
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Rascal came to Pet Refuge four years ago. He had balance issues due to the cerebellar hypoplasia, but did very well in the MCR and made many friends, both feline and human. Even though he had never been adopted into a home, he was very much loved by the wonderful volunteers at Pet Refuge and he was happy here, especially when he was curled up with his best friend Tangerine. He had a wonderful home here at Pet Refuge and was loved by many. You will be missed "Rascally Rabbit". Rascal had a wonderful home here at Pet Refuge and ...
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We lost Gabby in September; she passed in her sleep from acute pancreatitis attack .I am not sure where it all started, but I tend to notice the cats that seem to be a bit shy or just kinda stay on a cat tree. Gabby had her certain spots that she would like to lay. I just started paying attention to her and calling out her name every Friday morning when I went to clean the Main Cat Room. It came to a point that if I would walk by her, she would let out a big meow and sometimes ...
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As a Pet Refuge volunteer, one of my “jobs” was cleaning the cat infirmary.  I really enjoyed it because I was able to get to know the cats’ individual personalities; spending one-on-one time with them as I cleaned their cages.  Actually, I think I spent more time petting the cats than I did cleaning! Everyone who works in the infirmary tries to make the cats as comfortable as possible, but needless to say, it’s not the greatest place to hang out for them. As you can imagine, some of the cats are quite cranky in the infirmary.  I would be, ...
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Ella was 5 years old and spent most of her adult life at the shelter. She had been fostered as a kitten, but was never adopted and when her foster had to move out of the area, she was brought to the shelter. Ella was a beautiful black cat. She loved other cats but was very shy and cautious towards people. She was diagnosed last fall with kidney failure and also had liver disease. Two of her siblings also passed away at a young age, so we believe her medical issues were genetic. She recently had lost more weight and ...
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Mulberry was a wonderful cat who was a long term resident at the Pet Refuge shelter. She had a lot of friends among the volunteers because she loved people. She was not as fond of cats and it might be said that Mulberry felt that the only down side at the shelter was that there were all those other cats. So when she came to her golden years and was beginning to have health problems she was very happy to go to a foster home where there was not only a lovely adult foster but a wonderful junior foster. Mulberry ...
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Bubbs (Bubba)

I met Bubbs (aka Bubba) a few days after he was put into the president’s office at Pet Refuge. I was immediately drawn to him. He looked like a prize fighter with a cauliflower ear and a bit of a messed up face. It was obvious that his life before Pet Refuge had been a rough one. He was in the office, away from the other cats, because he had feline leukemia.   When we met, I leaned over to really look at him and he slapped me, hard. I scolded him and he leaned over and planted a kiss ...
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I remember Nathan very well. He was so shy when he first came to Pet Refuge as a feline leukemia positive rescue. He practically lived under the cat tree. I worked in the office then and before I left, I would visit Nathan and Bubbs, who was another Feleuk positive rescue who lived in the President’s office. When Schroeder came into the office, Nathan became very protective of Bubbs who was never strong. Soon after, I had my third cancer surgery and was no longer able to volunteer. After about a year, my son took me to visit at Pet ...
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The Official Pet Refuge Mascot   After many years of greeting every person that walked into the door, entertaining our office volunteers, and teaching our dogs some manners around cats, sweet Alex passed over the rainbow bridge in February 2011. He will be missed by many. Here some of the countless happy memories of Alex - who was known for his outgoing personality and his great sense of humor:   "Alex was always willing to pose for a picture even a slightly undignified one. I have often wondered if he was a bit of a ham and sometimes if he ...
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Maggie came to our home nearly five years ago when she began eating from our outdoor feeder for feral cats. However, it quickly became clear that Maggie was not feral at all. Quite to the contrary, Maggie was sweet and social and must have been spayed at some point in her life (she had a NeuterScooter tattoo in her ear). Unfortunately, Maggie tested positive for Feline Leukemia and was thus unable to share a home with other cats. Instead, we placed a cat bed in the fishing boat in the garage and created a safe haven for Maggie. Every late ...
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When I first met Chin, he was a tall, leggy and somewhat awkward looking three month old kitten. And he was full of personality! As soon as Chin entered my home, he started making friends with the other cats. His best friend in the world was Cowboy and it was always a joy to watch them run around and play with each other. I have so many fond memories of Chin and Cowboy racing up and down the stairs, chasing toys and wrestling with each other. Chin also managed to jump from the tall cat tree onto a hanging plant ...
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1994-2010 Duffy was a lovely gray and white lady who had a lot of health problems while with us. She was diagnosed with cancer at one point. In spite of all her difficulties she was a trooper and enjoyed sunny windows and greeting visitors. I think she thought of the visitors as guests to her special room. Yes, there were other cats in the small cat room but Duffy took her place of honor on the file cabinet and held court. Or sometimes - in case you did not notice her - she would jump on your shoulder and ride ...
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Being a volunteer at Pet Refuge has many rewards. One huge reward is gaining the love and affection of the cats that we care for.  My husband Tom and I have been cleaning the MCR (Main Cat Room) for three years now. It is very easy to get attached to the cats there.   When you go in the rooms, there are so many that are so loveable and affectionate. Our hearts always go out to them and we bond with so many.  We even call ourselves “momma and daddy” to them.  I am the kind of person though that bonds ...
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080316 Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

