Buddy Cats

You may be wondering just what a “buddy” cat is?  Pet Refuge has many felines in our system who are somewhat shy around humans but . . . comfortable with other cats and/or dogs.

So, have you ever thought about getting your current lonely cat a “buddy” of her very own?  Or how about a pal for your “non-aggressive,” bored canine? A “buddy” cat may be the solution to your pet’s loneliness problem — once and for all!

You can give a shy, hard-to-place, “buddy” cat a loving home as well as providing a furry friend for your own furry friend! And, who knows, after some time with a patient, understanding new owner, these shy kitties may become YOUR best “buddy” too!


Fletcher is a handsome, male brown tabby.  Although shy with people, he gets along with other cats great. DOB:2005 ...
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Gizmo is a very sweet and shy spayed tortie female that would be a good buddy for another cat as she tends to be on the shy side. In time she does adjust and decides that it is ok to be petted. She has even taken to snuggling in bed with her foster parents and rolling over for belly rubs. She would need a quiet and patient home willing to give her the time she needs to blossom. She enjoys playing with toys on strings and watching the birds out the window. DOB:October 2006 ...
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Pancake is a sweet DSH black and white female that has a brother, Waffle that has so far, declined to be photographed. She would prefer a quieter home with more laid back cats and does best in smaller surroundings. Too much room to roam and too much activity can be a bit overwhelming for her. She does well with other cats and likes to play. She absolutely loves it when she gets canned food as a treat. DOB: March 2007 ...
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Waffle has a sister named Pancake. They are currently both in the Coral room. Waffle like his sister is extremely shy. They both like other very laid back cats and would love to go to the same home.  Pancake and Waffle would prefer a home where there are no big scary spaces, but small cozy ones and where things are quiet. They need lots of time to adjust to any change so would need a very patient person. DOB:March 2007 ...
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Tangerine is a short-haired orange tabby female.  She came to Pet Refuge with her siblings, Tangelo and Temple, who both have been adopted.  Tangerine is still with us, though.  She tends to be overlooked in our Main Cat Room since she is a bit shy.  Tangerine would do best in a peaceful home where she would have the opportunity to come out of her shell. Tangerine recently lost her best friend Rascal to cancer. The two of them had become inseparable and you could frequently find them cuddled together sleeping in their favorite bed.  Tangerine has been with us for a while ...
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Lucy was born in someone's basement - and that is where she spent the first 6 months of her life, without much human contact. Not surprisingly, Lucy was very unsure of people when she first came to us. The first few weeks in her foster home, she literally climbed up walls whenever her foster mom approached. She has come a long ways since then and is now happy to run around and play with her foster siblings. Lucy still gets scared of loud noises and sudden movements, but she recovers much faster. She will even take treats out of her ...
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Ladybird was rescued from a hoarding situation - she was nursing 5 kittens (all have been adopted!), which was her ticket out of the house! She's very shy when she first meets you, and she needs a home that will give her some time to blossom. She tends to be the dominant cat, so a house with no cats or dogs, or a few cats that are more laid-back would be perfect for her. But when you give her some time, she's such a sweetheart. She meows to let you know she wants to be petted, and loves to have ...
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Veronica and Vanessa

Veronica and Vanessa are sisters. Both of them are very playful and active and even though they are clearly attached to each other, they also like other cats in general. Veronica (the dilute tortie) is still a bit more shy than her sister, but with the right person and some patience, she will hopefully forget about her traumatic past and continue to improve. Vanessa (the brown tabby) looks like a Maine Coon mix. She is more outgoing than her sister Veronica, but can be a little timid when meeting new people. Vanessa and Veronica would like to be adopted together, ...
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Beatrice and Picasso

Beatrice and Picasso are year-old littermates who were abandoned when their owners moved away and simply left them. They are sweet cats who absolutely love the company of other cats, and they especially enjoy one of their foster brothers.  The trio like to refer to themselves as "The Three Amigos". Beatrice and Picasso are still learning that they can trust humans as much as they trust each other and their foster cat siblings.  Beatrice is a dilute grey tortie, and Picasso is a buff tabby.  They have blossomed in their foster home, and while neither wants to sit on the humans’ ...
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Just like her brother Jet, India is very shy around people and does not currently attend adoption events. She loves other cats and is also good with small dogs. (*) DOB: June 2014 ...
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Jet is very playful and loves to play with other cats. He is also good with small dogs. Jet is very shy around humans though and does not attend adoption events at this time. (*) DOB: June 2014 ...
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Remix and his siblings were only four weeks old when their previous owner removed them from their mom and abandoned them at a high kill shelter. Luckily, they were rescued the same day and have been in a foster home ever since. In the beginning, they still needed to be bottle-fed. After overcoming several health issues, Remix is now healthy. Remix is a very active, playful cat and he loves playing with the other cats in his foster home. He is very shy around people, especially people he doesn’t know. He does not currently attend adoption events as we are ...
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