Adult Cats

071717 espurr


Espurr is a teeny tiny cat with a big personality or purrsonality and lots of catittude.  She loves to play but she can be a bit bossy with the other cats.  Espurr enjoys petting and attention for short periods of time but she has places to go and things to do so don't hold her too long.   Espurr is a very busy little cat with tons of energy. DOB July 20, 2014 ...
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071717 ozzie


Ozzie is very aloof, independent and can be quite vocal.  When his favorite people are there and he is in the mood, he is very friendly.  With some of our volunteers he will meow for them then rub up against their legs until they pet him.  Ozzie is OK with other cats and he has lived with a dog.  He only likes cat friendly dogs of course. DOB: August 2, 2011 ...
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071717 devon


  Devon is a sweet lovable playful boy who does well with other cats.  Devon has a history of urinary problems so must eat CD prescription food only.  He is front declawed. DOB April 22, 2012 ...
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062817 sparkles


Sparkles is a pretty long haired dilute calico with loads of personality.  She  is a very active and playful girl.  She likes people and adores attention. Never a dull moment with the Sparkle girl. DOB April 1, 2015 ...
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Yul is about 1-2 year old and he is a seal point Siamese. Great cat!!  Acts like a dog. Greets you at the door. Likes to play fetch. (*) ...
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Suki Petunia

Suki Petunia is a 6 year old, lilac, Lynx point snowshoe Siamese. Front Declawed. She purrs with sweetness. Such a loving cat. Loves to smuggle with kittens. (*) ...
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Faith is a Maincoon mix. 1 year old. Came to us with kittens. She was such a good mom, she helped nurse many orphan kittens beside her own. She is now ready to find her forever home. (*) ...
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Winnie is a 1 year old gorgeous, shiny black girl. Came to us with kittens. She was a great mother. Her kittens have been adopted. Winnie is hoping her home will come soon. Sweet, friendly girl. Used to dogs, cats and children. (*) ...
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Peanut is a 3 year-old, beautiful medium haired Torti with a big fluffy tail. Front Declawed. She came to us with her friend Fuzzy. Her family retired and went traveling. They asked Pet Refuge to help find them a home. Hopefully together. The girls would like a quiet home. ...
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Fuzzy is 5 years old. She is front declawed. Beautiful cat. Fun personality! (*) ...
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051017 Orson Wells

Orson Wells

Orson likes other cats.  He is such good friends with them that he grooms them and they groom him.  He enjoys the company of humans too because humans will pet him and brush him.  Orson is a talkative boy and enjoys sharing the news of the day with you. Orson is front declawed. DOB January 1, 2012 ...
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041517 Jamison2


Looking for a cat with LOTS of personality? Then look no further! Even though his feline roommates are sometimes annoyed with his antics, Jamison enjoys being the class clown. Although he has a grown up body, he still is a kitten at heart. His favorite toys include laser pointers, feathers, ribbons and crinkly kick toys. Jamison loves to play and has so much energy that he would do best without other cats or young children. He has done well with dogs though. DOB January 14, 2015  "Class clown? Me? I am shocked!" - Jamison    ...
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041517 Lex Luther2

Lex Luther

This handsome gold-eyed boy came to us from a hoarding situation. Lex Luther is still getting used to his new surroundings and is cautiously exploring our shelter. He is a sweet boy who enjoys affection and likes the company of other cats. DOB: April 1, 2015 ...
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041517 Sir Terry1

Sir Terry

Sir Terry is big boy who was apparently quite bored with his photo shoot. He is a very personable cat and likes affection from people. However, he would much rather be the dominant cat in the home (or, even better, the only cat). DOB: February 14, 2015 ...
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051216 Stella Ann2

Stella Ann

Meet Stella Ann! Well, it’s hard to miss her since she is usually waiting right by the door, trying to make sure that she is the first one to get food and attention. Stella Ann loves treats and has an adorable begging routine (see pictures). She would do best in a home without young children though. DOB September 2013    ...
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042616 Megan


Megan is a very sweet and affectionate cat. She has lived with children (5+ years) and did well with them. She also enjoys the company of other cats. (*) DOB: March 17, 2010 ...
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Hi my name is Suzie. I'm a shy little thing that loves to just lay in the sun and soak up life. And I would love to soak up life with you in a forever home. ...
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050312 Flower


When Flower first came into the shelter, she was so distressed that she hid under her bed and would not come out. She does come out now to visit with volunteers and to eat while her human friends are around but she still likes to get under blankets. DOB March 24, 2010   ...
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Although Foxy may be a bit shy at first with people she will warm up and be a total sweetheart when she gets to know you.  She is a very sophisticated lady who would rather that you do not pick her up but allow her to come to you.   She enjoys playing with a shoelace or sweatshirt tie if you happen to be wearing these items.   Foxy is also one of the many cats who loves to get into a box.  Foxy likes her cat buddies at the shelter especially Nolan. DOB: May 2010 Foxy cuddling with her ...
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Alice is a very independent cat. She does enjoy it when people talk to her and if she is in the mood she will allow you to pet her. But Alice knows that she is from a regal line and demands to be treated as such. Alice would do best with someone who has experience with cats. DOB: 9/18/2010 ...
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Archie loves to be petted and will stand up on his back legs in a big arch when you stroke him. He enjoys playing with humans and cats. He likes hanging out with his human friends and checking on what they are doing. Archie is special friends with Marla and they curl up together in their special bed. DOB: October 7, 2010 ...
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Loki is a shy cat who tends to stay in the background. But if you take the initiative to approach him, he will gladly accept a petting on the head DOB: Agust 15, 2011 ...
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Baby is a very sweet cat who will gladly stay by your side and let you pet him while the more dominant cats in the room might lay in your lap. DOB: April 30, 2012 ...
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My name is Blanca. My foster mom thinks I'm between 1-3 years old. I showed up on my foster mom's front porch when it was below zero. I was very hungry, thirsty, and sickly. I had a pretty bad ear infection you see, and didn't have any hair on my ears. The vet said I would have lost part of my ears from frostbite had I not been rescued. I've adapted quickly to this idea of being an indoor kitty. I like belly rubs, playing with my jingle ball, and snuggles. I currently have a room to myself. I would ...
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I was named Sampson because I was the biggest one in the litter, but I'm not a big brute at all.  I'm just a sweet boy who loves to play with all my toys and the other cats in my foster home.  And I'm really well-mannered for being so young.  Once I get to know you, I love to be petted, but I don't really like to be held for very long.  See my beautiful markings?  I also have a little white stripe down my back -- my foster daddy sometimes calls me "Skunk" but I'm anything BUT a stinker!!! ...
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Serenity was transferred from another shelter with a broken pelvis. After several months of cage rest, Serenity is feeling much better and is ready for her forever home. (*) DOB: December 2013 ...
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