5/1/04 – 8/1/16 I don’t think Sweet Pea was dealt a good hand of cards in life. When I met her, she’d been returned to Pet Refuge and was suffering hypertension, a heart murmur, bad teeth, blindness, and was showing signs of kidney failure. I can’t imagine the loss and discomfort her little soul was enduring, but I quickly grew fond of the grumpy, blue-eyed, smoosh-face and took her into foster.  This might have been one time being blind was a good thing because my dog and other cats couldn’t wait to get a look and a sniff and meet ...
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2000-2016 Orlando was senior kitty with a beautiful light yellow fur with a hint of Tabby stripes. He was diagnosed with nasal cancer in May of 2013 which was inoperable. He was put in Hospice Care with one of our wonderful volunteers and expected to live up to 2 weeks, however he fooled everyone and lived for another three years.   ...
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February 9, 2000 - April 24, 2016 On Friday, Milo was taken to our vet and was unfortunately diagnosed with Lymphoma.  We were hoping that he would have more time with us, but unfortunately that was not to be. Milo came to Pet Refuge many years ago & many of us do not remember a time without him.  He lived at the old shelter for a few years before he went into a loving foster home where he could be on a special diet for his urinary tract issues.  He was in that foster home for over 5 years before he ...
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Our beloved shelter cat Herman passed away unexpectedly on January 20th, 2016. Herman was a gorgeous Himalayan cat with an attitude larger than life.  Herman originally came to Pet Refuge in 2008 with a foot injury caused by some cruel individual shooting at him.  He recovered well from his injuries and spent some time in a loving foster home before he came to the shelter to live. At the shelter, Herman loved attention and lap time, but only on his terms.  He enjoyed his treats and his play time with the volunteers who cared for him on a daily basis ...
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1998 - 2016 Memorial coming soon ...
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2001 - 2015 - Memorial coming soon ...
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September 2006 - October 2015 Memorial Coming Soon ...
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May 2004 - May 2016 It is with great sadness I let you all know that yesterday, sweet Alba Grumblecakes, crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  The diabetes and kidney disease took its toll on her poor little body but my brave, grumbley girl fought to the end. My husband and I brought Alba home just before Thanksgiving and by Christmas she a completely different kitty.  When I knew her at the shelter, she was very reserved and indifferent to human attention.  At home, she became an aggressive Snuggler.  In fact, my husband and I called them 'rage snuggles'.  Alba would jump ...
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Shasta Daisy

