Hi, my name is Gizmo, and I am the luckiest dog alive. You may wonder why an elderly dog with scads of health problems who cannot see, hear, or walk very well is lucky. I’ll tell you why! Because the volunteers at Pet Refuge chose me. I thought for sure I was the end of my life in a kill shelter. Who would want a dog as sick as I was? It was an effort to even lift my head. I was covered in mats, and those things REALLY hurt!  When I arrived at Pet Refuge, I met the cutest vet with the sweetest smile! She checked me out and took some of my blood.  She noticed that my front feet are deformed and difficult to walk on. She let me know I have royal lineage, I’m a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel! She couldn’t resist planting a kiss on my nose. A few days later the verdict was in. I was 15 pounds overweight, I had heart worm and a skin infection, I needed several of my teeth removed, and some of my bloodwork was scary. It said that I might have a serious disease called Cushings, but we’re not sure. Because of my obesity and my poor health the test will have to be repeated in a few months when I am thinner and feeling better. My foster mom told me not to worry. She will love me and take care of me, no matter what the tests say.  For the first few weeks at my new foster home I slept nearly all of the time. Mom gave me baths to get my skin feeling better. She carried me outside to go potty.  A super-kind lady shaved me and got rid of all of the mats. She told me I was handsome. I winked at her with my one good eye!  My foster grandpa found a wagon for me and modified it so I fit in comfortably. The best part about the wagon is that my mom uses it to take me to meet nice people (even that cute vet!) at the Pet Refuge. I get along with other dogs in my foster home, nobody seems to mind me at all. As I started to lose weight, I started to be able to walk a little better. My foster mom had a little tear in her eye when I struggled my way down the hallway to her bedroom for the first time. She tells me I snore like a lawnmower. I’m not sure if I believe her. I feel better and better each day. I’m nearing the end of my second month of heart-worm treatment, I have lost 10 pounds, 1/4 of my body weight! I am hoping that my next blood test will show that all of those heart worms are gone and that soon my teeth will be fixed, but all of this costs money. My foster mom tells me not to worry. Lots of people who love dogs and cats donate money to the Pet Refuge to make it so that dogs like me get a second chance at life. She said that donors make it so Pet Refuge can rescue dogs and cats with special needs (I’m not the only one, there are many of us!).  Thank you supporters of Pet Refuge so much for donating money for my heart-worm treatment and all of the medicine I have taken in order to feel healthy again. If you wouldn’t mind, I need a little more for getting my teeth fixed and some blood tests. I’m hoping to have a clean bill of health by Christmas!

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