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Farrah has quite the story tell. You see Farrah was returned last fall at the age of 16 because her owner could no longer care for her due to his own health issues. Little did Farrah’s girl know since she was away at culinary school. Well last week was Farrah’s lucky day! The girl’s grandma, happens to be friends with one of our cat volunteers, and she told her we still have Farrah. Grandma told the girl and she was immediately at the shelter wanting to know what she had to do to get her back. AND SHE DID!! Last Wednesday when Farrah first saw her girl she got off the Kuranda tower and came running over to the girl. Farrah never forgot her family!!!!

The last update we got from her girl is Farrah was napping with the 2 dogs that she grew up with when they all lived together. And best part of all, Farrah remembered them!! Farrah remembered sleeping on the girl’s belly every night. It was like she never left. Congratulations Farrah and WELCOME HOME!!

We ask that you commit to 1 shift per week. Each shift consists of cleaning litter boxes; feeding meals; distributing medications (if you are comfortable with it); cleaning each cat room AND Cuddling, Brushing & Socializing with the cats.

If you love cats then this is the place to be! We have all types of cats with all kinds of personalities. They are shifts each day of the week and for morning OR afternoon.

Stories from Cat Volunteers…

It can be hard work what the volunteers do, but it so worth it when the public comes in and we hear back comments on how clean the shelter is and doesn’t smell. I love being able to be the eyes for all the kitties for their well being and of course just loving on the cats!! It is also so fun to be around other crazy cat and dog people who love all these animals as much as I do.
Pet Refuge is an awesome rescue. They help so many that are in dire need of care. To see an animal heal and thrive again is the most amazing feeling and of course, it is even better when they go to their furever home!!

I’ve been volunteering with Pet Refuge for seven years. I love spending my time every week with the cats at the shelter. They just want love and affection, and they’re so easy to love. It warms my heart to see one find their perfect furever home, and not only does that one cat (or two) get to cuddle in a warm bed, and watch the birds from the window, it also makes room to help another cat in need. And unfortunately, there are way too many needing our help. Volunteering is also a great way to make lots of friends who love animals just as much as you do.

Press Ganey is back again this year for another service day!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH ladies and gentlemen!

Upcoming Events

  • Oct. 7 and 8 – Pet Expo at 4-H Fairgrounds
  • Oct. 7 – Tail Gate Party At Edward Jones
  • Oct. 7 – Shredding Event at Ziker Cleaners
  • Oct. 14 – Trivia Night at MR. Falcons
  • Dec. 2 – Pet Refuge Bazaar and Bake Sale

Community Shred Day
Saturday, October 7, 2017
9 am – 12 noon

Ziker Cleaners
1240 S. Byrkit St., Mishawaka IN

On site secure shredding will be done by Integra. There is a limit of 5 boxes per vehicle and a $10 donation is suggested ($2.00 per box).  All proceeds will benefit the Pet Refuge.

Sponsored by

Adorable Adoptables!

Looking for a 100-pound attitude in a 10-pound body? That’s Frito for you. Frito is a happy, friendly dog who has done well when we introduced him to a small dog and a cat. However, he would much prefer to be the boss over other animals and would most likely not be the best fit for a family with a young child. Frito is a 3-5-year old Chihuahua.

Esmerelda is a pretty Tortie was pregnant when she first arrived at Pet Refuge in December ’07. She was a gentle and loving mother to her babies and likes to be petted and loved when she is ready and like many older ladies has her salty moments.

In Memoriam…

Shirley Appleton                                Jack Appleton
Aug, 26, 1921 – Feb. 20,2016              Dec.27, 1932  – March 23, 2016

The volunteers of Pet Refuge want to pay tribute to a couple who supported Pet Refuge for many years, Jack and Shirley Appleton.

From the beginning of Pet Refuge, Jack and Shirley have been behind the scenes advocating for animals without homes. Although most people in our community will remember Jack as an artist and Shirley as his biggest supporter, we at Pet Refuge will always remember Jack and Shirley as someone who “had our back”  year after year. In the early years they were available for advice and support of our mission.

In later years we could always count on them to donate a painting to various fundraisers held by Pet Refuge. Jack’s paintings were always a popular item at our annual auction.

Today one of those paintings hangs in our new facility, a memoriam for a couple who have shown us what it is to be a dedicated volunteer.

