Available Dogs

041317 Joey1


Joey might be one of the biggest dogs we currently have at the shelter, but this handsome boy still has some growing left to do. Joey is a sweet, funny boy who manages to stumble over his own paws sometimes. While he might never be a canine athlete, Joey likes playing with toys and keeping our volunteers entertained. He has lived with cats, but we have not formally introduced him to other dogs yet (even though we suspect that he would do just fine). Joey is looking for a forever family after his previous owners discovered that their child was ...
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040317 Hollywood2

Hollywood – available soon

For all the Husky lovers out there: stay tuned for updates on this gorgeous boy. Hollywood came to us heartworm positive and is not quite available for adoption yet while he recovers. However, he will be ready for his forever home soon. Hollywood is a friendly, young dog who is quite the little escape artist. He requires a home with a secure 6-foot fence. ...
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041017 Pistachio


This is Picasso.  He is a 1 year old chihuahua and is about 90% house trained.  He has tons of energy and is a runner and a jumper, so a fence is required.  He gets along with other dogs, but does not like small children.  Older children or teenagers would be okay. He can be very protective and a bit feisty, so his new owner will need to be very patient. (*)(male) ...
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Allie is a 1 yr old terrier/beagle Mix. With her momma days behind her she is ready to find her forever home! She believes she is a small lap dog and loves to cuddle. Allie is definitely a people dog and wants to be with you wherever you are.  She is making good progress on her housebreaking and leash skills. A home without cats is probably best as she has shown very strong interest in the neighborhood outdoor cats that cross her path! She has done very well with children in her foster home and never turns down a hug ...
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021617 Twinkie2


Like big mutts? Then look no further! This adorable freckle-faced girl can’t wait to find her own forever home. Twinkie is an approximately 5-year-old Mastiff-Bulldog mix. She has an old knee injury, but that doesn’t slow her down very much. If she wants to go somewhere, you better brace yourself – at well over 100 pounds, Twinkie is quite strong. We require a fenced yard for her and we believe that she would do best without young children. She has done great with all of our female volunteers, but is leery of men - so she will need continued socialization ...
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021717 Owen


We can’t believe that Owen has been with us for almost two years! Owen is a volunteer favorite and a pro ball-player. If you throw a toy, he will make sure to bring it back to you. Even though he would prefer to be your one and only 4-legged-companion in the home, he has excellent manners in public and walks very politely on leash without ever even paying attention to other dogs. He is much more interested in following his nose. He also loves to go on car rides. Owen is an 8-year old brindle mix of maybe a Hound ...
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020217 Heidi 2


This cute little Labrador mix only weighs about 50 pounds and should be almost fully grown at 10 months old. Heidi is a little bundle of energy and enjoys playing fetch (even though she is hilariously clumsy as she is trying to catch her toys). She is an enthusiastic player and, like most teenage pups, she enjoys jumping up on you. Heidi will need some continued training and a fenced-in yard to burn off her puppy energy. Heidi is a great girl and can’t wait to snuggle up with her new family. We have also started introducing Heidi to other ...
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012617 Maya 1


Maya was so happy when she was adopted in February 2016. She had wooed her family with her impressive ball-playing skills and her sweet nature and she was thrilled to be their one and only. Maya never cared for the other dogs at the shelter and was very stressed during her initial stay. Unfortunately, she was recently returned to the shelter. We hope that Maya’s stay at Pet Refuge will be short this time. If you promise her that she will be your one and only furry friend, Maya will be your loyal companion. Maya is a 3-year-old Labrador mix ...
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  1. Bella is a 5 1/2 year old Min Pin/Rat Terrier mix who is full of sass and spunk! She loves squeaky toys and playing fetch. When she's tired she is ready for lap sitting and snuggles. Bella takes a few minutes to decide that a stranger is a friend, so it is best to slowly introduce her to new people. Bella is potty trained, but may have a couple of accidents in the transition to a new home. She is a vocal dog who will tell you what she wants and will alert you to strangers. She ...
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"Kingston" I was lucky to find my way to Pet Refuge because I was heart worm positive. They treated me and made me all better!!  I am eager and ready to find my new home. I can be a little shy at first because I couldn't visit anyone while I was being treated so strangers are a new thing for me.  I have lots of energy!!  I would like to have a fenced yard to play in. No feline companions please.  (*)(male)     ...
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Zeke is a sweet, handsome, hound mix that is just a ball full of energy. He loves to run and play, but can also be a snuggle bug at times. Sometimes his energy is so great he gets carried away and will jump a short fence, therefore must have at least a 6 foot privacy fence. He love to chew on nylabones and antlers! Also, he is friendly with young children, cats and other dogs.  He is 5-6 years old. (*)(male)(47 pounds)   ...
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Kasey is a very loving and attentive 4 yr old rott/shep mix. Kasey loves to be around people and be part of what ever you are doing! Kasey's foster mom is working closely with the vet, Kasey has significant food and environmental allergies. Kasey is really hoping this winter gives her skin a nice break although she's not looking forward to the cold part! It's not fun being itchy all the time. Kasey is on a prescription dog food and medication to help her body heal.  Once she is all better she will be available for adoption.  (*)(female) (85 pounds) Would ...
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Meet our wild child Ruger! This 1-year-old Weimaraner-Chocolate Lab mix is a force of nature. He is full of bouncy energy and goofy personality. Unfortunately, his previous owners were not quite prepared to raise a puppy and surrendered him after he ate a foreign object and needed surgery. Ruger will need continued training and an active home with a fenced yard. At this stage in his life, he would do best in a home with older children and without other dogs or cats. Update: Ruger has recently been on a few outings to local parks and would make a great ...
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Look at that adorable underbite! Bertha is a Boxer mix of about 7 years old. She was transferred to us from another shelter and she is sweet as pie. She is a medium energy dog who enjoys her walks around the neighborhood and would love a fenced-in yard. She likes to be close to you and thinks of herself as a lap dog. If you sit down on the ground, Bertha will climb in your lap and shower you with affection. (~50 pounds) Update: We have recently started introducing Bertha to other animals and while she didn't do so well with a ...
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Fiona – pending adoption

