Bristol and Adrian

Bristol and Adrian came in together. At first we thought they were siblings because they are so attached to each other. But it turns out Adrian is older, so they might be a mother-daughter pair. They are definitely related and very close.

Adrian came in with an infected mouth and her teeth were so bad that all of them had to be removed. Because she is older and was in poor shape she had difficulties during surgery and experienced a rare reaction to the anesthesia. This reaction was similar to a stroke. For a while we were very concerned about Adrian. Luckily, Adrian not only had the help of the caring volunteers at Pet Refuge but she had the love and care of Bristol too. We made sure that the two were together as often as possible while Adrian was recovering in the Infirmary. She is so much better now that she is with Bristol in the Small Cat Room at the Pet Refuge shelter. It would be wonderful if these two ladies would be able to find a loving home where they could stay together.

UPDATE: Adrian was recently diagnosed with diabetes. Please consider sponsoring her (and her best friend in the world, Bristol) while we are adjusting her medication and doing some further testing. (*)

DOB: July 2010