 October 2007 - February 2016 Shasta Daisy was a cute little dilute tortie.  She may have been petite, but she had a personality larger than life.  She loved attention, but only on her terms.  She loved to sit on your lap, but once she had her fill of your affections she was not afraid to give you a little warning and remind you that she was still the boss.  She was playful and feisty and enjoyed spending time with her feline friends.  Shasta Daisy had chronic respiratory issues and about 9 months ago was diagnosed with kidney failure.  She was being ...
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May 2002 - September 2016   Memorial coming soon ...
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November 2003 - October 2016 ...
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TJ / Big Guy

  Memorial coming soon ...
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October 15, 2004 - March 29, 2017 It is with great sadness that I let you know that Wednesday night my husband and I said goodbye to our beautiful foster, Allyssa.  On Monday, after a brief but rapid period of unexplained weight loss Allyssa was diagnosed with aggressive intestinal Lymphoma and by Wednesday her little body was ready for a rest. Allyssa was a sweet, gentle little girl who faced a lot of health issues in her life.  While she was staying at the shelter she developed chronic upper respiratory congestion.  This congestion caused her to swallow air while she ...
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Mrs. Dash

June 2008 - August 2016 Mrs. Dash was an unexpected arrival at Pet Refuge in June 2009 with a litter of kittens.  Her first night with us she escaped from her cage and hid in the laundry room and kept dashing around the room when we would try to catch her, hence the name Mrs. Dash.  Mrs. Dash was a shy but sweet little lady.  Her personality blossomed after we moved to our new shelter and she became very affectionate with the other cats in her condo and with the volunteers who took care of her on a daily basis ...
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May 12, 2008 - August 3, 2016 Willie had a rough start in life.  He was found as a stray and tested positive for FIV when he came to Pet Refuge.  He lived in a foster home for a few years and later came to live at the shelter when his foster could no longer care for him.  Willie was a dude!  He was super sweet and did well with his FIV roommate Charlotte.  He was a favorite of many of the volunteers and he loved all the attention they gave him. Willie was also polydactyl (extra toes) and had ...
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Memorial Description Coming Soon Even though Schroeder was never adopted, he found his perfect forever home at Pet Refuge. Schroeder loved to assist our office volunteers and involve himself in whatever needed to be done. He was a very affectionate, gentle cat that loved to be around people and he is missed by many. December 2005 - January 2016 ...
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February 2004 - March 2017 Frisco was a magnificent black cat.  I took him into foster about 10 ½ years ago, knowing that he may never be adopted.  Frisco came to Pet Refuge as a kitten in 2004 and despite everyone’s efforts never socialized with humans.  When his first foster could no longer foster him, she brought him to the old shelter hoping he would become more social and have a better chance of being adopted.  I took Frisco into foster with some of his feline friends also hoping he would learn to enjoy human companionship, however he always preferred ...
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It is with a heavy heart that we need to tell everyone that the cat Abe passed away in his sleep last night. Abe had been in the cat infirmary for the last 5 months being treated for lymphoma, but had previously been in the mint green room. Abe came to Pet Refuge in 2010 and unfortunately had never been adopted. He was a beautiful white cat with a gentle soul. He loved other cats, especially Amos and Tangerine, and could oftentimes be found cuddling with one of them. He was a very independent cat and was a very good ...
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February 2003-May 2017 It is with a terribly heavy heart that we let you all know that on Saturday morning Katie, the beloved tiny Calico with gorgeous green eyes, unexpectedly crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Katie was 14 years old. Katie was returned to the shelter in 2008 and suffered the heartbreak of being adopted and returned a handful of times. Katie made the move from the old shelter to where we are now. During her time with us Katie suffered from different health issues. Back in 2013 Katie was diagnosed with Hyperthyroid and in 2014 she was diagnosed with ...
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Bella Moon

Memorial coming soon February 2, 2010 - December 4, 2015 ...
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