(Received in our office as of Sept. 5, 2017)

Rachel Bellovich from Allen and Char Speicher, Hilary and Tamara Asher, Jack and June Yarbrough, Tony and Sue Escher, Robert Buwa, Caramia Wolfinger, The Van Laere Family, Janice Taylor, Barb and John Huemmel, Rich and Nancy Brubaker, Bonnie and Jim Bonham, Gina Mynsberg, John and Barbara Speicher, Amanda Augustine, Donna Kohart, Dan Hylman, William and Kathleen Reitz, Ted and Sue Alwine, Ronald and Kathy Dickeson, Norb Rethlake, Carmelo and Mary Blanda, Cara Collens-Clark, Stephen and Barbara Scheetz, Dave Conrad, John Lindley, Brian and Carol Saine, Anne Fox, Renee Hayes, Dan Bilancio, Joyce and James Kuehl, Francoise Dion, Bob and Linda Wilson, Melinda Wesolowski, Carol Kraabel, Charles and Marilou Gilman, Jeannie Valencourt, Mary R. VanOoteghan, Mickey and George Roelandts, Larry and Sheryl Meilner, Bruce and Jade Kayser, Judith and Erick Meidel, Stephen and Tracey Bolin, Marcia and Philip Tuskey, R.J. and Sarah Shriner, Julie and David Voor, Julia Modlin, Courtney and Aaron Koszyk, Russell and Denise Graves, Nancy and John Pycik, Mary Ann and Jerry Cavanaugh, Nancy Pietrangeli, David and Debra Whittaker, Barbara and Kerry Dodd, Suzanne and Allen Schlemmer, James and Deborah Bolinger, Elaine Hahaj, Kathleen Ponko, Judith Hurst, David and Tracy Case, Richard and Chris Currey, Joyce and Ronald Schramski, Jay and Rosemarie Mead, Cynthia Fisher, Gibson Insurance, The Berzai Family, Dennis Donat, Donna Kohart, John Ross, Cathy , Deena, Peg, Cari, Miranda and Karen from School City of Mishawaka, Jenifer Fisher, Bernadette Burns, Greg and Cyndi Davenport, Paul and Deb Bonnin, The Carter Family, Bill and Sue Daily, Cathy Leazenby, Mark and Lisa Matejka, Bruce and Jill Meiser, Ron and Elaine Stearly, The Van Laere Family, Caramia Wolfinger, Amanda Augustine
Terry Binder from Ted and Marlene Reilly, Sally Smouse, John and Susan Rasmussen, Jeannie and Michael Thompson, Sonny and Dee Tepe
Roberta “Bobbie” Bishop from James Bishop
Annette Brown from Nancy Boyer,
John Darkwood from Robert and Lisa Bonham, Mary Cory, UAW Local Union 941
Patsy Derickson from Kathy Fox, Garret Jr., Drew, and Gabby Ginter, Grant, Ryder and Chloe Ginter, Marv and Cynthia Moore, Joyce Pinkerton, Jeff and Mindy Steele
Ann Eaton from Gretchen and Dick Koerting
Jack Flanery from Angus and Ruth Merrill
Dolores Flory from Brian and Janet Wroblewski, Stephanie and Mark Nafzinger, University of Notre Dame, Thomas and Sally Trace
Norbert Hauser from Dan Hylman
Viola Herczeg from Bob and Sherry Harke, Geri Tobolski, Kathy Baugher, Larry and Denise Rzepka, Paul Duda, Debbie Duvall, Amy Youngs, Brian and Pam Balint, Al and Jackie Dzialakiewicz,
David Irwin from Doris and Richard Klitzke
Loren Jones from Deb Emons
Fred Kanouse from Joan Schweiger, Catherine Panis, Stephanie Zrobek, Ivan and Margaret Johns, Ricky K and Sandra Schpok, Donald and Antoinette Jozwiak, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Martinez, Linda Kanouse, Amy Tschida and Bryan, Gerry Dickey, Alex and Pat Szabo, Richard and Patricia Buck, Dale and Judy Bauer, Deborah Joan Kruyer, Carole Mast, Donna Martens, Mike and Pat Mondovics, Stephanie Zrobek,
Emma Jane Kelly from Pamela Putt
Alice Marciniak from Carol and Mike Young
Ray Marschke from Ashley Peters
Siegfried Martens from Kent and Edna Kaeppler, Jane Kanouse, Alicia Gaut, Judy King, Dave and Alice Toth, Dave and Alice Toth, Carole Mast, Donna Martens, Diane and Norm Egilski, Janice White, Beth and John Dolan, Kent and Edna Kaeppler
Lance Montague from Norm and Judy Rowe
June Moore from Nancy Hartman, James and Marsha Caldwell, Kenneth and Rosanne Mroczkiewicz, James and Mary Moran
Joan Motts from Linda and Donald Daskiewicz, Scott and Pamela Hancz, Susan Cooper, Roxanne and Lee Ewing, Clarence and Phyllis Altic, Debra Chapman, Tim and Pat Chapman, Alyce Dressler, Mrs. Beryl Guzowski, Michael and Diane Kuhl, Emma Lou Leopold, Earl and Kathy Motts, Ron and Kathy Odell, Shirley Ostrander, Joyce Pinkerton
Becky Neese from Gary and Brenda McMechan
Suzanne Nord from Scott and Julianne Dunham
Evelyn Nowicki from Henry and Charlotte Karasiak, Ed and Penny Schill, Arlene Hart, Janet Hanson, Joan Carrico, Tom and Carol Leszcz, Nancy Smith, Greg, Julia, Alisa, and Justin Carrico, Chris and Chrissy Gregory, Mike and Diane Mayfield,
Jeanette Osborne from Elaine Hahaj
Sam Penland from The Laheys, Charles and Janet Henkel, R.A. and Melissa Christiano, Margaret and Gordon Norquist Jr., Steven Mast, The Baker Family, Mike and Doreen Sandoni, Colleen and Lauren Strachan, Judith Penland, Joseph and Barbara Wind
Greg Piechocki from Kenneth and Diane Piechocki, Judith Groenke,
Shellie Overton Pruett from Brian and Pam Balint, Shari and Terry Rettig, Nancy Whiteman
Riley Saunders from Elaine Hahaj
Jerry Stow Sr. from Chris Zimmerman
Sandra Stricker from Roxanne Ewing, Michelle Havens, Shari and Terry Rettig, Virginia Beehler
Terry Sulich from Lake City Heat Treating Corp., Emmajean Sutula
Lois Vascil from Larry and Carol Fishburn, John and Phyllis Thornburg, Betty and Gerald Vascil, Deborah Wilson, Michael and Kathy Fox, Don and Jennifer Schmidtendorff, Patricia Redding ,Jerry and Marie Vascil, Greg and Mary Danner
June Wiltfong from Cindy and Marv Moore
Jane Woltman from Ronnie and Marie Knapp