This little wiggle-butt is Fiona! Fiona loves people and being the center of attention. As soon as you take her for a walk, she is convinced that her main purpose of being outside is to make new friends.  Just looking at her wag and wiggle will put a smile on your face. Fiona – or FiFi, as she likes to be called – is a 3-5-year-old Pit Bull. She will need a fence in her new home and would love to have someone take her for walks and car rides. She also loves to cuddle with you on the couch ...
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082516 SHiloh 1


Shiloh is a handsome little Beagle boy with one blue and one brown eye. He is about 5 years old and arrived at Pet Refuge with a painful ear infection. He is feeling a lot better now and is ready to find his very own forever home. Shiloh is in many way your typical Beagle. He likes to follow his nose and will need a secure fence to keep him and his hunting instincts safe. When he is in the mood, he likes to play fetch for a while, but he is generally a medium energy dog. We also recently ...
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072816 Jackson1

Jackson – pending adoption

Even though Jackson is technically a senior, he has quite a bit of energy and his favorite pastime is playing fetch. He was adopted as a puppy and returned 11 years later when he didn’t like the child in the home. Yet despite the shock of finding himself in a shelter after so many years, Jackson has adjusted well and loves entertaining our volunteers and getting belly rubs. In his new home, Jackson would prefer to be your one and only as he has not done so well around other dogs and cats. We would love for him to have ...
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My name is Chip. I am 2 years old.  I am a speedy little Chihuahua mix that loves to run in the yard just as fast as I can.  I can be a little shy when I meet you and I don't kiss on the first date.  In fact I am not a big kisser but I do like to sit next to you and enjoy being petted.  Looking for that one special person to share a forever home. (*)(male)(under 15 pounds)   ...
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041016 Dee Dee 1

Dee Dee

Dee Dee thinks that it’s a really silly idea that people want to contain little houndy girls. Chain link fences? No problem for this determined canine athlete! A friendly dog in the kennel next to her at the vet’s office? Why not stop by and say hello (after an impressive climb over the wall that divides the kennels). If you like dogs with a lot of personality and a sense of humor, Dee Dee is the girl for you! Dee Dee is about 3 years old, active and playful.  (~50 pounds) Update (July 2016): Dee Dee recently had a few ...
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022317 Turkey7b


Turkey is a big, silly 2-year-old Terrier-Hound mix looking for someone to show him how great life in a forever home can be. He warms up quickly and becomes a wiggly love bug. Turkey loves to explore the world and go on adventures. He'll make a great companion for an active person, but he still needs to work on his doggie manners and would not be a good fit with another dog or a cat. He loves to play fetch and does a great job entertaining himself with toys. If you take him home, he promises to entertain you with his ...
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072216 Grammy1


Grammy is a 9 1/2-year-old Labrador mix who was returned to Pet Refuge after spending her entire life in the same home. Needless to say, Grammy is confused about this dramatic change in her life, but she is beginning to make new friends with our volunteers. Grammy has a protective nature about her and will need some time to get to know you. She will have to be an only dog in a quiet home without young children. However, if you are willing to give Grammy a chance, she would love to be your one and only. (60 pounds) Read More
071316 Nacho


When you see Nacho hopping through the yard with a twinkle in his eye, you just know that this is a dog with a sense of humor. Nacho is a big 4 year old mutt who still has his puppy moments. Nacho loves to play, jump and will happily put his paws on your shoulders to give you a big, slobbery kiss. Not the best habit for an 80-pound dog, but still endearing when you see Nacho in action. Nacho is a big, high-energy boy who will require a fenced-in-yard. He has also done well around some dogs, but can be ...
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When I came to Pet Refuge I was afraid of everything and everyone.  Someone had not been very nice to me and left me at an area shelter and I was so very scared that I tried to show everyone how tough I was by smiling with my teeth. My foster mom has tried to reassure me that not all people are scary and that it is ok to be nice to them.  I am still not sure so sometimes and I go back to my old ways. I do love to play with my canine buddies and I am ...
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031216 Daisy


Daisy is a 9 year old Jack Russell who is looking for that right person who enjoys receiving lots of kisses and a poochie on their lap because that is where she really likes to be!  She is 99% housebroken (occasionally will have an accident), has nice house manners in general. She lived with her brother, Bubba, and enjoys his company but does not seem to like too many other dogs.  True to this breed, even with her age, she is still very active and would appreciate having a fenced yard to run in or would need several, good daily ...
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Lucy is a super sweet 5-6 year old Yellow Labrador mix.  She is a smart, active girl who needs both physical and mental exercise. Lucy is food-motivated and very focused on people. She is eager to learn.  As many smart, people-oriented dogs, Lucy gets anxious when she is bored and left alone. We try to keep her busy with interactive, treat-dispensing toys and puzzle toys. We have also started introducing her to other dogs and while she clearly doesn’t know how to play quite yet, she is very interested in making new friends. (~60 pounds) (*) (female) Lucy has been ...
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072716 Pooh1


Pooh is a 3 year old, Terrier mix who is awaiting just the right person to come in and provide him a special home.  He has a spunky-ness about him that we know someone will just adore.  Little Pooh needs time to get to know you and trust you.  For our cleaning volunteers, many have won him over with patience and lots of praise and of course...treats!  Pooh would do best in a home with teenage or older children and a fenced yard.  He was in a home with other dogs and did ok with some.  He might do best ...
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