Buddah Early from George and Maribel Early
Daisy Dog from Tom Myers
Dorothy Gaul from Debra Gaul
Harry Gaul from Debra Gaul
Lou from Nancy Ackles
Marcella, the cat, from Shannon Parmley
McKai McCan’s 1st Hair Cut from Jane Kelly
Munchkin Gaul from Debra Gaul
Phoenix Poston from Danielle Poston
Ray Marschke from Ashley Peters
Toto Gaul from Debra Gaul
Webster Gaul from Debra Gaul
Wills Gaul from Debra Gaul


Blue Morrison from Erin Morrison and Ellie Bullock
Jody Fox from Christine Fox
Joseph, our black Lab/Shepherd mix from Leona Albano
McGinnis Rink from Michelle Rink
Phoenix from Danielle Poston
Pudge, sweet kitty adopted from PR in 2007 as “Leah” from Richard and Audrey Herzberg
Pyewacket from Jane Kanouse
Ranger from Diana Biedenweg
Reilly from Judy and Edward Hardy
Stella Bullock from Erin Morrison and Ellie Bullock
Winston, beloved Collie of Jeanne Clark, from a group of friends of Jeanne
Willie Stephens from Teri Stephens
Wrigley Broadstreet aka Zuzu adopted from PR from Michael and Kelly Broadstreet
Wrigley Sanderson from Deb Sanderson


Resale to the Rescue
Atlas Specialty Products
Laura Epperson
Lucy McNally
Horizon Elementary Girls on the Run
Margaret Suter
Walmart Foundation
Johnson Brothers Liquor Co.
Josephine Kozlowski

Janet & Ken Horvath (and all your friends)
United Beverage Co. Inc.
Indiana Beverage, Inc.,
Gallery 2910
Surviving Hearts Widowed Group
Ashley Davis
Fresh Thyme Market
Employees of Office Interiors
Cidney Fulton
Rodney and Lisa Albers





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